"What do you think of this?"

Bilbo stood from his desk, where he had been writing a poem on the splendor of the old dwarf kingdom, and moved to stand beside his wife as she sat in her chair. "It's beautiful," he said looking at the vest she had made for him. It was a lovely yellow, more of a gold, and she was stitching a pattern with a royal red string. He looked down at her and smiled before kissing her. "I love it."

"Good," she said with a smile of her own. "You can wear it to the party next month."

Bilbo nearly choked as words were already making their way out of his mouth. "Absolutely not, I'm not going to the party," he refused, though it was a light refusal for they had had this conversation many times before and his resolve was waning.

Primrose gave him a small hopeful smile. "Please?" she asked sweetly, putting his almost finished vest aside to stand before him. "It would be the first time we have gone to a party as husband and wife," she said placing her hands on his chest, using the words she knew would melt his reluctant heart.

He sighed defeated, having never been able to refuse her, looking at her eyes and seeing she did truly want him to go with her. But he knew the way they would stare at him, the way they would whisper; it happened every time he stepped out of his home though Primrose had thankfully never seen it. It was one party, and she was looking at him so hopefully - how could he do anything but agree to go when he knew the beautiful smile that would grace her face and lead them to their bed.

Which was how a month later he found himself at the party tree wearing his new vest and drinking ale with the sound of laughter and cheer all around him. The feel of eyes, the barely hushed whispers; those were aimed at him. But he smiled and talked briefly with the hobbits around, seeing that Primrose was happily talking with a friend. He stood with his back strait, accepting the whispers and the looks as they were - cheap gossip that did not effect him. Though he wanted to be home, though he wanted to tell them all to mind their business, he stood and smiled pleasantly because Primrose had wanted him to come and he loved her.

"That was a nice party," Bilbo said as the two walked home, holding her hand in the crook of his elbow.

Primrose kept her eyes ahead of her, walking beside him rather troubled. "Yes it was," she answered softly, thankful he did not notice her sad mood; though he was not as cheerful as he had once been after a party either, and so she did not blame him.

It was many weeks before Bilbo noticed a change in her, when another party was being held for a birthday. "Are you sure you do not want to go?" he asked one night as they sat in the living room after super.

Primrose looked up from her knitting with brows raised, this having been the third time he'd asked her. "Do you want to go?" she asked.

"Me? Goodness no, I don't seem to enjoy parties quite like I used to," he said nearly stuttering as he tried to explained. "Staying home is fine indeed, but you do not have to stay on my account."

She smiled at him softly. "Alright," she assured, "but I am still not going."

His brows furrowed as he stared at her face, seeing her stare had returned to her needles and yarn. "Why do you not want to?" he asked gently, a thought striking him.

Primrose sighed and shook her head, brushing aside his worries. "It's nothing, I simply do not wish to," she answered, hearing the falsity behind her words even as she spoke them.

Seeing her face, seeing her eyes, Bilbo understood that she had seen the way the others had treated him. "Oh Prim," he said softly, feeling guilty that he was the reason why she wouldn't go. "I'm so sorry."

"For what?" she asked shrugging. "Being the hobbit I fell in love with? No, Bilbo," she said shaking her head, "it isn't you." She placed her hand on his cheek, smiling when he covered it with his own. "Doing what you love doesn't always mean doing what people love you for. But know,Bilbo Baggins," she said moving closer to him as she cupped his face, "that I will always love you."

He smiled as he raised his chin to find her lips. "How ever did I find you?" he mumbled against her mouth, feeling her lips curl into a smile.

"You jumped out of a bush and scared me," she said laughing at the memory of when she'd first met Bilbo; she'd been so young then.

He chuckled as he too remembered. "Most girls would have cried, you tackled me to the ground," he laughed. "I think that may have been the moment I knew I'd love you forever."

She smiled bashfully as she set her knitting aside, feeling him wrap a curl around his finger. "Are you planning to take me to bed, Master Baggins?" she asked coyly, watching a mischievious grin splay on his face.

"Why yes, Mistress Baggins, that is exactly what I plan," he said as he pulled her into arms and carried her, her sweet laughter filling their hobbit-hole. "We'll have our own party," he mumbled as he kissed her. And barely a moment later he threw her on the bed.

There have been a few people, actually quite a few, who expressed concerns over how the ring will effect their life together; so I figured I should tell you all in case others are worrying too. When we first see Bilbo in LOTR is when the ring first starts effecting him, so it doesn't really show up during their marriage. So I will promise you all, they will be happy. Also, I'm not sure how much more there is for me to write about them - so I think I'll have a few more chapters of things they face in married life how they overcome it, cuteness and love and fluff; and then I guess I'll end it. And one last thing: I tried to write a smut chapter for the two and I got to where they would do it, but I couldn't do it. I just feel like those are private times, and should be kept brief and small. I hope that doesn't upset anyone too greatly, but just know that I did try.