(A/N: Rated M for mature language and content.

So, lots of random bits here but I don't think it counts as drabbles; just random bits but they do flow into a story... of sorts. It started as a small idea: Draco would discover himself to be a chubby-hubby lover when Harry starts to put on a little weight. It's a quite natural occurrence as one ages or after childbirth. It's nice to read about rippled abs, perky bubble butts and rock hard thighs, but I guess I just wanted a bit more realism this time. Heh.
(The image of Draco happily giving up most of his share of dumplings to Harry is the reason for the title, BTW.)

Overall warnings: EWE. MalexMale slash. Smut. Mpreg. Chubby-hubby lovin' Draco. Inappropriate food use. Body-image issues.

Enjoy! :))

"What the hell is that?" Draco asks, pointing at the thing currently disappearing into Harry's mouth. He stares, unable to look away, when Harry's tongue darts out and cleans the corner of his mouth. The creamy white substance has his imagination plummet into the gutter and going in over-drive rather quickly and he shuffles closer.

Harry pulls the remaining bit of taco back for a moment, stares at it and gives Draco a very pointed, very plain 'you're quite the idiot' look. "It's a taco," he says flatly, eating the rest in one bite.

"What, pray tell, is a taco?" Draco asks, watching as Harry licks his fingers of cheese bits and grease. And more creamy white stuff. Not that he really cares what a taco is. It looks revolting, regardless if Harry's near sex-like moans indicate otherwise. His Harry always did have an odd taste in cuisine.

Harry rolls his eyes and unwraps another taco. "A yummy food product consisting of ground beef, cheese, sour cream and lettuce all cradled in a delicious, crunchy tortilla shell," he says and bites into another taco with a soft, happy hum. "What did you want, anyway?" he asks, mouth half-full and bulging on one side like a hoarding rodent. Normally, he keeps his sporadic 'disgusting Muggle-like eating habits' out of their living room but Draco had texted him earlier. It sounded important enough he came straight home after picking up his 'disgusting Muggle slop' for lunch. It had to have been important to have Draco using the Muggle cell-phone in the first place.

"Ugh," Draco mutters and wrinkles his nose. "That's... dreadful," he comments, looking pointedly at the rapidly disappearing 'food' item. He crosses his arms over his chest and shifts so he's standing a bit taller. "I wanted to ask why you quit the Auror training program."

Harry pauses mid-chew and tries not to choke. How could he forget Draco works at the Ministry too and would've been one of the first to hear the juicy gossip? He swallows with a grimace and washes everything down with several long sips of his soda, ignoring Draco's disgusted grimace again. "What? Don't make that face until you've tried it," he chides. He offers the blonde a wrapped taco and grins, waving it a bit when Draco glares at him. "It's good, I swear!" he says, watching Draco fold himself gracefully into a chair.

"I don't like Muggle quick food," Draco says slowly, a hint of a sneer on his face. He hasn't tried it and he won't. It doesn't look edible and he can't understand how Harry can stomach it. "And don't change the subject." He leans forward a bit, resting his elbows on the chair arms and clasping his hands together, his expression softening. He knows why Harry quit; he hated the Auror program and loathed the very idea of dashing about like some Muggle super hero. Though, Harry would look positively edible in tights and a cape...

Harry lets the taco fall from his fingers onto the paper spread out on the table and sighs. "I hate it." He looks at Draco earnestly and isn't all that surprised to see understanding. "I gave it an honest go, since everyone wanted me to. But I just couldn't stand another day. I had to either quit or go insane," he says leveling one hand and then the other, as if weighing each option.

"I know," Draco says and slides off the chair to scoot across the floor to sit next to Harry. He chuckles when Harry gives him a wide-eyed stare and wraps an arm around his narrow shoulders, pulling him close to his side. Either his calm demeanor or the fact he's willingly sitting on the floor could be the reason for Harry's shock and he isn't sure which and he stifles a chuckle. "I honestly thought you'd have quit weeks ago."

Harry sighs, happily and with relief this time, and nods. He's so glad Draco understands, ridiculously so. "I wanted to. I just... I didn't want to disappoint anyone."

"That's utterly idiotic, love," Draco chides gently. He laughs with delight when Harry glares at him, his mouth pinched with annoyance. "Well, it is. You just can't keep living for other people. I'm extremely proud you did what you wanted." He smirks and leans in close, "My little closet Slytherin." He nuzzles against Harry's neck and kisses the warm skin softly. He's more than proud Harry finally quit being the Wizarding world's welcome mat; he's ecstatic and nearly vibrating with so many emotions and wicked thoughts.

Harry chuckles and leans into Draco's side, wrapping both arms around the blonde's waist and burrowing his face into Draco's neck. "You're such a sap sometimes!" he coos, nuzzling Draco. He absently spins the golden bonding ring on his finger and smiles to himself. Sure Draco can still be a right prat, but most times he's a right softy. A real closet Hufflepuff, he muses with a stifled giggle.

"Shut up. I am not. I'm just extremely intelligent and adore you, so naturally I know what's best."

Harry giggles, unable to keep the unmanly sound in when dealing with Draco's 'pissy face'. "Uh huh," he hums, warmth fluttering in his chest. He might say otherwise, but he knows it's true. He angles his head enough to press his lips to the soft skin on Draco's pale throat. "Know what else I want?" he murmurs.

"What?" Draco asks, already feeling heat pool in his belly and groin. He turns his head slightly, willingly giving Harry free access to his neck and jaw, groaning softly when teeth nip gently. He immediately grabs a hold of Harry's hips when the man moves and straddles his lap. He loves when Harry's wants and his align perfectly. He arches up into Harry when fingers slide under his shirt and flutter along his slides and nipples. "Wait a second..."

Harry pulls back. "What?" he asks, trying not to wriggle or arch into Draco and demanding they talk later. If Draco is interrupting what's clearly leading to sex, it must be important. He sighs, settling on Draco's thighs and giving his blonde his full attention.

"What do you want to do?" Draco asks, after a moment of gathering his thoughts back. Merlin, one sexy little wriggle and moan from Harry and his brain goes on vacation. He grins when Harry pulls back even more and blinks owlishly at him.

"I don't know." Harry says honestly, realizing after a moment Draco is speaking career-wise. He hasn't thought about it. He just knew he didn't want to spend Merlin alone knew how many years chasing bad guys or doing mind-numbing paper work. He had plenty of money but he couldn't sit on his ass for long without going absolutely crazy with boredom. He shrugs, trailing a finger down Draco's still-clothed chest, grinning when he feels a nipple harden under his fingertip. He flicks it and grins at the soft gasp from Draco. "Haven't thought about it."

Draco nods and swallows, trying to focus as Harry's finger glides down his chest and hooks into his pants, fiddling with the button. "Well, whatever you want to do, do it. I don't care if you think it's silly or not," he says, nodding seriously when Harry raises an eyebrow at him. He knows Harry can be stupidly self-conscious at times. He understands it, to a degree, but he doesn't get it. Harry can do anything and still, at times, he questions himself. "Breed crups for all I care," he breathes, arching up as a hand slips into his pants. He wiggles his hips when Harry's palm just lays against his growing erection, his whole body still. "What?"

"That's completely ridiculous," Harry laughs. "What do I know about crups?" He chuckles when he gets a sharp silvery glare. "I know, I know. I get your point though," he says and rolls his eyes. "I'll think about it," he promises and leans forward to kiss Draco soundly. "Can we continue?" he asks, curling his fingers slightly and stroking gently.

Draco nods, his eyes fluttering closed. "Fuck, yes. Stop and I'll hex you."

"Yes, sir," Harry mutters but doesn't stop. He vanishes the constricting pants and boxer-briefs, chuckling warmly when Draco jumps and glares at him. "Sorry," he says, not sounding it at all. He scrambles up and holds out a hand for Draco. "I don't want carpet burn," he laughs when Draco blinks up at him with a questioning expression. His laugh goes a bit breathless when Draco pops up and shoves him onto the sofa in one graceful, fluid move.

Draco grunts quietly when Harry's hands get busy, one stroking along his already flushed erection and the other trying to pull off his own clothing. He huffs and slaps Harry's hands away, quickly pulling off his t-shirt and sliding his pants down. "Really, Harry... no underwear?"

"I forgot," Harry shrugs. He had been running late this morning (which had been entirely Draco's fault -with his insistent lips and hands), and just barely had time to remember pants let alone underwear. "You're complaining?" he asks, raising an eyebrow and smirking. "Didn't think so," he says when Draco just glares down at him for a moment before his eyes trail his body eagerly. He twitches, trying not to wiggle and giggle when Draco's fingertips flutter against his stomach and sides. "I swear-" he starts, ending in a happy sigh when those pale, long fingers finally wrap around his cock and squeeze gently. "Ah," he huffs.

"Stop talking," Draco demands and sits up on his knees enough to give Harry room as he flips him over and straddles the backs of Harry's legs, his hands immediately seeking and kneading his ass. He grins when Harry's sputtering dissolve into moans. He shifts, sitting up a bit again so Harry can wiggle and slide until he's on his knees. He lightly slaps an ass cheek and grins again when Harry glares at him over his shoulder. "Just wanted to see..." he chuckles and runs a hand over where he slapped, rolling his eyes at bit. It isn't even pink. He soothes the area with his tongue after brief flash of inspiration. He chuckles when Harry yelps then moans quietly, dropping his face and muffling the sound in a pillow.

He decides to see how loud he can get Harry to be.

This should be fun.