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He was pouting.

Of course he would never admit to that, but she was easily able to read Hawkeye's every mood even when his face concealed most of his emotions.

"Just go say hi to him," Kagome said in a low tone, trying to resist the urge to smile when Hawkeye let out a noise of indignation, "You should be happy that he is alive!"

"I understand not telling Stark and the others," Hawkeye began, his brows furrowing deeply, "But he should have told me that Fury faked his death. I know how to keep things secret," He crossed his arms over his chest like a petulant child, "He's our handler for fuck's sake!"

"Things needed to be done for the Avengers to get along and work together," Kagome stated, "We all know it would have ended up as disaster otherwise." She rolled her eyes at her master's stubbornness.

Sometimes it was worse than hers!

(And that was saying something).

"He's even taking rookies on," Hawkeye sneered, watching as Coulson conversed with some fresh face he had never seen before, "Bastard."

Kagome snickered, waving her arms enthusiastically as to make a scene while Hawkeye sighed and almost face-palmed at his apprentice's actions, "Sir, you're back!" She said happily as Coulson spotted her and approached them with a smile. The man he was talking to followed in what seemed to be an almost sulky manner.

"Miko," He greeted her with her codename and she pouted when he quickly turned to Barton, "Hawkeye," He nodded, receiving a stiff one in return, "I'm just showing Agent Ward here the ropes."

Hawkeye immediately narrowed his eyes when Ward stepped up and shook Kagome's hand when she offered, "You're an agent?" Ward asked, his eyes roaming her petite form, "You seem a little young." His hand remained on Kagome's for far too long for his taste's.

"She's my apprentice," Hawkeye stepped forward, ignoring Coulson's knowing look as he broke the contact between Kagome and Ward, "Not technically an agent."

Ward didn't seem too impressed after giving him a look over, "I've heard of you. Your name is famous in certain circles, Hawkeye."

"Where did you find this one?" Kagome asked Coulson with her voice lowered as they watched the two men glare at each other with hard eyes.

"I need to test him still," Coulson didn't answer and she didn't expect one, "Would you like to help, Kagome?" She nodded quickly and he smirked and gestured to her to break the silent pissing test between the two men.

"Agent Ward, would you like me to show you around?" Kagome offered, grabbing Hawkeye's hand when it looked like he was about to say something, "Master Barton and I would be happy to do so!"

Ward glanced at Hawkeye and nodded, stepping after Kagome as she began to babble on about something.

"Welcome back, Sir," Hawkeye said sarcastically to Coulson when the older man smirked again, "You better hope that Higurashi doesn't take to 'Agent' Ward." He cursed the fact that Kagome had gotten him into those stupid little horoscopes and couldn't help but to think of the words he read that morning.

"If anyone is going to take to Ward, it's Kagome." Coulson simply said with a shrug and Barton grit his teeth in irritation when he realised that his handler was completely right

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