Hey lovelies! So I'm back with another story for you guys to hate me for, lol. This one is a little different from what I usually write, but will include some of the stuff I' known for… if you know what I mean… ;) That being said however, this story idea is not actually mine.

You see, years ago I used to read fan fiction for the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I came across this gem called I'll Be Seeing You, and well, I could never, ever get it out of my head. Of all the stories I read over the years this was one I never forgot. So… I attempted to contact the original author, PaganBaby, through the fan fiction site she uses to ask permission to adapt her story for the Austin and Ally fandom. I never did get a response, as the original story is actually several years old, but I love it too much not to do this. So, I plan to just spew credit at the beginning and end of every chapter and hope that is enough.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this, and know that I am continuing my work on One More Night, Peacocks and Pandemonium, and a new original story called The Lake House. I'm working on so many things at once but this story is already complete and I plan on doing once-a-week updates

AUTHORS NOTE: My adaptation PaganBaby's story 'I'll Be Seeing You' from the Buffy-verse. This story was such an inspiration and one of my favorites for so many years, so I figured, why not bring it back to life? ;) Much of the story line and dialogue are hers, however, I've put my own twist on things with my very own ending. Enjoy :)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own, nor do I profit from, the Disney Channel program 'Austin & Ally' or the characters therein. They are simply used in the following story for my own entertainment. Original story "I'll Be Seeing You" by PaganBaby. Names and some locations have been changed. No copyright infringement intended.

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Austin walked slowly, almost eerily, through his bedroom. He was a handsome young man, seventeen years of age; the age when people are just starting out in their lives.

He wore a pair of faded, holey blue jeans with a studded leather belt, a solid black tee shirt and black converse sneakers. His long-fingered hands were decorated with silver and black rings; he wore a guitar-pick necklace and whistle on a long chain around his neck. Floppy platinum blonde hair shone in the light like a beacon.

His soulful, dark brown eyes, however, failed to catch the sun's glimmer.

Sunlight streamed through the second floor window. Millions of tiny dust motes danced in the golden shafts. He put his hand through one beam, disrupting the motes momentarily before they built back up again. He couldn't see the sun on his skin, and solemnly pulled his hand back, scowling and sighing.

"Well, that's enough fun for one day," Austin drawled sarcastically.

Everything looked the same as always. Nothing different. Nothing changed. Nothing ever happened.

He crossed to the window and looked out at the jungle-like vegetation of the front yard and sighed. His eyes scanned the yard for the - how many times had he looked at it? It had to have been at least a thousand times. He absently flicked at the tattered white drapes framing the broken window.

"This is what I'm reduced to..." Austin said sadly. "Watching a fucking garden for entertainment..."

He was so tired of this place. Why couldn't he just leave, again? He couldn't remember.

It was frustrating.

He'd be about to remember something, something important, then it would slip through his grasp. Maybe he would try to leave... later. Right now, he just wanted to look out the window.

Would his mother call him downstairs for lunch soon? No. He remembered then. Mimi was dead.

"I'm dead," Austin said to the empty room. "Everyone's dead."

That's right. He forgot that sometimes. He forgot that a lot, actually.

He knew that there were others like him in the house, disembodied spirits. He saw them sometimes, going from room to room, sad and pained expressions on their faces. They usually didn't seem to notice him. He would call out, desperate for someone to talk to, for some companionship, but they would continue on their way, not even stopping to glance at him. Some were raving, having gone mad long ago, but most just glided through the halls projecting pain and despair.

Weren't they lonely too? Didn't they want to talk to another person? Occasionally, one of the others would stop and look at him. They didn't seem to know what to make of him. They would whisper their words, making it difficult to carry on a conversation with them.

How long had he been here? Probably a long time. It felt like fucking eternity.

He sighed again. He was so alone, so utterly alone. But... something told him to keep it together. Something would happen, something would come for him or to him. Whether it was good or bad, he didn't know. But something would happen... eventually. He just had to be patient and wait.

Austin looked down at himself and his face dropped as his body became increasingly more transparent until he faded away completely.

To Be Continued…

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Okay, so that's the first glimpse. I'm going to post chapter two later tonight, just doing some last minute tweaking and checking it with a fine-toothed comb. Please do me a favor and let me know what you think so far. I'm being one hundred percent honest when I say I don't know how you guys are going to react and if this is something you're not really crazy about then I'll abort mission… but please, I need your feedback in order to decide this story's fate.

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