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The next morning Regina and Emma woke up together on the couch. "Mhm, morning love.",Emma mumbled and kissed Regina's neck lovingly. "Good morning.",Regina answered with a huge smile on her face. "I forgot that you are a morning person…",Emma mumbled and hid her face in the crook of Regina's neck.

Regina giggled and pulled herself closer to Emma. "You. Me. Granny's at 8 this evening?",Emma asked Regina who nodded. "I don't want to get up.",Emma mumbled when Regina slowly got up. She pulled her back down and Regina chuckled. "We have to, Ems." "No, we don't. I have my day off and you…" "I don't have a job to go to.",Regina finished and Emma sighed. "I'm sorry." "No it's perfectly fine. In the past I never had time for anything.",Regina answered and sat down.

Emma laid her head on her lap and looked up to Regina. "Love you.",Emma said and Regina smiled down at her and pulled her up. "Love you too." They kissed softly before they finally got up. "You still have your magic?",Emma asked and Regina nodded. "Once activated it will stay with me until I arrive in a non-magical land. Like with the curse. My magic was banned and I just could reach it with you or the book of my mother.",Regina explained and Emma nodded slowly.

Suddenly Regina's stomach growled and Emma laughed out loud. "Come on, Gina. Let's get some food in you.",Emma said and pulled Regina up. "It was my suggestion to get up.",Regina said with a smirk and Emma shrugged. She picked Regina up and ran with her upstairs. "Emmaaa!",Regina squeaked and held herself tightly against Emma. They quickly dressed and then walked to the diner for breakfast.

Sebastian, Stephanie and Maike were already in the diner and eating when the couple arrived. Regina walked over to them and tugged Emma with her. "How is Melanie?",Regina asked Stephanie who had gotten up and hugged her as greeting. "She gets better. They'll want to wake her up sooner. Tomorrow at 11 they'll give her meds and when she wakes up without getting back into a critical condition they'll leave her that way and if not than well… either she needs a second surgery or she dies…",Stephanie said and Regina nodded.

"Wanna eat with us?",Sebastian asked and smiled at Regina. Emma felt jealousy rose in her stomach until she felt Regina's hand squeezing her own. She looked at Regina who had her head turned to her with a soft and reassuring smile. Emma smiled back and they sat down. "Hey Maike. How are you?",Regina asked her goddaughter. "Fine.",she answered and crawled on her legs. Emma smiled at the happy smile of Regina when Maike sat on her lap and told her about her morning and the day before. Maybe Regina still would want a baby with her.

Stephanie looked at Emma and then stood up. "Can we talk a second?",she asked her and Emma nodded surprised. She followed her out of the diner. "What is it?",Stephanie asked when they were outside. "Huh?" "What's in your mind? I saw how you watched her. What are you thinking about?",Stephanie asked. "I… About two things… I want to romantically ask her to marry me and… and I want to know if she still wants a child with me… Look how happy your daughter makes her…"

"To answer your second question. She would love to get a child with you. No matter how often you will disappoint her she will always want you, she will always crave your love. A child would give her the security and I think that's something she would try without second thoughts. To your first question… Go with her somewhere where she feels safe. If you want to do it in public invite people.",Stephanie said and Emma nodded slowly. "Do you think Granny's would work? She feels safe there, Granny and Ruby would be there and a few others who would see that they better not mess with my girlfriend if they don't want to be castrated afterwards.",Emma asked.

"It would work just fine. But I would wait until Melanie is awake. They are really close. Like sisters. Regina married us. I think when you propose to her she wants her there to see it.",Stephanie said and Emma nodded. "Thank you… for helping me although I was an ass to you." "Regina is my best friend too, Emma. If you make her happy than I'm happy. If you hurt her you hurt me and Melanie too. You better don't hurt her. Melanie's wrath is worse than Regina's. She would rip out your throat with her teeth." "I know. And I'm so glad that you are her friends. I couldn't wish for better ones for her.",Emma said with a smile.

"You want friends for your girlfriend who would kill you if your are an idiot?",Stephanie asked amused and Emma nodded. "You protect her. That's important. When something would happen to me I would at least know that you still would be there and protect her from all the bad. It's a calming thought.",Emma said. "Nothing will happen to you, Emma. That's something we wouldn't let happen too." "Why?" "Because that would break Regina. A world without you? Is no world for her… oh god, Regina will definitely kill me for this…",She said and smiled slightly. Emma smirked and they walked back into the diner.

Emma sat down next to Regina and kissed her hard. "Umph…" Stephanie sat down too and dug back in her breakfast. "For what was that?",Regina asked Emma with a smile and the latter shrugged. "For you being you?",Emma answered and Regina pecked her softly when Ruby came. "Hey Basti.",she greeted him with a lovingly smile. He smiled back at her and Ruby looked at Emma and Regina. "You want your usuals?",she asked and both nodded. "Okay." Regina stood up and excused herself to greet Granny.

"M-mom?",Regina asked shyly and Granny turned around with a smile. "Hey, Gina honey.",Granny answered and wrapped Regina in a tight hug. "Good to see you walking around again." "Definitely. I hate being useless.",Regina said with a smile and melted into Granny's hug. "Well, why don't you work for me then?",Granny asked Regina who looked at her surprised. "I don't think that your customer would eat the food then.",Regina answered and Granny smiled. "Don't care.",she answered and Regina hugged her a second time. "I would love to." "If you don't want to cook you can still work as waitress but I know that you would rather cook."

"Definitely. Although I need training with the burgers and all the unhealthier food.",Regina answered and Granny nodded. "Well. I can come over tonight and we'll cook." "Great. I'll see you then, Mom.",she emphasized the word 'mom' and then walked back to Emma. "Got myself a job.",she said with a grin and Emma chuckled.

The last few days had been hectic for Emma. She had to arrange her proposal, to refurnish Regina's and her home and to invite her beloved ones to the diner at the special day. Melanie had woken up and recovered rather quickly after she had access to her magic again. Now Melanie and Stephanie stood at the counter at Granny's and would watch the other guests preparing themselves for the special moment. Henry came to them shyly and rubbed his neck before he started to speak.

"Ehm… Well… we never got much time to speak. Or to say it better. We never have spoken yet…I..I'm Henry…" They smirked at Henry. "We know, young man. Regina probably told us everything about you. I'm Melanie and this is my wife Stephanie. We are your mother's best friends." "I know…",he answered sheepishly and Melanie ruffled his hair. He protested and quickly tried to right his hair when Stephanie stopped his movements and styled them new. "All hot now.",she said with a wink and he smiled at them.

"Are you trying to swoon Grace?",Stephanie asked him and he shook his head. "No… I don't try to swoon anyone.",both women knew he lied until they saw at whom he was staring. It was Hansel. "Staring is rude, young man.",Melanie said and he looked back at them and blushed. "I… I didn't stared at anyone." "You definitely have the inability to lie from your mother.",Stephanie commented and Melanie chuckled.

"No one can know…",Henry whispered with fearful eyes and they pulled him in a hug. "Not even your mother? I bet she would be happy that she doesn't have to worry that your girlfriend might get pregnant later.",Melanie said with a smile. "You don't think that she will disappointed?",he asked them and both shook their heads. "No. Do you know what would disappoint her? If you would change yourself because others aren't satisfied with the way you are. She loves you no matter gay or straight.",Stephanie said and stroked his cheek. "Thank you…",he said and hugged them. They hugged him back and smiled.

"I don't know how to find out if he…" "You feel it.",Melanie said and sat down on a bar chair and pulled Stephanie on her lap. "How did you two knew or how do you even met?",he asked them and sat on another chair.


Melanie looked around groaning. She had fallen through the portal from Neverland finally back home. She probably had broken some ribs but she didn't care. She had to get back to Regina to protect her. Pan had shown her a few moments of Regina's life. The moment when Daniel had died and the moment where Regina had fell down from the castle tower and got saved by Tinkerbell who had arrived not much later in Neverland.

When she tried to stand up she felt two soft hands grabbing her and supporting her. She groaned again and her knees buckled underneath her and she sunk down again. The hands never leaving and keeping her up. She felt how someone dragged her away and she fell unconscious. When she woke up again she felt bandages around her chest and stomach and opened her eyes. A beautiful blonde long haired woman sat next to her and dabbed her forehead.

She smiled down at her. "Hello.",she said and Melanie smiled back at her. "Hello.",she answered. Her voice hoarse from all the time she hadn't used it. "How do you feel?",the woman asked her. "Well, my ribs hurt a bit but otherwise fine. How couldn't I when such a beautiful lady is waking me.",Melanie said with a grin and the woman blushed. "You have bruises on them, nothing serious." "And for what are the bandages?" "Herbs. I made a salve so they would heal quicker.",the woman answered and Melanie sat up.

"Thank you.",Melanie said. Their faces were just a few inches apart and she saw how the woman blushed heavier. "I'm engaged.",the woman said and Melanie grinned. "Willingly or forced?",Melanie asked and the woman looked away. "My best friend is forced into a marriage and she tried to kill herself. Don't do something just because other want it." "But otherwise they'll kill me." "Who?",Melanie asked and saw the fear in the woman's blue eyes. "My…my parents.",the woman said.

"They won't. I promise.",Melanie said and the woman looked back at her. She grabbed her face and crashed their lips together. She took Melanie rather by surprise. "Mhm…",Melanie melted into the kiss and pulled her closer. "God, your a good kisser.",the woman moaned and Melanie grinned. "What's your name?",Melanie asked her. "Stephanie…",the woman whispered. "I'm Melanie. Where are we?" "In King Josephs kingdom…",Stephanie answered. "You know by accident a Queen Regina?",Melanie asked. "Yeah… she was the wife of King Leopold who was killed by his own men… Why?" "Well. That is my best friend…",Melanie said with a smile and Stephanie gasped.

"How can you be friends with someone that evil?" "I can be because I know why she is like that. Why she became this cold person. I also know her warm and loving side. When she trusts and likes you she is a whole other person. She is caring, she is protective, she is everything you wish for as friend." Melanie told her the story of Regina and watched how Stephanie started to look more puzzled by every second she heard it.

"That's terrible…",Stephanie declared and Melanie nodded. "I would kill this little brat too if I would be her." "And you want to return to her?",Stephanie asked her fearfully. She had hoped that Melanie would stay true to her word and protect her. "If you come with me. Otherwise I can't really protect you.",Melanie said and looked deep into her eyes. "You… you really would do that?",Stephanie asked shocked and Melanie nodded.

"That may sound weird but that… it feels like fate…like we were meant for each other…",Melanie blushed now and Stephanie smiled. "I thought that you wouldn't be such a romantic person." Melanie chuckled and Stephanie studied her. "Although I feel the same way.",they locked eyes again and Melanie grinned. "I didn't thought that you would be so self-conscious.",she said and pulled her in for a second kiss when suddenly the door bursted open. "Keep your hands from my daughter!"

Stephanie's father stood in the doorway and drew his sword. Melanie quickly got up and magicked herself a sword too. "Don't you ever force her to something she doesn't want.",Melanie growled and he laughed at her. "You won't tell me what to do.",he said and attacked her. She stepped to the side and kicked him in his balls. He groaned but stood up again. He held his blade against Stephanie's throat. He hadn't paid attention to how Melanie had gotten her sword and now paid for it badly.

She magicked his sword away and threw him against a wall. Knocking him unconscious. "Well… I would say. Pack your things. We need to go before he wakes up again.",Melanie said and Stephanie paled. "You have magic?" "Yes, but I promise that I just use it for protection.",Melanie said. "I was a long time trapped and beaten. I just can't let that happen to me or anyone ever again." Stephanie looked at her and nodded then. She grabbed a bag and put some food and personal items in it.

"What about my siblings?",Stephanie asked her and Melanie looked at her. "They can come with us.",she answered and Stephanie nodded. Melanie took the bag and shouldered it. They quickly left the room and went to find the others. After a awkward introduction and some skeptic looks they hurried out of the house when they heard their father's angry shout.

-End Flashback-

"You just said it?",Henry asked Melanie shocked who nodded with a smirk. "It was easier for me than it is for you. I wouldn't have to face her again if she wouldn't have been gay. You have to… maybe… you can bond with him and then just ask him.",Melanie answered and Stephanie kissed her cheek.

"I wish we would live in the Enchanted Forest." "No you don't. We are lucky to be here. Here woman have rights. Here everyone can marry everyone. Here no one has to hide because of their sexuality. In the Enchanted Forest they would try to kill you for it." "Why? Didn't Mom married you two?" "She did yes. Because she herself is gay and she isn't that cold-hearted how everyone calls her.",Stephanie said and he looked at them in awe.

"And in Snow's kingdom?",he asked. Both looked at each other critical. He understood it. "Why did she forbid it?" "Because of your mother…She … eh… made much love with women in her time…",Stephanie said and blushed. "Oh… is she okay with Emma being gay?" "I think so. And if not… well than she is a douche.",Melanie said and Henry nodded slowly. "I hope I'll be the best man at their wedding.",he said with a grin and they patted his shoulder. "You surely will be Emma's best man.",Melanie said and he beamed. "I think Regina will choose Meli as her maid of honor.",Stephanie added. "Or Ruby.",Melanie threw in but both shook their heads. "I don't think so, Melanie.",both said and she looked at them smiling.

"I know.",she said with a wide smirk and Stephanie slapped her playfully against the arm. Henry chuckled and suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned and looked at Hansel who smiled at him. "Want to play video games until your moms arrive?",he asked him and Henry nodded quickly. He looked at both women with wonder but a huge smile and they just winked at him.

Emma and Regina arrived half an hour later and they all turned to them with a big smile. Regina grabbed Emma's hand tightly and pressed herself a bit more against her. "I thought after you saved our little group from your mother you earned yourself a congratulation-party.",Emma said and Regina looked at her lovingly and kissed her then. "Thank you.",she whispered against Emma's lips.

They were enjoying themselves for a few hours until Emma signaled Ruby to put on Regina's and Emma's song and pulled Regina in for a slow dance. "I love you, Regina.",Emma whispered and kissed her passionately. Suddenly she sunk down on one knee. Everyone went silent and they heard Regina's soft gasp. She stepped a little step back to see Emma better.

"Well, we know each other now since circa one and a half year. And 9 of these 18 months we were together and these 9 months probably were the best months in my life. In these 9 months I got to know you better than I know myself. I got to see every side of your beautiful character. I got to see every weird habit of you. Like you always flicking the light on in a room before you even dare to step in a room. Or you always creeping from your spot of the bed on top of me."

When Emma said that Regina blushed and grinned.

"I love the way you blush when someone compliments you. I love your eyes because every time I look in them I see the love I've wished my whole life for. But what I love the most is when I wake up with you and you would listen to my heartbeat because you have yet another nightmare and just needed to make sure that I'm still there, that I'm not gone. And I know that you always pretend that you would be asleep when I do that too. Just to make me comfortable and I couldn't wish for a better girlfriend than you."

Emma pulled the ring box out of her jacket and opened it. Regina had watery eyes and sobbed slightly.

"So… Regina Mills. Would you give me the honor and become my wife?" "Yes.",Regina breathed out and Emma beamed. Regina held her hand to Emma who put the ring on her finger and stood up. Emma pulled her against her and kissed her happily. "I love you too, Emma.",Regina whispered and wrapped her arms around her waist. The people around them started clapping and Regina felt Henry crash into their sides, hugging them tightly.

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