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Walter Hartwell White was dead. Somehow Jesse had avoided the news and practically all of the outside world, shut it all out. Mr. White had died shortly after his arrest. Like, a day or two after. Jesse wondered if his cancer was really that bad but didn't think that added up. He had still seemed okay back at that motel.

He tried not to think about it.

That same day he had heard the news, he ended up running into Mr. White's wife at the grocery store: same blonde hair, same piercing eyes, but she looked exhausted. And she had a little girl with her, who Jesse could only guess was Holly. The moment he had realized it was Skyler White, he had grabbed Brock's hand and made a quick exit before he could be spotted. Surely she would recognize him. And all he could think was that she would turn him in. He wasn't sure why the cops or DEA hadn't come after him anyway. Not unless Mr. White had made some sort of confession to clear his name somehow.

Only Skyler did see Jesse. She caught a glimpse of him holding Brock's hand and turning away. Jesse heard a soft voice call out a "hey" and as much as he wanted to ignore it, something in him couldn't. He took a deep breath, glanced down at Brock, and then slowly turned around to face Skyler.

"Pinkman… right?" she began.

Jesse released Brock's hand. He vaguely nodded. "Jesse, yeah."

There was something about her face, something about the way she was looking at him. It made him nervous and he couldn't help but fidget slightly. But she ended up smiling. A sad smile.

"How are you…" she paused, tucking her hair behind her ears. He noticed she took a quick glimpse of Brock before turning her attention back. "Are you doing okay?"

Jesse wasn't sure if he was hearing what he wanted to hear or if the words truly did come from his former partner's wife's mouth. He wasn't sure what all she knew but on some level she seemed to be sympathetic.

Jesse only nodded again, which elicited a nod from Skyler.

"That's good." She forced a smile. "Who's this little guy?"

Brock scooted a little closer to Jesse at the mentioning of him and stared up at the woman. He provided her with his name before slipping his hand back into Jesse's.

Then they were introduced to Holly. Neither said a whole lot after that but Jesse was pretty sure a lot of it was an unspoken understanding—a road that neither of them wanted to go down. Jesse respected Skyler for not digging for answers with Brock there. But even if there was an understanding, it was one of the most awkward encounters Jesse had experienced in a while.

By the time Brock was finally out of school for the summer, Jesse had asked him where he'd like to live. It had been way too long and Jesse needed to get out of ABQ now that he had the chance. Brock seemed indifferent about the whole process; he didn't have any place in mind when it came to leaving. So Jesse had suggested Alaska. When he mentioned there being snow and that Alaska was all the way across another country, which would involve flying in an airplane, Brock lit up.

Jesse packed up all the essentials and anything of importance that first week Brock was out for the summer. There really wasn't a whole lot, mostly clothes, but Jesse shoved it into his old beater of a car anyway. He didn't really have any houses in mind, hadn't looked any up. He just figured they could check into a hotel for a while and get the feel of it. Finally leaving New Mexico and getting the chance to start over fresh. Like Mr. White had said so many times over. Jesse could find a house he and Brock could live in, get a new car, he could find a decent job, get Brock enrolled in school, and maybe, eventually, he'd meet someone he could share the rest of his life with.

It was that morning they decided to take the trip to the airport. On the way there, Jesse had stopped at a small diner for breakfast where he and Brock both opted for pancakes. Brock was talking about the movie Balto and asking if it was real, if there were dogs like that in Alaska. Then he had asked if they could get a dog like Balto.

"We'll see," had been Jesse's reply. Truthfully, he liked the idea of getting a dog. Maybe they could find a husky or something. That'd be about as close as they'd get to actually having a wolf as a pet.

Jesse grabbed for his coffee mug with both hands and carefully sipped the hot liquid. He ended up looking a bit past Brock who sat across from him in the little booth and spotted an older man seated at a table by himself. Jesse was sure he was seeing things again but no matter how many times he blinked the image didn't change.

Mike looked up right at that very moment, a slight smirk playing on his lips.


Jesse shook his head and set the mug back down, meeting Brock's stare. Brock had been calling his name a few times and got louder and louder with each one until he had reached through to him.

"How long is it going to be until we get there?" Brock inquired.

"I… I don't know. A few hours." Jesse looked back up and over toward where he had seen Mike sitting but found the seat to be empty. He did a quick scan of the diner and still came up empty. He had to be hallucinating. But the plate and mug were still on the table where he was…

When Brock and Jesse had finished eating, Jesse paid the bill and left a tip before they exited the diner and headed for his car. Jesse immediately spotted something sticking out from his windshield wiper, something white. His first thought was that it was a ticket but that would be ridiculous, considering he hadn't done anything wrong. But as they got closer he realized it was a folded up napkin.

Jesse grabbed it as Brock got into the car and buckled up, ready to go. His fingers slightly shook as he flipped the napkin over and found written in ink, "good luck, kid".

And for the first time in a long time, Jesse smiled.