I know I currently have a Supernatural fanfic going but I've been meaning to type this one of three in my lord of the rings fics that I've written over the summer. So ya. I will continue the other one at the same time as I'm doing this one no worries.

Tilled writing=elivish

"quotations over normal"= talking

Bold= Thought

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Chapter 1: the inn of the prancing pony


"Why are we here Aragorn?" I asked him. "We are here to get the Ring Barrier to Rivendell, Ana, He'll won't be safe otherwise." He replied. I sighed and nodded. The door opened and four hobbit's came into the bar. "Is that him?" I asked. Aragorn nodded, I got up and took off my over coat, "I'll get us some drinks and get a closer look at him, be right back." I told him while I walked away. I walked towards the bar, I could feel all the men's eyes on me, taking in my figure, and I shuddered a bit on the inside. "Excuse me sir?" I asked when I made to the bar, the bar man turned to look at me. "Yes Miss Stride?" he asked. He just took a glance at my body and returned to looking at me in the eyes.

I leaned against the bar crossing my arms. "Could I please have a pint of Ale for my brother and a glass of any white wine for myself?" I asked handing over the exact amount of money for the order. He nodded and turned around to get the order set. I knew that I had the attention of my brother and the hobbits, but I also knew that other men were watching me as well. A drunk man walked up to me and wrapped his arm around me. "Hey lass, looking for a place to stay?" he slurred.

I didn't move for a second. I grabbed his hand and unwound it from my waist, then I flipped him over my shoulder, his button catching a snag in my shirt and ripped its sleeve. I towered over him, he looked fearfully up at me. "Don't touch me." I said. He nodded getting up from the floor and he fled the area. I turned back to the bar left the money on the bar and took the order from the man. I made my way back to the table that held Aragorn, I turned and glanced at the Hobbits and winked. I placed the ale infant of Aragorn. I sat down and took a sip from my wine. "You really need to work on your temper Ana." Aragorn said. I rolled my eyes at him. "He's not bleeding, he'll live." I retorted aggressively.


"Those two have done nothing but stare at you since we got here. Well except the girl, she threw that drunk man over her shoulder before we could even blink." Sam said slightly in awe and irritation. The bar man came towards us, when he was right beside me a reached out and tapped his side. "Excuse me, but could you tell me who those two are?" I asked him pointing over to the two in the corner. "Their rangers, Half-brother and sister, I've never heard their names but around here their known as Strider and Stride." He said then continued his way to the kitchen.

I looked over at the table with the two people there. The girl looked over again meeting my gaze with her blue eyes. She smiled at me then turned to her brother continuing the conversation she was having with him. "Maybe they're friends of Gandalf? I feel as though the girl can be trusted." I said to Sam. He shrugged, not really paying much attention to what I was saying. I sighed and started to play with the Ring. I closed my eyes and I felt the power pull me into a deep daydream. I was brought back by the sound of Pippin saying my name. I got up from my spot and walked over to him, when I got to him I pulled his arm. He pulled it back making me fall backwards and I landed on my back. The Ring flew up into the sky and landed on my ring finger.

The crowd gasped and I saw the eye, it was looking at me, I backed away under the table and pulled the Ring off my finger. I sighed in relief when the world returned to normal. Suddenly I was grabbed from under the table by the man named Strider. He brought me over to the stairs. "You bring far too much attention to yourself Mr. 'Underhill'" he said pulling me into a room. Where I saw the girl at the window looking out at the street.

"We can make ourselves go unnoticed if we wish, but to turn invisible completely is a rare gift." Strider said. The girl turned to face us. "What do you two want?" I asked. "Are you scared?" Strider asked. "Yes." I replied. "Not scared enough, we know what's hunting you. That's no trinket you carry." Stride said, speaking for the first time. There was a thud, Stride stepped in front of me and Strider pulled out his sword and opened the door. "LET HIM GO YOU VILLIANS!" Sam yelled as he, Merry, and Pippin stood there with make shift weapons.

"You have stout hearts Hobbits, but that will not save you." He told them as he pulled them into the room. Strider and Stride had us move into their room, me and my friends waited till they came back from setting up our room. They came back and put us into their bed, they sat at the window and watched.


I heard hooves coming up to the gates of Bree. "They're coming, I can hear them." I said. Aragorn sat up straighter in his chair. "Don't worry, they won't look for then across the street from a Hobbit sized home. They're not that Smart." Aragorn told me. The gate crashed open and five ring wraths dismounted their horses and went into the inn. They soon appeared in the Hobbits old room, well their shadows showed up in the window. After a minute their screeches of anger woke up the Hobbits that were sleeping in the big bed.

"What are they?" Frodo asked. Aragorn looked at him. "They are the Navegoul, Ring Wraiths. Neither living nor dead, they were the nine kings of Man. Till they were deceived by Sarun, now they are his slaves, they feel the rings presents at all times." Aragorn told them. "And they won't ever stop till you are dead and they have the ring." I told them. After a while the Hobbits went back to sleep and Aragorn fell asleep in his chair. I stayed awake and kept watch at the window, guarding all that were in here with me. We were all do to leave at first light. "Let's hope we all make it to Rivendell." I thought to myself.