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Talia POV

I phased back and slowly walked back home. I followed Emmett's now-cold trail back to the house and also caught it leaving, too. He must have left on foot. I stepped up onto the porch and found Alice waiting for me. I let out a little sob and her tiny arms opened for me. I laid my head on her shoulder and cried. Another horrible thing about being a fucking freak was the fact that I could still cry.

She rubbed my back and whispered to me as we walked together up to my room. "You need a bath and then some rest, okay?"

I couldn't argue with her, didn't have the strength to. I knew he would leave. I hadn't needed Dominic or Alice's gift to know he couldn't stay. But still, I wanted him by my side. I needed him.

I vaguely recalled Alice, who, even though she was much tinier than me, picking me up, carrying me to the bathroom, and plopping me into a cascade of bubbles and hot water. I came back to myself when I smelled Bella. But not only Bella, also a plate of…milk and cookies? I looked at Alice, who smiled. "Thought you could use some cheering up. I heard Oreos and milk did the trick?"

I smiled as I accepted the large mug and watched Bella put the plate on the side of the tub. "So…" she began awkwardly. "I'm sorry he left."

"Me too, Bella."

She looked at me uncomfortably for a moment. "I haven't really talked to you much. I'm sorry for being so rude to you, before."

I shook my head. "You were right. Secrets are a bad idea."

"You were right, too, though, Talia," Alice said to me. "Emmett didn't need to know everything."

I felt the tears clogging my throat again. "I just hate that it happened this way. Forever we'll remember all this horror."

"It could always be worse," Alice added softly.

I nodded. "True."

Alice then decided she wanted to play "Tally Barbie" which, I guess, used to be "Bella Barbie", something Bella was very happy to have given up on. Not that she got away from it. Before the night was over, I got my toes painted, which, cracked them up when they thought of my painted paws when I phased. I also got a facial and a complete wardrobe makeover. Luckily, Alice realized I would need some clothes that would get trashed during my phasing and I flat refused to get rid of some of my clothing, something Bella seemed surprised by.

"I can't believe she's listening to you," Bella stated as she re-folded one of my shirts. It was now closing in on four AM.

I smiled. "Well, Alice realizes that I can tear her in half. You were human for too long and now you can't say no to her."

"It's easier in the long run," Bella whined quietly.

I grinned. "Yeah, but it is way more fun to piss her off."

"I HEARD THAT!" Alice yelled from where she was in the darkest recesses of my closet. I still couldn't get over the fact that this house and all of its closets were so huge. I grew up in a house that was built in nineteen fifty two. Every room was small, every closet was like a speck of dust, and there were five of us living there, three of whom could phase into wolves.

Alice emerged and said, "We need to go shopping."

Shopping…I secretly loved shopping. Not the all day, try everything on in the store just because, shopping, but I did enjoy looking around. "Hey…how about we…?" The rest of my question was drowned out by Alice squealing and jumping on me.

"YES! Oh! That'll be so much fun! Nessie and Lina will love it!"

Bella's mouth twisted in confusion. "Huh?"

I smiled as Alice beamed. "We need to go find Leslie. She's in California. There's great shopping in Cali. I'll bet Ness and Lina would love to join us! It can be an all girls trip!"

Bella groaned lightly but I kind of liked the idea. "Come on, Bella. It'll be fun," I emplored.

Alice's eyes grew wide and she hugged me again. "YES! I have a new shopping buddy!"

I pulled her off of me. "Listen. I like to shop. But I am not obsessive over it, okay?"

She grinned and all but vibrated on the spot. "Oh you'll love it, Talia! This will be so much fun! I'll go tell Esme!" And with that, she was gone, leaving nothing but the scent of green apples and larkspur.

I looked at Bella, who just shook her head and laughed. "Go to sleep, Talia. Get your hour of rest. Today, more than ever, you need it."

I nodded. Since learning how to manage my phasing more in conjunction with the venom that coursed through my veins, I could now make it on either an hour of sleep a day, or seven hours of sleep once a week. Normally I chose to sleep all in one session, but tonight, or rather, this morning, I think she had a point. "Thanks, Bella. Really."

She smiled warmly. "I have the feeling one day we'll both be good friends."

"I know we will," I replied. She, mine and Alice's souls had been friends off and on for centuries. We were connected. Everything else would come in due time.

An hour later, I awoke to the smell of bacon frying. I smiled as I dressed. Granted, I felt the sadness, the anguish over my mate being gone, but I knew he would be home. Hopefully sooner rather than later. I held onto that hope, at least for now. A knock sounded on the door and I called softly, "Come in."

Jasper stuck his head in. "Hello."

I shot him a look. "And why would you think I'm speaking to you? I realized what you were doing as soon as I felt the emotions running through me. I never felt anger at Emmett until you threw it at me."

He hung his head. "I'm sorry, Talia. I had to do something."

I took a breath and counted to ten. I blew it out and said, "Thank you, Jasper. I appreciate what you tried to do."

He looked at me sheepishly. "Well, if while he's gone you need me to…"

Seriously? He was going there? "Ugh. Don't even go there, Jasper Whitlock Cullen. I wouldn't accept an orgasm from you if it was your last cindering breath."

He looked affronted. "One day you will."

I stood a bit taller and got in his face. "One day, I'll be glad to truss you up like a thanksgiving turkey and ride you like a prize bull at the state fair. But until then, until I say so…fuck with my emotions again and I'm getting you cut off. From everyone."

He looked at me, opening and closing his mouth like a fish. "You wouldn't. Tally…I was trying to help you…"

I held up a hand. "Save it. Yes. I realize that. Yes, I know you were probably talked into it. And I realize it was probably Bella and Alice that talked you into it. But that does not excuse it. You can't use your powers against people, Jasper. It's not right."

"I just…I wanted to…it was all Alice's fault."

"And I'm upset with her, too, Jasper. I didn't show it, but I am. But you of all people should realize how that was for me, for him. We were completely out of our minds with everything. You went overboard there."

And so had I with this tirade. They were trying to help. But damn it, at least when Emmett was being all emo he was in the same house, the same state as me.

I reached up and touched Jasper's pained face delicately. The hurt was too evident there. I hadn't intened to hurt him, not as badly as he looked at the moment, anyway. "I'm sorry. Perhaps I overreacted a bit. I know you only wanted what was best for the family. I'm certain our emotions weren't easy on you…but you have to understand our side of it too. We would have gotten it figured out eventually. Sometimes you can't put vampire speed on things and expect them to work out accordingly."

He lowered his eyes before looking at me out from under his eyelashes. "You know…Ali always says it's best if people kiss and make up."

I shot him a look and stood on tip-toe to kiss his cheek. He stuck his lip out at me. "Is that all I get?"

These infuriating vampires were going to kill me, I swear, they would. I pursed my lips before putting both hands to his face, pulling it down to me. "One day, Jasper." And then I kissed his lips ever so tenderly. His tongue traced my mouth, but I would not permit it entrance. He needed to realize I was serious about things. Until Emmett gave his blessing on me being with other people, I would not betray his trust.

He pulled away and smiled a breathtaking smile. "I look forward to that day, Talia."

"You only want me because I'm warm."

He chuckled. "No. I want you because you smell good enough to eat."

I grinned at that and slit my arm with my fingernail. "Then have a taste."

His eyes grew black as night as he reached his tongue out to lick at the already closed wound. There was just enough of my blood/venom mixture for a taste. He moaned his appreciation as he lapped at my skin. I smiled as he straightened.

"You are an evil woman, Talia."

"You say that like you're surprised, Jasper," I replied, somewhat breathlessly, the thrill of cutting myself for him causing desire to rush through my body.

He chuckled. "I don't think I'm the only one that got turned on by this, Talia."

"Nor will you be the last," I told him, knowing of others I would tease similarly. I had always been a sexual creature, no matter what body I inhabited. I could only hope Emmett could handle me as well as he had in previous bodies, though, being a vampire, I had no doubts.

Just then we heard a car turn into the drive off of the highway and I blinked. "Guess I need to go downstairs."

"Uh, yeah, me too." He blinked as well and said, "Are you sure you aren't a siren?"

I smiled at that. "Maybe…" I flipped my hair behind my back and strolled down the staircase. The bacon was calling me as my stomach growled, but for some reason I felt like I needed to go out to the porch. I stepped out of the door and saw the boys playing in the yard and Nessie and Lina both had dolls they were dressing on the porch floor.

"Hi, girls," I cooed with a smile.

"Mama!" Lina exclaimed, getting up and running over to me. Over the past few days she had grown some more, now, finally starting to catch up. She was still small by comparison to the boys, both of whom were almost the same size as Nessie, but she was growing like a weed.

I swung her up onto my hip just in time to see Charlie's cruiser pull up. I smiled at Bella's dad and stepped onto the grass. "Boys, I think breakfast is ready." I heard Alice step outside and that was when things went into slow motion.

I heard Xander snarl, Dominic's eyes grew wide, and then he, Lina and Alice all shouted, "XANDER! NO!"

But it was too late. My little boy took off running from the dump truck he was playing with and lunged at Charlie, knocking him to the ground even as he feasted on him.

I put down Lina as quickly as I dared, ran over to the car, and managed to pull Xander away, yelling for help even as I ran.

He was shaking and I knew I was fighting a losing battle; he was getting ready to phase. I let out a rather loud "Mama Wolf" snarl at him and he managed to stop his shaking and stared at the ground. I grasped his arms and shook him lightly. "What did you do? Xander! What did you do?"

"Nessie wants Grandpa Charlie with her. I just wanted to make that wish come true…" he said it so softly, so innocently, so much like the sweet little boy he was. I pulled him to me as he started to cry and I looked over his shoulder at Jasper, who caught my eye. I heard Edward and Bella fussing over Charlie and I picked up Xander. "My son needs to go in. He doesn't need…" I was terrified in that moment. God. What if they threw us out? Why didn't Dominic see? What would happen now?

I carried him in, Jasper hot on my heels. I went straight up to Xander and Dominic's room and started rocking him in the rocking chair. He was sobbing. "I'm sorry, Mama."

"Shhh," I soothed. It was done now, anyway. There was no turning back. "It's okay."

"Sure it is," Jasper agreed as he stepped into the room. He had hung back, just in the doorframe, while I tried to soothe my son the best I could. I gave him a nod and he sent a wave of calm through the room. He knelt down next to us and said, "Xander, these things happen. We all slip, bud. They won't be too mad at you…"

He whimpered into my neck and whispered, "I didn't slip, Uncle Jasper. I wanted to bite him."

I gasped. "Xander. You know he's a good man…"

"No, Mama. Nessie wants Grandpa Charlie with her all the time. This way, he can be."

"Bud, you can't go changing people without their consent. Didn't Grandpa Carlisle tell you that?" Jasper admonished gently.

Xan sniffed and nodded. "Yeah," he said with that slight little boy whine.

I sighed. "Xander. If they can't suck the venom out of him, he will become a vampire. Just like Edward and Bella and Jasper…he won't be a Halfling. He'll be bloodthirsty because he will be a newborn."

Xander shook his head. "No. He won't. I just saw…Dominic just showed me…"

I looked to Jasper for help. He sighed. "Keep him here for a few minutes, okay? Let me see what is going on."

I nodded and pulled Xander closer to me.

"It'll all work out, Mama," he promised. I could only hope he was right.

But it didn't. Edward tried, but he couldn't get all the venom out. There was something about Xander's venom, it was thin and slick and slid through Charlie's blood easier than most vampire venom did. Bella was worried sick and I groaned at the thought. They were going to blame Xander for this. And really? It was his fault. That is why we shouldn't have immortal children. At least he would grow, and he already realized his mistake. His heart was in the right place, just not his actions.

I left him sleeping on his bed and walked down the hall to the other guest room, where Charlie was now moaning softly as the venom slipped through his system. "I'm so sorry, Bella," I apologized on a whisper.

She shook her head and we stepped out into the hall. "Dominic told me how and why it happened. Nessie feels just awful that she even said anything. She was just being a child."

"They all were. Unfortunately Xan and Dominic have the ability to change people."

I looked at her then and held out my arms. She let out a sob and came to me. "He's my dad," she cried softly.

"I know, sweetie. I'm so sorry. But hey, maybe it won't be so bad. At least he's useful. A vampire cop? It could be so much worse."

She laughed through the sobs and said, "Oh, God, Sue…she's going to kill me."

I winced. "It's not your fault."

"She won't see it that way," Bella sobbed. "Sue loves Charlie, but she hates us for being what we are. Vampires."

I bit my lip. "Well, surely she must see…I mean, especially now that she knows what I am. I'm sure Seth has told her…" I still hadn't mentioned to Seth that his soulmate was a Halfling. He would find out when she arrived with Nahuel. But he knew the boys and I were a special breed of Halfling.

She sighed. "It doesn't matter. This will kill her. And Charlie won't be able to be around her. He'll be bloodthirsty in the beginning. Very few true vampires have the control I had."

"Maybe I should bite her, too." Xander piped up from behind me.

"Xander Bryant McCarty Cullen. We are not out to make new vampires. Grandpa Carlisle would have a cow if you talked like that around him!" I growled.

He shrugged. "But, Mama…they can be together…you know she'll die a human's death if she's not changed. Then Grandpa Charlie will be all alone."

I sighed. "Then you should have thought before you bit him. I realize you are a child, Xan. I also know you have enough of Emmett in you to want to make everyone happy, and that you, even in past bodies have caused…chaos everywhere you went, but you knew better."

"But he tasted good, Mama," he argued, as if that made a difference.

Edward let out a little snort as he stepped out of Charlie's room. "He's Emmett's alright."

I shot Edward a look. "Not helping," I muttered under my breath. "And don't think this is a good thing either, Edward. You know it isn't. Think of all the sex poor Charlie will have to hear you and Bella have now."

Edward's eyes grew wide and I thought I noticed him turn whiter still. "Dirty pool, Talia."

I shrugged. "I'm a bitch. I already knew that. And I'm hungry, which makes me an even bigger bitch. So…if you'll excuse me…" I turned, put my arm around Xander's lanky shoulders and started back down the hall.

"Don't think Carlisle won't want to have a word with Xander," Edward called out.

I stopped and turned around, staring at him. Bella was nowhere to be seen. I assume she went back into Charlie's room. "I suggest you talk to Bella. She said she had already spoken to Dom. I can only assume he told her part of why Charlie was turned."

"You can't be serious," Edward snarled.

I knelt down in front of Xander. "Why don't you grab your breakfast now, okay, bud? I'll be along in a bit."

"Okay, Mama," he whispered before shuffling off down the stairs.

I stood and poked Edward in the chest. "What the hell is your problem, Edward? He made a mistake. He admitted it. But damn it, did you ever stop to consider that maybe it happened for a reason? Maybe this was supposed to happen and you're just pissed off."

"Why would I be pissed off?" he stated brusquely.

"Because tonight you wanted to be with Alice and now you can't."

His mouth fell open. "How did you…?"

I smiled. "Just because I can turn into a wolf doesn't mean I have fur in my ears, Edward. Nessie was going to stay here while Jasper and Alice went to your little love nest in the woods to play with you and Bella and it's eating you up because now you'll have to pull babysitting duty."

"Look," he started, trying, I'm sure, very hard to maintain his cool. "I try to be a reasonable man, but you don't know what the fuck you are talking about."

I shrugged. "What difference does it make? Are you ashamed?"

"No." Fire burned in his eyes.

"Then why the problem? I'll take over watching him. You know I don't require much sleep. I'll watch him. I promise, things will be fine."

"You should watch him. Because of your son he's going to be a monster like we are."

I slapped him. I knew it wouldn't hurt him, but considering the fact even I wouldn't stoop as low as to knee him in the balls, I thought that would work.

And apparently it did as he grabbed me by the arm, hard, and pulled me to him. "Why do you try my patience so much?"

I smiled. "I'm a lot like Jake," I stated.

"Why? Because you're wolfy?"

My grin grew. "No, because I like to piss you off."

His eyes darkened and for a moment, I wished I had the ability to read his mind. And then…his mouth was hot and heavy on my own. His tongue was trying to force its way into my mouth and I had no choice but to do it. I kneed him in the groin. He let out a little gasp. I knew I wasn't as strong as a vampire, but I could injure one. He let go of me and let out a tiny whine.

"Don't you fucking dare try that shit with me again, Edward Cullen. Or the next time I'll rip it off."

He wheezed out a breath he didn't need and said, "Damn it, Talia."

I shivered, just barely controlling my rage at him. "I will give you what you want when the time is right. But you can't take it from me."

"You gave it to him for free," he replied coldly as he stood again.

Now I felt like I had been the one slapped. "How could you? How could you be so cold? I love him. I've always loved him. I always will love him. He owns me. And until he's willing to share me, you are out of the fucking loop." And with that, I stomped downstairs. I could hear Bella fussing at him, but couldn't find it in me to care. I went to the kitchen and grabbed the large bottles of alcohol in the freezer they had for company and strode out into the woods.

I drank. And I drank. And I drank. I'd had enough of everyone in that damned house. I couldn't do this. I was a loner, always had been. How in the hell could I make it in a fucking coven?

"Hey, wolfy Mama," Jake's smiling voice said, coming up behind me.

I sighed. "Hey."

"Whoa. I can smell you from a mile away. Damn. How much of that shit have you drunk?"

I lifted the bottle. It was about half full. "Ugh…I broke the seal. But it's okay," I mumbled as I pulled out its twin from next to me. "I've got another."

"Well, at least you will metabolize it fast."

"Look at you! Spouting off big words!" I slurred.

"And look at you! Drunk off your ass."

"Fuck off, Jake. I've had a really shitty few days."

"No kidding. I heard about Emmett."

I let out a growl. "So I'm sure you heard about Xander and Charlie, too?"

He nodded. "Yeah, uh, I've gotta go over and break the news to Sue. She's gonna be some kind of pissed off."

"Xander's just a little boy," I cried, tearing up.

He pulled me closer. "I know that, Talia. It'll be okay."

I started crying in earnest. "Nothing is okay. Every bit of my life is fucked up."

He smiled at that. "True."

"Do you ever wish you were just a normal person that didn't love a vampire?"

He looked at me for a moment and I knew he realized I wasn't referring to Nessie. Yes, they were soulmates. But until Nessie could help him get Bella out of his system, he would always love that human part of Bella.

Finally, he said, "I wish I was the normal person that didn't fall in love with a woman who fell in love with a vampire."

I handed him the other unopened bottle. "Wanna get shit faced?"

"It's like, eight o'clock in the morning."

I smiled and quoted one of my dad's favorite songs. "It's Five O'clock Somewhere."

Jake grinned. "What the hell." He twisted the cap off and took a long pull. He wheezed and said, "This shit is strong!"

I smiled. "It's the good stuff. Duh. Even if they don't drink, the Cullen's do not buy cheap shit." I sighed. "It's too bad. I miss the cheap stuff." I sipped on my bottle, slower now, letting him have time to drink some so he could catch up to my buzz.

"You grow up poor or something?" he asked me.

I shook my head. "No, but money was tight. Three kids, middle-to-low class, you get the picture."

He nodded. "That's how it was for me, too."

I grinned. "You were the baby."

He rolled his eyes. "And you were the oldest."

"Yeah…" I missed them. All of them; my mom, my dad, my ratty brothers who hung on me and teased me and irritated the hell out of me, they were just distant memories now, I supposed. I was a grown up now. That was a hard concept to grasp. "Life sucks."

He snorted. "Tell me somethin' I don't know."

We sat in silence a few moments, both enjoying our drink. I think, in the back of my mind, I realized this was a really bad fucking idea, but I couldn't stop. Everything crashed in on me. Emmett was gone. Xander had bitten someone, turning them vampire. I didn't know what that would mean for him or any of us. Just because we were Emmett's didn't mean they couldn't kick us out on our asses.

I sat, leaning against Jake, both of us getting more drunk by the minute until he growled. "Damn it."

"What?" I asked.

"I ran out."

I looked at his empty bottle and laughed. "Well, shit, now what?"

He grinned. "Let's phase and go for a run!"

"Do you think drinking and phasing is such a good idea?"

"I'm not working any heavy machinery." He hiccupped as he stood and stripped.

My eyebrow rose at the sight of him naked. "I don't know…" I said. "That thing may constitute heavy machinery." His cock was huge…and it was…growing. Wow. Of course, I do believe Emmett's was a bit thicker, but Jake's was loooong.

He smirked. "See somethin' ya like?"

I rolled my eyes and slipped out of my jeans and shirt. I had opted to go commando today. His mouth fell open. "Do you?" I teased.

He lunged for me, but I laughed, ran away and phased.

"Damn you, Tally!" he called just minutes before I heard him in my head. That was mean.

I've been an evil bitch to everyone today. Get in line, Alpha, I sneered.

He nipped at my heels and I laughed in my head as I started running faster. I always managed to run faster, but I think the alcohol may have affected my coordination and speed, because Jake caught up to me quickly, pouncing on me.

We rolled around, snapping and growling at each other for a few moments, both of us laughing in our heads at one another before we both gave out, flopping onto our stomachs.

Thanks, I told him.

For what?

Being my friend, I said softly.

He licked my nose. I'm always your friend.

I mean it, Jake. Thanks. I nosed my head under his paw and he barked out a laugh as he licked me again.

I don't know what or how it happened next, but I let out a little sigh of contentment and he stiffened. Talia…

I looked into his beautiful black eyes and said, Jake?

The next thing I knew he was rising over me. My hackles stood on end and I snarled. It did no good though. He was the alpha. He was stronger than me. Jake…

But he growled and tried to mount me.

No! I screamed in my head as I darted away.

I wasn't prepared for him to sink his teeth into the scruff of my neck, holding me still beneath him. Jake…don't do this.

Talia. Please?

I don't know if it was the alcohol or the silent plea, or the fact that he was my alpha, but I couldn't say no. I let out a little whine and said, okay.

The next thing I knew I was being all but pounded into the ground as he thrust into me. I let out a growl as he plunged into me roughly, all the while whispering my name over and over in his head, Talia, Talia, Talia and I whimpered back, Jake, Jake, Jake.

His teeth clamped down tighter on me, causing me to orgasm and I let out a howl of pleasure as I came, triggering his own release. We fell into a heap on the forest floor, sated and exhausted. I snuggled into his side and promptly fell asleep.

I awoke warm on one side, cold on the other. I burrowed into the warmth, only to have part of it tighten around me. I blinked and looked into the eyes of Jake. "Oh shit!" I yelled as I scrambled away from him.

He opened his eyes and they grew wide as he looked at me. We were both naked. We were both human. "WHAT HAPPENED?" we both screamed at the same time. I searched my memory banks and came to the conclusion the same time he did, apparently, because we both groaned, "Oh no."

I swallowed back a tear. "Jake…I'm so sorry."

He looked at me bitterly. "I don't seem to recall you raping me."

My brow furrowed. "What the fuck are you talking about?"

He ran a hand through his long black locks. A gesture, I noticed with a smile, he'd picked up from Edward. "I took advantage of you."

I remembered everything we did and then it hit me what he meant. "Jake…"

"I'm your alpha, Talia! You couldn't get away from me!"

"You didn't demand it," I told him. "You asked me. Well, you kind of pleaded for it, but I digress. I submitted, end of story. We're both guilty." And I felt horrible about it, too. Emmett would kill me. I was worthless. I shouldn't have done this. Why could I fight off Edward and Jasper but not Jake? Maybe him being my alpha did have something to do with it, but I wasn't about to let him know that. What worried me more was what this had done to him. "Jake…I'm so sorry. I should never have gotten you drunk and…"

He shook his head. "No. We both have to carry blame for this, Talia. I'm man enough to admit it. Now I'll just have to suck it up and face the music. Think Edward will leave me one ball so I can produce children eventually?"

I bit my lip but couldn't help but to laugh at the statement. "Jake…" And this was why I loved him, or rather, loved being around him. He reminded me of, well, me. "There is a way…"

His head shot up and his eyes lit on mine. "I'm listening."

I thought a moment. "Maybe if you…ordered me to demand that we not think about this? Then that way it will cover us both as wolves and as humans?"

He looked relieved. "I suppose…"

"Besides, what we did…we did as wolves, not humans…"

"Like that makes a difference?" The disbelieve was clear in his voice.

I sighed. "When we are in wolf form, we rely on our…baser instincts, correct?"

He nodded.

"So…wasn't what we did something you would consider a baser instinct? Like breathing or eating?"

"I fail to see how fucking you is like breathing, Talia."

I smiled at that. "Well I do. And yes, we'll both have to overcome this, but in the long run, it won't really matter. We'll just have to make sure not to get that…basic for a while. After all, it was what one could deem, inappropriate."

He snorted. "Ya think?"

I shot him a look.

"So…you really think this'll work? Me ordering you not to tell?"

I shrugged. "It's worth a shot."

"Then we need to do it both ways. Both human and wolf."


He looked at me. "I order you to use your powers on us so we can not divulge our secret tryst."

I was impressed at his eloquent demand. I felt the power of his words come over me. I looked him in the eye and grasped both his hands. "I forbid you to speak of or think of our secret tryst."

He closed his eyes and nodded. "Okay. Now…let's phase and get back home."

I watched him phase before doing so as well. As soon as I was linked to his mind, he said, I order you to use your powers on us so we can not divulge our secret tryst.

My eyes locked with his once more as I said, I forbid you to speak of or think of our secret tryst.

He licked my nose. Race you back to our clothes.

I rolled my eyes. Just because it worked on him, didn't mean my power worked on me. I knew I would think about it, I also knew I would share this secret with no one. And Edward could not get into my head to bring this to light. I searched Jacob's brain and found our afternoon lodged tightly at the back of his mind. He too, would bring it out to reflect on, but the promise would bind him so he could not discuss it in front of our family.

Secrets, I thought.

What about them?

I shook my head as we ran. Something Bella said.

Some secrets are worth keeping to protect the innocent, he whispered softly.

You're right. Are you always right my alpha? I asked with a teasing tone.

He chortled. Nope. Rarely ever, in fact…

I laughed at that and I easily out-stripped him, running faster than him until we reached our clothes and the empty alcohol containers. We both phased back and dressed quickly. "Thank you," I told him again. "I like having someone to get drunk with."

He snorted. "Bella will not be pleased. I'm still underage."

I giggled. "Only in age, Jake. In body, you are definitely a man."

He blushed at that and I placed a kiss on his cheek. "I'm honored to have you as my alpha, Jacob Black."

His blush only grew darker as he cleared his throat. "I need to get back to the Rez and tell Sue. She should be finished with her shift by now. She needs to know what happened to Charlie."

I nodded. "You're right. I'll go on back and do damage control."

His hand shot out to grab mine. "Thank you for the run and the wrestling match, Mama Wolf," he told me with a grin.

"You're welcome, you animal you." I replied before popping his ass and dashing back up to the house.

I slipped into the kitchen and made myself a sandwich. Sometimes a girl just needed processed meats. I snorted as I thought that. Jake was nothing processed. I could only imagine how good he would feel when he was human. I hated the fact that it happened like that, but I knew it would happen again in the future. He just…helped me. That was all.

"Why do I feel shame, arousal and acceptance rolling off of you?" Jasper asked as he came into the room.

I shot him a look. "I'm ashamed that I drank a whole bottle of alcohol by myself and ran away instead of looking after my son. I'm aroused because liquor makes me horny, and I've accepted the fact that I'm not going to get any." There, that should do it. Damned nosey vampires.

His eyebrow rose and he sniffed the air. "Why do you smell like you and Jake went for a roll in the hay?"

I heard footsteps slowing in the hall as I said, "Because we did."

"WHAT?!" Bella snarled as she walked in the room.

Fuck. I don't think it would be Edward Jake would have to worry about. Bella looks like she wants to tear us both a new one. "What? We both got our drink on. Then we phased and went for a run to metabolize the alcohol. We ended up play fighting and wrestling in the woods."

Jasper plucked a pine needle out of my hair. "Which is why you smell like you do?"

Drop it, please drop it. Don't make an issue out of it, I plead in my mind. "Yes," I stated, no sign of remorse or untruthfulness behind it.

He looked at me oddly before nodding. "Okay then." He turned to Bella. "I'm going to go upstairs and check on Alice, darlin'. She's been searching the future with Dominic."

I grabbed a banana and handed it to Jasper. "Tell Dom he'll need to eat. Doing ethereal activities use up a lot of fuel."

He smirked. "You would know."

I stuck my tongue out at him.

A few hours later, I was preparing a late lunch/early dinner for our crew when I heard a car pull in the driveway. Alice hissed from where she was sitting at the counter looking on her laptop.

"What?" I asked.

"Sue," was all she said. I had the feeling this was not going to be pretty.

AN2: Okay…I said I was going to put the non-cannon sexin' on a separate story, but it fit here. Just go with it. I don't want flames for this, but I'm sure I'll probably get some anyway. And before you ask, yes, the two of them being in wolf form does make things different. Trust me.