Disclaimer: In a perfect world, I could take credit for creating Gravity Falls, which is one of the wittiest, most clever cartoons on the air today. This is not a perfect world. All credit for the premise and characters of Gravity Falls goes to Alex Hirsch and Walt Disney Entertainment. Credit for any/all fairy tale references (albeit they are out of copyright) go to their creators - the "Folk" and, of course, the Brother's Grimm.

Fairy Tale Falls (Part Two)

Mabel was sitting on the counter in the Mystery Shack's gift shop, swinging her feet back and forth against the wood, as she related her tale to the Shack's teenage employee. "I wasn't even going to answer the door because, you know, I was in Sweater Town, and normally visitors aren't allowed in sweater town – not even Waddles."

"Why would they be?" Wendy said, not bothering to look up from the teen magazine she was reading.

"Exactly," Mabel said, nodding. She had a feeling that Wendy wasn't really listening, but she had to tell someone about the weird thing that had happened, and Dipper still hadn't come back from his 'mission' in the woods.

"So, anyway," she said, continuing her story, "When I opened the door, there was this adorable little blonde girl standing there. She looked kinda like Lil' Gideon only, you know, an actual girl – oh, and also not evil. So, I was all, 'Hello, you adorable little so and so,' but she didn't even say hello back! Do you know what she did?"

"No, but something tells me I'm about to find out." Wendy licked her finger and flipped the page.

"She walked right up to the table like she owned the place and started eating everybody's left-over cereal."

"Gross," Wendy said, looking up for the first time and wrinkling her nose.

Mabel wrinkled her nose, too. "I know, right? Usually it's Waddles who eats all the cereal, isn't it Waddles?" Her pet pig had wandered into the room, and he oinked excitedly upon hearing his name.

Mabel jumped off the counter and scooped him up, giggling as she rubbed her nose against his snout. "Did that rude, but somehow still adorable, little girl eat all um's num-nums? Did she?"

Turning back to Wendy, she continued, "She didn't even say thank you. Instead, she was all, 'This cereal's too soggy,' and 'This cereal's too dry,' 'cause, you know, I didn't put any milk on mine—"

"Wait," Wendy interrupted her. "You mean she's still in there?" She craned her neck as if trying to see past the curtain and into the Pines' living quarters.

"Oh, no." Mabel tossed Waddles up in the air and caught him a couple of times before returning him to the floor. "When she got to Dipper's cereal, she said it was 'just right' and gobbled it down like a little piggy. No offense, Waddles." The pig just grunted agreeably and rolled over onto its back, asking for a belly rub.

Wendy watched the two of them for a full minute, a frown marring her usually languid features. "Where is she now?"

"Oh, I don't know. After she ate, she got really sleepy, so I think she was gonna go upstairs and take a nap. I told her she could sleep in Dipper's bed. He probably won't mind."

"Uh, I think he probably will. Hey, wait a second, isn't that him coming now?" Wendy pointed out the window where, sure enough, Dipper was tearing his way across the yard and towards the front door.

A moment later, he burst inside, slamming the door behind him and leaning his back against the frame. "What happened to you?" Wendy asked, as soon as he was inside.

Mabel expected Dipper to stand up, straighten his vest, and 'play it cool' like he usually did when Wendy was around. But, he didn't even bother to look up. "…Weird little girl… had my hat…Then, wolves…"

Mabel jumped up and ran across the room to where her twin was standing. "Oh, my gosh! You were chased by wolves? How many of them? Were they regular wolves, or were they werewolves? I hope they were werewolves, 'cause that's almost as cool as vampires. Candy has this movie – Teen Wolf – where this girl has a supernatural romance with a werewolf who plays basketball, and – " Mabel broke off, now out of breath herself.

Dipper just stared at her wide-eyed. His chest rose and fell quickly as he struggled to catch his breath and get a word in edgewise. "What? Werewolves? No, I mean, I don't know." He paused, his cheeks turning red. "I mean, I didn't actually see the wolves okay? But I heard them! I definitely heard them. Well, I heard one of them anyway."

"Whoa, Dipper, slow down," Wendy said, coming across the gift shop and kneeling in front of him. "Why don't you tell us what happened."

"Oh, sure, now you're listening," Mabel muttered. Her grousing was good-natured, however, as she, too, wanted to hear Dipper's story.

After several false starts, Dipper managed to tell them about his run-in with the strange girl in the red cloak. Wendy sat back on her haunches, considering. "Wait, so you're telling me that you ran into Little Red Riding Cap in the woods?" She swiveled towards Mabel. "And you've got Goldilocks sleeping in your bed?"

"Dipper's bed," Mabel corrected her.

"Wait, who's sleeping in my bed?!" Dipper's voice cracked on the last word, causing both Wendy and Mabel to laugh.

"I'm sorry," Mabel said, clutching her sides. "That just never gets old."

Her brother's cheeks were bright pink, but he squared his shoulders and persisted. "Who's Goldilocks, and why is she sleeping in my bed?"

Wendy laughed. "Now, you sound just like Baby Bear." She waited for a response, but both Dipper and Wendy were giving her blank stares. "Oh, come on," she said, straightening up. "Don't tell me you two have never read Grimm's Fairy Tales?"

"Say what now?" Mabel said, cocking her head to the side.

Dipper just shrugged. "Our dad read us Peter Pan."

"Prince and the Pauper," Mabel said, picking up the thread.

"Jack and the Beanstalk," Dipper continued.

"Alice in Wonderland."

"Wizard of Oz."

"Okay, okay, I get it," Wendy said, holding up her hands. "Yeah, well, my dad didn't let us watch a lot of television when we were kids. Instead, he'd build a big bonfire in the backyard and tell us stories – like the ones from Grimm's Fairy Tales." She rolled her eyes. "Leave it to my dad to find the bloodiest book of children's stories ever written."

"Wait, bloody?" Dipper looked like he was about to have a panic attack. "Are you saying that girl from the woods is dangerous?"

"What? No!" Wendy said, waving the thought away. "Look, I'll tell you the story, okay?"

Just then, there was a knock at the door. Dipper and Mabel both jumped slightly. They waved their hands in front of their faces making "don't answer it" gestures, but Wendy pushed past them and pulled the door open. "What are you doing here?" she demanded, crossing her arms over her chest.

Mabel cautiously peered around her, letting out a sigh of relief when she saw Robbie, Wendy's ex, standing in the doorway. "Thank goodness it's you."

Robbie perked up a bit. "Does that mean I can come in?"

"No, I'm still not speaking to you?" Wendy said, turning her face away. "In fact, my shift was over like fifteen minutes ago. I'm outta here." She pushed past Robbie and marched off in the direction of town.

"Wendy, wait!" Dipper called after her. "What about the story?"

"Aren't you kiddies a little old for story time?" Robbie asked, sneering. "Well, whatever," He made a "V" with his index and middle finger before turning to go. "Later losers." The effect was lost when, the next moment, he turned and ran full speed after Wendy, leaving his bike propped up against the side of the shack. "Wait, up Baby. How many times do I have to say I'm sooooorrrrrryyyyy?!"

Mabel sighed and shut the door. "Now what are we supposed to do?" she asked, turning to her brother.

In the next moment, he uttered six words that she never thought she'd hear him say. "Never mind, we don't need Wendy."

Mabel leaned over and put her head on his forehead. "Are you sure you didn't catch a fever from being in the woods all day?"

He swatted her hand away. "Mabel, I'm fine. We don't need Wendy because I'm positive that there's something written about this in the journal." He reached into his vest pocket and pulled out the page with the map he'd been following earlier. "See? This page talks about fairies, so the next one probably has something to say about fairy tales, right?"

Mabel snatched the sheet of paper away. "Oooh, fairies! Lemme see!"

Dipper scratched the back of his head and blushed. "Yeah, well, it was gonna be a surprise."

He didn't get a chance to say more. Mabel threw her arms around her brother, hugging him tightly. "You're the best, Dipper." She released him and ran to the other side of the room. "Now, come on, let's go wake up Goldilocks and find your Journal!"

Dipper ran after her into the kitchen before skidding to a halt. "Wait…who ate the rest of my cereal?"

Apologies: It's actually Robert Southey who wrote "The Three Bears." The story doesn't appear anywhere in the original version of Grimm's (Volume I or II), but they often get credit for the tale, so I let her come in anyway.

Thank you to the kind souls who read and reviewed the first chapter. I hope you enjoy this one as well.