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Rachel woke up to the sun bleeding through her eyelids. She groaned while bringing up a hand to rub the sleep out of her eyes. Now that it's obvious that she forgot to close the blinds before she went to sleep, she silently scolded herself. For the most part actually, Rachel don't really remember going to sleep at all. She decides to ignore the confusion in the back of her mind and attempt to go back to sleep. She snuggles her back into the front of the person behind her. Her eyes shot open, and that is when she instantly remembers everything that happened last night.

She remembers the sleepover that was going perfect. Playing twister, singing, and eating with three beautiful girls. She remembers offering to take the girls to the park down the street because Brittany wanted to see the full moon. She remembers the piggy back ride and the swans. She remembers laying in the grass learning more about the girls she wanted to be with. But most of all, out of everything, she remembers the panic attack the most.

Rachel has been having anxiety ever since she was seven. She used to get them in large crowds, but singing quickly took care of that. Now she gets them when she overthinks things. Like for instance, last night she overthought the relationship between the three girls in her bed right now. How all three girls were completely perfect for each other. How she would just be a burden to this relationship of perfection. Hell, Rachel thinks the only reason why they're being so nice to her is because they feel sorry for her. Rachel wasn't going to be a sob story for anyone. "I don't need them. I can take care of myself. I need no friends. It's lonely at the top you know that" she thought to herself. But she instantly knew that was a lie.

She started playing over the events that happened between yesterday and today. How her best friend betrayed her, and how these girls came in and saved her from her depression.

Her anxiety took over her so bad she started taking anti-depressant pills. She knew it wasn't anything she had control over. It was just sometimes, she feels alone. She wanted to take away the pain so bad, she tried everything. Cutting, she stopped eating, crying. Nothing seemed to work for her. Not until this these past two days. The girls have made Rachel feel wanted. Like they wanted to be with her in every way possible. Them offering her their friendship literally saved Rachel's life. Who knew what would have happened without them.

She was pulled out of her thoughts when the person she was laying on started to move. She realized it was Santana by the scent of her hair and they tan chest underneath her cheek. Santana started to mumble unknown words aloud which made Rachel silently giggle. She would love to watch Santana wake up every day. She looks adorable right now.

Rachel panicked and pretended to sleep when she saw Santana's eyes started start to open. She could feel and hear her yawn. Rachel finally noticed how her heartbeat was so mesmerizing. Like a song with no beat that goes on forever and ever. Just as she was about to doze off back into sleep, she felt the bed shake a little.

"Britt, baby wake up. Brittyyyyyy, Britt." Santana said trying to wake Brittany up. Brittany laid on her stomach with her hair all over her place. Most of the time, she slept either two ways:

She was a cuddler, or she was laid in the classic starfish sleeping position. And Rachel can tell she's in the starfish position because she could feel Brittany's leg on her thigh.

"mmm noo." Brittany said through the pillow underneath her. "Don't wanna." She said while getting up. Her eyes were still closed as she rolled off the bed and landed on the floor. Before Santana could ask her if she was okay, she saw Brittany crawling to the curtains. Rachel noticed she was closing them because the room went from extremely sunny to a faded blue color (because of her blue curtains) behind her eyelids.

Brittany got back in the bed and cuddled under Santana's underarm. "Now…sleep." She mumbled. Santana giggled and kissed her head. "Okay for a few more hours." She said as she looked up at the clock, seeing it was 7:45. Rachel heard the news and felt it was safe to go back to sleep.

"Well aren't they just precious." Quinn whispered to the other side of the bed to Brittany. Brittany decided about 5 minutes after Santana woke her up that she was not going back to sleep. No matter how hard she tried, her body was awake. Seeing that Quinn was stirring awake on the other side of Rachel, she decided to throw the nearest thing, which was a brush on Rachel's nightstand, at Quinn. After whisper-yelling at Brittany about giving her a knot on her head, they admired the sleeping Rachel and Santana in between them. They were cuddled up like two kittens that are magnetized together, well at least that's was Brittany thinks.

"Watching Rachel sleep is like the best thing I've ever seen. The way her face changes while she's dreaming is just too adorable." Brittany said admiring Rachel's face.

"You know what else is adorable?"

"What else?" Brittany said while leaning toward Quinn.

"You" she said with the biggest smile on her face.

Brittany couldn't hide her squeal as she jump out of bed to go on the side Quinn was on. When she got over to there, she jumped on Quinn's stomach while made Quinn gag. She slid off of Quinn to get in between her and Rachel.

Once she was off of Quinn, she turned to face Quinn and kissed her passionately. Quinn hummed while Brittany's lips pressed softly against hers and placed her hand on Brittany's lower back creating small circles. She deepened the kiss and gently pushed her tongue into Brittany's mouth. Their tongues softly massaged while whimpers were coming out of both girls mouth. Brittany gently pulled Quinn on top of her making Quinn straddle on of her legs.

After a few minutes, the need of air was desperately needed, so the slowly pulled apart, but close enough that their lips were barely apart. Their breaths were deep and raggedy while starring deep into each other's eyes.

Brittany was the first to break the silence.

"Why does it feel as if we haven't done that in a long time?" asking Quinn while placing soft kisses to her lips.

"mmm because we haven't?" Quinn says in between kisses.

Truth be told, the three girl haven't had some serious lady loving all weekend. With being so dedicated to Rachel, the girl found themselves no room for sweet lady kisses. But they didn't mind of course. They each would give up a weekend of sex for a lifetime with Rachel Berry any day.

"C'mon" Quinn said getting up from the bed. It was obvious to Quinn that Brittany did not want to get off of her due to when Quinn got off the bed, Brittany was still hanging on her for dear life.

"nooo noo no. to tired." Brittany said hiding her face into Quinn's neck.

Quinn chuckled while finally getting on her feet to see Britany still hanging on to her. Her legs were wrapped around Quinn's hips and her hands around her neck. Quinn put her arms around her legs to keep her lifted in the air. Once she saw Brittany was situated and obviously not letting go anytime soon, she made her way to the kitchen.

While they made it to the kitchen, Quinn gave her a sweet, long kiss on her forehead, followed by her nose, and finally her lips while putting her on her feet.

Brittany giggled adoringly. "I love it when you do that to me". And she truly did. Whenever Quinn did that, it made Brittany feel like she was floating on a cotton candy cloud in the shape of a duck. Yes, it doesn't get any better than that.

Brittany and Quinn decided to make the sleeping girls some breakfast. Once they looked in the fridge, there was only the leftover pizza, eggs, milk, and a packet of turkey bacon.

While both of them cooking, both brunettes started to stir awake.

Santana was the first to wake up. After identifying where she was, she looked over to see the back of the petite girl next to her cuddled into fetal position.

Santana softly smiled to herself. Rachel was to adorable for words. From that moment, she instantly knew she wanted Rachel waking up next to her everyday.

"Hey, Rach, wake up" Santana cooed while rubbing up and down her back. Rachel, with her eyes closed to sleeping, turned her still half asleep body to face Santana and instantly magnetized her body against hers. She started to mumble not understandable words in the crook of Santana's neck. She giggled shyly at Rachel's action and placed her hand on Rachel's head to swoop her side bangs out of her face.

"C'mon Rachel. I smell bacon and I'm super hungry" Santana started to whine. "mmmm Santana. Your so comfy" she stated while cuddling closer to the girl. Rachel was so lost in the heavenly scent of vanilla filling her nose, she forgot what she was doing. She was still slightly embarrassed from last night's "incident". And also, on top of that, she was attempting to cuddle with a VERY taken girl. To say the least, cuddling with Santana was a little too good to be true.

Her eyes quickly shot open while she shuffled as far away from Santana as possible. "San, I'm so sorry I just, I was asleep and according to Nala, my dog, I'm an extreme cuddler. I just don't know what came over me-eeeee!". Rachel was cut off from hitting her butt on the carpeted floor. She stared at the ceiling wondering how the hell did she embarrass herself even further in front of Santana.

"Oh my god Rach! Are you okay?" Santana said while attempting to stifle her giggles. She towered over the clumsy girl blocking her total view from the ceiling. Rachel could only notice how this girl looked stunning in the morning. The faded light from the curtained window created this glow on the tanned girl's skin that she has never seen before. She saw the way Santana looked at her with a hint of adoration in her eyes. She instantly identified what that looked meant because she probably had the same exact look on her face.

"I am now" she whispered. She then noticed Santana's face slowly inching towards her. Seconds later, she felt Santana's breath hit her lips. "Is it bad I really want to kiss you right now?" Santana whispered while flickering her eyes from Rachel's mouth to her big brown eyes.

Rachel gulped and shook her head no. Courageously, she closed the gap between their anxious lips. The first contact of their lips were soft. The feeling of Santana's lips on hers made her whole body tingle, her stomach flip over, and her head full of dizziness.

They both simultaneously parted their lips to grow the kiss deeper. Santana brought her hand to cup Rachel's cheek keeping a hand on the ground to keep herself balanced. Rachel propped herself on her elbows. Their lips remained still, each girl was to afraid of causing the kiss to go deeper. They just were relaxing into the innocent kiss.

After a good 40 seconds, Santana noticed Rachel lips to start quivering against hers. Noticing she girl probably needed to breathe, they slowly pulled apart, eyes instantly locking to each other. Their deep breathing filled the room.

"Would you be surprised if I said that was my first kiss?" Rachel asked through heavy breathing. Her eyes glazed over from the kiss of her life. Santana softly chuckled and nodded her head. "You're crazy beautiful Rachel, so yes, I am surprised someone hasn't snatched you up yet." She said smiling softly above the girl underneath her.

"What does this mean?" Rachel asked with hopeful eyes. She could only hope the girl felt a spark of energy with the kiss that they just shared. She could only hope that the blondes underneath them on the lower level of the house felt the way Santana felt. That the other girls have the same look in their eyes when they look at her.

Santana looked quite stuck trying to find an answer as truthful as possible. She knew she had to talk to her girlfriends about their still continuing plan to get Rachel into their lives. And she also knew all four girls had a long way to go with developing these individual relationships with Rachel. She noticed the panicked look on Rachel's face while not receiving an answer from the Latina yet. She was so caught up in her own thoughts she forgot about the waiting girl still underneath her. As she started, she took a deep breath.

"What this means Rachel Berry, is I have feelings for you. Feelings that are more powerful that friendship. The thing is Rach, all three of us feel the same way towards you, but for different reasons. You're so special to me, to us. You're talented, funny, spontaneous, adorable, and stunningly beautiful. Whatever this is between us, I want it to eventually work out in the future. This is all just so fast for me, and I know for you as well. But as of right now," she said getting up, "I'm hungry and I smell bacon." She continued.

Rachel let Santana's words sink into her mind. While chuckling softly, she took Santana's hand and pulled herself up. The moment she got to her feet, Santana pulled her into a hug. She hugged her midsection tightly enjoyed the smell of Rachel's hair. 'coconut' she thought with a hum. "I want this to work too" she whispered into Santana's ear before she pulled apart.

"Before umm, we.. start anything" Santana could notice the nerves and hesitation in Rachel's voice. She gave an encouraging nod for her to continue. "I want to talk to you. All of you." Rachel said looking down.

Santana instantly knew it was something about the cuts on Rachel's leg, the panic attack, and the need to not be alone at night. She was curious and itching to know, but she really respected Rachel and her courage to want to talk to such a private secret in her life with girls that she hasn't even fully hung out with for over 24 hours yet.

"Whenever you're ready to talk Rachel, you know were going to be here for you" she said grabbing her hand "no matter what" she continued. She pulled Rachel downstairs into the kitchen where Brittany and Quinn were just wrapping up finishing breakfast.

"Good morning, ángulas" Santana said gently letting go of Rachel's hand to give each girl a hug and a kiss.

Brittany smiled brightly noticed Rachel standing behind Santana but her smiled instantly faded when she noticed a usually confident and cocky girl look so shy.

She made her way over to her and embraced her in a bone crushing hug. "Good morrrrnninnng Rachy" she said ecstatically picking her up and twirling her around. Rachel laughing loudly while being placed on her feet. That's one of the things she loved about the perky blonde. She could change someone's mood just like that.

"Morning Brittany." She smiled looking up adoringly at Brittany. Her smile instantly got ten times bigger as soon as she noticed the same look Santana gave her in the bedroom upstairs. The look of pure adoration and compassion. A look that held a promise and a future.

"Okay you two stop flirting, I needs my bacon" Quinn said while doing her best Santana impersonation she could possibly do.

All the girls, including Santana laughed loudly at Quinn grabbing a handful of bacon and rushing to the bar stool and started to devour it.

After breakfast and light conversation, Rachel saw that is was already two o'clock in the afternoon. They decided to make today a chilled day and popped in Matilda in Rachel's DVD player in her room.

Not much later, the girls found themselves not fond of the movie anymore and started talking to Rachel about anything and everything about her. They talked about subjects from the story of how she got the name Bunny from her great aunt in Memphis, to the reason why she hated sleeping alone.

They notice how her nose would slightly scrunch up when she laughed too hard, or when she throws her head back after she sneezes. They noticed detail by detail of Rachel. They wanted to know everything about her inside and out.

The three girls were still oh so still curious about the cuts along Rachel's upper thighs, her panic attack, and her bad nerves. They wanted to know so bad. But they wanted to respect Rachel. They wanted to make sure SHE was ready to talk about it, just not push It out of her.

'no matter what'. Santana's words kept repeating in her mind from the earlier conversation they had just a couple hours ago. In the short time the four girls have spent together, Rachel felt like she has known them for longer than that. Everything just clicks with them.

She felt the need to give them the honest explanation of the reason behind the situations that occurred yesterday.

"Rachel, you okay?" Quinn noticed the troubled look on the girl's face. Like she wanted to say something, but just couldn't find the words to say. The looked seemed like the same look she gave last night before her panic attack.

"Actually, I'm not. I seem to have found myself in a troubles situation" Rachel started while looking down. "There's a lot about me you need to know. Before we can take this.. whatever this is further, I need you all to know my past, before we can start a future." She said looking at each girl.

She knew what she was about to tell them would change everything. Each girl placed a hand somewhere on either her arm, hand of thigh to give her all the encouragement she needed to go on.

"No matter what you tell us Rach, were going to be here when its over" Quinn stated while staring deep in the petite girl's eyes. 'there's the look. The same exact look.' Rachel thought flickering her eyes between Quinn's. getting that look of compassion from each girl gave her all the courage she needed.

She breathed in deeply before starting "It all started the summer before freshman year."

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