In the dead of the night, Issei was walking alone back home. He had just finished playing at an arcade with Kiba. 'Man, I totally kicked Kiba's butt back there.' They played from about 6 P.M. until around 9:30 P.M.

All of a sudden, the infamous dinosaur emerged from nearby bushes! It roared and jumped infront of Issei's path.

"You again!" Issei was very surprised to see this thing was still alive. "I thought Ophis kicked your ass six ways from Sunday!"

The dinosaur growled and slowly stomped toward him.

Issei got all fired-up for a fight. "Ddraig, let's go!"

'[Leave it to me.]' Ddraig got ready himself.

Issei then summoned the gauntlet on to his hand and the Balance Breaker countdown began.

But during the countdown, the dinosaur began charging at him at full speed. It then jumped high in the air and attempted to bite Issei's head off!

"Shit! No you don't, bastard-don!" Issei got out his Devil wings and flew out of the way. He continued to dodge the dinosaur's attacks, until he entered his Balance Breaker. "Okay, let's try this again!" He was talking about their last encounter being the first time. He then began boosting up his power. [BoostBoostBoostBoostBoostBoostBoostBoostBoostBoostBoostBoostBoostBoost!]

Right before they would duke it out, the dinosaur suddenly disappeared! Without a trance, in fact.

"What the fuck?" Issei looked around, confused as to what just happened.

It turned out that Hades from the realm of the dead had summoned the dinosaur to his lair!

Hades himself looked carefully at the specimen before him. "Ah yes... here you are, at last." Hades smirked evilly.

The dinosaur felt rather scared around the appearance of Hades. It backed up slowly.

"Fufufu. Now, let's see if you have what it takes to be my servant!" Hades stretched out a wand that was made out of a skeleton. He chanted a weird spell, and then a dark aura was seen around the dinosaur's body.

"RRRRRRRRHHHH!" The dinosaur cried in pain, as a ritual was being executed on it's very being. It took a few minutes, but before Hades' eyes, a new creature was about to emerge! It looked like a skeleton of a large dinosaur, but it now had skeleton wings and horns on it's head. It was like a dinosaur/dragon/demon hybrid! A lord of the dead, in a way.

Hades was quite pleased. However, something happened that was very unexpected...

The dinosaur, mid-way through it's powerful transformation, died all of a sudden! It collapsed to the floor with lifeless eyes and no heartbeat.

"WHAT?!" Hades yelled out.

Apparently, the dinosaur's power level wasn't high enough to handle the full transformation. If it hadn't been attacked by Ophis earlier, than it would have be able to handle it. But since it's power never recovered after the attack, it was too weak to be Hades' servant now.

"Well...I suppose it's back to business as usual." Hades relaxed back in his undead chair.

What a surprise twist! But was this really the end of the creature...?

That night still, Issei had returned home safely. He went to bed, which was full of hot ladies like always. He thought about the dinosaur encounter that was about an hour ago. 'Hm...I wonder what that was all about...' He shrugged and went to sleep, Rias holding onto his body as he used her large breasts like pillows.

During his sleep, he had a very... interesting dream.

..."Yeah, keep sucking my cock, you hot bitches!" Issei smirked with dominance.

On their knees was three decreased Fallen Angels: Raynare, Kalawarner, and Milltelt. They were all sucking and playing with Issei's jewels!

"I was wrong about you, Issei Hyoudou! I was totally wrong; you're an amazing guy, with a large delicious dick!" Raynare cried all slutty-like, and sucked on Issei's thing more.

"I can't live without master's penis!" Milltelt cried as well as she stuffed her mouth with Issei's thing.

"You gotta fuck us like crazy after this, you hot sexy Dragon!" Kalawarner smirked as she sucked on the cock before her like there was no tomorrow.

"Hell yeah!" Issei moaned as he shot cum in their mouths and on their faces. The cum dripped down their breasts as well.

All of a sudden, that bastard named Dohnaseek showed up, and was furious at the scene before him. "Issei dirty, rotten, perverted son of a bitch! DIE!" Dohnaseek began to fly into the air and was about to kill Issei in his own dream!

However, an unexpected guest revealed himself in Issei's dream... It was Goku from the Dragon Ball universe! He was Issei's favorite character. He turned Super Saiyan, then began charging up his signature move. "Ka-me-ha-me-HAAAAAAA!" Goku fired the powerful blast at the Fallen Angel dude.

"NOOOOOOOO!" Dohnaseek was destroyed instantly.

"Hell yeah!" Issei cheered for his Saiyan friend.

Then, suddenly, a few Indominus Rex's, a couple Blue-Eyes White Dragon's, Godzilla, a few Angels from the 'Neon Genesis Evangelion' series, Frieza, Cell, several Majin Buu clones, Evil Issei Hyoudou, Jack the Ripper, Jason Voorhees, a bunch of Decepticons from 'Transformers', and sharks with FREAKIN' laser beams on their heads, all showed up!

"What...the...FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK?!" Issei screamed in his dream.

As Goku turned Super Saiyan Blue and annihilated all the enemies with a God Kamehameha...

Issei had woken up. He rubbed his eyes. "The hell was that dream? It was nuts, but...pretty damn cool, too." He had to admit it.

A few months have now past. Lots of things to talk about during the time skip, indeed.

First of all, Issei Hyoudou was now a High-Class Devil, and as a result, had his own peerage. Ajuka Beelzebub was the one who read the certificate at the altar where Issei was crowned, with Rias right at his side.

After Issei was promoted to High-Class Devil, he was given the right to receive his own Evil Pieces. He traded some of his unused pieces with Rias for Asia, Xenovia and Rossweisse, and with Lady Phenex for Ravel. The current members were Issei (King), Grayfia Lucifuge: under the alias of "Bina Lessthan" (Queen), Asia (Bishop), Ravel (Bishop), Xenovia (Knight), Irina (Knight), Rossweisse (Rook), Bova Tannin (Rook), Ouryuu Nakiri (Pawn), and finally, Elmenhilde (Pawn). Roygun Belphegor served as their adviser. Together, mainly because of Issei's incredible power, they defeated countless foes.

Bova Tannin was the third and youngest son of the former Dragon King Tannin, and the first person to be one of Issei's subordinates. If you recall, Tannin used to train Issei himself. Bova beared a resemblance similar to his father, appearing as a Western Dragon about 10 meters tall. Over the years, Bova has earned a bad reputation because of his bad attitude which was well known throughout the Underworld.

Ouryuu Nakiri was a second-year high school student at Kuoh Academy, and the secretary of the Student Council. He was also the heir of the Nakiri Clan. He had a calm and friendly personality, and was also very kind as he didn't discriminate Devils and treated them respectfully. He held a strong admiration towards Issei Hyoudou and considered him to be his role model.

Roygun was the former Head of the Belphegor clan, the former second ranker of the Rating Games and a former Ultimate-Class Devil. She reached the top of the Rating Games through her King piece before being stripped of her rank and all her titles for cheating in the Rating Game due to it. Roygun was also shunned from her household. Roygun was a beautiful young woman appearing in her twenties with long, wavy, cherry-blossom colored hair and two horns protruding from her head (A/N - Reminds me of Lucy from Elfen Lied).

She wore a seductive dress with high slits. Roygun held a great deal of love for the Rating Games, even though she used a King Piece to obtain power. She was also known to flirt with Issei, calling him 'cute'! Issei made his way into her heart in no time, adding yet another chick to his harem!

Plus, Ddraig gave his congrats to Issei personally. '[Congratulations, partner. Good work on coming this far. You reached Balance Breaker, you survived Juggernaut Drive, and you showed me all the new side of being a Sekiryuutei. Let's get along from now on as well, the one who is a Devil and Dragon, the one who has a blazing truth within him. —"Sekiryuutei of the Issei (Blazing Truth)".'

"Yeah, thanks, Ddraig."

Also, Issei had many more meetings with Griselda Quarta, Gabriel's Queen and a former exorcist. Xenovia was her ward.
Issei also met with Millarca Vordenburg, a first year student and new first year accountant of the Student Council at Kuoh Academy. She was later revealed to be a pure-blooded Vampire from the Camilia Faction, and acquitted to Elmenhilde.

Unfortunately, not everything was all hotness in Issei's world. The war against Qlippoth to finish off Trihexa (666) had recently taken place. At the end of it, Serafall and some of other mythology leaders (such as Sirzechs and Azazel) and their peerage had implemented Azazel's plan of trapping 666 inside the Isolation Barrier Field, along with themselves.

Before that happened though, Issei found out that Serafall never had an affair with Sirzechs, afterall. They were rumors and nothing more. So Serafall's purity was actually given to Issei, as it turned out. He was thinking of asking Serafall to marry him! When he had the chance, that is.

Speaking of marriage, Issei was now married to Akeno, Asia, Xenovia and Irina. Plus, he had proposed to Koneko, Kuroka, Ravel and Rossweisse.

Because Sirzechs was sealed now, Issei and Grayfia had their relationship without any restraints.

"Hah...hah...hah. Ise-sama, you have too much energy."


Issei found himself being led back to Grayfia's room at night every once in a while, spending blissful nights with her on a very comfortable bed.

And of course, Issei had a new power that he recently found: the almighty Pseudo-Dragon Deification!

Issei always remembered when he first used it in battle. It was at the Rating Game World Tournament. "[D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D!]"

Ravel had told him, "Ise-sama possesses an unrivaled power that can be demonstrated by an immense cannon blast of energy with Pseudo-Dragon Deification—. This single blow will create that kind of change in the game, and they will be able to see it for themselves. —So in this game, please wait until the time is right, and then blow away the majority of the field."

Good stuff, man.

After Issei became a High-Class devil, he became the president of Issei Hyoudou company. Issei also served as branch manager of the Gremory Large Enterprise. The Issei Hyoudou Company was a branch business of the Gremory Large Enterprise and served as the main base of operations for Issei's peerage. As it is a place specifically for Issei and his peerage, it was its own business a part of the enterprise ran by Issei as the company's president, with Ravel serving as its vice-president. This made Issei a branch manager of the enterprise at the same time.

The workplace was originally one of Azazel's labs he had set up in Kuoh Town and was used for Issei and his peerage to do Devil jobs. It was located in a basement under a private cram school ten minutes away from the Hyoudou Residence; the school had been bought by Grigori (an organization created by Azazel and the Fallen Angels) who built the basement where Issei's company was, and then it was transferred to Issei. Access to the company was done by travel via elevators in the cram school where only relevant personnel could proceed to the basement, due to special recognition systems in the elevators.

The workplace was small where there was a single long corridor with one door directly in front at the end, three on the right, and two on the left totalling six rooms all together. The rooms on the right side starting from the one closest to the elevator was the shower room, followed by the male and female toilets. On the left side starting from the elevator was the storage room, followed by the lounge which was equipped with a kitchenette. The door at the end was the office with a placed sign that read: Issei Hyoudou Household Office.

The room was quite spacious and its size was around thirty tatami mats large. There were several desks inside, on top of which were documents and computers, while file cabinets stand on the side along with a fax machine and a sofa for guests. There was a space for a magic circle, which was used when performing Devil jobs. The requests for healing are given to Asia, those for physical activity were given to Xenovia, and the requests requiring magic were given to Rossweisse. Ravel was the bookkeeper, but occasionally would respond to requests, and Issei responded to the same clients he had since becoming a Devil.

Threesomes were quite common at the company residence during nights. Orgies as well, too.

Speaking of which...

"Ise, I'm cumming! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Rias moaned loudly. She was still considered the manager of Issei's harem.

''I have to say I'm impressed with you, Issei Hyoudou! AHH!'' Roygun cried out in pleasure.

"My body is heating up and feels sooo good...I-I-I feel like I'm...about to..." Elmen couldn't take much more.

'''!'' Asia gasped and moaned louder, feeling her orgasm approaching soon.

"Ah ah ah ah ah...Ise...keep...ah going...ah!'' Xenovia loved this very much!

''I'M CUUUUMMMMMINNNNGG...AHHH!" Irina came strongly with vigor.

"AAAAWWHHWWHAAA...YES...YES...YES...ISE, FUCK ME...FUCK ME HARDER!'' Akeno really got into this stuff.

''AH...AHH...AHH...I'M CUMMMIIINNGGG!'' Ravel cried out next in line.

Issei banged the hot women in his office however his heart desired. "AWWW YEAH!" And, due to more dudes entering his life (like Bova), he still wouldn't allow any other guy to cock-block him in any way, shape or form! He had oppai in every direction most of his life!

Of course, whenever Matsuda and Motohama saw Issei now, they glared at him with eyes filled with hatred. They shout at him while shedding tears. "Ugh... Ise, you dumb-ass! I hope your manhood rots and falls off!"

I doubt that will happen anytime soon, ohohoho.