"Sasuke! Wake up! You're gonna be late for school again!" cried out Sasuke's father.

"Erghhh….. Why must school start so early!" grumbled Sasuke into his pillow while his father pulled opened his blinds.

"THE SUNLIGHT! TOO...BRIGHT...TO...FUNCTION!" cried out Sasuke dramatically as he pulled the blanket over his head.

"Just get up Sasuke. I made breakfast so hurry down. It's your fault for practicing your music so late into the night you can't get up." Sighed his father before exiting the room. Sasuke willed himself to get out of bed and went to the bathroom and got ready for school. By the time he came down, his father was already dressed and about to leave for work.

"Sasuke, don't you dare be late for school again, or else hehehehe…" grinned his father before he left for work.

"What the heck old man…" muttered Sasuke before he sat down and ate his breakfast. When he was done cleaning up, he looked at the clock and jumped in shock.

"WHAT THE! 5 MINS TO 8:30!" he yelled before grabbing his bag and rushing out of the house. He ran with all his might and finally reached the school. He stopped in front of the gate, trying to catch his breath before looking at his watch. He watched as the minutes changed from 29 to 30 and the gate slammed shut in his face. He stood there opened mouth with nothing to say.

"Well….dad is gonna kill me…" said Sasuke in a depressed voice. Then, he heard footsteps behind him. He turned around to see a girl running towards the gate, out of breath. He watched as she stopped beside him to catch her breath and curse under her breath. She seemed strangely familiar to Sasuke. He looked at her until her name came back to him. This was Sakura Haruno. She was the speaker for his grade at the entrance ceremony. Sakura looked up to see Sasuke staring at her with amused eyes.

"What? You're late yourself." She said. Sasuke chuckled softly and replied.

"So, the smartest girl in the grade is late for school. Hi, I'm Sasuke by the way." He said as he stuck out his hand. She smirked and shook his hand.

"I'm Sakura Haruno. But judging from what you just said, you know me already."

"So, we gotta find a way to get into school before the teacher notices we're late." Said Sasuke as he walked towards the gate. Sakura followed and he boosted her up and over the gate. She landed with a soft thud on the other side and Sasuke followed behind her. They crept quietly into the empty hallways of the school and parted ways on the second level.

"Thanks and see you around." Said Sakura before sneaking into her classroom. Sasuke smiled and went into the classroom next door.

Sasuke crept as quietly as possible into the classroom as soon as the teacher had his back to the class and only attracted a little attention from the students sitting in the back. He moved silently to his usual window seat and fist bumped his best friend Naruto.

"Sasuke Uchiha!" said his teacher in a loud voice. Sasuke stood up quickly and replied.

"Hai! Sensei!" grinned Sasuke.

"Would you mind answering the question I have just written on the board? But before answering the question, would you mind telling me why you were late to class this morning?" said the teacher as he turned around to face Sasuke. Sasuke turned red and grinned before the whole class burst into laughter.

After what seemed like eternity, the bell rang and hungry students exited the classrooms for lunch. Sasuke grabbed his iPod and headphones and went to the back of the school. He sat in the shade of a gigantic tree and scrolled through his playlists. Then, he heard a voice singing. He looked up and saw an opened window on the second floor of the school. He curiously got up and went looking for the source of the voice and finally found it. He saw a girl sitting in one of the music rooms, playing the piano and singing. He entered the room quietly without the girl noticing and sat on the ground, listening to her sing. He could feel the emotion being poured into the melody of the song as she sang. It was almost angelic. He closed his eyes and tapped his foot to the beat of the music.

When the she finally finished singing, she opened her eyes and was surprised to find Sasuke in the corner of the room.

"What are you doing here!?" She said in surprise.

"To hear you sing of course, Sakura." Sasuke said in reply.

So here's my fall fanfic ^.^ hope you guys will like it 3