Ally's eyes fluttered open and she adjusted to the sunlight flowing through her window. Rolling over, she smiled at Austin's sleeping form. She wrapped her arms around his shoulder, using her pinkie to nudge him gently.

"Wake uppppppp." She sang softly. He turned over to face her, a smile covered his face and he let out a loud fake snore. "Ally, I'm still sleeping. You should wake me up with a kiss." He snored once more, opening an eye to see her laughing.

She played along with his joke, leaning over to press her lips squarely onto his. She pulled back, when Austin wrapped his fingers into her hair, bringing her in closer. He rested his forehead on hers.

"You know," he smiled, "You never did say you were sorry." He fluttered his eyelashes at her playfully.

"I gave you sex, I think that's more than enough." Ally smiled.

"I think I need an apology part two." He joked, kissing her again. He rolled over on the bed to face her more comfortably. His hand reached up to play with her curls, a boyish grin covering his face.

"I really wouldn't mind." Ally smiled, a sheepish grin covered her face. She loved the girl Austin made her be.

"Don't you have work today?" Austin smiled at her; he had learned her schedule like the back of his hand.

"I have a lot of things to do today. And you're one of them." She bit her lip, seductively.

"You have to do me?" Austin's eyebrows went up and he pulled her in closer.

"Part of my assignment."

"I love it when you talk dirty." Austin whispered.

Ally smirked as her forehead rested against Austin's. She bent her head and pecked his lips before pulling back and pushing Austin's bare chest, knocking him over so that he was lying flat.

Ally quickly scrambled on top of Austin, straddling his waist. Austin smirked and licked his lips as his eyes scanned up and down Ally's bare form.

Ally ground down on Austin's dick, quickly bringing it to full hardness before she leaned down, whispering seductively in his ear, "This time, I'm in charge."

She pulled back and braced her hands on Austin's bent legs behind her, grinding on him again.

Austin groaned and then smiled, "I might just be ok with this," He joked.

Ally smirked before swinging her leg around and climbing off of Austin. He whimpered at the loss of heat, but Ally just smirked and rolled over, bringing her head down and kissing the tip of Austin's dick. She glanced up at him through her lashes, and he quickly got her message.

Without speaking, he sat at the edge of the bed as Ally slid off the bed and knelt between his legs, grabbing his cock in one hand and squeezing his balls with the other.

"I really am sorry for intending to use you," Ally whispered, kissing the tip of Austin's dick. His breath hitched in his throat as the pleasure overwhelmed him, but he was able to choke out, "Don't worry; you've more than made up for it."

Ally froze, and then she smirked deviously and stood up, "Well then I think I'm done here." She said, turning around to walk out of his bedroom, giving him an awesome view of her ass.

"On second thought," Austin quickly stood up and grabbed Ally, pressing her back into his chest, "I definitely need an apology part two."

Ally ground down on Austin's dick again before turning around and placing a kiss on his lips, "Good. Cause I don't want to be done anytime soon." She whispered, placing a hand on Austin's bare chest and pushing him back onto the bed as she sunk down to her knees once again.

She opened her mouth, wrapping her plump lips around the head of Austin's cock, and he hissed in pleasure as her warm mouth started to slide up and down on him, successfully deep throating him.

"Fuck, Ally, fuck," Austin hissed in pleasure. Soon, he was on the verge of cumming, and he tried to warn Ally, but all that was coming out of his mouth were unintelligible grunts and moans. So, he grabbed Ally's arms and pulled her up to his mouth, fusing their lips together as he came. When Austin came back down from his orgasmic high, Ally pulled away and pouted.

"I wanted to taste you," she whined in a way that Austin found absolutely adorable. But all thoughts of Ally's cuteness flew out of his head when Ally bent down and licked his cum off of his stomach.

"Fuck Alls," Austin breathed, "I need to be inside of you. Now."

Ally smiled, and then lay down on the bed. "Fuck me, Austin." She whispered.

Austin groaned before quickly scrambling on top of Ally and thrusting inside of her in one smooth movement.

Austin started to move within her, dragging his hips back and then moving forward quickly, sending sparks of fire through Ally's body. Ally whimpered as he quickly built up a relatively fast pace, pounding in and out of Ally. The only sounds in the room were the moans coming out of the couple's mouth and the sound of skin slapping skin as Ally lifted her hips to meet Austin mid-thrust.

Austin moaned lou

dly, her name bursting from his lips. "Fuck Ally!" He groaned.

"Austin! Please, harder!" Ally screamed. He immediately goes harder, faster, and deeper. They continued like this for several minutes until they felt their orgasms approaching.

"Austin, I'm gonna cum!" Ally warned.

"Wait for me, babe!" Austin panted, thrusting into Ally one, two, three more times before his orgasm exploded, pushing Ally over the edge as they came together.

When they had come down from their highs, Austin pulled out of Ally and lay next to her, snuggling up beside her and spooning her as they drifted off to sleep again. "I love you." He whispered.

"I love you too."

So I decided that in the original story, it mentioned they had sex twice, so I had to make them have sex again, cause I'm just a crazy horny little fucker like that :) R&R!