I'm back! That was a really long break and I'm sorry I haven't been updating my Lorien Legacies fanfics at all. This will be a short ELLA/TEN one-shot. She's older. I love the couple, and I know many other people do, too! It's in Ella's POV

What Do The Clouds Look Like to You?

"Ella, can we go for a walk?"

I look up and see Nine giving me his best puppy eyes. Raising an eyebrow, I roll off the couch, place my rather intriguing book down, and get up to follow him.

"Where are we going?" I ask, quickening my pace to keep up with his long strides. He sends me a secretive look, placing a single finger against his totally kissable lips.

"Can't tell, pixie," he replies, whistling in an off-key voice. He's carrying a large picnic basket, so I assume we're going on a picnic.

It's the end of the war, and I've been enjoying life with Nine. All of the Loric live in the same house and we're close, but now we're either traveling or being on shows talking about what our pasts were like. I hate being on live TV, being forced to talk about my painful memories. Every time I'm asked to talk about my past, I see Crayton's death flashing before me.

It's awful, but Nine is here to help me get through it.

"You're such an idiot, Nine," I say, nudging him affectionately.

I'm so lucky to have him, and I won't ever give him up.

He laughs. "I guess we're sorta like a balance, huh? I'm the idiot, you're the fuckin' genius."

I don't tell him to mind his language; I'm used to it by now.

"Yeah, I wonder how I ever fell for you." I agree.

We continue to walk until we get to his car. He drives until we're out of the city, playing his annoying heavy metal. Every time I change the radio station, he changes it back.

"C'mon, pixie. We're here!"

He carries me bridal-style out, walking quickly to a large clearing. I giggle as he brushes my amber hair to the side, kissing my nose.

Spreading the blanket out, he places me gently on the ground before handing me my favorite dessert.

Strawberry cake.

"Are you trying to get me fat?" I ask, giggling as I accept the small piece from him.

He eyes me for a moment before replying, "You're fat already, anyway."

I slap his arm, glaring at him mockingly.

He smirks, chomping down on a large piece of chocolate cake.

"What about you?" I ask.

He grins cockily. "I'm never gonna get fat. I won't even have to work out to stay this fit. Guess I've been blessed." he sighs dramatically, flexing his arms.

I lie down while kicking him lazily, setting my plate to the side.

"Hey, Nine, that cloud looks like a bunny."

He looks up, his head resting next to mine. His brown eyes are soft as he studies the clouds.

"Nah, it looks like a dinosaur."

"No, it doesn't! How could you even say that?" I say.

He snorts. "You're telling me it looks like a bunny. I say you needa get your eyes checked."

"Hey! It does-" I protest.

"Yeah, and that one over there looks like my face," he says sarcastically, pointing at another one that looks like a massive blob of nothingness.

Just to annoy him, I answer, "It looks like your face. You're right about that one."

He sighs exasperatedly. "Now we really have to get your eyesight checked. Or maybe we should just take you to Nurse Marina or Johnny Boy."

I roll my eyes.

"Please, you can tell it's you. Can't you see the resemblance? Look at that ultra-messed up nose and the flab under the eyes." I tease.

He scoops me up, kissing me gently all over the place.

"Now you're just being mean."

I soften, staring up at him.

"Hey, I was taught by the best."

And he starts tickling me.

I hope you liked that! I just wrote that right now, no editing. Thanks,