"Are you sure that we aught to be doing this?"

"Of course we should."

"But, what if we make it worse. There's a reason we aren't supposed to travel back in time. I mean that thing with Sirius, that was one incident very irrelevant in the long run, but you want to rewrite all of History. It's what made you who you are, those experiences, each one taught you something that helped you to defeat the Dark Lord. What if changing those makes it so you can't face him?"

"I don't want them to go straight off and change things, but I want them to be able to prevent certain things. Fred's death for example, Lupin and Tonks, Bill, and all the others. I'll make them swear that the major experiences are left alone, but they can try and change the consequences. Now do you have that Appeal ready, it's all worked out, no loose ends?"

"What do you take me for? Your godfather will be able to walk right out. With what's in here they wont even bother with a trial."

"Okay, okay, no need to be snappish. You both know when to come right?"

"Stop nagging, we've been over this time and time again. WE could hardly fail. If only the marauders and the twins were here to see this. I bet they would empty their vaults to do this!"

"Just leave!"

"ALRIGHT! Fine I'm going."

With a loud crack a boy and girl were left staring at empty space where their best friend had just recently stood.

"Do you think we're crazy?"

"Bloody Mental."