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Emmett POV

I heard the snarls and growls from my place with Lina and Nessie on the porch of the big house and my breath caught. "Edward!" I yelled, already jumping from the porch and running toward the sound. "Girls! Stay there!"

I heard running behind me and turned my head to find Edward, along with Jasper catching up to me. "Emmett…" Edward began.

"Damn it, Edward, just go with me. Interpret their thoughts or something."

I watched him concentrate for a half-second before he grinned and slowed. "Em, they're fine."

"They sound like they're killing each other!" I growled as I continued on.

He sped up once more and chortled, "Well, I do suppose we should help him a little bit."

"What are you…?" By then, we reached the clearing. I couldn't tell them all apart, but the wolves were all snarling and beating up on one in particular that I did recognize; Jake. "Can they beat up their alpha like that?" I asked.

Just then, I saw another, the small, beautiful brown one enter into the fray. Shit, Talia. "Damn it, Edward! They'll kill her."

Jasper grinned. "Oh no. Just watch. I don't need to know their thoughts to see what's going on. Just watch her. She's really quite a talented fighter."

"B-but…she's not as strong as us! She could get hurt!" I all but shouted.

Edward snorted. "The vampire venom gives her an edge over the other wolves. She's faster, tougher, more resilient…it pisses Jake off."

"He still managed to fuck her," I growled.

One of the wolves perked their ears at us at that and suddenly, I understood. "Oh…that's why they're fighting, isn't it?"

Edward just nodded, a smile playing on his lips. "And Jason just found out about Jake and Leah as well. I'm assuming Jacob dropped his mental defenses a little bit."

We watched, transfixed as they all rolled around until Edward sighed. "Fine, Talia. Boys, care to help me pry her brother and father off of Jake?"

I didn't ask how Edward could hear her voice, but I did eagerly jump into the…snort, dog pile and separate them from one another. "About damn time you helped out," Talia said as she phased and quickly slipped into some clothes she had attached to her ankle. The tank and boy shorts left very little to the imagination, and little Emmett responded immediately.

Edward groaned. "Damn it, Em, between your thoughts and my own, you don't make this any easier."

I growled at him. "Are you thinking about my mate?"

Talia's hand fell to mine. "Boys. Stop it. Right now. Emmett, a lot has changed since you've been gone, but even before you left it was obvious that I drew some…attention for myself."

She turned back to the wolves that now sat on their haunches and sighed. "I've heard enough out of both of you. Jase, get over it. It's not like your fleece was as white as the snow anyway. I know what you and Mary Jane Briscoe were doing in the back of your pickup truck last year." She rounded on her father. "And, Daddy, I'm a grown woman, now more so than ever before. I'm a mother myself. Who I chose to…be intimate with is certainly not your problem. And yes, I fully realize I'm still part human, but I do think that Jake is disease free, because if he's not, then you just insulted your son's wife." She smirked and said, "Come on, Seth. I'll go with you to the reservation and we'll talk to Embry.

Jake limped away and phased back, wincing as he emerged. "I'll go with you."

Talia sighed. "Are you alright?" she asked as she glared at the other two wolves. Seth just sat with a wolfy smile on his face, as did the other wolf, who must have been Chris, her other brother.

Jake shrugged. "Yeah, I'm fine. Are we over this?"

Her eyebrow rose. "Well, I somehow doubt that, but it'll be better now."

I chuckled, even though I wanted to pound Jake, too, but then, if what Talia had told me, and obviously, she was right, I'd be sharing her with others as well. Which reminded me…I rounded on Jasper and punched him in the face.

The surprise of the attack knocked him on his ass. "Emmett! What the hell?"

"If you don't know why you got that, do you want me to explain it here and now?"

His eyes grew a bit wider. "I'd like to stay in one piece if it's all the same," he replied softly, though we all knew everyone could hear us.

And Edward, you fucking know you deserve some of that, too. I told him. I know you didn't…well, but still, you were thinking it. I am going to share her. She and I have already talked about it. But it will be when it's good for us not for anyone else.

Edward nodded swiftly. "I appreciate that, Emmett. It's fine."

So have you and anybody else…? I asked in my head.

I saw his eyes fall slightly before raising them again, a nod. My eyebrow shot up. Oh boy, Eddie's been naughty. You'll have to share with me sometime.

He chuckled. "I'm not sure you want to know, Emmett."

By the way he said it, I wasn't sure I did either. "How did you know what Talia said?" I asked him, changing the subject.

He smiled. "When she's linked with the wolves, I hear all of her thoughts. The wolf suppresses everything else, though, she's been able to see a wolf's soulmate. She can even project their image to the wolf, as she did for Seth, but she can't offer any more information than that."

Huh. Cool. I guess. Does she think of me a lot when she's in wolf form? I regretted the question almost as soon as I asked it.

Edward smiled and said, "Every single minute."

I grinned.

Talia POV

Stupid fucking family, I growled as Seth, Jake and I made our way to the reservation.

I'm fine, Talia, Jake assured me.

I let out a snort. I don't really care. I can't believe them! I'm not a fucking breakable little angel! I wish they'd get that through their thick skulls!

In their defense, they're just protecting you, Seth offered.

Did you want to kill Jake when you found out what him and Leah did? I asked him.

He shook his great head. Nah, she's older than me. She'd have busted my ass if I would have tried. I was just glad to see it improved her mood for a few days. I tried to talk Jake into doing it again.

I laughed in my head and Jake rolled his eyes. Yup, I'm just here for the damn stud service, he said drolly.

We crossed onto the reservation and phased back quickly. I still got the odd looks on occasion. Everyone knew what I was, what I'd done, who I'd been with, but still, I was accepted by my pack and that was all that really mattered. "I can't believe you want me to do a check to make sure that Mike and Embry are really soul mates."

Jake shrugged as he slid into his pants. "Well, I just…it's…unheard of. We always thought the wolf's imprint was because of genetics or something, so if two men imprint, that thought is clearly worthless."

I nodded. Jake and I'd already had that discussion. Embry was one of his best friends, but Jake hadn't been around a lot of gay men, so it was a situation Jasper and I had tried to diffuse. Granted, in this body, I hadn't been around a lot of gay men myself, but being a soul seeker, I've learned never to discriminate. But it was a hard thing for the community as a whole, especially somewhere as small as Forks and the Rez to accept, which was why they were keeping things on the down-low for now.

I smiled as we stepped into Embry's house. "Embry, Mike, how are you today?"

Embry stood from where they were both sitting on the couch and smiled. "We're good, thanks." It was clear the love that was radiating from him.

"Hi," Mike said shyly. I grinned as I thought of all the things I'd been told about him. The poor guy had been in denial so long, he saw a woman and automatically conjured up a fantasy of her, which was part of the reason he fixated on Bella. He had felt that the new blood would fix him. But he wasn't broken, just different. Unique to this town. Dominic had given me a few images of Mike and Embry's future, and I was quite pleased. Edward wouldn't be, but then, he'd always been a sour-puss anyhow.

"So, Jake really brought you," Embry began, somewhat bitterly. "I'm not fucking broken," he growled.

I shot Jake a look. If only we were linked now, I'd have been giving him a mind full of comments. He shrugged sheepishly. "Embry, dude, it's not like that. I just…there's a lot of things that need to be said and stuff and you know we don't know much about all this imprinting business..."

My eyebrow rose as I took in Mike's boyish good looks. He was a cutie. That much was true. Oh the fun he'll have…he just needs to figure out a few things first. "Mike, um, I don't know how much Embry has told you, but I have a…gift. I can see how deeply connected a person is to another."

He eyed me thoughtfully. "Uh…okay. You gonna do any kind of weird hooey stuff on me?"

I laughed. "No, I just want to hold your and Embry's hand, that's all."

"That wasn't how you've done it for others." Jake piped up.

I nodded. "But you want me to check how deep the connection goes. I need both their participation for that. You told me you'd be accepting, either way. Do you stand by that?"

He nodded. "Yup. I meant what I said. Embry…You're one of my best friends. I'll…accept you, no matter what."

They gave each other a guy hug and I rolled my eyes. "Okay then, Mike, Embry, one of you sits on either side of me, okay?"

They nodded and sat down on the couch. I grasped both their hands and closed my eyes. I saw them, in a flash, their lives together in the past. They weren't always two men; indeed, both had been females in past lives at different times. This time they were just woven into the web of destiny as two men. That would change again when they died and came back once more.

I opened my eyes and smiled. "I'm very happy to have you in the family, Mike. Now, I think we have a few things that need explaining…" Since I could bind a person to secrecy, we had decided to tell him about the Cullen's as well. Edward had argued with me. In fact, we had almost come to a physical fight before Bella stepped in.

By the time we left, two hours later, Mike was surprised, appalled, and then, accepting of everything we had told him. I gave him a kiss on the cheek. "I know that you'll be a good member of this family, Mike." I whispered in his ear. "We see great things coming from you."

He looked at me, surprised. "Really?"

I nodded. Dominic had shown me a few things, including something that I needed to discuss with Carlisle anyway. If it were true, it would open up a whole new world for the wolves and make the reasons behind the war all the more evident.

We stepped out into weak sunlight and it danced along my skin. "You don't sparkle as much as they do, you sort of glow, like Nessie does," Jake said.

I smiled. "Yeah, I can go out in public if the sun is shining."

"What're you doing now? Wanna go swimming?" Seth asked.

My smile grew. I did so enjoy going cliff diving with the boys, but watching Mike and Embry's lives had made me more than a little horny. "Rain check? I think I have a vamp that misses me…"

Seth shook his head. "I'll be so glad when that's me."

"You don't want to be normal?" Jake asked and I frowned. I knew Jake had issues with it on occasion, the fact that he wouldn't get to grow old with a mate like some of the other wolves like Sam and Jarred were going to do eventually.

Seth shook his head. "Nah, why would I wanna be something stupid like normal?"

I laughed. "Okay then, whatever you say. Your sister doesn't feel the same."

"She will," he said.

"What do you mean?"

"Dominic said that one day she and Jason will have to make the decision to continue along the path to immortality."

I had the feeling I knew what Dominic had meant by that, but decided to drop it. It wasn't something that would be decided today anyway. "Okay, well, I'm heading home. Talk to you guys later."

"Let them know I'll be over after a while. Dad wanted me to come by the house for a little bit," Jake told me. I winked at him before I hurried into the woods. I stripped down and phased quickly, eager to get back home. But when I got there, I wasn't exactly thrilled with what I found.

Emmett POV

I watched Talia leave and saw our boys come running, both in wolf form. Jake stopped and said something to them and they hung their heads before turning back to my brothers and I. They phased back and the pouts on their faces were all too evident.

"They said we couldn't go," Dominic stated sadly. If he were in wolf form, his tail would be between his legs.

"All because Embry's a queer," Xander snarled slightly as he kicked at a piece of bark that lay on the forest floor.

Jasper let out a little growl and was down on his knees in front of Xander before a human could blink their eyes. "Don't you ever say that word again, Xander Bryant McCarty Cullen. You have no idea what you are talking about. You're too young to understand."

Xander hung his head. "I'm sorry, Uncle Jasper, I just…it was something I heard Chris say and…"

I shook my head, kneeling next to them. "Son, that's not a nice thing to say. Chris is young, and he's prejudiced. You're a Halfling. You have no place to be that narrow-minded, you understand?"

"Besides," Dominic piped up. "You never know, you may like guys when you grow up."

"I'm marrying Tanya!" Xander snapped.

I smirked. I mean, I knew it was true, but still, it was funny as hell to see two little boys discussing this. But what came out of Dominic's mouth next surprised us all. "Of course you are, but maybe you want to be with both like Uncle Jasper does."

Jasper's mouth fell open and I couldn't help it, I started laughing and couldn't stop. "Fucking funny," Jasper growled before he knocked me over.

I landed on my ass, causing the trees around us to quiver at the impact and said, "Sorry, Jazz, but ya gotta admit, that shit was hilarious."

Jasper laughed then. "Yes, well, I do so enjoy my sexual orientation being known by young and old alike. Let's not dare keep any secrets, shall we?"

"Secrets are a bad idea anyway," Edward said softly. "You know that."

Jasper nodded. "I do. Come on, boys, let's go to the house, perhaps we can find something fun to do…" We had started walking back toward the house when Dominic stopped, his eyes going blank like Alice's did when she had a vision.

He blinked and let out a little growl as Edward stiffened, clearly hearing my son's thoughts. Dom turned to me and clutched my hand. "Dad, we need to circle the wagons. We've got company coming."

I scooped him up and Edward grabbed Xander and we ran back to the house. We made it in time to hear the crunch of gravel as a car turned off the main road and onto our driveway. "You didn't see this before now?" I asked him.

He nodded. "I've been monitoring them, Alice knows, but we thought they would take another day, acclimate themselves first…"

"Who is it?" I asked.

Dominic and Edward shared a look. "Marcus got wind of Talia," Edward stated gravely. "Demetri and Jane are with him."

"Fuck," I muttered.

Xander grinned. "I'm telling Grandma Esme you swore, Daddy. Five bucks in the swear jar."

I rolled my eyes. "Then I'd better put a hundred in there, because I have a feeling I'm not done."

We stepped onto the porch and Alice stepped outside. "I'm sorry, I didn't see them sooner and…"

"Neither did I," Dominic stated grimly.

I swallowed hard. "Dom, Xander, go into the basement, take Lina and Nessie, okay?"

"But, Dad…"

I shook my head. "No buts. Edward can keep up with your thoughts if you see anything else and he can warn us." They still looked unsure. "It'll be your place to protect Lina and Nessie, alright?"

Xander grinned and Dominic blew out a breath through his nose. "Okay, fine."

I heard them both walk inside and Bella stepped outside with us. "I'm not taking chances of that bitch, hurting any of us. Lina wanted to help, I've been working on stretching her shield, but as young as she is…"

I shook my head. "No, the kids need to stay out of this. Luckily Aro didn't come. Wonder why he sent Marcus of all people?"

"I can answer that," Talia said, stepping onto the porch as well.

I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her. "They're coming for you."

She nodded. "I knew he would. I was waiting."

"Why?" I asked.

"Marcus is a seeker," she replied simply.

Bella gasped. "And that's why he could see our relationship?"

Talia nodded. "He's displeased the hierarchy. The avenging angels took part of his gift away after he turned from his gift, choosing to use it to find the soulmates of the ones Aro wanted, striking them down and having Chelsea bind them to the Volturi so they never realized what they were missing. That's why he's gone so long without his mate, he's forbidden to see her."

"Why is he coming here?"

She smiled. "Because he knows I'm here."

"And how does he know that?"

"Because Felix told him before he left to come here, when he thought I was his mate. Aro saw him, saw his thoughts, saw what Lina had shown him."

I groaned. "And now, what? Why is he coming to you?"

"I'm going to lead him to his mate. And also, I'm planting seeds."

I wanted to ask her what kind of seeds she wanted to plant, but at that moment, the darkly tinted Lincoln Continental came down the drive. I resisted the snort, but Edward laughed as I thought, he's rolling up in a fucking pimpmobile? Classy.

"What's funny?" Bella asked Edward.


I grinned at him. "It's true."

Demetri stepped from behind the wheel and opened the rear door as little Jane got out of the passenger seat. She smirked at us, licking her teeth as she stepped forward. "Marcus, of the great Volturi." She presented him like he was some kind of fucking royalty. Fuck that shit. He was nothing.

The man imposed himself as important with ruby red eyes and a black cloak. He smiled as he walked forward and stepped onto the porch. "Hello, Cullen Coven."

Carlisle, who apparently had just arrived home from the hospital, stepped forward. "Marcus, so good to see you. What a surprise."

He grinned at Alice. "Surely your little watchdog saw my arrival…"

She smiled, though it came out looking strained.

"And speaking of watchdogs…" he said, sniffing Talia, who was tight to my side. "Well, well, well, I must say, this is something. Here I was, expecting to find you with your previous mate and you've gone and got one that lies with wolves. Is that your name, child? She who lies with wolves?"

She let out a growl. "My name is Talia. And you know who I am, Marcus. You've seen me, surely, just as I've seen you."

He nodded. "Indeed. I just didn't expect you to be so…wolfy."

She smirked. "Believe it."

"Oh this is quite intriguing. I suppose I must go back and tell my brother. Caius was so taken with the notion of the wolves in the first place."

Now I growled. I noticed Jasper and Edward chimed in as well. From the corner of my eye, I saw Jane make a movement.

Bella let out a little snort. "Nice try, bitch. I've got them fully protected from within my shield."

Jane's eyes narrowed, but she remained silent.

Marcus chuckled. "Well, well, aren't you going to invite us in?"

At that moment, I heard a small voice say, "Who the hell are you supposed to be? Dracula?"

I groaned. "Xander…" I hissed. "Go back downstairs with Nessie, now."

Jasper laughed softly. "Oh yes, he really is Emmett's, isn't he?"

"My, my, my…the Cullen's have been busy breeding?" Marcus asked. He tsked. "I'm afraid that will put you on the naughty list with the Volturi."

Talia stepped forward. "I believe I can offer you a way to…reconsider."

His eyes lit on my mate once more, the red of his eyes darkening slightly. "And how would you do that, weakling?"

She smiled. "I am a seeker too, you know. And I, unlike you, can see your mate."

He sucked in a breath. "No…it's not true."

She nodded. "I'm afraid so. I can see her. She has been waiting for you."

"I wasn't…I'm not allowed…"

Huh. It was weird to see a Volturi member, especially one of the founding three to be at a loss for words. Awesome.

Talia was nothing but cool indifference as she said, "Well, of course, if you don't want to know…"

He reached to grab her hand and I growled, causing Demetri to crouch in a defensive stance.

"Calm, remain calm gentlemen," Marcus soothed. "Forgive me…Talia. Are we allowed to go in, sit and discuss things?"

Carlisle nodded and led the way into the house. Once we were situated about the room, Talia smiled and whispered to me, though, the whole room could hear her, "Ready for some real fun?"

I just looked at her as she counted down, "Three, two, one…" Then the new girl, Leslie, came down the stairs.

"Demetri?" she asked.

He looked at her and blinked. "You…you're…"

She smiled as he stood and she ran into his arms. They joined for a passionate embrace. "Whoa, holy shit," I muttered. I couldn't tell if they were trying to kiss or eat each other's faces off.

Talia chuckled. "Les, take it outside or to your room, kay?"

Leslie flipped her off and broke away from Demetri's lips only to whisper in his ear even too low for us to hear.

Marcus sighed. "Yes, I knew that would happen when we arrived. I guess we've lost another guard member."

"Unless you wish us to take the girl by force," Jane said with a smirk. "It would be only too easy."

This time, it was the girls that growled. They had accepted Leslie as a sister already. "That will be unnecessary," Marcus stated. "As I said, I knew this would happen. And where is dear Felix?"

"He's joined another coven," Carlisle said quickly. "He is with our cousins, the Denali clan."

"Shame they're wasting away on the blood of animals," Jane sniped.

Wow…me thinks she had a thang for them, I thought. Edward's shoulder's shook slightly as his eyes lowered and rose. Another nod. Ha.

Marcus' eyes lit on me. "So tell me, Emmett, how did you go from your old mate to this one? I'm dying to know how that came about."

Talia squeezed my hand. "I don't see that as important," she started. "Surely you want me to do the search for you…"

He held up a hand. "In time. I'm interested on how you came to be in this coven, Talia dear. You are part wolf, are you not?"

Her jaw set. "And if I am?"

"Well, of course you are. I can smell you from here." Jane's tone was quite snotty.

Talia just smirked at her. "Yes, I am part wolf and part vampire. I almost died, did die when I was turned."

"When you gave birth to another demon spawn," Jane put in.

I narrowed my eyes at her, but Talia's grip on my hand tightened. "It isn't easy," Bella spoke up, clearly sensing mine and Edward's anger about the issue. "But it's doable."

"And inappropriate. Give me one good reason I shouldn't report this. You knew we were going after Joham for making freaks of nature like your own child, Edward, and still you allowed Emmett and his mate to make one? Explain this to me and tell me what happened to the other one."

I was all but seeing red in that moment, but Jasper, sensing my need, threw some calm at me. It worked, somewhat.

Edward shot me an apologetic look and said, "Emmett's first mate, Rosalie, wanted a child. We found Talia, not realizing she was Emmett's singer. We could smell the wolf on her, but we believed that because the wolf blood ran through her, she would be more susceptible to surviving the pregnancy."

"And after the birth of the child?"

Please, Edward, tread carefully. Don't let him know about more than Xander, don't let him see that Xander's a wolf too…try to keep Lina and Dominic from him for a bit longer…

Edward blew out a breath. "After the birth, I was busy assisting Emmett and Carlisle keeping Talia alive."

"Rosalie decided she didn't want the child, didn't want Talia to live," Alice spoke up softly, causing my heart to wrench. "When it came down to saving my nephew or letting her get away with murder, I chose my nephew."

"You? You killed her?"

Alice nodded. "I watched her burn to ashes in that very fireplace," she said with a slight incline to her head. I had always known Rosalie had wanted to kill my child, but to hear it being talked about so blatantly, it made me sad. But at the same time, I was very glad she had died and had a new chance at life, that I had a new chance at life.

But of course, Marcus just couldn't let it go with that. "I must say, I was surprised when I came with my brothers to discuss the…child this past year, that not all the Cullen's were paired up with their soulmates. I'm glad to see that you've found yours now, Emmett."

I nodded at him, my lips pressed tightly so I didn't lunge at him and rip his head from his neck.

"Well, well, do you have any powers?" Marcus asked Talia.

She smiled sweetly. "Isn't seeking out souls enough?"

He nodded. "Indeed. And speaking of which…I believe you offered to inform me of my own soulmate's whereabouts?"

Talia nodded. "So I did." She let go of my hand and went to kneel in front of Marcus. I longed to snatch her back into my arms, but Edward's hand clamped on my shoulder. "Give her the space to do this, they believe us. They'll be leaving soon."

I nodded and waited.

Her hands went tentatively to his face. "May I?" she asked.

He nodded and she closed her eyes. I had seen her do this before, but there was something…disturbing about watching it with the ancient. After a time, her eyelids fluttered open and she smiled. "She is of the right age too. It is lucky you found me when you did. She is set to marry another."

"You can tell? Your power is strong indeed."

She smiled at me and I had the feeling Dominic had helped her with that knowledge before Marcus' arrival. "Yes, the venom that runs through my veins gives me the strength I need."

She quickly told him of his mate's location. She then started to rise and step away when his hands clamped down on her wrists. I did let out a growl then and Edward and Jasper's hands restrained me. "Let her go," I commanded.

"No," Marcus stated flatly. His hands tightened to the point that she winced. "Ah…you aren't fully vampire, are you? I hear your flutter of your heartbeat, smell the wolf upon you, in you. What kind of freak are you, my child?"

"You will not remember this event," a female voice said authoritatively from the door as she swooped in.

We all turned to the voice to find a tall, beautiful vampire. She was almost as tall as Edward, slim, very similar in shape to Rosalie had been, supermodel beautiful. Her eyes danced as he strode over with an air of confidence and shoved Talia to the side. She then gripped Marcus' now slack fingers. "You will not remember anything about Talia, save for your mate's location. She is nothing but a face to you now."

Marcus blinked blindly, as if he were under some sort of spell. "Eric," the vampire said to her mate.

"Bella, put him under your shield!" Alice hissed.

Bella focused on him as he went to grab Jane, putting her hands behind her back. The female walked over to Jane and repeated the statement to her as well. A smile flitted across the female's face. "You will come back into the conversation in three, two, one," Then she snapped her fingers.

Marcus blinked. "What was I saying? Oh, yes, well, thank you, Talia, for your information. I will let this little…indiscretion go, for now. But be warned, we're watching you."

He stood. "Come, Jane. We will go back."

"But, but, Demetri…?"

"Will stay here. I had his contracts drawn up." He pulled some paperwork from his cloak. "If he surfaces, please let him know that if he and his mate wish to come back to Volterra, we will welcome them with open arms."

Carlisle took the paperwork and nodded. "Thank you, Marcus. You are a very good, very gracious friend."

Marcus smiled coldly. "Then perhaps one of you would show us to some good hunting grounds? We wouldn't want to tread on any of your puppy's land."

Talia narrowed her eyes, but stayed silent.

"I'll take you," I said. I didn't trust either of them.

"I'll go with you," Edward added quickly.

I held onto Talia's hand and smiled at her. She blew out a breath and we all walked outside. I said, "Just let me get my Jeep…" I pulled Talia with me and kissed her as soon as we were out of view. "I love you," I whispered.

She sniffed my neck. "I love you, too. Be careful, okay? I don't trust her."

"And you trust the old one?" I asked, incredulous.

She shook her head. "No, but he isn't a danger like she is."

I jumped into the Jeep and Talia did as well. "You're not going," I told her.

She smiled. "But I can ride with you to the front of the house."

I nodded. "I guess so." I pulled around and stepped down. Talia was at my side in an instant.

Jane snorted. "That's a behemoth if I've ever seen it. I guess someone's compensating."

Talia laughed and grasped my cock through my pants. It sprang to life with its own vampire speed and I let out a little moan. "Oh no, honey," Talia stated thickly, making her southern accent all the more pronounced. "There ain't nothin' small about my man's dick. I'd show it to you, but I wouldn't want you to burn in envy."

Jane's face took on a nasty snarl.

"Can we please not piss off the psychotic vampire bitch?" I asked softly.

Talia smiled. "Come back soon, Emmett. Damn if I'm not horny now."

I snapped to and saluted her. "Yes, ma'am."

Talia POV

I watched with apprehension as Emmett left with Edward and Bella, who refused to leave Edward's side. I was glad. I didn't want Jane hurting Emmett. Me and my big fucking mouth…

I shook my head and walked back inside only to find the two newcomers wrapped around Jasper and Alice. I cleared my throat.

They broke away from their little foursome kiss and Alice giggled. "Talia! This is Jen and Eric! Remember I told you about them?"

I nodded. I remembered her mentioning her Canadian friends and confidants. "Yeah, I remember." I smiled as Jen came over and wrapped me in a hug. Oh yes, their souls were very closely linked. I could feel their connection. She let me go only for me to be hugged tightly by Eric.

"You smell nice," he commented. "Nice to 'meat' you." he said, rubbing his erection on me with waggling eyebrows.

My own eyebrow rose. "I'm going to have to watch myself around you, aren't I if you're already making meat jokes and we just met."

He chuckled. "If only you knew."

The girl, Jen, popped him on the arm. "Eric, enough. Let the girl catch her breath. Besides, I have a feeling the big one won't share her."

"Yet," Alice added, coming over as well. "Not yet."

"Well then, in that case, we'll be seeing more of you later," Jen told me with a giggle.

I laughed. "I guess so. Now if you'll excuse me, I think I need to have a word with my son about when his father and I tell him something, he's to listen to us."

"Don't be too hard on him, Talia, he was only trying to help. Now Dominic and Lina are kept in secret for a time."

I blew out a breath. "Fine. I'll let him go with a warning, but he has got to stop being so impulsive."

"Like I don't know anyone he might be related to that shares that trait?" Alice asked me with a grin.

I shot her a look. "I'm heading to the house for a bit. Three kids, two of whom are boys, wear a lot of clothing. I'm going to get some things done."

"So you'd like for me to send your fiancé home so you can do him, too?"

I winked at her. "Even though you can't see my future, you're pretty perceptive, my dear."

She laughed. "I don't know how to tell you this, but I can smell the desire coming off of you. It's made me a bit…excited."

Eric grinned and threw Alice over his shoulder, smacking her ass in the process. "Then let me help you with that…"

Jasper held out a hand for Jen. "Would you like to participate, or watch?"

Jen grinned. "Oh, I think we can do a little bit of both, don't you?"

I shook my head and made my way down to the basement. "Kids? Wanna come over to the house and play video games?"

Dominic raced to the top of the stairs muttering about his sensitive eyes and if they even realized how young and impressionable he was. I just laughed. Poor kid…

AN2: So, there ya go! Lot's of action in that one, even if it wasn't fights or smut! LOL. And perhaps if you're good, you'll all get a tiny taste of what Edward was talking about. Who has he gotten busy with outside of Bella? The answer MAY surprise you…