Noora: Hi everyone. I want to tell you how I felt as me and my friend wrote this collab. First it was fun, because I love horror stories... Then when we continued further the story, it turned really cute, it felt like someone was taking care of me... It felt like I was inside the story myself. And as we came to the end, it was like a movie. It felt like...we can't stop now lets continue, thus making it last forever. I felt like crying, I cried... I cried seriously. Why can't people have these kind of feelings in real life? Well ...maybe that's why people write stories like this, to make them feel these feelings themselves~ I hope you got some motivation to write your own feelings into beautiful stories as well~

Maisie: *cries* So it came to an end, as all stories must. But I'd like to thank everyone for their continued support~ It has been an amazing experience to write something which in my opinion is rather long, and I'm sure Noora will come up with another quirky idea very soon and we'll probably be back. (This is...depending on whether my sadistic Latin teacher decides to load my schedule with more homework). But really, it was rather emotive to write, and I'd like to thank both my collab partner and the viewers, reviewers, favouriters and followers for reading and not running away screaming.

Thank you~