A New, Stupid Adventurer!

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Time passed since Koh ventured to the 40th floor of the fabled "Tower," not much had changed, all of the buildings built during the time of Koh still stood, plus a few more homes. But there was one in particular. It was a shack, with place for one monster, a one human. That human...was Jack Venridet, Adventurer Extraordinaire (or soon to be)! Jack was a six-foot man, he was dressed in a white shirt, and a brown pair of pants, and his hair was a spiked sandy blonde. Jack had just moved in, and had been spending most of time as a waiter, trying to save enough to buy his very own monster collar and egg. He had his weapon, a rusted short sword (attack power of +1), and was registered to enter the Tower. It had always been his dream to enter the tower, his father had gone into another Dungeon Tower, and had a lot of fun doing it. But today was the day! His collar had come in, and he rushed over to pick it up. He took the semi-large box, and ran home. He put the box down on his table, and cracked it open, smiling the whole time. Then his face changed...slowly looking sadder, and sadder...Then he removed the collar, and it was neon pink.

Jack: ...What the hell...?

He removed a note from the box and read it, then read it again.

Note: Dear Mr. Venridet, we are happy to send this monster collar. It is to be used to control a monster that you hatched from an egg. Please note that an egg hatched outside of a dungeon will be stronger, and a nicer monster then one hatched inside. Happy hunting!

Jack: ...I asked for just a normal pink! ...Oh well...

Then Jack removed the some-what large egg from the box, and started to rub it, warming it up.

Jack: Boy...This seems familiar for some reason...

(Cards: O_O hehe)

After a few minutes, the egg hatched, and a Kid popped up from the eggshell.

Jack: Wow, a Kid! Cool!

Kid (no name yet): -Blasts Jack with a firey attack.-

Jack: -Coughs up a mouth of smoke and ash.- Ow...chy...YOU STUPID LITTLE! -He goes to strangle it, but then it turns all cute looking.- Aw... -He went to hug it, and it blasted him with another firey attack.- AGH! I'LL KILL YOU!!!

Kid: Yeah, sure, whatever.

Jack: ...But I thought that only special monsters could speak...

Kid: Moron...Then what does that make me...?

Jack: A...Special monster...?

Kid: Good going, moron!

Jack: In that case, what's your name?

Kid: Kid.

Jack: -Falls over at the sound of such a stupid name, then gets up with a piece of egg shell imbedded in his forehead.- Ouch... -He picked out the shell, and threw it on the ground.-

Kid: Moron...

Jack: -He took the neon pink collar, and tried to put on around Kid's neck, then was blasted by a third blast.- DAMN YOU!!! -He grabbed Kid by the neck, and forced the collar around his neck.- HA!

Kid: Damn you...

Jack: OK, welcome to your new home!

Kid: It's an outhouse... -He jumped off of the table, and walked around, then jumped on Jack's bed.- So, this is where I sleep?

Jack: No, that's where. -Points to the magic monster circle.-

Kid: No way in hell...

Jack: Well...Why don't we share the bed?

(Cards: -Falls on the floor laughing so hard.-)

Kid: Whoa, hold it right there, bucko, I don't swing that way. I'll sleep on the circle! -He jumped off the bed, and ran to the magic circle, and floated above the ground, falling asleep.-

Jack: Well...that worked. -He went and got into his bed, and fell asleep.-

Cards(Lord and Master of this FF): Well, this is the end of my fanfic, I'll get the next one up soon.