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Star Jones sighed for the millionth time and ran a shaking hand through her golden hair. She was pacing back and forth in her room, on the phone to her boyfriend, Kwan.

"Are you sure you heard right?" Kwan asked gently. He didn't doubt his girlfriend but he needed to be sure before they would be to do anything.

"Yes," Star whispered back, feeling guilt swell up in her stomach. "There's no doubt, Kwan."

Star's boyfriend cursed on the other end of the line. If what Star had just told him was true, then Valerie Grey was truly a conniving snake.

"So, what do we do now?" He asked after a pause. Even with the knowledge that they knew now, how were they going to be able to put it to use to help Fento-Danny? Kwan needed to remember that. Danny, not Fenton. He wasn't just some loser now, he was a teenager, like them, going through something horrible.

Star sighed. "We try to help Danny, even if it's only small. I'll try to make sure Paulina doesn't bother him but with her, there's only so much one person can do. The other cheerleaders don't really bother with him so they're okay. And I'll be trying to get people to see the truth too. The more people who know the truth, the more troops Danny has on his side."

Kwan growled. "That's what it is now, isn't it? All because of Valerie fucking Grey, the school is going into civil war." That's how you knew that this was affecting Kwan more than he was letting on. He never swore. Not unless he was truly pissed. And Valerie spreading completely FALSE rumours again really pissed him off.

He sighed, moving his hand up to pinch the bridge of his nose. "We may have another problem."

Star stopped pacing. "What problem?"

"I overheard Dash bragging to one of the other guys on the football team. He kept saying how Danny would keep being 'reminded' of him. At first, I didn't put it together. But then I remembered. Last week, Dash was supposed to come to my house a couple of days to study for that geometry test we had last week. But he kept bailing. I ended up studying on my own, he got an F, which his parents were pissed about, and I remember seeing Danny walking around like something was hurting him. I thought it was because his so called 'best friends' abandoned him but what if it was more? What is Dash actually hurt Danny?"

Star gasped, a hand covering her mouth at the realisation. It would make perfect sense. Dash had always hated Danny and at a time where he's the most vulnerable, Dash would see that as an opportunity to pounce. Tears built up in her eyes as she thought about all the pain Danny was in right now, not just emotionally but physically too. It pained her to think about it.

She shakily lowered her hand. "If that's true Kwan, Danny is in much more pain than we thought. We have to help him." She cried.

Kwan was quick to soothe her. "Star, we will help all we can. The first thing we can do is let him know that we're here for him. Tomorrow at school, we'll see him and talk to him. Dash will probably assume I'm talking to him to give him shit. So we could use that as a cover to talk to him without letting Dash know.

"I honestly can't wait until Valerie is shown to be the snake that she is and hung out to dry. You and I have both known for a while that she's a cruel person but I really hope that everyone else sees it soon so that they'll all stop giving Danny the cold shoulder and talking about him behind his back."

Star nodded. "I agree. Remember when she tried to start that rumour a while back where you were supposedly cheating on me?"

Kwan laughed humourlessly. "Oh, I remember. I could have torn her throat out for that. You're my one and only. No-one else could compare to you and if someone ever did, you know that I wouldn't string you along."

Star smiled softly. "I know, Kwan."

"I love you, Star."

"I love you too, Kwan."

The two smiled into their phones for a moment before getting back to their original conversation. It was time to take Valerie down and stop her fake rumours once and for all.

What is happening around here? Sam thought to herself. She was in the middle of getting ready for school and had some time left over to have a think about the things that were going on right now.

Sam almost couldn't believe that she'd picked Valerie over Danny. Danny was her best friend, the guy she loved, so why did she choose Valerie?

Because you were so angry over the fact that anyone would say those things and knowing Danny's history with Valerie, you decided that it wasn't such a far stretch, her brain told her. It was almost mocking her now because as soon as she'd gone to Valerie's side, she'd regretted it. Tucker spent more time involved with Valerie and the things that she wanted to do that he did being Sam's friend. In one turn of events, it was like she lost two friends, instead of one.

And Sam hated it.

No-one else at school paid any mind to Sam, not that many of them ever did. Even Dash had been leaving her alone, now that she wasn't with Danny.

That was the part Sam hated the most. She wasn't with Danny.

He'd been her best friend since she was six. They played in the sandbox together, gone through every major moment together and they were still friends, up until Valerie had gone and ruined it all.

Sam sighed and ran a hand through her raven black hair. She knew that some of the blame rested on herself and she wasn't denying that fact at all. She even blamed herself for believing Valerie.

Over the last week, Sam had begun to see Valerie differently. She was still playing the victim of what Danny has supposedly done but Sam could tell now that it was just an act. And then she wondered. Why would Valerie need to act like she was still hurt by the things Danny said? Wouldn't it still really hurt?

Sam thought back to when she'd spoken to Valerie that first day, when everything started. She'd seemed so truly upset and had even cried on Sam's shoulder, something the other girl would never be caught doing under different circumstances.

It had seemed so real then. It had truly looked like Valerie was upset because of things that Danny had said to her.

Now Sam doubted if those words ever left Danny's lips.

How did everything get so messed up? She wondered. Three weeks ago, Sam, Tucker and Danny were the best of friends, laughing all the time and kicking ghost butt. Even Valerie joined in with them and it seemed like she fit in.

Sam felt like in the last two weeks, she'd been outside her own body, outside her own mind. She'd felt such anger at Danny for something that she was beginning to realise may have been false. And somehow, it didn't feel like her during all of this. She hadn't felt this much like herself since before this all started.

Well, I guess that's what happens when things move as fast as this has.

A glimpse of something purple caught her eye and she turned toward it. Sitting on top of her desk was a purple and black plush spider that Danny had won for her at the local carnival months ago. Its jewelled eyes stared at her, as if mocking her, silently asking why she was only just realising now that something was horribly wrong.

Sam felt tears well up in her eyes and spill over, not even caring that the tears made her make-up run down her face. A sob broke from her chest as she picked up the small, plush spider. The plush fabric felt nice under her fingers and she clutched it to her chest as she sobbed.

How could she have done something so horrible?! And even worse, she had taken Valerie's side over the person she cared about and who was also her best friend. She felt sick to her stomach when she thought over what had happened in the past two weeks. Tucker's treatment of Danny, her own treatment of him and Valerie playing the victim. It left a bitter taste in her mouth.

A vision flashed before her eyes. Danny's ice blue eyes stared at her, clouded with tears, pain and agony. The same look he had given her when she'd slapped him outside of school that first day. Her hand throbbed in remembrance.

Sam clutched the spider tighter to her chest and fell back on her four poster bed. She hugged it close and sobbed into her pillow. She cried in shame for what she did to Danny, she cried for Danny's pain and she cried for feeling so stupid and horrible for not even giving Danny a chance to explain.

But most of all, she cried for the pain she'd put her best friend through.

She gasped and held a hand to her chest. Something ached deep inside of her yet she knew it wasn't her pain. This anguish she felt wasn't her own. It felt like it was hers, yet it also felt disconnected from her own emotions.

The girl scrambled up to gather her things. She brushed her jet black hair back from her face and tucked it underneath her red beanie hat. Tears filled her ice blue eyes as the pain she felt grew.

She threw on her blue hoodie jumper and began to put on and lace up her red sneakers. She paused in lacing up her shoes, though, when a young boy, only 6 or 7 years old, peeked his head through her door. He had gorgeous amber eyes and a small mop of hair on his head that was a deep chocolate brown. He spoke her name in a quiet, shy voice, almost afraid to disturb her.

Smiling sadly at the little boy, the girl walked forward and rested a hand on his small shoulder lightly. "Thank you for letting me stay here, Jaden. You've been very brave and helpful. But I need to go now. There's someone out there, a dear friend, who needs my help."

The little boy, Jaden, smiled at her. There was no need for him to ask who was in trouble. In her time with him these last few weeks, she'd only told him of one person in her whole life. So he knew that this was the friend she needed to help. And he knew that one day she would come back to visit him, possibly with her friend, because he felt a connection to her like he'd only felt to his family. She was his older sister. Not by blood but by love. And Jaden knew that she felt the same way.

He suddenly hugged her tightly around her waist and he didn't want to let her go. The past few weeks, he'd finally found someone he could call a friend. His parents were always so busy with their jobs that they weren't always home to play around with him and the neighbourhood kids teased him and made fun of him because he was always on his own. He hadn't been able to make a friend in school at all and sat on his own. But since meeting her, the girl had always been around him. She stayed in his room with him and sat with him during lunch at school. She stayed invisible though so no-one could see her and his parents didn't know about her. They wouldn't even if Jaden had told them directly about her. They'd believe she was just make-believe, an imaginary friend.

But Jaden knew she was real.

She was real when she hugged him. She was real when she laughed with him. She was real when she smiled at him. She was real when she held him after the kids had made fun of him and he was crying. She was real and Jaden felt like it was destiny for her to find him and for him to find her.

They both knew that no matter what was going on with her friend back home, she wouldn't be far from him and she would never desert him.

The girl wrapped her arms around Jaden just as tightly. "I'll miss you, Jaden. I wish I didn't have to go but this person who's in trouble, he's like mi hermano. Do you remember what that means?" She asked gently.

Jaden nodded. "He's like your brother."

"That's right. And not just mi hermano, but my twin. We have a bond where I can feel if he's in pain and the same for him with me. Similar to the bond you and I have," The girl said. She smiled sadly. "But I have to go to him now."

"I understand. But you'll come back, right?"

"Of course, Jaden. But I might not be able to come back for a while. I know that there will be things to sort out at home. So I'll come back when I can and even if it's a year or two or more, I'll come back one day." The girl promised.

Jaden gave her one last hug and then pulled back. He watched as the girl changed and phased through his closed window. She hovered for a moment, waving at him and then flew away. Jaden stood at the window, waving even after she'd disappeared from his sight. He turned away with a smile and tucked himself back into his bed, feeling safe knowing that one day, his friend would come back to him.