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The current bane of Naruto's life.

The rough looking blonde yawned widely, ignoring the scathing looks he received as he slumped backwards in his seat. The boy on the stage had been droning on for roughly twenty minutes now, but to Naruto's tired brain his unstimulating speech might as well have been going on for years. Even though the boy's tone was amicable, none of his emotions reached his eyes; his words were clearly dictated and dispassionate, and he spoke with an air of entitled superiority.

Naruto vaguely remembered that the boy had been introduced as the student body president upon going on stage - not surprising, considering that he had the personality of an exceptionally dull slab of concrete.

The student council president was a stiff looking boy with silver hair and abnormally round glasses, and though he seemed to have all the traits of an obedient, hard-working student, there was something about the way he smiled that sent chills down people's backs. A wave of apprehension had swept through the rows of seated students upon his entrance on the stage, and now that his speech was drawing to a close people were beginning to relax.

The unusual tension in the room was thick and unsettling.

Respect? Naruto wondered.

It seemed like more than just that.

Not that it had anything to do with him.

"And finally, I want to give all new students a warm welcome, and I urge you all to come to the student council with any problems you may have, no matter how big or small." The boy concluded at long last, stepping backwards gracefully as the headmaster took over to close the assembly.

"Fuckin' finally." Somebody muttered quietly from Naruto's side.

The auditorium erupted into cheers as the headmaster took her place at the podium, but Naruto chose to peek out at the boy next to him curiously instead. The boy's appearance wasn't the only thing unique about him, though it certainly played a huge role in Naruto's interest; red fangs seemed to be tattooed onto either side of his cheeks, and if they hadn't been in the middle of the opening ceremony, Naruto would have whistled his appreciation.

The other thing that was offsetting was that the boy's obvious hostility– he was glaring at the stage as if it were his mortal enemy, and Naruto swore he could see fangs poking out from where his front teeth bit his bottom lip. He had blatantly refused to clap when the student council president had finished his speech, which wouldn't have been strange had he not been paying such close attention the entire time.

Never one for restraint, Naruto decided to humor his own curiosity.

"What, no appreciation for the class prez?" he asked softly, allowing his voice to become overpowered by the woman currently speaking so that he wouldn't be overheard. The boy jumped a little in surprise at the sudden initiation of conversation, and he looked around himself nervously before leaning a bit closer so that he could whisper in Naruto's ear.

"You don't know?" he hissed, not half as discrete as he probably hoped to be.

Naruto raised an eyebrow at him. "Know what?" he replied with another yawn. It was impossibly difficult to stay awake during such boring formalities, and large crowds have never been his favorite past time.

"This school has a stellar reputation, but it's said that shady things happen during the student council elections." The boy whispered loudly. "All of the money-grubbing, ambitious aristocrats come out to play, and they'll stop at nothing to win –one of the candidates last year mysteriously went missing, only to be found a week later locked in a warehouse living off of dog food and sewer water. The bastard sitting on stage was undoubtedly behind the entire thing, but even private detectives were unable to find anything that could trace the incident back to him and all charges were dropped."

Naruto wasn't surprised to find out that a prestigious school like Konoha Academy had people willing to tear each other to shreds in order to reach the top of the food chain.

"Stories can be exaggerated…" he suggested, but the other boy instantly shook his head in reply.

"The other guy was a close business associate of my family." He answered angrily, shooting another glare at the boy on the stage. "And that's the guy who cheated him out of a fair election."

"Hm…" Naruto hummed, surveying the stern silver-haired teen with a fresh perspective.

The boy stared at him quizzically. "You seriously applied to this school without hearing any of the rumors?" he questioned with astonishment.

"Guess so." Naruto shrugged, not willing to go into the details of his admission. "Lots of other people seem to like him enough though," he pointed out, motioning towards the other students who seemed be drinking in his every word with faces brimming with admiration.

"The power of fear and money. It's an ugly combination." The other boy snorted, to which Naruto smiled.

"Amen." He agreed, though cerulean eyes were much colder than the grin plastered on his face.

"So, what's your name?" the boy asked as the new speaker droned on monotonously in the background. "You don't seem like the normal pampered princess I expected this school to be overrun with. It's obvious that you're a first year, just like me."

Naruto accepted the hand that awkwardly jutted out in his direction as he grinned back at the outspoken boy. He could tell that the two of them would get along – the other boy gave off the feeling of trouble and adventure, all which were traits he could definitely relate to.

"The name's Naruto Uzumaki." He introduced himself grandly, shaking the boy's hand and then slapping it in greeting. "What about you, my fine red-fanged friend?"

"Right now, you are in the glorious presence of Kiba Inuzuka." The other boy announced proudly. "Didn't think I'd find somebody else with a soul in a school like this. I'm pretty relieved – our meeting has given me hope for the coming school year."

"Well said, Kiba." Naruto began with a toothy grin. "Think we can shake things up a bit in this hole?"

"You there! Stop your chattering this instance!" a teacher hissed from the side. The man was dressed as if he were attending an extremely formal event, and his attire consisted of a wrinkle-free suit complimented with shiny black shoes and a navy blue tie. Though he wore sunglasses indoors, there was no doubt that he was a fervent enforcer of the rules, and Naruto could practically feel his irritation radiating from five seats away as he and Kiba shared a chuckle.

"Somehow, I think we'll manage." Kiba laughed, both them ignoring the constant warnings that were being hissed at them from the side as they returned to their introductions.

The two continued to converse until the end of the ceremony, and both of them rode the wave of students exiting so that they could slip past the teacher unnoticed (Naruto, however, stopped to blow him a kiss before Kiba dragged him away). After realizing with much joy that they were in the same dorm, both boys traversed past numerous buildings and courtyards until they reached their destination, a dreary looking building composed of rows of solid brick. Vines sprawled down the walls lazily, accompanying the splotches of mold that grew sporadically throughout. Its front doors were wooden with metal bars and looked as if they hadn't been scrubbed for decades.

"She's a beaut." Kiba commented, rolling his eyes.

"I really didn't feel welcome until now." Naruto agreed, patting his new friend on the shoulder. "I thought a school like this would have gold-plated wallpaper and diamond chandeliers."

"Barf." Kiba made a face. "Glad we're on the other end of the extreme."

The blonde laughed. "Not much of a neat-freak, are you?"

Kiba shot him a wolfish grin. "Home's not home unless it's broken in. Stains and chipping paint – the whole shebang."

Cerulean eyes sparkled with amusement. "Touché."

They both walked through the creaking door, only to be greeted by a man behind the front desk who smiled at them with warm brown eyes. Naruto's gaze was instantly drawn to the large unmistakable scar that obstructed the other man's nose bridge, which was wide in the middle and tapered off on either end. He wondered under what circumstances such a gentle-looking man could have gotten such a ghastly wound from, though outwardly he maintained a casual smile.

He had his own pair of scars, after all. Three lines fanned out on each of his cheeks, giving him a bit of a feral appearance whenever he grew angry.

"My name is Iruka Umino, and I am the acting dorm leader here at Sage Hall." The man greeted them with a kind smile. "If you have any problems whatsoever, feel free to contact me no matter what time of day it is. If each of you can come up to me individually, I'll hand you your first-year booklets and room assignment."

Naruto and Kiba glanced at each other for a moment before Naruto took a step back and motioned forward. "Ladies first," he stated graciously, earning him a light smack to the head. He watched as Kiba told Iruka his full name and student ID, receiving a large blue folder and a set of keys in return. Afterwards, he stepped up for his turn, where Iruka observed his face closely before leaning backwards, satisfied with whatever he was looking for.

"What's your name?" he asked, sifting through the box of folders in front of him.

"Naruto Uzuamki." The blonde replied uncomfortably, staring pointedly in front of him. "Student number 1005592479."

"Welcome, Naruto." Iruka beamed at him, sliding across another blue folder and a set of keys. "I've given you your dorm key and your mail key, along with any information you might need about the policies we have here at Konoha Academy. Your room is 112, down the hallway to my right – your roommate has already checked in. Your bags should have already been delivered as well; you can pick them up over to my left."

"Thanks." Naruto replied awkwardly, grabbing both articles presented to him, though his heart was sinking at the mention of sharing his room. He already knew that there would be two occupants to one room, as that was the only available option for students to choose, but he had hoped that his future roommate would die a suspicious death before being able to come to the school.

Obviously, that had not happened.

"I'm in room 139, so I'm just a bit away." Kiba revealed once Naruto rejoined him, showing the blonde his key. "My roommate isn't here yet though, so you 're the only one who gets the honor of a warm welcome."

"Greaatt." Naruto drew out with a sigh as they headed towards the corner Iruka had indicated before that held all of their bags. Kiba dove into the pile much like a dog who had found an assortment of new toys, while Naruto found it ridiculously easy to find his seeing that it was the only bright orange article in the pile. He pulled out his duffle bag without little effort, with Kiba laboriously dragging three away a few feet to his side.

"That's all you have?" the wolf-boy asked, panting as he eyed the single small bag Naruto carried and then glanced at the three overstuffed bags he could barely carry. "Thanks." He grunted as Naruto relieved him of one of his bags.

"Didn't really see the need to bring much stuff." Naruto shrugged, shouldering both bags on one shoulder. "I figured I'd give the school life a trial run before deciding what else I'd need to bring."

"Wish I had had your insight." Kiba groaned, closely following Naruto as they trudged towards their new rooms. Naruto stopped in front of his with a strong sense of foreboding, and he turned towards Kiba who was only a few feet away.

"Think you can manage getting to your room on your own?" the blonde asked, holding out Kiba's bag.

"I could carry this shit across the world if I had to." Kiba sniffed, grabbing the bag from Naruto's hand. "I brought everything that was important to me, just in case my siblings decide to break them when I'm not at home."

Hearing that Kiba had a chaotic family really didn't come as a surprise.

"I can tell." Naruto commented dryly, watching as his friend began his slow journey through the hallway.

"I'll catch you later dude!" Kiba called over his shoulder. Naruto saluted lazily in reply before turning to his door, his brows furrowed at he glared at the plain sign that had his room number printed on it with bold black letters.

There's no point in delaying the inevitable, the blonde thought with a sigh as he unlocked the door and ceremoniously swung it open.

Inside sat a lone raven-haired male, whose complexion was so fair that any girl would have gone crazy in jealousy. He had dark onyx eyes and a perfectly sculpted face which was accented by long dark eyelashes that shadowed ivory cheeks. For a moment, Naruto could do nothing but stare, almost disgusted that something so beautiful could have been created. It was as if all of the faults of mankind had been handed out to all the insignificant people so that this boy could be blessed with none.

Naruto hated him already.

Half of the room was already decorated with a distinct navy blue color, and the line of duct tape dividing the room in half on the floor did not go unnoticed by the blonde. He could already tell that the boy was a fanatical nut about personal space, seeing that most of his possessions had a sticker on them bearing his name: Sasuke Uchiha.

"Your name?" the boy spoke up at last, his voice a bit deeper than Naruto had expected it to be. Naruto moved to the left side of the room that still remained untouched, taking great care to stomp on the duct tape line as he did so.

"Naruto Uzumaki." He replied shortly, foreseeing that any polite formalities would only be an annoyance to his new roommate. Sasuke's eyes narrowed as he spoke, and he seemed to be contemplating something deeply while Naruto threw his bag onto his new bed with a light thud.

Shit, the blonde thought inwardly. He forgot to bring pillows.

"Uzumaki…I've never heard of that surname." The raven-haired male mused coldly.

"Well now you have." Naruto responded, unzipping his bag and pulling out bright orange sheets. He felt almost triumphant as he stretched them across his bed, happy that his room would have some color other than the atrocious navy blue his new roommate favored.

The raven-haired boy snorted, and Naruto didn't miss the way the boy eyed his sheets with utmost disgust. "How did you even get into this school?" he questioned. "Your family must have some financial backing."

Konoha Academy was the nation's most prestigious private school, which was synonymous to it being a breeding ground for spoiled aristocrats – Naruto knew he should have expected such a question but he bristled with annoyance all the same.

"I got a loan." He answered, barely holding onto his temper. "Those things do still exist, you know."

Something changed within the other boy's expression, and Naruto could practically feel his diminishing interest as the boy turned around in his bed. The blonde could barely make out a few mumbles, which he deciphered out to be grumbles of being paired up with "the poor kid".

"You don't have to be such a bastard about it." Naruto commented hotly, placing a few miscellaneous items around the room and them climbing onto his bed, which was elevated like a bunk so that a desk could fit underneath it. "Why is money so important, anyways?"

"All I hear are the uneducated ramblings of an idiot." The raven-haired boy replied monotonously. "Don't talk to me anymore – I can feel my brain cells degenerating."

Naruto's jaw dropped. "Y-you're such a fucking asshole!"

His outcry of rage was promptly disregarded as Sasuke pointedly inserted earphones with his back still facing the rest of the room.

If it would have done any good, Naruto would have shrieked in anger. Instead, he simply gritted his teeth and followed the jerk's example by turning over, his head feeling terribly unsupported as he rested it against his arm.

He needed a goddamn pillow.

Oh, and a new roommate.

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