"Kiba!" I waved at him happily as I walked to him, I bumped into something, well rather someone. Feeling something hot and wet on my chest I look down to see coffee all over my shirt.

"I'm soo sorry! I wasn't paying attention to where I was going!" the stranger's voice was full of concern. At that moment the world stopped when I heard the stranger's voice. Slowly raising my head I lock gazes with the man I just bumped into.

"Na- Naruto?" I stutter in disbelieve,gazes still lock.

"Hinata.?" he utters my name in disbelief.

Still gazing into each other eyes I come back to reality when I feel the warm liquid soaking into my shirt. Naruto noticing my wet shirt soaked with his coffee, suddenly hands me a napkin. "Here dry your shirt before it gets more soaked". Reaching out for the napkin my fingers lightly touches his, sending a familiar feeling tingling all through my body.

"Ummm… thanks" I say quietly as I dry my shirt with the napkin. Feeling his eyes on me, memories of him and me start to play in my head like a movie. Wanting the memories to leave I shake my head a little.

"Are you ok?" Naruto asks concerned. "Does your head hurt from bumping hard into me?" he gently places his hand on my head.

Shaking my head slightly I answer him in a small voice "No I'm ok is nothing" I remove his hand from my head. "But thanks for worrying".

He nods "So... what are you doing here?"

"Umm… I'm here to see…."

"Babe! Are you ok? Did you get hurt?" Kiba stops in front of us with a look of concern.

"Ohh… so you're here to see your boyfriend" Naruto studies Kiba as if he was an insect.

"Naruto…"Kiba says Naruto's name as if it was poison stinging his tongue. He stares at Naruto, as he hugs me from waist, he obviously knew it was Naruto, my ex boyfriend I told him about when we first met.

"I see you got over me …"

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