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Requested By: Monkey D. Writer

What if: Ichigo never saved Rukia from the execution?

Spoiler(s): Dude, if you haven't seen up to this by now, that's sad... unless you're new to Bleach, in that case: Welcome to the Bleach universe! :D

Warning: This came out much darker than I had intended.

Ichigo's POV

I couldn't believe it, no, I refused to believe it! There was no way in hell that I'd come all this way just to fail now! But right there, right before my very eyes, was Rukia's execution. I arrived only moments before she was swallowed by a large fire-bird thing, and I was too weak to stop it...

"Damn it!" I screamed until my throat went dry. Then I kept screaming, "I failed! I failed!"

"Shut up!" The Shinigami behind me ordered. I was kicked down to the ground, crashing cheek first into the rock littered dirt. That was going to leave a bruise. I was sure of it. It had already started bleeding.

I had been captured. All of us, except Yoruichi, had been caught.

I finished my fight with Kenpachi. He was a monster, but I managed to cling to life even after he ran me through. I thought I was done for, but then I woke in a hospital bed. After receiving healing treatments, I was taken here to join my friends in watching Rukia's execution.

Which had only just finished a few seconds ago.

I felt sick or rather I wanted to be sick. My stomach bubbled and boiled, threatening to force up anything that I might've eaten. I actually hadn't eaten in days, and I was getting hungry.

My stomach growled loudly, and I could feel drool gathering in my mouth. I was starving.

I ignored this famine to the best of my ability. There was a harsh tug on the collar around my neck. The Shinigami snorted, upset with my lack of enthusiasm at being her prisoner. "C'mon you pathetic lot, let's go," she ordered.

I stumbled getting up. My arms were bound in leather behind my back, and it didn't help that the Shinigami had been tugging me by the neck the entire time.

"Stop." I recognized that voice. "Ichigo Kurosaki, step forward."

I nearly snarled as Byakuya Kuchiki stalked along in front of me like a damned lord. His eyes narrowed in on me, a faint prideful smile on his lips. I didn't show him my entire face. I wouldn't allow him the pleasure of seeing one side wounded.

"You should have died when I removed Rukia's powers from your body. Seeing as how you're still alive, you obviously wasted the life granted to you after we left. You're a fool, and that's you ever will be."

I ground my teeth together, fighting to hold back my tongue and the words that so desperately wanted to leave my lips.

"It's been proven today that not even you can break the laws of reason. Rukia knew that as well. She broke the rules, and the balance had to be repaired with her death. You are not a hero, Ichigo, you are nothing more than an arrogant, naïve boy."

That's it. Keep pushing me. Watch what happens…

"And your childish ambitions end here, with this act of justice."

His words lingered in the air after leaving his lips ever so slowly. Byakuya called this justice? Murdering Rukia after she gave up everything to save me and my family? How dare he mock justice like this? This wasn't fair, it wasn't honest or pure. It was cruel.

Then I'd be cruel. Show him what his so called 'justice' truly was.

I don't know where these thoughts were coming from, but I couldn't stop listening. They were so strong, completely overpowering any restraint still left in me.

I stood tall and jumped back into the Shinigami behind me. My foot crushed theirs, the back of my head breaking their nose. She let go of my restraints. I tore free of the feeble leather then tore the collar from my neck. I was about to run towards Byakuya when Uryu's hand appeared on my shoulder.

"Don't do it." He said. "It's a stupid move." He cautioned. "You're too weak." He told me.

I'll show you who's weak.

I ducked to the ground, whipped my leg out and tripped Uryu. I knew he could summon one of his Quincy arrows, and I'd be powerless to defend myself, but at this moment I couldn't care less. He insulted me, and in return I had insulted him.

I heard a faint shout, and then suddenly I was bound again. The Shinigami girl from before grabbed the collar of my shirt and the leather around my arms then used them to throw me to the ground. Uryu and I exchanged glares, but said nothing more.

"You were right to try and stop him." Byakuya spoke up again, this time speaking to Uryu.

Uryu didn't turn to look at him.

"For that the rest of you may only receive minimal punishment." He kicked sand into my face. "This one, Ichigo Kurosaki, however, will receive punishment worse than death."

I growled. The noise bubbled up from my stomach. I was still hungry.

I could feel something sticky running over my right eye, soaking it in blood. I could feel it harden as the air dried the blood into one large scab. With all the strength left in my body, I inched up onto my knees, waiting for the moment to strike.

My stomach ached, burned with need, screamed in hunger.

Byakuya was turning away from me. He raised his foot to take a step, and that's when I couldn't take it any longer. I felt the blood on my face spread roots into my skin. My nails elongated, my teeth sharpened. I lunged forward, sinking my teeth into Byakuya's neck. I knew there was something wrong with what I was doing, but I just couldn't bring myself to care.

His blood ran down my throat. It eased the hunger I felt, and filled the pit in my stomach. I couldn't stop now, and took in more and more and more and more…

I heard Orihime scream. Chad called my name, taking a step back in shock. Uryu cursed me under his breath, and made no sudden movement, obviously frozen in fear.

Byakuya must've been dead. I'd sliced clean through his neck with my bite. I felt my back crack and warp, my arms thicken, something crawling across my face. I didn't mind these things, I couldn't really think at this point. I was still starving and so I took another bite into the tasty meal I had in front of me.

A part of me wanted to cackle, to turn around, to tilt my head and grin. Another part of me wanted to run away, run in fear of this thing I had become, run from the Soul Society and never return.

"You… monster!" an unrecognized girl shrieked. "You freak! You killed him! What the hell are you?"

What am I…? You called me a monster. I'll show you a monster!

It had become apparent to me that these thoughts were not mine. They came from within me, from a being very much like me. I could almost see it. Our minds were separated by glass as thin as hair. We were slowly becoming more alike as the glass slowly shattered...

I was ready to attack her, to devour more. I was definitely still hungry, but I froze at the reflection in the Shinigami girl's eyes.

I saw glistening gold on black eyes. A bone white mask, smeared with strips and spots of blood. My heart beat had died; it was motionless in my chest, silent in my mind. My skin had been bleached white, my hands curled up like a witch's.

I pulled back, fear spreading up my spine. It was quickly overwhelmed by a foreign feeling of blood lust. I had to get out of here, before I hurt anyone else. I had to leave before this monster consumed me completely, before I lost all sense and decided I could challenge the Soul Society.

As I continued walking backwards I could feel a hollow hole melt through my chest. I turned around and ran. The world was consumed by darkness as a Garganta swallowed me. I ran forever, even when my feet touched the grey sand of some place I had never been to before… though somehow I knew where I was. This was Heuco Mundo, the place where the hollows lived…

And it was the only place for a creature like me.

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