It's all over. All the bloodshed, the pain of losing those who were precious, the tears. The grass dyed crimson red. Lifeless corpses littered the field..Finally.. The war is over.

"It's finally over." A whiskered blonde whispered as he scanned the destroyed village. There wasn't a single building intact. The hokage monument reduced into a pile of dirt.

"Rokudaime-sama." The blonde turned his head to look at the survivor of the attack. "Lee, where is Shikamaru and Gaara?" The blonde asked the shinobi in green.

As the shinobi opened his mouth to answer, a cloud of smoke and a swirl of sand appeared beside him. "Gaara, any survivors?" The blonde asked the red-head.

A simple "No." came out of the red-head's mouth. "We're the only survivors." The shinobi known as Shikamaru spoke as he looked into the blonde's azure eyes.

Their eyes shared the same look. Pain, sorrow, sadness, loneliness, despair. They're the last few standing.

"Choji" "Gai-sensei" "Temari.. Kankuro" "Sasuke..Sakura..Kakashi-sensei" All their loved ones, gone, dead.