Chapter eighteen

'I was given something by a wonderful man, he asked me to keep this safe in the event of his death. He knew like all of us knew how easy any of us could die, but sometimes that death comes to sudden for them to say goodbye,' Minerva nodded to Severus who put his arm around Harry and moved them to the front, 'Harry, this is a message for you.'

'Me, from who?'

'Just watch,' Minerva looked kindly down at Harry before she moved her wand over the pensieve and a smiling Sirius was gazing down at Harry.

'Sirius,' Harry felt himself choke up.

'Hey Harry, well, if you're seeing this it means I wasn't able to hang on to help you finish that bastard. I know my death will cause you pain and I'm sorry for putting you through that. But think about this mate, I'm with Prongs, imagine how often we're going to get hexed by your mother, oh merlin did she have a temper. If you happen to still see my old enemy, Snape, asked him about your mother, she gave him grief for years but they were good friends. There's something I need to say, you need to be careful Harry, there are people around you that aren't what they seem, so be cautious and don't put you're trust in just anyone, but you have great insight, you will know who to trust, you'll feel it. When you left me that day, on the nightbus with Tonks, Remus and Mad-Eye, I knew something was going to happen, I saw in your eyes that you knew it as well. You clung to me, refused to let me go until you were dragged away, because we both knew, in our hearts that we wouldn't see each other again. We always had a connection, from the day you were born. You see Harry, your dad arrived an hour after you were born, I was with Lily while she gave birth to you and she fell asleep right after, so it was me that got to hold you first, James practically had to drag you out of my arms so he could hold you, I just didn't want to let you go. Your mother endured twenty four hours of labour to deliver you, broke three of my fingers from squeezing my hand so tight. You came into the world a quiet baby, that never changed, you were always a quiet person. One thing Lily hoped you didn't get was James' hair, bad luck there Lil's, out you came with a mop of black messy hair, just like your father. They loved you Harry, never feel guilty for what happened to them. They were going to do anything to make sure you lived, just like I would. If you're wondering, yes you were planned, you were not an accident. I used to see you staring at that small picture of your parents and I just knew that's what you were thinking and I was planning on telling you, but like always, we got interrupted. We never did get a lot of time alone. One more thing I'll say before I leave you, I was very good at reading people, there were a few we saw quite often that seemed to have another agenda, but one surprised me. I may not have liked Severus Snape, but I know he was protecting you even if he acted like he hated you, he didn't. I never asked him what he was doing, I think we would have killed each other if we spoke or spent any time alone. But since I'm gone and if you need someone to truly trust, then trust Snape. I wish I was there with you and I hope you've finally sent that bastard to hell where he belongs. Just know Harry, that I love you and that love will go with me, just like the love your parents had for you went with them. You will feel us if you concentrate, we're part of you, we're in your heart. Find someone you can love, someone that loves you, oh and if you haven't worked it out yet, you're gay, I knew that the moment I saw you at thirteen. So whoever this bloke is that you give your heart to, tell him from me he better look after you or I'll come back and haunt him. All I want is for you to be happy mate, you deserve that, never forget I love you Harry,' Sirius smiled again before the memory faded.

'Last week I had a plaque with Sirius name placed next to your parents graves at Godric's Hollow. I only got to meet Sirius once, but I could tell how much you meant to him. But now before we get on with the music you wished to say something Harry.'

Harry wiped his face, kissed Severus then stepped up on the stage, 'Thanks professor, I'm glad Sirius gave that to you, he might have been a bit mischievous, but he knew who he could trust.'

'He could, I gave my word that his memory will remain safe until you received it. But now the stage is yours,' Minerva patted Harry on the shoulder then stepped off the stage.

Harry cleared his throat, took the memory out, placed it in a vial, then pour another memory into the pensieve.

'Sirius was right, I did have people around me that weren't what they pretended to be,' Harry saw movement from Hermione, Ron and Ginny, he nodded to Severus who flicked his wand at the doors to the great hall, sealing them, 'Not long after Sirius died, I came back here. During the Christmas holidays the last thing I felt like doing was celebrating, I wanted to be alone, I'm sure a lot of you know how that feels. But one night I heard something that I found hard to believe at first, then I felt betrayed and that hurt. This memory or memories I'm about to show you is something I found out, it shows how far some people are willing to go to get what they want, whether they deserve it or not, a lot like Voldemort in a way,' Harry flicked his wand and brought the memory to life before he stepped off stage and into Severus' arms, Neville, Draco, Luna and Minerva stood around them while everyone watched as Harry stood in just a towel overhearing a conversation between Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and Ginny Weasley. The shocked gasps went around the great hall, but they got louder when Harry stood under his invisibility cloak listening to Molly Weasley tell her daughter to sleep with Harry and get pregnant, then they will get Harry as family and get his money. One memory after another showed Hermione, Ron, Ginny and sometimes Molly talking about how to get Harry to marry Ginny, how they had to keep acting like his friend so they could become liked and respected because they were friends with the chosen one. The last memory was of Harry walking alone down a dark corridor, everyone saw the spell hit his back, they saw Hermione, Ron and Ginny step towards a petrified Harry, Ron undressed Harry, Hermione gave him a potion, then they all heard them say that Harry didn't get an erection like the potion was meant to do, that Ginny was supposed to have sex and get pregnant. Finally they realised the potion didn't work so Hermione removed Harry's memory, Ron dressed Harry again then they left, leaving Harry petrified. The memory finished and all eyes turned to Hermione, Ron, Ginny and Molly before Kingsley walked over to them, disarmed them, ripped their awards from their chest, then gestured for two aurors to arrest them.

Shouting from almost everyone asking how they could treat Harry like that, after all he had done for their world. Kingsley and his aurors realised that had to get them out of there, so Kingsley gestured for the aurors to take them to the ministry so the victory party could commence.

'Even though that has shocked me and everyone here Harry, you do have real friends, I count myself as one of them. So before we kick off the music tell me, do you want them charged.'

'Yes, I want them to suffer for what they were doing, but also for taking my time from Sirius.'

'I'll take care of it in the morning, but I think like all of us, you deserve to have a good night. So Harry Potter, are you ready to party?'

'All night minister, let the music begin.'

'You heard the saviour, music,' Kingsley shouted then jumped off the stage as the band started playing. But Harry was surrounded by all his real friends, but it was Severus that kept his arms around Harry, he wasn't going to let his love go. They were never going to be apart again and no one will ever try to use or hurt Harry again, Severus made a silent promise that Harry will only know love, trust and happiness from that moment on, everything he deserved.

The end: