Chapter Four

The next morning, Ally explored the grounds a little.

There was a lot of work to be done out here, too. But it was going to be spectacular when they were finished. There were trees and wildflowers covering the ground: Lupines, Butterfly Plants, Palm, Oaks, Pines and Redwoods, as well as various fruit trees. They could pluck fresh fruit off one of their own trees whenever they wanted. Maybe Ally could even learn to make stuff like jam and mango salsa.

As she walked, Ally came across a large pond in the rear of the house. It was boggy and gross at the moment, but she could see how it would look once they worked on it. It would be so cool to sit out here and use the imagery as writing material. She smiled to herself. Maybe they could get some ducks and geese to live in it.

A white structure off to the left caught her eye. She moved through the thick grass towards it. She laughed happily when she saw it was a gazebo. She'd always wanted one of those. Now she had one. It only needed to be fixed up like the rest of the property and it would be good as new.

Ally got the urge to look back at the house. She scanned the house, taking in its grandeur and beauty. Her gaze dropped on another one of the bedroom windows. Again, she thought she saw something or someone moving by one of the windows. A secret smile touched her lips. Was that her ghostly lover?

If there truly was a spirit living in her home, a very giving one, at that, she wanted to make 'contact' with him again, not just in a sexual way, but also to find out who he was. It was so exhilarating. After never really believing in the paranormal before, she was made a believer last night. The afterlife was real. Ghosts were real. Ally never thought that she'd have an experience like this. The best part was that this was her home too now. She and Casper - since he was obviously very friendly, and she didn't know his name, Casper would have to suffice - could have many more nights together in the future. Was that selfish of her? Maybe, but what else did he have to live for?


Ally had broken up with her last boyfriend, Dallas Henderson, a year ago. She had grown tired of his philandering ways and his condescending attitude, and hadn't gone out on another date since. So last night Casper gave her the first orgasm she'd had in a long time that wasn't caused by her own actions. She wanted to seek him out, but she needed to go into town to call Trish and find a place to take a shower first.

Ally looked longingly up at the familiar broken window and tilted her head. "Tonight. I hope you'll talk to me tonight," she said, walking back to the house.

oOo oOo oOo

That evening, Ally was settling onto her sleeping bag again after another day of back-breaking work.

Trish and Dez were going to be arriving tomorrow morning. A day later than they were supposed to, as some last minute stuff came up that couldn't be avoided.

Ally was pleased at the progress that she'd made today. She'd dragged the old mattresses out front and ordered three new ones while in town to be delivered in the morning. The living room was looking cleaner but she couldn't wait until the electricity was turned on - those carpets really needed some Dyson love.

She'd begun to clear out the enormous kitchen, but Dez wanted to tackle that room when he arrived. She'd contracted a company to come and replace the broken windows which would cost a pretty penny, but she had the money for it thanks to dear Aunt Sally. The electricians and plumbers would be coming out too within the week. Things were coming along nicely.

Ally hadn't seen or heard a peep from Casper after she got back from town but her curiosity was getting the best of her, so she decided to call him out again. She sat Indian-style on her sleeping bag and looked around the room.

"Hello? Are... you there? I want to talk to you," Ally said. "Hello?"

Silence had filled the room for several moments, not even the wind bustling the old curtains around. Ally was disappointed. She had hoped to have another visit tonight but she had spent minutes calling out to him and nothing was happening. She started to wonder if she was just delirious that night from all the dust and mold spores she had been inhaling and thought maybe she had hallucinated the entire thing.

Austin heard her calling and glided into the room. She wanted to talk to him and she wasn't afraid. He was excited beyond words that she wanted him to come to her. He was feeling stronger today, and mused that drinking in her essence had given him more energy.

Goosebumps broke out on Ally's skin at the sudden draft that accompanied his presence. She rubbed her arms but perked up again, looking around the room for some kind of sign of her talented friend.

"Are... you here?" she chuckled nervously. When she couldn't decipher a response but could still feel the chill on her skin she pursed her lips and looked around. "Um... knock on something if you're here," she suggested as she tried to remember all the ghost movies she'd seen and how the people talked to the spirits.

Austin looked around and went to the large dresser, concentrated on making his hand more solid, then rapped on the top.

Ally jumped slightly then laughed nervously. "Wow. Okay. Wow. This is real. This is happening…" She swallowed a lump in her throat. She was talking to him, sort of. "You're a nice ghost, right?"

Austin smirked and knocked once on the dresser again.

Ally smiled. "This is so cool! Um, you were the one that... was with me last night?" she blushed.


"Why did you do... why did you do that to me? Oh, sorry... you can't answer if it's not 'yes' or 'no'... Did you... like doing it?"

Austin gave the dresser an extra loud rap.

"Are you by the mirror?" Ally asked, looking at the mirror on top of the dresser, gulping.


Ally stood up and walked slowly over, her hair standing on end with both fear and excitement. She could feel his presence strongly there.

"I can feel you. You're... right around here, aren't you?" Ally waved her hands in the air in the general area where he stood.


This was a lot more than Austin was used to, and he didn't want to press his luck when he was finally communicating with someone still living, but he wanted more. He wanted her to be able to see him; he wanted to be able to talk to her.

Ally's eyes widened as a man-sized shape began to form in front of her. Austin slowly materialized. He was transparent; Ally could see the room through his body, but she could see him.

"Oh... Oh God... I can see you!" Ally smiled and gasped.

Austin looked down at himself and smiled, then looked back into her eyes. Her chocolate eyes were wide and her smile was one of wonderment.

"You're the Fall Out Boy fan, obviously," Ally said, making out the faded letters 'FOB' on his t-shirt.

Her heart was thudding. Not only was she seeing her first ghost, but this particular ghost had gone down on her upon their first meeting. He was not the usual type of guy she went out with in appearance at all. Somehow she always ended up with big, preppy, college-going, khaki wearing types (from what she could tell he was rather young and had more of a rocker style to him). He kind of resembled the man she had seen in her dreams, only younger...

Looking at him she could see he was tall, at least 5 foot 10 or so… and apparently a blonde. She wished his features were more defined so that she could really see what he looked like.

"I wish I knew your name..." Ally gazed into his transparent eyes.

Austin smiled and held up an index finger then put it to the dusty mirror. He wrote his name carefully.

"Austin?" Ally giggled. "That's your name?"

He nodded and smiled.

"Austin," she repeated. "I like that name," Ally said, still not totally believing that this was happening - it was extraordinary. "It's a cute guy's name."

Austin smiled smugly and looked down.

"What happened to you? I mean… How did... How did you... you know... die?" Ally asked gently, looking sadly upon him. He was too young to be dead.

Austin frowned. He sometimes forgot, but it came to him. The muscles of his face rippled with emotion at the remembrance. He made a few downward stabbing motions with his arm.

"Stabbed? You were stabbed?" Ally asked sadly.

Austin nodded.

"Did they catch the guy?"

He shook his head 'no'.

"I'm..." she sighed. "I'm sorry... that must make it worse." She didn't know what to say.

He nodded.

"You live here?"

He smiled again and nodded.

"I do too. You don't mind, do you? I've heard that ghosts don't like it when living people move into their houses..."

Austin shook his head, letting her know that he didn't mind her being here in the least. He had tried to resist it, but he couldn't do it anymore. His eyes drifted down her body. He wanted so badly to touch her again.

Ally noticed the way he was looking at her. She felt herself heating up. He looked young, but obviously not too young or he wouldn't have had the skills to do what he did to her last night. Still, it made her feel like sort of a cougar when she looked at him and saw the way he looked at her. As his eyes continued to roam shamelessly though, she couldn't bring herself to care much about his age. He was dead anyway, and who knows for how long. He could technically be older than her now…

"Do... you... ummm... want to do what you did last night... again?" She bit her lip.

A big smile stretched across his face as he nodded vigorously.

Ally shakily pulled her top over her head, removing it tantalizingly slow and watching his transparent eyes darken as she did so. She wasn't wearing a bra beneath her tight fitting cami and once it was completely off of her body, the cool atmosphere caused her nipples to harden and bud.

Austin stared at her bare chest for a long moment before raising his eyes to meet hers. He couldn't speak to her but he was telling her what to do with his eyes, and she was more than happy to oblige.

Ally kept her eyes trained on him as she bent forward, giving him a nice view of her bare cleavage when her upper arms pressed her breasts together, reaching down and undoing to button on her jean shorts. She glided her thumbs into the waistband of both her shorts and her panties, pushing them down her smooth thighs one side at a time, and shimmied out of the restricting material.

Austin watched with hitched non-breath as Ally moved to the sleeping bag on the floor and lay on her back. She was breathing rapidly and looking intently up at her supernatural lover. He moved to her, his eyes raking over her nubile body. What he wouldn't give to be alive again, to give her a good seeing to.

Austin kneeled down in front of her again, looking into her eyes.

Ally swallowed hard and spread her legs for him. This wasn't smart, it was crazy. She knew that. She just couldn't bring herself to care.

Tentatively, Austin tried touching her knee. He smiled when he was able to apply a light touch to her skin. It felt so smooth and warm.

Ally shivered. His touch was cold, but not freezing. It felt so good in contrast to her hot flesh.

He put his other hand on the opposite knee and ran both his hands up to her waist.

"Oh god, yes. Touch me…" Ally breathed.

Austin's form started fading until he was barely there.

"No! Don't go!" Ally said in alarm as she sat up again.

Austin stroked her thighs as strongly as he could, to let her know he wasn't vanishing. He was using up a lot of energy by touching her and he had to let his image fade if he wanted to continue. And, fuck, he did want to continue.

"You're still here..." she said with some relief, but she pouted. "But I can't see you anymore and – oh!" Ally moaned when she felt his hands drag up her torso to her breasts. She watched as he kneaded the soft mounds with invisible hands. She could feel his rings on her skin. Ally gasped when his seemingly wet tongue licked one of her nipples.

Austin decided to try again to make his lips work. He put his mouth on her breast and sucked lightly.

Ally bucked her hips.

It worked.

He moaned as he suckled at her, flicking the nipple with his tongue.

"Mmm - Oh! Ahhhh!" Ally writhed.

Austin went to the other nipple, kissing and licking at it before sucking it up zealously. His hand slid between her thighs and rubbed her mound.

"Oh - Austin - God!" Ally gasped in delight.

Her heat was scalding him in a good way, a very good way. He licked a lazy trail down her stomach to her groin. This time, he opened her lips himself. Austin enthusiastically began devouring her.

"Austin – Ahhhh – Ohhhh - Oh yeah!" Ally tried to put her hands in his hair, but her hands met only air.

Instead, she put her hands on her breasts to touch herself while he brought her off. Ally wondered if she'd be able to do anything to him. She wanted to. She wanted to make him happy, to give him pleasure. Especially since he'd had such a tragic ending to his life. If anyone deserved a happy, it was someone who'd been murdered.

Austin was able to fuck her with his tongue while playing with her clit. It would be great if they could actually have sex, but he was almost certain that wasn't possible. It would take too much of his energy. But he could give her this and he was enjoying it almost as much as she did. And fuck, if he didn't love hearing her moan his name…

He switched to fucking her with his fingers while sucking on her clit. He explored her hole with two fingers, even becoming brazen and grazing her forbidden hole once or twice with his wet fingers, searching for that elusive spot. She had mewled but not protested, and he told himself he'd keep that in mind for another night. Austin grinned when his fingers slid into her cunt like butter and came into contact with a little bump inside her walls. He pushed on it slowly in a gentle rhythm while he went back and forth between tonguing her clit and sucking on it.

Ally's back arched suddenly as she came hard without warning, shouting his name. For the first time ever, she didn't just cum, she actually ejaculated. Her fluids shot out of her forcefully. It felt so weird but oh-so-amazing. None of her flesh and blood boyfriends had ever given her head this good.

"AUSTIN! YESYESYES! Ungh! Oh - Oh GOD!" Ally thrashed her head from side to side, shaking and jerking her hips in the best orgasm that she'd ever had.

It continued for several minutes, during which she grinned like a maniac and panted as she spasmed around his ghostly fingers.

He licked up her juices and stimulated her G-spot until he felt himself starting to fade again. His happiness at touching her and making her feel good, as well as reveling in the taste of her deliciousness, turned to sadness when he realized that he had to leave her now. He placed a worshipful kiss to her mound and was gone.

Ally sat up, propped up on her elbows, still panting. "Austin?"

She couldn't feel him anymore, his hands, tongue or his presence. She dropped back down and sighed heavily. That made two encounters of the sexual kind she'd had with him, and two times he'd vanished afterwards. She hated that alone feeling, but already she was looking forward to the next night.

Ally was completely smitten. Smitten with a ghost who could make her cum like a rocket ship.

She smiled to herself and wiped away the hair that clung to the sweat on her forehead.

"My life just got a whole lot weirder."

To Be Continued…

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