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In this story you guys will ask a "What if" question, and I will answer it in the form of a one-shot.

For example...

What if: Hollow Ichigo had really killed Hiyori?

Spoiler: Bleach Manga 216

"Never again..." Ichigo chanted to himself a number of countless times.

He could no longer see the attacks coming, not that he could in the first place, but now he accepted such a fact.

"I'm not going to do it every again..."

Excruciating pain filled his body as a painful blow was delivered to his side. Ichigo crashed into some boxes, broken boards and splinter piercing his body.

"I won't use Bankai... I refuse to hollowfy... and I won't give my soul to that monster ever again!"

As blood stained drool rolled over his lips, he realised that he was helpless against the blond Visored. Hiyori was too quick, too strong, and there was no way he could fight her without even drawing out all of his Shikai's powers.

"That's it?" Hiyori questioned. "That's all the fight you can give me? You really are weak-"

That was it. He'd had enough of this blonde's rambling. Only he could say such things to his King. Hichigo was never really sure when he had begun to use such possessive pronouns, but – despite the overall hate he had for having such a scared King – he indeed chose to believe that the orange haired Shinigami belonged to him.

Using his King's body, he shot out his arm to encase Hiyori's throat beneath his hand. Hichigo crushed the little blonde's neck until it snapped, then kept crushing it.

'I'll show you whose weak you bitch!'

Hichigo grinned at that. It was apparent that his King hadn't noticed he'd lost control. Apparently this time his instincts had won him over.

He could feel Ichigo's will to have Hiyori slaughtered. Hichigo could feel Ichigo's glee as Hiyori's tiny neck snapped beneath his fingers.

And then there was nothing but shock as the other Visored's pinned Ichigo to the floor. And nothing but fear as Ichigo had realised what he'd done.

"There," Shinji spoke as he pried the hollow mask from Ichigo's face. "Well, are you satisfied?" Hichigo grinned as Shinji chocked on his words. His laugh echoed throughout Ichigo's head, driving the teen into insanity, when Hiyori didn't respond to Shinji's calls.

The taller blonde shook the younger by her shoulders until, with a sickening spray of blood, Hiyori's head popped out to the side.


"Shinji, I-"

"You killed her!"

The weight of those words crushed Ichigo's heart like a thousand tons. More weight was added as he saw Shinji's frown and sorrow filled eyes. Ichigo shoved himself off the ground, his Spiritual Pressure easily pushing the other Visoreds off his back. He sprinted for the door, making it outside easily then using Shunpo to go the rest of the way.

Where was he going?

He didn't know...

He was a murderer deserving of punishment.

He had killed Hiyori.

He was a monster...

Hichigo grinned, "But didn't she deserve it?"

Yeah, yeah, crappy ending, I know...

But this was just an example.

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