Hot Rough Sex


Jamie Skyland

COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER: The plot involved is based off the original screenplay of the same name. The characters that were chosen were because of close personalities to the original characters. I don't own The Amazing World of Gumball characters or its setting. Everything belongs to their respective owners. Viewer Discretion is Advised.


Gumball was alone in his room. His step-brother Darwin was already fast asleep. His sister Anais was too. That goes for the same for his mom and dad, Nicole and Richard.

It was 1:37 a.m. and Gumball was on his computer. He was searching on the web the most common thing any pre-teen or teenager would search up on the internet. He looked up porn.

Should that surprise you? It shouldn't, really. Everybody does it. It is a straight-up fact that 90% of males masturbate (or whack one off). If anything, I think the 10% are the ones who are too young to be thinking about it, or the poor-ass ones.

Anyway, Gumball searched up the most common tags he could find on the porn site he was on (it advertised like it was ready to explode: Come once, Come again with X-Long. You'll never want to these videos.) He looked up the usual tags, big-ass or big-tits, if you may. It's not the first time a boy pre-teen would experiment on himself. And I'll be damn if it will be the last time.

Gumball already had a hard-on watching these two lesbian cats fuck themselves, but he felt a bit bored. He was bored watching these two paid porn stars make out and shove their whole fist into each other. He may have got aroused by it, but did he really enjoy it as well as the first time? He felt that he was only watching these to just get rid of the sexual tension every teenage boy would have when they want to have sex. He felt that this wasn't necessary anymore. It soon became a habit of doing this every night he had a good chance in the bathroom or alone in his room.

Why was porn so fake, he thought. Just because they look hot doesn't mean we should get aroused by it. Hell, I'm already losing my grip on this. I tried amateur porn, but it sucked too much to even consider itself watchable. Real life, my ass.

Why doesn't someone make some decent porn? Why can't we stop this bad habit that has become our life now?

He thought, but there was nothing he could. He had forced himself to watch these fake-lesbians do each other, when you could get a hard-on, but not the emotional thrill you would get by fucking the one you love. Whatever happened to that? We were all spoiled by plastic porn. Not much we can do with this, but you can't get anything more in the world.

Gumball decided to just finish up and head back to bed. He came, but tortured himself when he couldn't do it fast enough. It could happen, but usually it's a good thing when you want to have a whole hour to yourself. Gumball didn't want that hour, but he got it, and went to bed.