The New, Stupid Adventurer, part 3! Return to..."The Tower."


(Jack/Kid: -BlinkBlink.- He's cracked...)

Cards: No...just...SHUT UP! Just for that, I don't feel like writing now...

(Jack/Kid: -Sighs.- Idiot...Then we'll do the story anyway!)

Jack was walking through the town, Kid following him around, looking as pissed as normal. Jack smiled as he hald a bag of gold in his hand, as he headed towards the weapon shop.

Jack: I worked all week for this, Kid, I'm going to buy me an iron sheild (def +3).

Kid: Won't do you any good.

Jack: If you had backed me up last time!

Kid: It's not my falut your'e a sucky ass fighter.

Jack: Yeah, well, suck more!

Kid: That was good...moron.

Jack stuck his tounge out, even though Kid didn't see it. But as they stepped into the armorer the clerk and Jack spoke, Kid talking to the other tamers. Jack tossed the bag on the counter, and the clerk turned around, took an iron sheild from the shelf, and handed it to Jack, then he slid it onto his arm.

Jack: Feels good. Hey Kid, what do you think?

Kid: -Turned to Jack, and looked at his new armor.- Not bad. Not good, but not bad.

Jack: -He smiled a bit.- Tower time.

Kid: Tower time?

Jack: Tower time! -Jack nodded to Kid, and made his exit, Kid following him again.-

As Jack and Kid made their way to the tower, Jack drew his rusted short sword, which seemed to have just a bit less rust. They made their entrence, and fought every monster that stood between him, and the elevator, taking every item they found. Mostly healing items, and a single Wind Crystal, and a single Red Powder(weapon right? If not, too bad, it is now!)

(Cards: DAMN! What a haul!)

Jack and Kid shook their heards at the idiotic writer as they stepped on the elevator, then it explodes, and they both die! HAHAHAHAHAHA! TAKE THAT YOU STUPID MONSTER AND TAMER! HAHAHAHAHA!!! OK! So that's not what really happened...They just make me so mad some times...Cards runs off to cry in a corner as the world rewinds, and Jack and Kid go up the elevator as normal...Cards still wheeping in the corner to himself.

(Cards: I am a good writer, i am a good writer...)

Again, Jack and Kid just shook their heads as they stepped off the elevator, and just then, a blur flies past them, and Kid was gone!

Jack: Kid?! Where'd you go?!

Just then the blur flew past Jack himself, stealing his weapon and sheild...and all his items...and his pants.

Jack: MY PANTS, GIVE THEM BACK! Oh, and my monster, but first my pants!

The blur stopped in the middle of the room. It was a man dressed all in pink, hold Jack's monster and pants. He laughed evilally.


Mr. Pinky: I am Mr. Pinky, scruge of level 2!!!

Jack: Mister...Pinky?

Mr. Pinky: What? It's not my fault, it's that damn Cards.

Then loud sobbing could be heard echoing from no where, it was Cards, crying his eyes out.

(Cards: I am a good writer...)

Then from no where comes a big blinking stick, it goes over Mr. Pinky, and he becomes someone else. A taller, man, better looking then Jack, but still holding all his items. Now he's known as...Bob~~! (Yes, Bob~~)

Bob~~: Now that's better!

Jack: -Eyes get all big and glossy.- Wow...

Kid starts to squirm until he breaks loose from Bob~~'s grip, running to Jack side.

Kid: OK, Jackass, let's teach that thief what happens when he messes with me!!!

Jack: -His eyes return to normal.- Right! But I have no items...

Kid: I'll back you up...this time.

Jack ran towards Bob~~, fists ready, and flying, each one was followed up by scorching heat from Kid's magic. Bob~~ equipped Jack's items, and healed himself with his items, getting ready to fight unfairly. Bob~~ swing Jack's sword with devastating slashes, blocking some of his Heat Hits with the shield, but the he still felt the heat. Jack's punches grew hotter, faster, harder, and Bob~~'s blocking grew slower and slower, until he jumped back, and threw down the items that were really Jack's.

Bob~~: FINE! Take your crappy items, i don't need them anyway! -And with that he blurred away.-

Jack and Kid ran and re-claimed all their items, re-equipped, and a light surrounded them both. Level up! Jack grew to level 2, str +2, def +1, IQ -1000, HP +10. Kid grew to level 3, str +4, def +2, IQ +1, HP +15, MP +5, learned new assist attack, Heat Hit, adds fire element to all Jack's attacks, and attacks gain in power and speed as they are used, requires 5 MP.

Jack: Thanks Kid.

Kid: Yeah, bite me. If you die, I'll never be free...

Jack: I guess that's a you're welcome then...Let's go home. WIND CRYSTAL!

Jack held up the blue crystal and the two of them disappeared.

-Fin Chapter 3.-

Cards: -Walks away from the corner clapping.- Boy, wasn't that fun? Well, since this Jack and Kid both gained a level, I guess I should tell they're stats, and say that, unlike in the game, Jack's levels stay.

Jack: HP 56, str 15, def 9, IQ -1,000,000

Kid: HP 43, MP, 15, str 14, def 11, IQ 1,000,000. Attacks: Heat Hit, and Fireball.

Cards: HP INFINITE!!!, MP INFINITE!!!, str MAX!!!, def MAX!!!, IQ lower then Jacks...