Comedy, Romance
For his misdeeds on Midgard, Loki was given only one punishment: Kagome.

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Prologue: Aftermath

For his misdeeds on Midgard, Loki was given only one punishment: Kagome. Also, though she was not his actual punishment, she may as well have been.

His prison was simply his room in Asgard with special wards and a barrier that Kagome set up that refused him exit but allowed all others to come and go as they pleased.

Loki's real punishment was the purification that she had been so trigger-happy with.

Threatening an Asgardian?


Trying to escape?


Sighing pretentiously?


But strangely, within the last few weeks, Loki found that he did not feel as adverse towards the sting of purification as he had in the beginning. In fact, he began doing little things he knew would get him in trouble "just because."

Perhaps he was becoming immune to the sharp tingle? Perhaps Stockholm syndrome was setting in? Or perhaps he just enjoyed the way she crossed her arms under her chest, accentuating her cleavage, every time before she zapped him for doing something stupid.

Loki had never heard of a being becoming "immune" to a priestess's purification, so he really hoped that it was Stockholm syndrome.


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