I just got an idea. I got sad of all these beautiful swan queen vids with these depressing themes and that kicked in.

It starts some hours before Archie gets killed.

Characters are a little bit different than on the show

Anyway, Enjoy:*

Broken, heartbroken, Lonely. That's what Regina felt. She sat on the ground and drank some whiskey which burnt in her throat. "If I keep that going I'll be dead within a year.",Regina muttered and sighed. She ignored her statement and drank again. "Why did I fall in love so easy? Why did I fall in love with the daughter of my enemies?",she asked herself and looked at the empty whisky bottle.

She threw it against the wall like she did million times before and left the mess. She stood up and went into the kitchen. "Where is the fucking booze.",she growled and searched in the cabinet. She found some bottles and took one before she went back into the living room.

Snow and Emma were sitting in their living room across the town. "Emma… I think you should pay Regina a visit.",she said and Emma narrowed her eyes. "Why should I?",she asked her mother and Snow sighed. "Because I watched her and she looked really bad. I can't help her because she wants to kill me. She won't kill you for Henry's sake.",Snow said and Emma sighed, she didn't want to but she would do it for her mother.

"Just because you want me to.",she said and stood up. She grabbed her coat and headed to Regina's mansion. She knocked on the front door and waited impatiently. "Regina open that damn door!",Emma said angrily and the door opened. Regina looked at her blankly. "What do you want?",Regina slurred and kept herself upright with the help of the door.

"Henry wanted me to check on you.",Emma lied and studied Regina. She saw that her outfit was clearly hanging loose around her petite frame and then recognized her own Red Sox Jersey and sweatpants. She studied Regina's pale face. She saw the red-rimmed eyes and the bags under them. Saw the veins on her neck, the bones which were pushing against Regina's skin. Threatening to break through the skin. She saw the glassy look of Regina and the bloodless lips.

"What happened to you?",Emma asked and stepped forward just for Regina to take one back. "You happened.",Regina snapped and tried to close the door but stumbled and fell ass first on the ground. "What?",Emma asked surprised and helped her up. "I don't want your help! Just leave me alone and live your happy life!",Regina screamed and tried to push Emma out of the door and to close the door but Emma grabbed Regina's waist and flung her over her shoulder.

"Let me down, bitch!",Regina screamed and fought against her. Emma sighed and walked upstairs. "No.",she said and went into Regina's bedroom. "Why? Why can't you just go and leave me alone?",she asked sobbing. "Why do you hate me so much? I never tried to hurt you…I loved you…",Regina said and Emma froze. "You… you loved me?",Emma asked and anger rose in Regina.

Finally they arrived in the bedroom and Regina pushed Emma out of the door and closed it before she locked it and slid down on her side. "You really loved me?",Emma asked through the door and Regina cried again. "I told you. I told you so many times, Emma! I never stopped and then you threw me away like some piece of shit! Just because everyone told you that I am the evil Queen and I supposedly couldn't love you!"

"Regina…" "Leave me alone! You didn't listen to me, so I won't listen to you!",Regina screamed and more tears streamed down her cheeks. "I… I didn't know." "What?",Regina shouted disbelieving. "You didn't know I loved you? So you don't remember the nights after our sex when I told you to stay and that I loved you? Fuck off!" "Regina…" "I said fuck off and you better be going now or I'll definitely become the evil Queen everyone thinks I'm since my birth!"

Emma sighed defeated and went downstairs. She remembered that she left something in Regina's living room before she moved out after the curse breaking and she went into it. She gasped at the sight she was presented. There were many bottles smashed on the ground. The couch table was broken and the couch was torn. She saw a picture on the ground next to a freshly opened booze bottle and took it.

The picture showed herself and Regina kissing by Regina's apple tree. She saw how truly happy Regina was in this moment and remembered the hours after their kiss. It was the kiss which broke the curse. She remembered how the town people pounded against the door wanting Regina's head. She felt betrayed when Regina told her the truth and opened the door. She told them to leave Regina alone and met her parents the first time.

Afterwards everything was blurred in her mind. She remembered the conversations with most of her family's friends and that everyone told her that Regina couldn't love. She listened them and now she paid the prize. She broke the love of her life because everyone told her to.

She left the house and drove back home. When she arrived there she slumped down on her couch. "How does it work?",Snow asked and Emma looked down. "Bad… She is so depressed… She confessed her love for me…" "She is just tricking you, Emma.",Snow said and Emma shook her head.

"No. She means it. I just forgot over all these months that she told me every night… Every night she said "I love you, Emma Swan. Don't you dare to leave me ever again. I don't know what to do without you." and then I did this exact thing. I left her and everyone expected her to kill us but I broke her before she could even out walls up."

"What?" "We broke the curse with a kiss but I didn't thought about and I left her although she kneeled in front of me, begging me to stay. I left but promised her to never do that…" "She isn't capable.",David said who came from the kitchen and they looked at him. She took her cell out and showed them the picture of Regina and her. "Does she look like an evil Queen?",Emma asked. "No she doesn't and now she is broken. Nothing more than a skeleton…" Her parents shared a look and sighed.

Regina unlocked the door when she heard that Emma left and grabbed her car keys. She grabbed the picture Emma looked at and headed to her car. Regina started the car and looked at the picture. Softly she traced over Emma's side and wiped her tears. "I do love you, Emma.",she whispered and drove to Archie.

She knocked on his door with the picture in her hand. A sleepy Archie opened the door and looked at her surprised. "Regina?",he asked her shocked and Regina nodded. "I… I need to talk with someone… Do you have time?",Regina said and her lip quivered. "Sure. Come in.",he told her softly and opened the door wider. He studied her and got a blanket. "Here. It surely is cold outside." "Thank you.",Regina whispered and they sat down.

"What is in your mind, Regina?",he asked her and Regina looked at the picture. "Emma visited me and I drank to much.",she blurted out and he looked at her confused. "What did she want?" "She told me that Henry told her to check on me but it was an obvious lie… and I told her that I love her. That I never stopped loving her. She told me that she never knew. I told her every night when we fell asleep. I told her how much I loved her… Why can't she love me? Am I just the evil Queen for her? We were together for 9 months!",Regina cried and Archie pulled her in a hug.

"Oh, Regina… You aren't just an evil Queen to her… She surely loves you, too…" "She was surprised that I was loving her. She thought I played her…" He stroke softly over her hair and sighed. "She was overwhelmed…" "She let herself be manipulated… she didn't listen to me and she left me although she promised me to not do it…",Regina whispered and her voice broke.

"Do you want something to drink? You sound like you have a frog in your throat." "No… I have to get home.",Regina said and Archie held her. "I meant water or tea. I'll give you some meds so your depression will be treated and I want you to come ever week at least once to me to update me about your alcohol problem.",he said. "And every time you feel sad and want to drink you'll come to me too. I'll be here and talk with you. I won't let you be an alcoholic."

"Did you knew that I was 10 years one? I've even got a medal for being free of it 1 year… and then I got Henry and needed it to get to sleep because I was anxious that something happens to him or that he'll hates me… and now I know why…",she said and stood up. "Wait. I give you some antidepressants. Take one every morning and you'll feel better soon. But don't take to much.",he said and hugged her. "I'm sorry that I can't help you better…" "It's okay…",she answered and took the bottle of pills.

She went back to her house and looked at the pills. "I don't think that one will help me. What can 5 do?",she asked and took 5 pills and swallowed them. She didn't know what happens afterwards. She just knew that everything went bad and she ended up sitting in front of a tall mirror on the ground with bloodied hands.

Ruby called the Charmings the next day and told them that Archie was dead and that Regina was the last person who visited. They took Pongo to Gold and discovered that Regina strangled him and drove to her. They weren't prepared for the sight.

Everything was shattered and some bloody handprints were on the walls.

They followed the blood and saw Regina in front of a standing mirror. She had pulled her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around them while rocking herself back and forth. She was pale and her eyes were lifeless.

"Regina?",Snow asked and they all stepped further to her. They heard Regina mumbling something. "Attention! She is casting a spell!",David said and pulled his sword but Gold sighed and magicked the sword away. "She isn't and even if she would, it wouldn't work because she doesn't have her spell book."

Emma stepped beside her and looked at the mirror. Blood flowed down and Emma made out a line. "I'm sorry ,mother.",she read out loud and everyone gasped. Emma kneeled down and looked in Regina's face. "Regina? What are you doing?" "Nothing, mother… I promise you, I did nothing. I'm sorry that I disappointed you…",Regina whispered scared and Emma looked shocked. "What did you do this night?",Emma asked and Regina closed her eyes. "Nothing mother…" Emma watched how Regina struggled with herself and pulled her on her feet.

"I lied… I'm sorry mother… I visited my friend and afterwards returned and drank to much… Please mother… I didn't want to disappoint you." They saw how scared Regina was of Emma and how she was reduced to a mess. "Regina… Did you use magic last night?",Emma asked and Regina shook her head. "I hadn't had your magic book, mother… My magic never returned.",Regina answered quickly and sank to her knees.

"You don't have magic anymore?" "Someone important told me not to, mother… I didn't want to disappoint her like I disappoint you, mother.",Regina answered and moved her head to the floor. She clasped her hands behind her back and leaned down to Emma's shoes.

"How can I make it up to you,mother?",Regina asked helplessly and Emma stared shocked at her parents. "Why is she kneeling?",she asked and Gold cleared his throat. "That's the bow for slaves and whores. To show that they don't have any power.",he explained and Emma's eyes widen. "Stand up, Regina.",Emma ordered and Regina obeyed. She looked down and Emma hugged her. "I miss you, Regina.",she whispered but got no answer.

"We have to get her to the hospital to find her problem.",Snow said and everyone nodded. They grabbed the bottle of pills and brought Regina to the hospital. In the car drive Emma saw the bloodied hands and took them in her hands. "Why are your hands bleeding?" "I needed to punish me like you told me to…",Regina answered and looked away.

"Never do that again, okay?",Emma asked and Regina nodded. "No one will ever hurt you again, Regina." "What did you do to get punished?",David asked skeptical. "I disappointed mother, Mylord.",Regina answered and Emma sighed. "She didn't do it. She wasn't the murderer.",Emma said.


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