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Chapter 25

It was a Saturday night and all the Robbins and Torres' were huddled around a table at Olive Garden. Ten people in all, including Aria and Nicky. Callie and Arizona wished Tim and his family could be there as well, but they had already decided to call him later.

They'd decided to gather the family together to make a little bit of an announcement. They'd ignored all the questioning faces as one by one their family filed in and took a seat at the table they'd reserved earlier, not wanting to have to wait to be seated. They wanted to hold off a little longer and enjoy the torture their family was likely feeling in anticipation.

"What do you want, girls?" Arizona asked their daughters as she perused the menu.

"Just spaghetti," Amelia answered and closed her menu. Both Arizona and Callie smiled and shared that look like they knew that was going to be her answer.

"Can I have pizza?" Lex asked excitedly. She laid the menu down on the table and pointed out the one she wanted.

Arizona had to admit the Chicken Alfredo pizza did look delicious. She didn't dare order it for herself in front of her parents and in-laws, however. "Of course you can, sweetie." She leaned over so that she was level with Alexia's ear. "But you gotta share a bite with me." Lex nodded her head with a smile.

"I want pizza too!" Nicky yelled.

Aria gave him a look and signaled for him to quiet down. She took his kids menu out of his hands and saw there was pizza listed on the kids menu. She was glad he had found something so easily. Her son could be quite picky when he wanted to be. "Sure that's what you want?" she asked.


"Alright then," she laughed before turning back to her own menu to browse.

"Know what you're going to get?" Arizona asked Callie.

"Well I really want seafood, but your child isn't liking that idea," Callie said quietly and ran her hand along her slowly growing belly. "The baby is really wanting chicken," she continued. "I've narrowed it down to the Smoked Mozzarella Chicken or the Lasagna Primavera with Grilled Chicken."

"Ooh both those sound good," Arizona responded, mouthwatering at the sound of it. "How about you get one and I'll get the other and we'll split them?"

Callie leaned over and placed a kiss smack on her wife's lips. No one else even batted an eye. After all these years of being around the couple they were more than used to it. "Have I told you lately how much I love you?" Callie whispered. It wasn't even that big of a thing, but with Callie's current mood swings it meant the world to her to not have to make a choice.

A few minutes later their water came back and they all put in their orders. The family chatted idly as they all waited for their food, each of them taking a turn to pointed stare at the couple that had drug them there. Neither woman seemed willing to talk.

"Are you going to tell us yet?" Aria asked, annoyed, once their plates were sitting in front of them.

"Nope, eat your food," Callie smirked at her and dug into her own plate. Every few minutes her fork would wander over to Arizona's lasagna and take a bite.

"Alright. What's the big announcement? We already know you're pregnant," Aria tried again after the two woman had pushed their plates away and declared themselves full.

Callie and Arizona shared a look, asking if they were ready to tell everyone the news. Both gave a slight nod indicating they were ready. "We do have an announcement about the pregnancy," Callie started off cryptically.

"Is it twins?" Barbara asked excitedly.

Arizona shook her head at the question, hoping her mother didn't take it to hard that it wasn't. "No, not twins," she then said out loud. Callie gave her a look, telling her to continue. Instead of speaking, she bent down and pulled a small package out of her purse and handed it to the girls to open. They had discussed this previously and didn't want one parent to feel left out, so they left it to their daughters.

Amelia and Alexia worked quickly and pulled off the paper to find a box inside. Opening it up they pulled out a small, green onesie. They both read it and then turned it so the rest of the table could read it. In red and blue lettering it stated, "I'm the Little Brother."

"It's a boy?" Daniel asked.

"Yes. Come November we will be welcoming a little boy into our family," Callie announced happily.

"What made you change your minds about finding out?" This came from Barbara. She'd talked with both girls previously about their decision to be surprised, so she couldn't help but wonder what had changed.

"The girls were both surprises and that was great, but this time it just didn't feel the same," Callie started to explain. "One day I just had this need to know so that we could stop calling it 'the baby' all the time."

"And in all honesty, we're both doctors now. We know how to read an ultrasound so it probably wouldn't have stayed a surprise anyway," Arizona added.

"But you're sure it's a boy? I mean don't those things get read wrong sometimes, like a hand in the way or something," Lucia finally joined the conversation.

Callie smiled, thinking back to their ultrasound just a few short days ago. "We were pretty sure to begin with, but then just before we finished up he decided to move around a little bit and there was no doubt he was a boy," she told them all with a grin.

Carlos and Daniel exchanged a look, one that clearly showed how happy they were to have another grandson. They both doted on their granddaughters, but at heart they were still men who wanted that bond with a grandson. Carlos was only getting to know Nicky, but already thought of him as one of his own. Daniel on the other hand rarely got to see JoJo so it would be nice to have a little buddy that was nearby.

"Oh my goodness, we have so much to do," Barbara stated. She pulled out her phone and started looking through the calendar. After that she pulled out a little notebook from her purse as well as a pen. "We need to go shopping and set up the nursery. Daniel you need to get the crib out of the attic again so we have one at our house."

"We still have four months," her husband pointed out.

"Four months, that's all. So much to do."

Callie and Arizona both watched Barbara not sure what to do. If they should stop her rambling or not. The woman seemed to be in a world of her own as she jotted various things down.

"He will need a new crib, of course, for your house," Barbara said without even looking up for confirmation.

"We still have Amelia's old one at my parent's house I'm sure," Callie pointed out.

Barbara looked up at them then, the argument already in her eyes. "No, no. I'm sure they'll want that one to stay there for when their grandson comes to visit." She looked at both Torres' and got a nod from them in agreement.

"Alright fine, we'll get a new crib," Callie relented, throwing her hands up in the air.

"I know, we need to have a baby shower!"

"Mom, we don't need a baby shower," Arizona quickly threw out. Her mother had insisted on throwing one when Arizona had been pregnant and they had relented because she wasn't going to take no for an answer anyway. "You've already thrown us one, we don't need another one."

"That was almost 12 years ago when you were pregnant with Alexia. I haven't got to throw one for Callie and my grandson, so we're doing it."

Callie and Arizona both groaned and leaned back in their chairs in defeat. Aria watched her sister and sister-in-law with a smile. She always enjoyed the dynamic between the two young women and Barbara. The woman never ceased treating them like the girls they'd been in high school it seemed.

"Fine," Arizona finally sighed.

"Lucia, you up for some planning?" Barbara asked.

"I would love to help," Lucia smiled.

Arizona could already tell that it was going to be a long four months.


More than an hour later the family of four finally made it home. Arizona was starting to wonder if they'd ever make it out of the restaurant alive. The two young girls had long since grown bored of watching their grandmother plan the shower.

And as for Callie, her back was aching from sitting in those chairs for so long. She reached a hand around behind her and began to rub the aching spot. A move that didn't go unnoticed by her wife.

"Why don't you go up and take a hot bath. I'll get the girls settled for the night and meet you up there," Arizona told Callie as she placed a soft kiss on her cheek. She ran a hand along the other woman's belly before sending her on her way upstairs.

After Callie was long gone, Arizona turned back to her daughters. "Alright girls. You can do whatever you want so long as you do it quietly and in your bedrooms. Lights out at 11 o'clock. I mean it," she told them both with a finger pointing at each of them. "Don't forget Aria is picking you both up bright and early."

Both girls silently agreed and made their way up the stairs, followed by their blonde mother. Originally all six of them were going to spend the day at the zoo together. Nicky hadn't been yet and they thought it would be a nice little thing to enjoy together.

That changed tonight with Barbara's over-excitement. Callie and Arizona had decided the more they got done on the other woman's list, the sooner they could get back to just enjoying their growing family. Aria had volunteered to still take the girls to get them out of everyone's hair. She figured her son would enjoy the trip more with his cousin's along for the ride anyway.

"Love you both," Arizona called out as the two girls went quietly into their bedrooms with a muffled "love you, too."

When she found her bedroom empty, the blonde took it as a good sign that Callie had done as she suggested. She remembered all too well how easy it was to grow uncomfortable quickly and how much baths seemed to help her.

The scent of lavender hit her senses as she opened the door to the bathroom. The bubbles in the bath suggested her wife had added some Dr. Teal's Foaming Bath to the water. A favorite of both of theirs to help them relax.

Callie's head was on the back of the tub with her eyes closed. Arizona thought for a moment she was sleeping, but then a smile lit the other woman's face and she knew Callie was now aware of her presence.

Stripping off her clothes quickly, Arizona pushed on Callie's shoulder so that she would move forward. Arizona climbed in behind her wife and wrapped her arms around her love so that she was relaxed against her. Her hands rested gently just above their son. "I love this," she whispered quietly, not wanting to ruin the mood.

"Me, too," Callie agreed. Her eyes closed again and she curled as close to Arizona as she possibly could. "He likes it too." She took her wife's right hand and moved it down her belly so she could feel the small little kicks.

"I can't believe it. We actually got a little boy. We're going to have a son," Arizona exclaimed excitedly. The evidence of her son was there just below her palm. "I would have been just as excited about a girl, but this is what we wanted."

"I know. It's going to be different having one."

"For sure. Remember when Tim told us about the first time he changed JoJo's diaper?" Arizona asked, the laughter already evident in her voice. Tim hadn't put the new diaper on fast enough and his son decided it was a good time to pee again.

Callie let out a chuckle at the memory. "Oh man. I remember. At least it only got on Tim's shirt. Could have been worse." One of the nurses on Callie's staff had relayed the story of when her own infant son and managed to hit her in the face.

"Quick diaper changes is going to be needed. It's a good thing we've had plenty of practice," Arizona smiled.

As the water grew cooler, the two women chatted about the change their son would bring to their lives. When the temperature finally became too cold, Arizona hoped out and helped Callie out of the tub. They dried off quietly and changed into light pajamas before crawling into bed.

"Let's hope your mother doesn't go to overboard tomorrow," Callie said as Arizona moved to flip off the light.

"We can hope, but I'm pretty much doubting it," Arizona responded. She flipped the light off and turned to pull Callie into her arms. Laying in the dark, curled together, was another of Arizona's favorite things to do.

"Yeah, me too," Callie agreed. Time had probably lessened the memory because neither woman remembered Barbara acting like this when Arizona had been pregnant, but they knew she probably had. And with Lucia around this time it was only going to get worse. "I'm glad my mom agreed to help, though."

"Me too. She's come a long way and I think Mom will help her feel included this time around."

"I can only imagine what tomorrow is going to be like with those two," Callie thought aloud. It was going to be a long day indeed.