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Chapter 2 of 2

Episode 07 – The Gates of Avalon

Merlin smiled pulling the latch on the door and showing Sophia and her Father into the room filled with plush furnishings and a large four poster bed complete with silk comforter and heavy crimson drapes, "Your quarters my lady, I hope you will be comfortable here."

"Why thank you," she smiled her little sly smile stepping through the doors, eyes giving the room a once over before moving towards the narrow windows looking out on the main courtyard bustling with court servants and guards going about their business, "I think I will be."

"Your King is most generous," nodded Aulfric following his daughter into the room stopping before the stone fireplace, flames merrily flickering in the grate radiating heat into the otherwise frigid room.

"Only the best for visiting nobles," Merlin replied letting the heavy doors slide shut behind him, the last to step over the threshold, "If you need anything don't hesitate to ask."

"That is most kind of you," Sophia turned from admiring the view of the courtyard to give her polite brush off, "But I think we are fine for the moment."

"Of course," Merlin dipped at the waist turning back to the doors before he hesitated and faced them once again an apologetic smile on his lips, "Oh there is one more thing."

"Yes?" Aulfric urged him to go on, impatience pressing into his tone as his grip tightened on his staff.

Merlin's smile turned to a hard line his eyes flashing gold as his appearance flickered, skin shining with an ethereal glow, "You can not have him, he belongs to me."

Aulfric took an involuntary step back, Sophia mimicking the movement hitting the wall behind her, "You, You're a genie?!" the old man exclaimed thrusting his staff in front of him in a vein attempt at protection.

"Yes and you are Sidhe," Merlin chuckled darkly the air heavy around him, "And I will tell you once, find another prince, this one is mine."

"I," Aulfric started not really sure what to do, "I.. if we had known we would not.."

"Be here. So," Merlin melted back into a simple manservant an easy smile on his lips, "I hope your stay here is a short one," the door swung open and the genie stepped through happy his message was received.


"Ya didn thik we forget bout ya," growled the bandit.

Merlin groaned at being shoved against the wall in another dark alley, this one next to the butchers and rather ripe with the smell of blood and spoiled meat. He really needed to solve his little problem, but it was made very difficult without the use of his magic.

"I had hoped," the genie muttered wishing he could just make them forget about the whole thing. It would be easy if Arthur was the one to wish for it.

"Wel' ya outta luck," gripped the younger shoving him, making him drop his stores into the muck, the prince would not be pleased.

"We want ya to give us our due, sorcerer," snarled the scared one, Merlin decided to call him Scrape.

"And what would that be?" Merlin asked warily eyes darting down to his lost packages. Maybe he could save the boots, but the surcoat fresh from the tailors and the pastries were a lost cause. He could just get more pastries, but the surcoat was another matter. He'd have to order a new one and Arthur would definitely find out. He didn't know why the Prince went to so much trouble when he could just wish for what ever he needed but he obviously still had much to learn when it came to owning a genie.

"We wan gold," Scrape barked sliding his fingers together in the universal sign of money, "an' lots of it."

"And what makes you think I can give it to you?" Merlin looked up studying the two in front of him. Scape looked annoyed, and the younger, Trip, Merlin decided, was doing his best to hide his uneasiness behind snarled lips.

"Magc' us some or wel tell da Prince," snarled Scrape scarred hand gripping Merlin's collar, shoving him further into the wall.

"And, and then ya'll burn," added Trip in an attempt to emphasis the point but his wavering tone just made him sound desperate.

"You'll just have to tell the prince then," Merlin grunted, finding it a little difficult to speak when his shirt was being twisted into his throat, "Because I can't give you what you want."

"Yor sorcerer ya can give us what we want," Scrape shook him, his face melting red with rage.

"No I can't," the genie whispered as the man's grip tightened. These idiots were getting on his last nerve, it's not like he could give them what they wanted even if he wanted to, they sure as hell weren't his master.

Scrape shoved him against he wall in a fit of rage letting go of his collar to reach for his knife, "Even if thi's doen't kill ya it'l hurt," he growled bashing it at the genie.

"Ya," Trip agreed pulling his own knife to add to the threat. Merlin almost felt sorry for the boy, he really wasn't made to be a ruthless bandit if the shaking tip of his knife meant anything.

"Merlin!" Arthur's voice echoed into the alley, the Prince obviously annoyed at his late servant. The bandits bolted, with one last 'this ain't finished,' and Merlin sighed gathering the ruined parcels. He half wish the bandits had stuck around, at least them he wouldn't have to face an irate prince and his pratty insults.

Episode 08 – The Beginning of the End

Dammit! Merlin thought passing back and forth in front of the empty fireplace running a hand through his hair in frustration, he couldn't do anything for the kid if he couldn't tell Arthur, not even something as simple as heal is wound.

He growled low in in throat as he turned pacing back in the other direction, he didn't even know what possessed him to help the druid kid in the first place. He'd never cared for humans before, never in his 500 years had he ever lifted a finger unless it was to grant some arrogant self centred master their equally selfish wish. So why did he have to choose now to be a good samaritan. Why is it he was so glad of Morgana and Gwen's help and that he feels like he is letting them down when he told them he could do nothing to help the boy from his fever?

Merlin sighed in frustration giving up his pacing, Arthur was the reason for all this, the idiot prince that cared too much and could never turn a blind eye on the helpless and needy betraying his arrogant manner every time. He'd let Merlin out of his medallion, allowed him to make friends, to care for others and now he had picked up a stray, a boy who could have been him before he became a slave.

"What are you doing?" Arthur's drawl startled him from his thoughts as the Prince stepped into the room gaze sweeping around at the mess Merlin had neglected while caring for the Druid.

"I ah," Merlin stuttered feeling the magic of Arthur's wish for his truth bubble up inside him, "I was pacing."

"Well that doesn't explain why you're not cleaning," Arthur gripped dropping his sword on table, the uncleared dishes rattling as the table wobbled slightly under its weight. The prince looked up at him when he didn't receive a taunt in return, "What's got you all up in knots?" he asked curious slipping out of his jacket, tossing it on the bed.

"I'm not in knots," Merlin replied tugging at the hem of his own jacket slipping past the truthful answer.

"You know what I mean," the prince groused at him slumping into his favourite chair staring the genie down, "What's go you so worried?"

"The Druid boy," Merlin blurted before he could stop himself shoulders slumping as he watched the Prince waiting for his reaction.

"We haven't caught him yet if that's what you're worried about," Arthur replied placing his elbow on the armrest, making himself more comfortable, "And you would know that anyway since you can sense magic and all."

Merlin nodded shifting under the Princes curious gaze.

"So what's really wrong then?" Arthur asked blue eyes fixed on his manservant.

"He's sick and I can't do anything," the genie answered eyes darting down to his feet almost feeling ashamed unable to stop himself from betraying Morgana's trust.

"And you would know this how?" Arthur sat up sliding things into place.

"Because I saved him from the guards," Merlin muttered, "And I can't do any magic to help him without your permission."

"Where is the boy now, where in the castle is he now?" The prince demanded altering his question to get a better answer as he jolted from the chair quickly gathering his jacket and sword angry that Merlin had no intension of telling him anything.

"In Morgana's chambers," the answer was forced through Merlin's lips but he wouldn't let that be the last thing he said reaching for the Prince before he could get to the door, "Arthur please you can't, he's just a boy. You can't turn him over to your father."

"Who ever said I was going to do that," Arthur replied laying a hand over the one Merlin had secured around his wrist.

"I.." Merlin didn't know what to say as the prince moved out of his grip towards the door.

"Come on," Arthur urged him already disappearing into the corridor.

Episode 09 – Excalibur

"So I can't wish for him to change his mind and go back to being dead?" Arthur wanted to confirm eyes fixed on the courtyard below and the shadowy figure standing in its centre like a gruesome statue.

Merlin shook his head arms crossed over his chest as he leaded against the bed frame, "No, he's dead so he has no soul therefore no real feelings to change."

"And I can't wish him dead because I don't know what will kill him," Arthur mused ideas filtering through his mind as to what he could do to remove the wraith from his father's castle and stop his knights from being killed by a creature they could never fight back against.

"No," Merlin sighed shifting in his frustration, "It seems who ever sent him might know about me and what my limits are."

"You think it's her?" Arthur questioned turning away from the window to look at his manservant properly.

"I don't know anyone else with the power to do something like this, or that has enough of a vendetta against Camelot to do it," the genie said rubbing a hand over his eyes frustrated at his inability to help. You would think with all the magic of the cosmos at his fingertips he would be able to take care of a simple wraith.

"What about a weapon?" Arthur said his musings out loud turning back to the window, "Something that can kill anything alive or dead."

A smile formed on Merlin's lips, "That I can do," he grinned fingers at the ready, "But make it a little more specific, a sword perhaps."

Episode 10 – The Moment of Truth

Arthur heard his manservant sigh for the tenth time in the last 20 minutes distracting him from his reports for the tenth time in the last 20 minutes, "Merlin," The prince turned letting the insult catch in his throat the moment he laid eyes on the man slumped against the window eyes downcast and glazed not really seeing the busy courtyard below. He had no idea his sighs had been heard and nor had he heard Arthur's utterance of his name.

"Merlin," He tried again rising from his seat to place a hand over his shoulder to gain the Genie's attention.

Merlin hit his head against the wall as he started in surprise, "Arthur um Sire?" he mumbled rubbing at the back of his head, "What do you need?"

"You've been all melancholy since this morning, so what's wrong," Arthur's question was more of a demand as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"I.." Merlin started a little surprised at Arthur's concern, "Melancholy, that's a big word, I'm surprised you even know what it means," but gained his smirk back leaning against the window sill trying to mask the sorrow clouding his eyes as he avoided the question.

"Don't get smart," Arthur counted not put off in the least, "Something's bothering you, what is it? Because I can't have my manservant all mopey or nothing will get done."

Merlin sighed slumping deciding it too hard to argue further and he was too tired to fight the Arthur's wish of truth, "That woman from this morning, the one that begged your Father to help her village," he said eyes darting down, "She, she reminded me of my mother."

"You mean Gaius' sister?" Arthur questioned dropping his arms, "I would have liked to have done something to help, take some men, but as Father said the village is in Cenred's kingdom. Going there could start a war."

"There's nothing you can do," Merlin finished for him, "I know but…"

"But you could do something," Arthur continued a smirk forming on his lips.

Merlin's head snapped up fixing on Arthur's face trying to gage what exactly the prince was thinking, "I could, but you would have to wish for it."

"Well I'm sure I can wish for something that would be a help," Arthur smiled pleased to see a matching smile forming on the Genie's face, his eyes shining brightly as the clouds lifted.


The bandits camp sat in a large clearing, tents once white were lit up with an orange glow from the large cooking fires set just off centre. Silhouettes of men flickered now and again blocking the light as the bandits went about their nightly routine picking through their plunder, drinking to victory. Though it wasn't much of a victory when your enemy were helpless villages armed only with rusted farm tools Merlin thought a grim smile settled on his lips.

The genie stood at the edge of the trees wrapped in a large cloak pulling him further into the shadows invisible from the men with eyes only for the warmth of the fires. But the bandits were not as stupid or as undisciplined as others he had encountered with Arthur.

"Who goes there?!" shouted a sentry on his rounds spying the cloaked figure standing silently in the trees, knowing what ever it was had not been there a few minutes ago.

"I want to speak with your leader," Merlin answered his voice carrying easily across the space between him and the bandit who looked startled at his swift reply almost expecting the shadowed figure to be a tree stump. The dark had a tendency to play tricks on the mind after all.

"State your business," The bandit managed after a long pause trying to work out the cloaked figure in front of him, keeping his sword up and ready. Sweat prickled at his palms, the hilt of his sword becoming slick. It was one thing to cut down a fleeing peasant on horse back but facing an unknown who had found their camp and just stood there cloak concealing any features that might give him hope it was just a human standing before him. There were many legends that came with every forest and he thought to them now sending goose pimples dancing across his skin.

"I wish to speak to Kanan I believe he is called, take me to him," Merlin pulled the cloak down to reveal his youthful face, watching the sentry relax his ridged stance once he realised the mysterious shadow was just a boy, and a skinny one at that. Easy to strike down if needed.

"You do you want to speak to him about?" The sentry asked confident arrogance returning as the unknown became recognisable and more importantly killable.

"That is no concern of yours," Merlin's voice held a hint of steel as he spoke, light flashing in his eyes.

A measure of fear returned sending a shiver through the man's bones, "Come this way then," he said banishing his sword trying to cover the unease he felt settling in the night.

Merlin received a few curious looks as he was marched through the camp followed by a few catcalls from the drunken men cosy and safe by in their light. The main tent was much larger then the one man tents spreading from the fires, tall enough to step inside without stooping and wide enough to fit ten men side by side. Being the leader of such a large band seemed to have its perks.

"Wait here," the sentry growled confidence having returned to the man the moment they had stepped within the fires reach and he had made sure Merlin carried no weapons. Merlin's eyes darted around the campsite as he waited for the man to get an audience with his leader. Now in its light he could make out the tents that held the stores of precious food stolen from the surrounding villages along with a large stash of barrels likely containing rich wine or mead ready for consumption meters from the main tent.

"Come here," the sentry had return shoving him forwards into the tent to ensure he would stumble, "The intruder Sir," he said bowing his head to the man seated in what could only be described as a crude throne, covered in the furs of various animals and other trinkets to give it that regal look. Not that it worked all that well, Merlin mused before he moved his gaze to the man. He wore simple garb, like what most would wear for rest, a cloak trimmed with fur however covered his shoulders matching the chair he sat in. Something he had likely thrown on to seem more imposing, the boots another addition of the same. His face on the other hand you would think would be the only thing he needed to be intimidating, his beard twined together in some places malted though with grey, a white scar running though his right eye. The smile marring his craggy lips was betrayed by the cold look in his eye, void of compassion or mercy.

"Who might you be to wonder into my camp out of the shadows?" Kanan asked his voice light with a hint of amusement as he fingered the dagger in his hand. The light from the flaming torches set in each corner of the tent flickers off the blade emphasising the sharp edge.

"I am here to ask you to stop your assault on the villages in this area or any other and return what you have stolen," Merlin told him.

"Oh you have, have you," Kanan flicked a grin to the sentry standing at the door, the underling returned the grin with an amused chuckle of his own, "And what makes you think I will agree to your request I wonder?"

Merlin didn't answer so Kanan continued delighted in his new game, "What village are you from then? Ingram maybe or Ealdor. Perhaps I should pay them a return visit, I'm sure you have more to offer us."

The Genie shook his head uninterested in the Bandit's attempts to goad him, "I am from no village."

"Oh then who are you?" Kanan became a little more interested, "A good Samaritan that just happened to pass by, a travelling monk maybe?" he asked flicking a finger to indicate the heavy robe Merlin wore.

"You could say that," Merlin replied rocking back on his heals slightly becoming bored with the conversation.

"Oh and you thought you could appeal to my better side," Kanan rose circling the boy in the cloak realising his new plaything wasn't playing along, "Get me to leave the poor little villages alone, show them some compassion," his simper found a sharp end as he placed the dagger at Merlin's throat pressing the blade into skin, "Well I'm sorry to disappoint you but I don't have a better side."

"I'm aware of that," Merlin replied a sharp edge entering his own tone, "But I just had to ask, maybe spare you some blood shed."

"The only blood that will be shed tonight is yours boy," Kanan laughed slicing the blade across Merlin's throat excepting a stream of blood to come pouring out and the boy to crumple at his feet. He was sorely disappointed.

The bandit's eyes widened as the skin knitted back together without a drop of blood being spilt. Merlin cleared his throat making sure his vocal cords were all still working. Even impersonating a human Genie's had no blood, it was just something that was and Merlin could never be all that bothered to worry about it.

"You want to agree to my request now?" Merlin asked not really expecting much.

"What, what are you?!" exclaimed the Bandit leader taking a step back dagger clutched in white knuckles. The sentry at the door stood frozen staring uncomprehendingly at the boy in the middle of the tent.

"I've been mistaken for a sorcerer," the genie shrugged.

"Then you can die," Kanan snarled launching forwards his dagger piercing through Merlin's chest straight through his heart. This obviously did absolutely nothing.

"No I really can't," Merlin stumbled back from the force, "But you can," he growled finished with the pointless conversation. His eyes flashed gold, the dagger embedded in his chest vanished, and he watched Kanan stumble shocked eyes dropping to the dagger hilt, a mirror of where he had thrust it into the genie.

"You.." he managed before he tumbled hitting the canvas floor of the tent with a dull thud glassy eyes staring into oblivion.

He turned when the sentry finally regained his senses and bolted from the tent screaming bloody murder. Merlin made his way to the door, he had a lot more work to do before the night was over.

Wisps of smoke curled in the sky as the first light of dawn shone from the horizon chasing away the darkness. The bandit's camp was no more an ash, the bandits were dead or scattered, no longer a threat to the villages.

Merlin swept he cloak around him surveying his work a small smile set on his lips. He felt like he had those centuries ago when he had succeeded in lifting an entire tree, before his destiny was removed from him. The shear pleasure he took from actually doing something he wanted to do, to use it to protect people and rid the world of those that would do others harm. He could still feel the ties tugging at his core keeping him tethered to the medallion, but for this moment he had his freedom, for just this moment he could truly smile thinking of the villages waking and finding their stolen food supplied returned, hope and wonder finding a place in their hearts once again after such darkness had entered their lives. He had helped and he was happy.

Episode 11 – The Labyrinth of Gedref

"I wish the crops would grow back so the people of Camelot can bring in the harvest," Arthur demanded barging into his quarters.

Merlin paused in his sweeping of the fireplace, placing his broom to the side as he stood and turned to face the Prince clad in his riding gear, the dust of the road coating his boots and pant legs. He'd just been on a tour of the farms skirting Camelot with his father after reports of the farmer's crops dying reached the ears of the King. The genie was quiet aware of what was happening after their 'fruitful' hunting trip, sighing as the Prince demanded an answer or some action from him.

"Sire, Arthur," Merlin stopped him before he could try and wish for something else leaning back against the mantle his expression grim, "There are many things on this earth that have magic, and I will admit genie's are high on the scale of the most powerful," he tired to explain in an attempt to calm the prince down from his mounting anger and frustration, "But even we are not infallible."

"What do you mean by that?!" Arthur growled slamming the doors shut behind him storming towards the Genie fire burning in his eyes.

"It means," Merlin spoke as Arthur stopped, inches away from gripping the servant's collar and shaking a straight answer out of him, "the Curse killing your kingdom is more powerful and more ancient then even me. I can't grant your wish."

"What do you mean curse," Arthur spat hand shooting out, fingers curling in Merlin's jacket jerking him forwards, "Camelot's not cursed."

"I warned you," Merlin forced out hand curling around Arthur's loosening his grip so he could speak properly, "I warned you not to kill the unicorn but you did and now you have to deal with the consequences."

"I don't believe you, a unicorn is just a horse with a horn. Killing one is not going to curse an entire land," The prince shoved Merlin back striding to the table boot an inch from tipping the bucket full of ash.

"Believe me or not it won't change anything," Merlin told him stooping to move the bucket out of the way not wanting to clean up the mess it would make if an irate Prince kicked it over in a fit of rage.

Arthur took a deep breath hand's gripping the edge of the table trying to force himself to stay calm and not let his people suffer because he didn't or wouldn't understand the situation properly. Merlin couldn't refuse to grant a wish that was part of the whole genie deal, so if he wasn't doing it now then it meant something and it meant he couldn't get him to fix what ever was happening the easy way. The prince growled under his breath in frustration and anger, when had he become so reliant on Merlin's magic.

"If this is a curse," Arthur spoke to the table keeping his voice even, "Is there a way to break it?"

Merlin wiped his sooty hands on his pants before crossing them over his chest to resume his place against the mantle, "As far as I know, you will be tested. If you pass the tests you will be rewarded."

"And if I fail?" Arthur asked head tilting towards his manservant so he could see him in his periphery.

"If you fail then the curse will worsen and eventually Camelot will become an unliveable waste land, wherever you go will also suffer the same fate," Merlin finished, he'd grown fond of the Prince since he's become his master and found seeing him so down trodden, scared he had caused his own people pain hard to bare. If he could lift the curse he would but even with all his magical powers of cosmic proportions he couldn't fight magic's beyond time itself.

The prince pushed off the table and started to strip, pulling himself out of his dusty travel clothes, throwing them at Merlin, "Well we better go and find out what they are."

"You might need clothes on for that," Merlin smirked catching Arthur's shirt before it could wack him in the face.

"I will have a bath first," he said dumping his boots on the floor his arrogant princely manner returning as he saw a way to save his land "So hop to it."

"Of course Sire," Merlin grinned happy the Prince's determination was returning and the view that determination afforded him.

Episode 12 – To Kill the King

"Gwen told me about her father," Merlin said as Arthur strode through the door. It was already dark out, the faint light of the courtyard torches flickered through the window adding to the glow of the fire stocked and ready for the Princes return, "She came here in tears an hour ago saying you're charging him with treason."

"We was found with a known sorcerer," Arthur grunted dropping his sword on the table slouching into his chair finding comfort in the dancing flames.

"And that means you lop his head off," Merlin closed the cupboard finished with his folding and turned to properly survey the prince.

"That's the law," Arthur grunted sick of the accusations from Morgana, from Merlin. It's not like it was his decision to execute the black smith, "And that's all there is to say."

"Fine if you say so," Merlin muttered moving to lay out Arthur's bedclothes and turn down the bed.

"I just wish my Father would change his mind," Arthur muttered his thoughts out loud the rhythmic flickering of oranges and reds calming him, "It's not like we have proof he was making weapon's. He could have been doing something else entirely."

"Wish granted," Merlin intoned snapping his fingers.

Arthur whipped around seeing the golden glow fade from the grinning Genie's eyes, "What did you do?" he growled, "I didn't wish for anything."

"You really have to consider your words more carefully sire," Merlin smirked going back to his task, making sure the sheets were nicely pressed.

"Merlin," Arthur growled secretly pleased he wouldn't have to watch a friends father executed.


Merlin sighed; the bandits were starting to get on his last nerve. They'd been following him everywhere trying to get him alone so they could threaten him and demand gold. He had told them over and over again he wasn't going to do it and they should just tell Arthur everything, but they were so skittish, running whenever someone just walked past. It was kind of obvious why they survived the bandit raid, jumping into the bushes as soon as a bunch of people with swords show up was always a good option.

"Giv' us gold," Scrape demanded shoving him into another Alley wall, this time next to the town stables.

At least Merlin could admire their persistence, "I keep telling you I can't," he told them again eyes rolling to the heavens.

"Ya will or ya dead," Trip threatened. Merlin had to admit he was getting better at it; his hands shook a lot less at least.

"I'm not a sorcerer, I can't give you gold," The genie sighed glad for once they hadn't caught him with parcels for Arthur. He was actually surprised Arthur hadn't actually asked him about the two crazies following him, but then again no matter how much Arthur had grown in the last year he still held enough prattiness that caused his inability to notice others problems if it didn't affect him directly.

"Dis is ya last chance sorcerer," Scrape growled poking him in the shoulder, "Or ya prince finds out an ya burn."

Merlin looked down at the scared finger pressing into his flesh and decided he's had enough.

"You know what," Merlin growled back swatting the finger away, "You are never going to give up and you're never going to tell Arthur because your too afraid of him recognising you as outlaws."

"We'r not," objected Trap looking affronted at being called a coward. Funny, merlin thought.

"I'm not finished," Merlin snarled at him eyes darkening in anger. Trap fell silent at that look taking a step backwards, "So you see, this is what's going to happen. You are going to leave Camelot and never bother me again. You can go back to stealing and killing for all I care, but if I ever see you again it's not the prince you'll have to worry about," he emphasised his threat treating the two with a glimpse of what they were really dealing with, "Do you understand me?" his voice echoed around the alley.

The two bandits stared shocked as the meek manservant transformed before them, hair darkening to deep shadow, black tattoo's encircling his wrists and neck standing out in sharp contrast against glowing porcelain skin, eyes molten gold. His presence filled the alleyway pressing them down, making them feel as insignificant as they really were, like worms withering in the dirt.

"I, your ya?" Babbled Scrape back hitting the alley wall stopping his retreat.

"I said do you understand!" Merlin boomed amused at the little insects trembling under his gaze.

They nodded dumbly, voices strangely missing.

"Now run," The genie growled hand sweeping to the mouth of the alley in invitation. The bandits were quick to take it, finding their legs. They ran disappearing into crowd of town's folk going about their daily business completely unaware of the bandit's terror and the Genie shrinking back into his human disguise.

Merlin satisfied his message was received stepped out of the alley a big smile. When Arthur would ask him about the Genie's chipper mood, Merlin would be forced to tell him all about the bandits and how he dealt with them. The Prince would demand a reason why then shaking his head a Merlin's answer he would call him an idiot as he went back to reading over his reports a bemused smile on his face.

Episode 13 – Le Morte d'Arthur

"Merlin, I'm surprised to see you," Nimueh smiled appearing next to the stone alter in the centre of crumbling castle's courtyard. A place merlin remembered well, "I did not think you would come to me for help."

"If I had a choice I wouldn't have," Merlin growled frustrated. Arthur just had to be heroic, just had to go after the beast and risk his life to kill it when he could have just wished it gone. But no, even after all this time the prince refused to use magic to solve his problems. Merlin swore he'd been making progress.

"I'm interested to know why you care so much genie," Nimueh actually seemed curious, but then again it was unusual for a Genie to go out of their way to save their dying master, "If the prince dies you are free."

"No," Merlin shook his head blue eye dark, "then I'm a prisoner once again, until I'm sure you find away to claim me."

The witch smiled stepping forwards a hand touching the ancient stone, "If that is what you believe then why have you come, why would I help you?"

"Because you don't have a choice, you are bound by the magic's as much as I am when it comes to the nature of life and death. You have to take my contract," Merlin replied 500 years worth of magical knowledge coming to the forefront. It was very useful to have known the woman's great grandmother and know what a high priestess must do to hold her position.

"I wasn't even aware a Genie could make a contract, you have nothing you care to lose after all," the woman retorted, narrowed eyes betraying her annoyance that someone else knew more about magic then her.

"How do you think a genie's magic works," Merlin's lips twitched in a smile provoking her. She didn't need to know the only reason he could make such a contract to save Arthur's life was because of the prince's wish to make him his manservant. By Merlin's interpretation that meant he could do what he needed to save Arthurs life, even if it meant making a deal with Nimueh, "Contracts are all we do."

"Very well," the witch decided to move on plucking a golden cup from the air, the cup of life Merlin knew. Rain fell at her command filling the cup to the brim and drenching Merlin in the process. A vial appeared in her hand with a whispered word and she filled it holding her hand out for Merlin to take it, "The bargain is struck," she smiled making sure she had the last word, "I hope it pleases you."


"Arthur," Merlin's voice was soft as the prince propped up on pillows turned to see his visitor, groaning as he tired to shift his shoulder sending sparks of pain across his chest.

"Merlin," he managed as the Genie grasped his hand.

"There's something I need to you do," the genie whispered leaning closer so Arthur could hear his soft words. The prince could feel Merlin's breath upon his ear as he made his request, listening carefully to the words knowing he had to get it right even if his mind was fuzzy, exhausted from fighting the poison that had invaded his body.

He nodded murmuring the words, forming a wish as the Genie leaned back only letting go of his hand to click is fingers engaging the magic of the wish. Arthur could almost feel it sweep across the room into the world beyond.

Miles away beyond the white mountains, threw the valley of the fallen kings, to the north of the great seas of Meridor, Nimueh stood observing the land beyond the lake wondering if the genie had saved his master and if he could accept the loss of his little maid friend.

The sky's cracked above her and she looked up, clouds were building where they hadn't been before their magic obvious to anyone who saw them. The witch could only muster one outraged thought as the lightening struck ripping her life from the earth, "Merlin!"

The End of Genie out takes

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