Republished: March 11, 2015

Title: A Dark Speedster: 74X-2D89
Chapter One:
One Bad Night
Word Count:
Wally West doesn't have a great family life much to contrary belief. All his mother wants is for a normal family. His father blames him for everything wrong. In all honestly, though, he's dealing with. However, sometimes it's just too much. This night is father is hitting harder than ever and Wally is actually afraid. He runs to his friend's city but getting in contact with the bird is harder than normal. For there Everything goes down hill. A few days later, Wally wakes up in a hospital.

Recap: Nothing to recap, this is the first chapter.

October 8th
West Family Home – 8 miles out of the city limits of Blue Valley, Nebraska

The West family was sitting down for dinner; Mary was setting the pot roast on the table while her son carries over the dinner plates. Rudy comes out of his office and joins them just as the others finished setting the table. The small family chats idly as they fill their plates.

"How was school, Wallace?" Rudy asks his son who wishes just once that his parents wouldn't call him by his full name. Wally paused between bites of the pot roast, "Good, sir."

"Did you get your test results back?" Mary interjects into the normal conversation. "The one in math you took last week." She reminds him.

Wally smiles, "Excellent. I got an A. I only missed one, Mom." He was really proud of the results. Math wasn't his strong suit and he had to have one of friends, Robin, help him study for it.

"Should 'of gotten them all." Rudy's rough voice cuts through Wally's pride and his smile fades. Mary doesn't say anything. She never does.

"Yeah, I should have." Wally agrees. It's easier that way in the long run. He's spent so many years fighting the old man and it only got him hurt. Words were something he could take. Playing the right words meant things didn't turn physical.

Ring ring ring

The phone in the office going off draws Rudy's attention and without a word Rudy leaves the table.

Mary bites her lip. "I wish he'd not take calls during dinner. Just once I wished…" When Mary trails off, Wally prompts her asking her to continue. "Oh, dear, I wasn't saying anything." Mary smiles and Wally knows to let it go. His mother isn't right. Not anymore at least. All she ever wanted was a normal family; instead she got Rudy and Wally. They're both nutcases and she knows it, forget it's, and tries to pretend it isn't true.

Wally tries to make things easier for her by pretending to be as normal as he can be. He never uses his powers or mentions anything heroic around her or Rudy. Superheroes were a forbidden topic and he never brought up his teammates and only spoke of his uncle in a familiar sense.

Sometimes Wally thought it helped. Other times he just feels hopeless.

Rudy comes back into the room, and without hesitation he slams his fist down onto the table. Glass and plates shake with fear. "Rudy!" Mary gasped surprised worried over the plates.

"Shut up." Rudy growls at his wife before turning his attention to his stunned son. "How did you do this? How do you mess everything up?" The redhead drops his fork peering at his dad is surprised. He had no idea what Rudy was talking about.

Wally didn't get a chance to ask what his father meant before the older man threw a solid punch connecting with Wally's jaw. Wally scrambled to keep his balance and grabbed at the table. Unfortunately the table cloth gave away at Wally's weight knocking plates and silverware to the floor. Mary cries out at the broken china.

Rudy moves into attack again but this time Wally has enough time to see it coming. He escapes without the use of his powers and rolls up to his feet. He's thankful for his natural affinity towards speed and reflex. "What the hell is this, Dad?" Wally demands; steadying himself on his feet.

"You ruin everything!" Rudy swings again. Wally counters and moves himself further away from his dad. He never wanted things to turn physical but now that things were he wasn't afraid to defend himself.

Not anymore.

His dad didn't hold back anymore and if he didn't defend himself then someone would start to notice. He wouldn't be able to dust off concerns with his clumsiness and he wouldn't be able to lie about who he was fighting. If he showed up with another broken arm without having a fight with a villain anytime recent then his teammates might start to ask questions he couldn't answer.

He'd defend himself but only if he had to. To stop the questions. To protect his mother. To protect himself.

He was a hero after all. Not a victim.

Rudy wastes no time in pursuing Wally, chasing the boy with fists and kicks and china he picks up. Wally dodges and blocks most of the hits but without using his powers he just can't block it all. Wally darts out of the kitchen, away from his mother, into the living room. His father chases, yelling about how much of a screw up the boy was and how he only brought bad things to Rudy's life.

Rudy cuts a corner and is able to grab hold of Wally's shirt. Pulling the boy backwards, off his feet momentarily, before he collided his fist to Wally's face. Wally drops his weight then, Rudy can't hold both of them up and they struggle to the floor. Wally takes the moment of surprise to throw his own punch, trying to push himself away in the process. Rudy hold tights and they trade punches before Wally is able to get a good hit in and Rudy's grip loosens enough for the teenager to get to his feet.

Wally backs away catching his breath and trying to analyze the situation, while Rudy gets to his feet. Rudy wiped blood from his chin, "You're damn failure. You ungrateful kid. Always messing up my things. How'd you do it? How'd you know?"

Wally shakes his head, "Know what?! I didn't do anything."

Really Wally should be mad. He's never done well with false accusations. He does so many things wrong already he doesn't need to carry the stuff he didn't do as well. But honestly, Wally's just scared.

The fights don't usually last this long. Usually when they separate like this Rudy barks out an order for Wally to follow and then goes to hold up in his office with a bottle of scotch but now…now Rudy is standing to fight some more. Now the man doesn't look like he's going to back down. Now Rudy looks villainous.

And Wally knows what a villain looks like.

Suddenly, Wally is afraid. Really afraid. His muscles tense and his hair stands on end; he wonders if he's shaking. He feels like he's shaking. Yeah, yeah he's shaking though if anyone asks it's just his powers and he's vibrating not shaking like some little kid.

Wally is so caught up in trying to tell himself everything is fine, that he's just seeing things in his father's face, that he doesn't see the punch coming. He drops from the force straight into the coffee table. Glass shatters and wood splinters. Rudy doesn't let up, pinning the redhead to the wreckage.

Wally's head is spinning again this time from the pain rather than daunting observations. Even dazed, even without super speed Wally has quick enough reflexes to get his legs in between his father and himself. Due to running, his legs are the strongest part of him and with as much force as he can muster; Wally extends his legs into his father's chest. Rudy crashes on the other side of the room and Wally hears an audible crack in between all the stars.

Taking the chance, Wally pushes himself from the ruins of the coffee table. He tries to run upstairs like he always does but he runs right past Rudy and when he does and the man makes a grab at him and soon enough the two are rolling around on the ground throwing legs and arms about again.

Some part of Wally registers that Mary is still in the kitchen asking why they had to make such a mess. The rest of him tries to figure out how to get out of this situation. Fighting was the obvious choice but he could only do that for so long without really hurting his father. Wally doesn't think hiding upstairs like he normally does will work either as he's pretty sure his dad would break down the door and then they'd be back at arms.

An outstretched hand bumps into something hard and solid; Wally takes hold of it and slams it onto his father's head, the vase shatters. The man goes slack and Wally rushes to push the man off of him. He stands and without waiting to check if his father is alright Wally runs.

He can hear his mother calling out to her husband as Wally bolts out the front door. He doesn't even stop to open the door, barreling through the large glass pane in the middle of the wooden door – what the hell would a few more glass shards hurt? He jumped the steps that led to the porch, feet never touching a step, and keeps running.

Wally collapses to his knees in the middle of field at least ten miles away from his father and his mother and his home. He coughs clearing his throat of the blood that was trying to clog it and tries to think.

He can't stay here. In the middle of some damn farm. He'd die for sure. He can feel the broken bones and blood pooling around him.

Calling the authorizes never crossed Wally's mind. Getting the cops involved would bring up a lot of questions and draw in a lot of publicity. As a guy living the down low, Wally couldn't have that. Hell, he wouldn't put it past his dad to rat out his hero life as revenge. And if the cops were out so were the hospitals. They went hand in hand and he didn't lie that well.

He could run to his aunt and uncle's place in Central. Wally had always been welcomed there but the young couple would want answers cause they sure wouldn't write off all of these injuries. They could get him to open up with no problem and dear lord wouldn't they be disappointed in him. Would they see him as his parent's did?

He wanted them to be proud of him.

Plus Barry would be mad. It was hard to rile the blond man but once you did…hell, it made his dad look tame. Barry might do something he'd regret later and all because of Wally. Wally couldn't let that happen.

The young hero couldn't tell his aunt and uncle. Not now.

Not while he looked like this.

He looked like he'd been through the ringer. Along with the black eye, he could feel how sore his jaw was. There was no doubt a bruise there. He couldn't count the number of scratches and cuts that ran up and down his body. Blood still trailed down his back from where the broken coffee table tore into his back. Wood pierces the back of his thigh and he takes a minute to pluck out the smaller bits. He can feel the numerous bruises forming on his body especially along his chest where his ribs are broken and cracked. Wally notes the bruise in the shape of a hand on his ankle from where his father had grabbed him when he made his attempt to run upstairs. It hurt like hell.

It could have been worse, though, he thinks. It has been worse.

Honestly, he's just glad he can still run this time but he knows he needs to be patched up and checked out. He lost a lot of blood, he needs to set his ribs and he needs to check his head make sure it's just a concussion he feels.

The mountain crosses his mind for a second but Wally rejects the idea. There were a ton of cameras, a few team mates that would raise concerns, and the watch dog, Red Tornado, would totally rat him out to Batman or the Flash. He would think it was best thing to do or something like that.

Who's good at playing nurse and would keep their mouth shut? They didn't have to keep it a secret they just needed to give him time to explain. A day or two to think of an answer. Someone that he trusted and someone that trusted him.

Wally could only think of one person.

Robin. Wally's best friend.

Robin would certainly demand some answers but he would also patch Wally up without demanding them now. Robin would trust Wally to handle the situation if Wally said he would. The kid might want some reassurance to make sure it was really taken care of but Wally was sure he could figure out an answer for that.

Wally headed to Gotham.

Figuring the zetas would alert the League and therefore Batman and Flash, Wally opted to run. It wasn't a long run, but between the fight and the short dinner Wally was exhausted by the time he finally got into Gotham's city limits. However, Wally pushed through the pain until he found himself in the alley way behind this classic themed diner that was open twenty-four/seven. It had the best milkshakes Wally had ever had and whenever Wally came into town, Robin in civvies and sunglasses would meet the other hero here.

Robin's secret identity, due to his mentor's paranoia, was a secret even to the bird's team and while the others, especially Artemis, was sure Wally knew Robin's real name in all honesty Wally really didn't. It didn't matter though. Not to Wally at least. He knew who his friend was – he didn't need a name to know that Robin was a pretty goddamn good human being. Robin was after all the type of hero that Wally wished he could be and Robin didn't even have any real powers.

Wally starts to search his pocket for his cell but curses when he finds it missing along with his wallet. They were still at his house. He had left them beside his bed as he usually did when he got home from school. During the fighting he never even thought about grabbing them.

He continued to fish through his pockets but only found a fist full of pocket change. Wally laughed, blood slipping down his chin, and walked out of the alley way onto the main street. At the street corner a short ways down sits two newspaper booths and an old pay phone. He had seen it before when he had come to hang out with Robin before. He had never tested it before though. He wasn't sure if it worked. He hoped it still worked.

Walking over to it he ignored the looks others gave him for his beat up face and blood. He was more worried that someone might jump him again rather than help him. This was Gotham after all.

The pay phone was ancient, but it rang when Wally feed it coins and dialed Robin's number. He had memorized the bird's number after his father had broken his first cell phone. He had spent two months pressing in the number at his Uncle's house whenever he wanted to chat to his friend. Even when Robin had supplied him a new cell phone Wally had continued to remember the number just in case.

"Hello?" Robin's voice answers on the other line. There is a hint of hesitation. The young hero didn't recognize the number and he doesn't hand his number out to anyone. Wally wasn't even sure if anyone else on the team had it.

"Rob!" Wally grins into the phone. Maybe his night wasn't a total lost.

Robin sounds relieved for a second. "Wally?" There is noise in the background that almost drowns Robin's words out as the boy lowers his voice. "Look, Wals, I'm a little busy here."

Wally doesn't hear him as he interrupts him. The call won't last forever and he doesn't have enough change to make another call. "Robin, this is impor-"

Robin doesn't let up though, "I really can't talk now. As soon as I'm done I'll call you back. I got to go. Alright, dude?" Robin asks but doesn't mean it. "Talk later." And Robin hangs up the phone just as Wally pinpoints the noise.

A party.

Seriously? Some party was more important than him? What if that phone call had been life or death? Hell, it could be life and death if Wally didn't get the help he needed. He had needed help and his best friend hadn't even heard him out! Why? He hadn't even used his real phone. Hadn't that been a sign that something was wrong? Had Robin seen it and just ignore it like he had ignored Wally himself?

Was he not important enough to even be heard out? Maybe he wasn't. Rudy certainly thought so.

For a second Wally thinks about going back to Rudy and Mary. He knew where he stood with them. No surprises, no curve balls, no let downs…expect tonight. Tonight was something else but if Wally was really – truly and completely honest with himself he'd admit that tonight was a long time coming. He wasn't surprised.

Wally literally shakes himself of the idea. He knows he can't go back and he knows Robin doesn't think of him the same way Rudy does. He wants to tell himself that Rudy's wrong and sometimes it's only when he remembers that people like Robin and Uncle Barry trust him that he can push those thoughts away.

Wally slams the phone back into its cradle. He's tired, sore, and hungry.

Without any money and no way of getting hold of Robin again, Wally knows he'll have to leave Gotham. Where to go? Sighing, Wally knows where he's going: Barry and Iris' back in Central. Wally should have known that he'd end up there. When all else failed Wally knows he can count on them. He'd just have to live with tonight's repercussions.

Maybe they're patch him up and let him sleep first before they made him answer any questions.

Too tired to run any longer, Wally heads for the closest zeta. The League knowing didn't matter anymore. Trying to cut some time off his route Wally ducks down a few alley ways.

He had almost made it too. Just one more block but tonight really wasn't his night.

"Hey, kid." The good for nothing wanna be gang member greet as he stepped out of the shadows, knife in hand, pointed towards the red head. "Why don't ya hand over all ya cash and cards."

Wally instinctively held up his hands backing away slightly, "Can't. Don't have any." Wally almost smiles at the irony but doesn't when the thug steps closer to him, knife extended.

I'll be fine, Wally reminds himself as he starts to build up the last remaining bit of his speed to get himself out of this mess. He has to use it properly or he'll expose himself or you know get himself killed.

The guy laughs and points at Wally's face, "What? Second time tonight you get mugged?" Wally stays silent. That wasn't funny. "Fine. We'll do this the hard way." The thug is sure Wally is lying. Which Wally thinks is pretty stupid considering the state he's already in.

Again the mugger steps forward and prepared for the guy's knife thrust Wally's completely surprised by the attack from behind. Wally collapses to the ground, his speed vanishing as his head starts to pound. "What the?" Wally curses as he looks around from his position on the ground. Oh joy, the thug has a friend. Probably from the same wanna be gang, Wally thinks as he sees that the new guy has a frickin' block of concrete in his hands. What? Was the hardware store out of knives? Wally looks a bit closer at the block.

Is that paint? Wally finds it hard to think and he works hard to concentrate on the discoloring. No, no, that's not paint. That's blood. Oh, that's his blood. When the guy raises the block over his head to bring down again Wally tries to move. He's too groggy, too tired and the concrete clips him.

Wally passes out hard in the alley way.

He doesn't feel it when thug number one kicks him and together with his partner starts to go through his pockets. They kick him one more time when they don't find anything and move on to trying to find another victim.


Same Night, October 8th
Wayne Towers, Gotham City

Richard "Dick" Greyson shoves his phone back into his suit jacket's pocket after checking the time. Wayne Industries was hosting a party for all of its investors and the company's namesake, Bruce Wayne, and his young ward had to be seen.

The large hall was filled to the brim with investors, big names, CEOs, and reporters. Every channel and magazine in Gotham had someone in the hall covering the event and looking for something for their headlines. All eyes were on the hosts of the party.

Dick had spent the majority of the night at Bruce's side answering questions and playing the role of heir but as the night drew longer he was able to escape more and more. At the moment he was standing out on the balcony lost in thought, the music dulling over the city, the air brisk. It was growing late and people were starting to depart making the balcony empty except for Dick and an older couple that stood by the doors.

He was thinking about his friend, Wally. They were growing closer now that they saw each other more and more thanks to their team, Young Justice. Dick knew before the team that he could trust the redhead with his life and had wanted to tell his best friend his real name even back then. The issue wasn't really an issue in their friendship as Wally had quickly stopped pushing for the information when he had decided they knew each other well enough to know him without his name.

Dick grinned at the memory of himself asking Wally why he was so okay with not know who he really was. The redhead was sitting across him at a diner in Gotham that they frequented. Shades covered Dick's blue eyes and his street clothes heavy and big. Wally had smiled and began to quote Shakespeare, "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Wally had not been able to stop laughing at the red in Dick's cheeks at that response.

Wally didn't push and maybe he wouldn't care about Dick's real name but he had wanted to tell his best friend it ever since that night in the diner. However, Bruce had forbid it calling Wally immature and spastic. Dick was hoping with the recent increase of missions for the young team lately that Batman would see how reliable Wally really was. Then, maybe Dick would be able to talk his adoptive father into letting Wally in on the secret.

In all honesty, Dick just hoped that Bruce would trust Wally as much as Dick did. The older teen had proven he could keep his own identity and time and time again had even saved Dick's life. Batman just refused saying they couldn't take the risk.

That's what Bruce didn't understand though, Wally wasn't a risk. At least not to Robin and certainly not to Dick.

"Well, well well, I was wondering where you wondered off to." The female voice broke Dick from his thoughts and he turned around to see the reporter for LM Magazine, Miss Rachael Gonzales, strolling towards him in a light pink strapless dress and pearls. Dick figured that outfit worked well in getting the older men to talk. He also figured the press badge clipped to her chest deterred just as much.

"Who me?" Dick faked ignorance as he leaned back against the railing.

"Yes, you." Rachael laughed like he had just told a joke. "Richard Greyson, adoptive heir." Dick rolled his eyes and if she noticed she didn't let on. "I was hoping I could ask you a few questions. You know, get your perspective and thoughts on things."

Dick straightened his back. "What type of things, Miss Gonzales?"

"I mean, Richard," She rolled the 'r' in his name, "what do you think of Mr. Wayne's new girlfriend, Jenny Warrick." Dick almost laughed. He thought she was going to ask something…something important. He should have known better. LM Magazine was a gossip pool.

"I don't know Ms. Warrick very well. Bruce and her haven't been dating very long; he doesn't introduce them to me right away in case, you know, it doesn't work out." He answers with a shrug of his shoulders. "I amuse she's a smart woman – head of the firm downtown, isn't she?"

Rachael nods, "Yes, she is. Ms. Warrick is a very talented and powerful woman. Your father and her relationship is a making for a very strong force in the business world. So I was wondering if their dating is due to actually feelings or just business."

"Couldn't tell you." Dick tries to cut the conversation short. He moves away but Rachael follows ignoring the hint. Luckily, Rachael's next question is cut off by Dick's phone going off. "Excuse me." Fishing for his phone he can't help but notice how the reporter doesn't leave earshot.

He doesn't recognize the number but if he doesn't answer it then he'd have to go back to Ms. Gonzales' questioning. "Hello?"

"Rob!" Dick can't hide his surprise.

"Wally?" What did he want? Oh, no this was not good. He couldn't talk to Wally right now – he wasn't Robin at the moment. Dick took a glance at Ms. Gonzales. There was no telling what sort of listening device she had on her or how smart she really was. It was always surprising how clever the reporters could be. "Look, Wals I'm a little busy."

For a second Dick thinks Wally is trying to say something but by then he's already halfway through his sentence. "I really can't talk now. As soon as I'm done I'll call you back but this is important. Alright, dude?" Dick tries to assure his friend. "I got to go." And Dick hangs up the phone.

Rachael steps back up to him, a grin on her face. "So, Mr. Greyson, who's your friend?" Dick tries to ignore her. "Oh come on, tell me something. Its common knowledge you don't hand out your phone number to just anyone. Practically nobody at your school has it – and trust me people have looked into it. So, who's Wally? He must be a good friend to have your number except I don't recall a Wally in your circle of friends."

She knew her stuff. Dick would give her that but that's all he would give her. Dick walked back into the party, hoping to lose her in the crowd.

A/N: Hey guys, so...this chapter was rewritten, mostly the first part. I'm pretty sure Dick's part of the story is mostly the same. I fixed errors and what not.

2nd A/N: My second attempt at a redo! I'm sorry I've been away for so long. I've been struggling...but you're continued support for this story is truly inspiring so over this last month I've gotten back to work. The first three chapters are pretty much the same with me just fixing errors and adding in detail. Chapter four is where things begin to head in a new direction. Also notice I changed the title - sorry if that caught anyone off guard. I thought Lost was more fitting for Wally's predicament than Dark. Besides, I think given Wally's character he'd always choose to be good which is what I'm hoping to show with this story.