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After Skulker's appearance, Danny roamed the skies above Amity Park for over an hour, searching for any more runaway ghosts. Luckily, he found none, so he flew home and collapsed on his bed.

Transforming back into being human, Danny was hit with an almost overwhelming pain in his wrist and knee that had been ignored for far too long due to the adrenaline in his system. He cried silently, tears burning in his eyes and blurring his vision. He willed the pain to go away, closing his eyes tightly and sighed in relief when it dulled down somewhat.

But his will did nothing to stop the almost blinding pain in his heart.

Why is everything falling apart? Danny asked himself. He had no clue as to what the answer was but it was ripping him apart from the inside.

He wondered what had happened to Valerie that had caused her to accuse him of something he didn't do (and he would never call anyone those things, let alone his best friend's girlfriend). It bothered him and he knew he would have to talk with her soon, when she wasn't near her watch dog, Tucker.

Then his mind wondered to Tucker, his supposed best friend. It saddened him that his best friend would turn his back on him so quickly for a girl he'd only been dating for six months.

Sam, his best friend from the time he was five years old, had abandoned him along with Tucker. Neither of them had listened to his side of the story, immediately trusting Valerie's lie. It really hurt him to know that when it came down to the wire, his friends would rather jump off than stick with him. If it was being truthful, it hurt more that Sam had abandoned him than Tucker. Tucker was his best friend, almost like a brother, but Sam meant more to him than a friend. And that thought caused a spike of pain to pierce his heart.

Sighing, Danny rolled onto his side, elevating his right leg on a small cushion his mother always placed at the foot of his bed. It helped the pain to die down even more and soon, Danny fell into a restless sleep.

"Danny, wake up!" A loud shout startled Danny from his sleep. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he yawned and stretched, his body making him painfully away of the injuries to his knee and wrist.

Gasping breathlessly in pain, he curled in on himself. Danny wished he didn't have to get up at all.

But his mother was unrelenting.

Maddie Fenton crashed through the door to her son's room and, oblivious to his injuries, bruises and the dark gash on his forehead, ripped the covers from his body and threw open the curtains. She hummed to herself, feeling the start of a brand new day bring a smile to her face. She turned back to face Danny and frowned when she saw he had barely moved. "Daniel Fenton, it's time to get up and get ready for school. Now, up!"

Danny sighed mournfully. Glancing meaningfully at Maddie, he gestured for her to leave the room so he could get up and get dressed, not wanting her to see the bruises on his arms. Maddie smiled again at her son and swiftly left the room. Danny obeyed his mother and rose from his comfortable bed, exposing his bruised body to the light of day.

Danny dressed for school in his signature blue jeans, red sneakers and white t-shirt. But this time, he wore a black long sleeved shirt underneath to hide the bruises on his arms, which now had a tinge of green to them. His blue backpack was slung over his shoulder as he made his way down the stairs.

Laughter echoed through the house. It was coming from the kitchen, where Danny knew his mother, father and sister would be. He absently wondered what was so funny as he walked into the room. The sight that greeted him was one that he'd seen many times before.

Jack Fenton was stuffing his face with waffles, Jazz was surrounded by textbooks and loose papers, and Maddie was tinkering with another invention.

Danny hobbled over to the fruit bowl and grabbed an apple. "Morning Mum, Dad. Morning, Jazz."

Jack grunted in response. Maddie didn't even look up from her tinkering. Jazz fixed him with a hard stare. "Danny, can't you see I'm busy here? And aren't you supposed to be at school in ten minutes?" Jazz said sternly before she looked back through her work.

Because Jazz was a senior now, she didn't have to go to school at the same time as Danny on the days where she had a free period in the morning. So she didn't need to leave for school for another hour but Danny still had to get to school on time.

Snapping up to look at the clock, Danny saw that his older sister was right; he was due to be at school in ten minutes or he'd be late.

Cursing under his breath, Danny laid his forgotten apple on the kitchen bench and ran for the door. He transformed after checking for any witnesses and flew towards the school at top speed. He made it there just in time for the bell to ring. He ran through the halls to his locker, quickly depositing his backpack and afternoon books, and then rushed to class. First up was English class with Lancer.

"Mr Fenton! Late again, I see," Lancer said, smirking at his good fortune. Punishing Danny Fenton was one of his most favourite forms of entertainment. And it always gave him a thrill of pleasure when he could punish Danny Fenton.

Ice blue eyes pleaded with him not to give him another detention but Lancer didn't care. "Detention after school, Mr Fenton. Now, sit down and open your book to chapter 17. We'll be reading chapters 17 through to 20 today." Lancer turned back to the class during the last sentence and almost mechanically, the class obeyed. But their attention was on Danny, their eyes watching him as he walked to his seat at the very back of the room. Two empty spaces on either side of him cut him off from the other students. Sam and Tucker used to sit beside me, Danny thought, until Valerie Grey changed all that.

Glancing over at Valerie's desk, Danny saw her watching him with a calculating stare, a smirk on her lips. He shot her a confused look. Valerie just smiled and turned back to her book. Feeling more confused, Danny turned back to his book but his mind kept going back to the look on Valerie's face. Did she enjoy the fall-out of his and Tucker's friendship?

That thought bothered Danny all day.

At lunch, he didn't even bother going to line up for lunch, he didn't feel hungry enough to eat. Instead, he kept the money in bag. He sat outside, feeling the breeze through his hair, thinking. He didn't know what Valerie's game plan was but he was definitely going to find out.

The rest of the day went by quickly and before Danny knew it, it was time for his afternoon detention with Lancer. Lancer glared at him when he walked into the room and took a seat at the front, as was custom in his detentions with Lancer.

A small stack of pages slapped down on the desk in front of Danny. "Mr Fenton, in this detention, you will write 'I must come to school on time' one hundred times. You will also number each line so I can see that you have completed one hundred lines. Let me know when you're done."

Danny sighed and began writing. Half an hour later, his injured wrist aching even more, Danny was finished. Lancer looked over Danny's lines a moment or two longer than he needed to. It made Danny squirm and he smiled inwardly seeing it.

"Well, Mr Fenton, I hope this is a lesson to you about coming to class on time," Lancer said.

"Yes, Mr Lancer," Danny said monotonously. He just wanted to get home faster.

Lancer let Danny go after reading through his lines and Danny rushed to his locker. Putting in the code and throwing the door open with a bang, Danny grabbed his backpack and loaded it up with all of his school books for the night. When he was done, Danny moved to shut the door to his locker when the door slammed closed in front of him. Silently cursing his bad luck, Danny slowly looked up, right into the blazing eyes of Dash Baxter.