The boys did not make a habit of going into Gou's bedroom. They found it a bit disturbing, because of all the muscle magazines, swimming regimens, and posters of Olympians on the walls, but the swim club had been called here for a meeting.

Mrs Matsuoka had greeted them very enthusiastically. Nagisa, Makoto and Haruka had been showered with such incredible amounts of affection that they'd had to be escorted away by Gou, each clutching a muffin. Rei had been given a muffin too but Mrs Matsuoka had no idea who the hell he was and ignored him mostly, in favour of hugging the boys she hadn't seen for so many years.

Many comments about Makoto's height were made.

Anyway though, they were now perched on the edge of Gou's bed, flicking through her mangas and twiddling their thumbs and just generally doing everything except looking at the walls because it scared them shitless. Haruka was standing around idly and holding something in his hand.

"Hey Makoto." he said suddenly.


"What do you think this is?" he asked, raising what looked like a small black pen. He twisted off the cap and revealed a sort of felt tip.

"Haru-chan, that's Gou's makeup! You weren't looking through her drawers were you?" Makoto yelped. "Oh god, you were. Haru, don't do that!"

Nagisa snickered loudly behind him.


"That's eyeliner." he said. Three blank looks were turned onto him. "You know. To line your eyes." He explained.

"Nagisa, you are a clever boy."

Nagisa flushed at this. "Hey! Shut up, I know how to apply it."

"How do y-?"

"I have three sisters."


There was a short pause and everyone began to turn back to their mangas, but they didn't get further than a half-page because Haruka spoke up again.

"How do you apply eyeliner?" he asked. Nagisa looked up.

"Are you willing to be my victi- my model?" he asked. He received a nod in response and grinned.

"Sit down, Haru-chan!" he said. Haruka handed him the liquid eyeliner and sat cross-legged on the floor in front of him, and Nagisa leaned over him. For a long while, the only sounds were of Nagisa's instructions to Haruka.

"Ok, Haru, look up... close your eyes. Yes that's it! Right, now look left. My left! Great!" he said, finally leaning back.

"Can I open my eyes again?" Haruka asked.


Haruka opened his blue eyes, blinking a few times. The three swimmers gasped audibly.

"This is so weird!"

"Haruka-senpai, you look beautiful!" Rei exclaimed excitedly.

"Ah, Rei's right!" Makoto said with a grin. "It suits you!" Haruka stood up and peered into Gou's mirror, tilting his head slightly.

"I like it." he said. Nagisa gave a low, mock-bow and Rei snickered. Nagisa striped his nose with eyeliner, and Rei grabbed a red lipstick and began to draw on Nagisa's torso. Makoto hid behind Haruka and this could've escalated out of control because Nagisa found Gou's fucking foundation, but thankfully, Gou re-entered the room at that moment.

"Hey! I found it!" she said cheerily. And then:
"What the HELL are you doing?"

Nagisa jumped out of his lipstick-striped skin.

"Ah! Gou-cha-"


"We were just…. we got bored. What were you even doing?"

"...That's not important. Is Haruka-senpai wearing eyeliner?" she asked, staring at him. Haruka nodded silently.
"Can I keep this eyeliner? I'll buy you a new one." he said. "I like it."

Gou nodded, dumbstruck.

"Ok. I need to go now. I'll see you all later." Haruka said. He gave a small smile and left without another word.

There was a long silence, and then,

"...I don't know about you guys, but I have the weirdest boner right now."

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