Chapter 2-Team sorting, road to Summoning

Forced awake early on a Monday, most of the graduated Genins had begun to prepare for the day they are sort into their teams and meet their Jonin Sensei. However not all members of the Graduating class had to be forced awake and they were: Sasuke, Naruto and Hinata, along with Shino, Choji, Sakura and Ino, though the last two are only up early so they get to the Academy and sit in the only available seat, next to their crush: Sasuke Uchiha, but Naruto, Hinata and Shino wake up early out of habit and forced habit, Naruto had always been forced to sleep with one eye open and therefore force awake immediately, while Hinata and Shino were taught to always be punctual.

Then at 7:30am, the students whom had yet to graduate began to pile into their classroom for their lesson, only stopping when to gawk at: 2 bright green flares of chakra, in the courtyard and then molded into the shape of 2 humans. When the green lights faded and left behind to teenagers a boy and a girl, the boy was: light-medium built, topaz golden hair, cerulean blue eyes that held a hint of teal, but everything below the eye line obscured by an emerald cloth face mask and the girl features were: petite with a size-able bust line, pearl lavender eyes also with a hint of teal which were surrounded by a goggle mask, long midnight blue hair that was held in a medium high ponytail by a dark green tiara. The 2 teens were similar but different uniforms, with the logo of a lantern on their chest and each put a different addition to their cloths, the boy had a billowing Black trenchcoat and the girl had formfitting biker jacket, their names unknown to them were: Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze and Hinata Hyuga/soon-to-be Namikaze.

Being the first in the door of the classroom they'd be sorted into their teams, Naruto and Hinata headed for the back of the class and waited for the friends and Sensei. As the classroom began to fill up, most of the female students had noticed the formfitting bodysuit Naruto had being wearing (though they had not realize he was), while all the male students simply took one look at Hinata and their noses erupted in a full blown geyser of blood, before rocketing threw the roof and wild blue yonder, the only people whom had no reaction were: Sasuke and Sakura, why because is to into his revenge to notice women and Sakura one tracked mind keeps her from seeing other boys as hot.

Once the to-be genin were seated, Iruka Umino walked in and sat in his chair, filed a few papers, before then he started, "Before I begin listing the names of your team members, I would take the opportunity to congratulate: Genin Uzumaki Naruto, for his honorary passing of his genin exams, by helping catch the traitor: Tora Mizuki and for learning the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, so congratulations Naruto," as he looked for the familiar orange jumpsuit, before a reply came from behind, "Thanks Iruka-sensei, now how about we get this show rolling?" that's when all the members except Naruto and Hinata looked at the couple from earlier that morning and while the earlier blushing girls had dropped their jaws, guy on the other hand had trouble keeping their eyes in their heads, but one person was not having anyone more good-looking then her Sasuke-Kun and began to start yelling, but failed epically and only managed a high pitched muffled voice, as a hand of emerald green chakra slapped her across the face, leaving a bar of chakra cover her mouth and all other sighed in relief even Sasuke, before he scowled at the technique arrogantly thinking, 'What? That power should with the Uchiha, not some clanless loser,' while imagining what else it could be used for, but then stopped as Iruka had begun the team listings.

Skipping the time it took to list teams 1 through 6:

"Okay, now team 7 members are: Haruno Sakura, Uchiha Sasuke," once these two name were called, Sakura yelled to the heavens, "YES TAKE THAT INO-BUTA, TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL," but that only resulted in a, "SHUT UP SAKURA," by the hole class, before Iruka ends with, "and Uzumaki Naruto," resulted in a loud, 'CRASH,' and a loudly muffled, "FUCK," from Golden Blonde Genin. While Naruto was crying Anime tears, Iruka listed team 8 as: Hyuga Hinata, Abarame Shino and Inuzuka Kiba, and team 10 (as team 9 had a full roster) as: Nara Shikamaru, Akamichi Choji and Yamanaka Ino, which actions were different, like Hinata's thoughts of, 'I'm not on Naruto,' in a sad tone, while Ino was bashing her head on her desk crying, "No, No, No."

Later on after all the genin had calmed down, Iruka informed them that their team Sensei's will be around to collect them, while emphasizing the word team as a hint and excused himself so he could prepare for his classes. 7 hours later, after all the remaining teams save one (team 7) were picked up by their Sensei, shows a very irritated Naruto pacing back and forth, up and down the stairs, while his remaining teammates did their own thing i.e. Sakura trying to score a date with Sasuke, while the brood king himself just glared at the spot on the wall, thinking, 'this Sensei had better be worth the wait.' Finally Naruto's patients worn thin, retaliated by pointing at the doorknob and commanded, "Fuinjutsu:" making his finger glow green and then he began to right, while saying, "Mana Hi no trappu," and he finished the kanji for fire, before batting it the doorknob and indicated to his team to wait.

Outside in the hall of the school, Hatake Kakashi walked inch by inch to the classroom at a pace that would make the speed of a snail seem the be the speed of light or fast. Once Kakashi had gotten to the door, he peeked through the window and began the analysis, 'Okay first the Uchiha, hmm! At first he looks like he contemplating on becoming gay, considering how annoying the flat chested fangirl is that'll be most likely, speaking of the fangirl, whom ever thought pink hair, was an ideal thing for a kunochi and finally, huh! Looks like whiskers has the short end of the straw, also that uniform seems more presentable than most Jonin attire and his also made Bodysuits work more than Gai does (Cue sounds of a loud sneeze that reverberated throughout the village, from a bowl cut Jonin wearing a few sizes to small body suit of leaf green color),' which that last part was as an afterthought, while he moved his had to the subtly green glowing doorknob.

Back inside the classroom, team 7 had started doing different things, such as: Naruto playing with a yo-yo he made from his mana bloodline, performing such moves like; rock the cradle, walk the dog and around the world, with Sasuke staring at him with an unhiding greed and Sakura was trying to maintain the emo's attention. In the several minutes of playing around, stopped when they heard a loud sneeze and then returned to their original activities, though this time had created 2 spinning tops and launchers, before firing them at each other with the call, "Let it rip," 4 minutes into the top battle, they fizzled out when Naruto lost concentration from a loud roar of pain, from the hallway.

In the hall outside earlier, Kakashi just gripped the handle and immediately felt a searing sensation in his hand, when he looked down at his hand; it erupted in a flare of green fire energy, then while fighting the urge to scream, Kakashi began to vigorously shake his hand to put it out and in about 4 minutes, when the urge was no longer fought, Kakashi threw his head back and roared to the heavens. Kakashi's hand was finally put out when there was an intonement of, "Fuinjutsu: Sui-Teppō," and his hand was hit by the kanji for water, which exploded into water and doused his hand, looking up Kakashi the laughing form of his Student Naruto and he heard Naruto say in a chuckling tone, "Let that be a lesson never keep us waiting."

Time skip the team intros and being informed of their survival test:

After meeting her teams Sensei: Kurenai, Hinata met up with Naruto in front of Ichiraku's Ramen, where they politely ate 2 bowls of ramen – Miso for Hinata and multi-meat ramen for Naruto, before heading for their training ground as it was the largest and the most need for the summoning. Making it to the training ground, by air had being quite the rush for Hinata, as she usually Mana-Shushined to where she was going, but once to the ground they landed gracefully and began the discussion of whom would do the summon, but after the 2 hour discussion it was decided that both would the summoning at the same time and with that done, they gave themselves quite a bit of distance between themselves and ran threw the hand signs, with bit thumb that flowed with blood, before slamming their hands to the ground infront of them and yelled, "Kuchiyose no Jutsu," which kicked up a whole lot of smoke.