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Letty laid on the bed looking at the ceiling waiting for the phone to ring just like it did every night at 10:48. She turned when she heard the ring tone ring through her empty room. She grabbed it off the side table,

"I thought I said don't call anymore"

She heard the slight chuckle from the other end,

"You tell me that every night, yet somehow you keep answering the phone."

Letty smiled,

"I guess you always change my mind"

"I guess I do"

The silence was nice between them, when she could hear his breathing could imagine him beside her, with her head on his chest. She could forget that he was in back in LA and she was in New York. She smiled,

"So how was your day?"

Dom smiled, the simplest question from her made him want to spill his guts and tell her everything anything. But he settled for a typical 'good' before falling into silence. Since the night she left, he hadn't forgiven her but yet he couldn't forget her.

"Mine was excellent thanks for asking"

She stated with sarcasm, Dom smiled and rolled his eyes.

"Sorry, I'm just a bit distracted"

Letty raised an eyebrow sitting up a bit on the bed,

"Oh yeah?"

Dom nodded,

"Yeah I just have a lot going on"

Letty grabbed her legs to her chest as Dom sunk on to his bed kicking his boots off. He sighed as she asked,

"Well don't leave me hanging. Tell me"

"Its nothing to worry about"

"You know you haven't been able to keep anything from me since the ninth grade"

"Except that you were leaving"

She sighed.

"Dom come on, lets not go there"

"You have no right to ask me what's wrong anymore"

If he was truthful with himself what was wrong was her; he missed her so much that it broke his heart. She left him and still didn't even know why.

He got home one evening and there was a note taped to a box. A box full of his stuff he had left in her house. He sat on the bed, reading the letter with a smirk thinking she had finally agreed to move in with him and she was just being shy about it but as he kept reading his smile fell,


I'm sorry I have to leave this way, but I cant be here anymore. I can't be around all of you anymore. I have to leave and find myself again.

I am so sorry.

Forever yours,


She kept the letter short and not so sweet. At first he didn't know what to think so he searched the house, the beach, her house, the shop anywhere and everywhere trying to find a trace of where she went.

"I know, I just I miss you"

"And who's fault is that Let"

"Mine alright? Is that what you want to hear?"

"I want to know why you left"

"Because I wanted too"


"You didn't control me then Dom and you don't now"

"That's obvious"

Letty hung up the phone and threw it across the room. She put her hands in her face crying, she hadn't told him what she had seen. The last happy memory together playing in her mind for the three years since she left,

She was asleep on Dom's bed when she heard his door open,


His voice cut short when he saw her sleeping on the bed. He smiled closing the door with the smallest of clicks. He walked over and sat on the edge of the bed stroking her hair, her eyes fluttered opened and smiled, as she whispered,


Dom smiled,

"I wanted to take you somewhere"

Letty smiled putting her face in the pillow, mumbling

"Like where?"

Dom slapped her ass as she squealed,


Dom laughed as he kissed her hair mumbling,

"It belongs to me too"

Letty laughed as he got up walking to the bathroom. She sat up rubbing her eyes,

"How long have I been out?"

Dom shrugged,

"I would say about an hour or so"

She nodded stretching and smiling at him as he walked back over,

"So am I supposed to just go with you to some secret location?"

Dom smiled and nodded putting his hand out,

"So get your hot ass out of bed and lets go"

She smiled standing on the bed walking over to him and jumped on to him. Dom caught her, as she put her hands on his cheeks,

"Lets go"

Dom smiled and kissed her. Letty smiled as she pulled away,

"Still can take my breath away you know that?"

"Right back at you"

She smiled tucking her head in to his neck. Dom turned to move, as she whispered,


Dom stopped and rubbed her back,

"What is it?"

She sighed,

"I just want to stay here for a minute"

Dom nodded as they stayed in the same position for another twenty minutes. Letty slide down his body,

"Alright we can go wherever you want to take me now"

Dom laughed and kissed her grabbing her hand, walking out of the house. They slipped in to the car as Letty put her feet on the dash and turned the music up. Dom put a hand on her thigh.

The car was silent as they pulled in to the beach. Letty smirked, and looked over to him,

"Sometimes I wonder how lucky I got"

Dom smiled as they got out,

"So I was thinking we should go for a swim"

"With no suits?"

Letty suggested with a raised eyebrow. Dom shrugged,

"You said it not me"

Letty laughed as she pulled her shirt over her head. Walking backwards to the beach and smirking,

"I know you have a good body babe, come on don't be shy"

Dom laughed as he threw his shirt off and ran towards her. Letty laughed as he picked her up bridal style running in to the ocean collapsing in to the waves.

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