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PREVIOUSLY: She caught movement out of the corner of her eye and noticed Brittany was shivering. Shes guessing Santana knows as well because Rachel sees her taking her jacket off to give to Brittany. Brittany grins shyly when Santana wraps her leather jacket around Brittany's shoulders. "I love you to the moon and back" she said just loud enough for Santana to hear, but Rachel heard as well. She caught the sight of them sharing a loving kiss. She quickly looked away to give them some privacy. She just hopes one day she could have the love they share. One day they would love her the way they love each other. "One day" she thought.


The four girls have been sitting on the picnic table for about a good 5 or 6 minutes. At first, the silence was comfortable, but now it's just plain awkward.

Rachel's trying to find a way to break the silence, but nothing seems to be coming out. She sighs softly and looks out at the lake. She closes her eyes and remembers when her dads would always take her here to swim. She smiles softly at the memory.

Of how things were so much easier when was a kid. Bullies were not her biggest problem. Where no one cared what they were wearing or what people thought of them. When stuff was just so... Care-free.

She slowly opened her eyes to the sight of something beautiful. She saw that Quinn moved up to sit in between Brittany and Rachel. Quinn had her hand on Brittany's knee rubbing it through the brace. Brittany had her arm around Quinn's waist and the other hand pointing at something in the lake. Rachel followed Brittany's fingers to see a few swans on the water. She saw how good all three girls went together. She could only wonder how all three ladies actually formed this relationship.

"Can I ask you guys something?" Rachel said softly. She knew what she was going to ask was none of her business, but she just had to know.

"Yeah, sure anything Rachel" Quinn said turning around to face Rachel. The way Rachel looked right now to her breath away. The moon shined a faded light on her face. The wind from the west made her hair shine and flow in the wind. Rachel's voice was taking her out of her thoughts. "So how did you all three, get together? I know it's none of my business but I'm just curious and-"

"Rach. Rachel it's okay." Brittany said through her giggles. Rachel let out a sigh of relief. Thank god they didn't think she was crazy for asking.

"Of course we'll tell you! Ooh I love when San tells it. I get butterflies every time" said Brittany turning to give Santana a peck on the cheek.

"Okay I'll tell it. Is there anywhere else to sit out here? My butts starting to hurt" Santana said saying the last part under her breath. Rachel, Quinn, and Brittany laughed loudly as Santana quickly got up and started running in the open grass located directly right next to the lake. Brittany followed her and wobbled her way to where Santana collapsed face first into the plush green grass. Once she got to where Santana was laying, she fell directly on top of Santana's back. "Owwwww!" Santana screamed on the top of her lungs making Brittany laugh. After a few seconds, Brittany climbed off of Santana's back and layed flat out on the back looking up at the stars. Santana sat up at called Rachel and Quinn over to them on the grass.

"You guys are seriously some of the most hilarious people together." 'So… Care-free' She quickly thought after. Quinn turned to look at her while getting up. "You're pretty hilarious yourself. I never knew Twister could be such a fun game. You made it so much more worth playing" Quinn said laughing. She took Rachel's hand and guided her to the girls on the grass. Rachel bravely enlaced their fingers. She instantly looked up to see Quinn's reaction. She was relieved to find Quinn smiling brightly as the action. She pulled them over to Santana and Brittany. Once they got there, both girls sat up from their laying position to properly face both girls. While Quinn and Rachel got comfortable on the grass, Santana began to tell the story.

"Okay there's not much to it. But since Brittany INSISTS I tell you the whole story, I guess that's what I'm going to do". All girls laughed at how Quinn made a whipping sound and pretending to snap a whip in the air. "Only for you baby" Santana said smoothly bending over to give Quinn a kiss on the head.

"Alrighty here we go. So it started freshmen. When we were the three best friends, the Unholy Trinity. So one night, Quinn came to my house crying because Mike Chang made out with Suzie from Biology right in front of Quinn. She was mad because Mike Chang promised Quinn to make out with her. It was going to be her firsts make-out with a boy so of course she was excited. So when she saw them kissing, she was heartbroken. God, it hurt so much to see her so disappointed. So…" Santana said sharing a knowing look to Quinn "I offered to make out with her, no strings attached. But once out lips touched," she said pausing, probably recalling the memory, "I just instantly knew. I knew I wanted to be with her more than friends. Something in that kiss told me I was meant to spend the rest of my life with her."

Rachel and Brittany awed at the memory while Quinn and Santana were exchanging shy glances towards one another. "Okay okay this is where I'm about to come in" Brittany said grabbing Rachel's arm snuggling close to her. Santana snorted a laughter before continuing.

"So right after a few minutes of kissing, we slowly opened our eyes and the way she looked at me, I knew she shared the same feeling I felt in that kiss. So, a few hours later, mom made us go to bed early because tomorrow we had a early morning cheerios practice. I remember it being like really awkward. I just really wanted to cuddly her but I didn't want her to freak out. So I like started petting her with my foot-"

"Like that was anymore weirder. When she did that, it scared the crap out of me. So I jumped and fell off the bed." Quinn interrupted. Rachel fell back laughing to the point of tears coming from her eyes. After all laughter died down, Santana felt safe to continue

"Well obviously that didn't work. So once she got back in bed, I just straight up whispered 'be my girlfriend' and I remembered panicking because she was just silent. Finally she whispers out 'okay'. And that's how me and Q-tip got together."

"okay now me. Tell her about me" Brittany said bouncing on her feet folded underneath her legs.

"Right." Santana continued "after about a month into our relationship, Quinn really wanted to start telling people, you know, go public. But we were so young and I was so worried in people found out they would you know, hate us. So we made baby steps. First we told Quinn's mom. She was surprisingly okay with it. Then we told my parents. They weren't the happiest but they saw how happy Quinn made me. And eventually they did accept me and Quinn together. The next person we told would be the most important to us. If they didn't approve of us, then we would instantly break up. Her opinion meant more to us than anyone's. Obviously, it was Brittany's. All three of us have been best friends since we were 4, so we didn't want Brittany not feeling okay with this. So once we told her, she got mad. Not mad because we were together, but mad because she wanted to be with us. When she told us she had feelings for both of us, we didn't know what to say. Loving Brittany was one of those things you thought of, but never really thought your dreams would become a reality." Brittany and Santana shared a loving look before Santana went on.

"So me and Quinn had a heart to heart about how we felt about Brittany. We both felt bad that we had feelings for someone other than eachother, but I guess it just got to the point where we both just wanted to be happy. We wanted to be happy with Brittany. So, we started this relationship. It was hard in the beginning, but right now, I wouldn't be happier with anyone else other than these two." Rachel looked over at Quinn to find her tearing up. Rachel placed her hand on Quinn's hand and squeezed it tightly.

"As you probably know, we grew up together. So we shared a lot of firsts together. For instance, Quinn gave me my first kiss when we were six," Quinn smiled brightly at the memory "Santana gave me my first dance at out middle school homecoming, and all three of us shared our first time together. And after we made love, I knew I wanted these girls in my life. I wanted to share so many more first experience's with them, but most importantly, I wanted to share last moments with them as well." Brittany said.

Rachel couldn't believe how amazing and realistic that story was. How each girl had so much feelings for eachother. How they voiced their opinions with eachother over major decisions. "That was beautiful." She told Santana. She smiled sadly once she realized they couldn't be with her. 'Lets face it, three is like the perfect number. Its called the Unholy Trinity for a reason. Not the unholy trinity and Rachel" she thought sadly to herself. Santana noticed her change of attitude.

"Rach, you okay?" she asked placing a leg on her knee. Rachel felt her bottom lip quivering. She felt her hands getting sweaty and her heart pick up speed. Her mouth opened and nothing seemed to come out. She could feel her breathing being cut off by her throat. She started gagging trying to get her breathing under control.

She instantly knew what was happening to her. Her realization made her panic attack even worse. Santana and Quinn got up and took each side of Rachel. "Rachel calm down you're having a panic attack." Both girl were rubbing up and down her arms trying to get her to calm down. But nothing was working.

Rachel felt herself escaping and everything turning into a white blur. Suddenly, she heard the most purest voice ever imaginable. She slowly blinked her eyes finding a blue eyed blonde staring at her. "Shh Shh look at me. Don't focus on anything okay? Just look at me Rach. Your going to be okay." Brittany kept cooing looking Rachel right in the eye. Rachel's choppy breathing slowly came back to normal, as did her vision. When she was finally back to normal, she noticed all three girls comforting her and telling her she would be okay. And for the first time, she believed it. She felt tears starts falling from her eyes, but she didn't care. She couldn't be more happier.

"c'mon let's get you home. Quinn said starting to pick Rachel up. She carried Rachel bridal style as Rachel snuggled her neck. She memorized the scent the blonde carried with her. She smelt like lavender body wash. She hummed at the scent filling her nose going straight to her heart. She never found a scent so comforting. She felt someone walking to Quinn's right and blindly reached out for their hand. Her and was interlaced with fingers she identified as Brittany's. She smiled shyly when she felt Brittany's soft lips make contact with her hand. She decided to nap until they got to the house

Once they started walking on the street, Santana saw her house in a distance "We should probably start to wake her up. She's the only one who knows the code to the door." She told them quietly not wanting to wake Rachel up yet. "Not yet. Look how cute she is. She sleeps like sleeping beauty" Quinn said looking down at her "Maybe I need to awake her with a kiss?" Brittany suggested. She started leaning in but sadly Santana pulled her back. "Not yet baby. But soon, very soon" she added on the end.

About 10 minutes later, they arrived at Rachel's house. None of the girls at the heart to wake her up to get the code for her, so Brittany started typing in random numbers. After her fifth attempt, she pouted to see her birthday, the date Lord Tubbington's release date from jail, and even Santana's lock combination, didn't even work. "did you guys try her birthday? Quinn whisper yelled. As much a she loved holding the brunette her arms were getting tired.

"It worked! Quinn you're a genius!" Santana told her rushing inside. The looked at the clock on the tv and noticed it was a little over midnight. "We should let her rest." Quinn said looking at the still sleeping girl. "I wonder what the panic attack was all about? Do you think after telling her the story we scared her off? Brittany asked with worried expression on her face. "We'll ask her in the morning okay? Lets just get some sleep.

The girls found their way to Rachel's room. Quinn laid Rachel on the bed as Santana found some navy blue sweatpants and a red music camp shirt thrown in Rachel's closet. "here just put these on her." She said throwing the clothes to Brittany.

Once Brittany got her shirt off, she didn't want to make this sexual but Rachel's body was making it really hard. I mean the girl had abs for crying out loud! Her skin was the perfect shade. After Brittany got her shirt off, she made a quick way into throwing the shirt Santana gave her on Rachel. After she got her skirt off, she instantly noticed marks on the girl's upper leg. She loudly gasped as she ran her hand over them, finally notifying them as cuts. There were at least a good 5 on each leg. But she saw that she must of done them a while ago. But it still seemed to bother the blonde.

The gasp heard from Brittany startled Quinn and Santana. They ran over to Brittany seeing what was wrong. They came to find Brittany staring at faint cut marks on Rachel's legs. "Are those.." Quinn didn't have to finished to notify what they were. Brittany let out a quiet sob as she thought about the girl being so sad to have resolved to cutting out pain. She knew girls who did it, but seeing Rachel as a confident and bubbly person she would have never guessed.

"What do we do" Santana asked noticing tears falling down her eyes.

Brittany quickly slid the pants up Rachel legs. "Well talk about it later. Right now lets just lay her down and find somewhere to sleep." The other girls nodded as they ran downstairs to change.

Santana slipped on some sky blue basketball shorts with a pink shirt that says "why are you laughing? this is your girlfriend's shirt" that Brittany got her for their anniversary.

Brittany slipped on some wayyyy to short polka dot sleeping shorts and a white tank top while tying her hair in a high pony tail.

And Quinn slipped on a loose white v-neck and some volleyball spanks she lend from a girl from freshmen year.

They all made their way upstairs. They saw a room directly across from Rachel's "I guess we will sleep in here" Quinn said turning the light on. It was a queen size bed with a nightstand and a lamp. With a tv planted on the wall. A classic guest room.

"We forgot to tuck her in cmon." Santana said running into Rachel's room. When the other girls caught up to her, they say Santana gently placing Rachel under her covers. Rachel whimpered at the movement, but Santana cooed her back to sleep. When Rachel was comfortable under the covers Santana kissed her on the head and whispered "sleep well el amor de mi vida".

As they were about to walk out, Quinn felt Rachel grab a hold of her wrist. " .all of you." Rachel mumbled half asleep. Brittany and Santana looked at eachother but before they knew it, Quinn climbed into Rachel's king sized bed facing her "Shh I'm her Rach. Its Quinn. Were all here." Santana made quick feet to the other side of Rachel. As soon as she landed on the matress, Rachel turned and placed her neck into Santana's neck. A new comforting scent. It smelled like a vanilla scented cake that was just baked and iced. She hummed at that as well.

She lazily tossed her arm over Santana's waist and clung the bottom half of her shirt. Santana swung an arm over her to cuddle her closer. After she turned off the light, Brittany climbed on the other side of Santana mirroring Rachel's action looking directly at her sleeping figure. Noting how beautiful she was .

Rachel blindly reached for the body behind her and relized it was Quinn who started to spoon her. Even if her eyes were closed, she could feel a sense of love, a feeling of comfort from these three girls. For the first time, she felt 100% wanted. "I could get used to this." Rachel said to no one in particular. The other girls laughed at that. "Sleep well Rachie." And with that, she fell into a deep slumper.