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Chapter 3

"Absolutely no friends over while we're gone," Arizona told her daughters, looking them both square in the eye. She still couldn't believe they were doing this, leaving the girls home alone for the very first time. She knew they were old enough to take care of themselves for a couple of hours, but it was so hard to let go. She'd seen too many horrible accidents in the ER.

"You already told us that Mama," Amelia said, rolling her eyes. She didn't see what the big deal was. Their grandparents lived right next door. It's not like they could throw some big party without their mothers finding out, not that they would anyway.

For the most part Amelia and Alexia were well-behaved children. They pretty much always did what they were told without complaining. They had manners and were polite to those around them. They, of course, had their off days, or days were they misbehaved, but overall they were good kids.

Arizona wrapped Amelia in a tight hug first, then did the same to Alexia. "You're my baby girls," she told them with a tear in her eye. "I'm not sure I'm ready for this."

"We'll be fine, Mama," Amelia tried to reassure. Both of their mothers could be a little over-protective at times, and the girls understood it. They spent time in the hospital from time-to-time and had seen some of the bad things that can happen. "It's only a couple hours, and grandma and grandpa are right next door. You don't need to worry."

"I'll always worry about you, even when you're married and have your own families," Arizona admitted. "That's just part of being your mom."

"Arizona, quit torturing our kids," Callie admonished as she joined her family in the living room. Wrapping her arms around her wife, she pulled her in close. "We need to leave soon if we want to make our reservations," she whispered in the blonde's ear.

"Okay, okay. I'll stop now," Arizona conceded.

"Good," Callie said, placing a quick kiss on her wife's lips. Turning to the girls, "There are plenty of leftovers in the fridge if you get hungry."

"Can we order a pizza?" Amelia asked instead.

"No way," Arizona said at the same time Callie said, "I'm sure that will be fine."

"Then they'd have to open the door, to a stranger," Arizona pointed out, already having given the girls a lecture on not opening the door for anyone.

"It's just the pizza delivery guy. Some kid who probably isn't much older than them," Callie pointed out.

"But we can't be sure of that," Arizona argued.

"Alright fine," Callie started, heading towards her purse to pull out some money. "When the pizza guy gets here, call your grandparents, tell them that your crazy mother wants them to stay on the line while you pay him to make sure he's not a serial killer."

"Not funny, Callie," Arizona pouted.

"They will be fine," Callie said, stressing each word. "Don't forget to leave enough money for a tip," she told the girls, handing Amelia more than enough cash to get a pizza and some breadsticks. "Be good, we love you," she finished, giving them each a giant hug.

"Love you Mommy," Lex told Callie. "Love you, Mama," she said, hugging Arizona again.

"Be good," Arizona repeated Callie, finally conceding that they were really doing this.

"We will," Amelia promised.

"Goodbye girls," Callie told them, slowly pulling her wife towards the door. She wasn't about to let Arizona find another reason for them to stay longer.


"Oh, Calliope," Arizona squealed in excitement when she realized what restaurant they were going to. She had wanted to try the new Italian place that opened up just a few months ago, but they hadn't found recently. "I've been dying to eat here."

"I know," Callie smiled.

"You are too good to me," Arizona told her, leaning over the console to place a kiss on her wife's lips.

"Not possible," Callie denied. Pulling up to the valet, she climbed out of the car, while the young man helped Arizona out. Once they were both standing side by side, Callie took one of Arizona's hand into her own, entwining their fingers. She loved the feel of Arizona's skin on her own, no matter the context. More than ten years of marriage and she was still as crazy about her wife as the day they married. Some days she couldn't believe she was lucky enough to meet her soul-mate in high school.

Once they were finally seated, the two women looked over their menus slowly, stealing glances at each other from time to time. "What are you going to have?" Callie asked quietly.

"I don't know there's so much to choose from," Arizona said in wonder. Everything on the menu sounded amazing.

"Ladies, may I start you off with something to drink," their waiter asked, appearing by their table. Ordering a glass of wine for each of them, they asked what dishes he recommended and decided to go with two of the house specials, vowing to come back and try other things another day.

As they waited for their food, they shared little details about their day, what cases they were working on and some of the gossip around the hospital. The conversation flowed easily even after their food was delivered. Neither woman ever tired of listening to the other talk.

"There's something I wanted to talk to you about," Callie said slowly at one point. "Something I didn't want little ears, or nosey ears around to hear," she added, referencing their children and their gossipy co-workers.

"What's that?" Arizona asked, giving Callie her full attention.

"Well the girls are getting older now, and we're more settled into our careers. I mean I'm an attending now, and in a few months you'll be taking your boards. We're pretty much as settled as we're ever going to be," she rambled.

"I supposeā€¦" Arizona responded, leaving it open for her wife to get on with it.

Callie took a deep breath, preparing herself for what she wanted to say next. "I've been thinking about having another baby."

"You want more kids?" Arizona asked surprised.

"Well yeah. I thought that was always the plan," Callie answered.

Arizona nodded her head in agreement. Back when they had gotten pregnant with Alexia, they'd discussed the idea of more children some day. But then ten years went by and neither had ever brought it up. She kind of just came to the assumption that their family would stay the way it was.

"Do you not want more?" Callie asked with a bit of uncertainty in her voice. She was happy with the family they had now and she would continue to be if Arizona didn't want anymore. But at the same time she really wanted a chance to carry a child that she and Arizona created together. She loved taking care of Arizona while she was pregnant with Lex, but she had been so alone while pregnant with Amelia. She wanted to know what it was like to have Arizona there beside her. And she really wanted to hold another baby in her arms.

"No, no, it's not that," Arizona quickly reassured. "I just haven't given it a lot of thought. We've been so busy lately, there really hasn't been time to sit down and think about it. I'm very open to the idea, but I think it's something we should really discuss."

"I agree," Callie told her. "We kind of rushed into it the last time. Not that I've ever regretted Lex, but we didn't really stop and think about it either."

Twirling her pasta in her fork, moving it around her plate, Arizona stared at what remained of her food. Setting her fork down, she ran a hand through her hair, her face one of deep thought. "You're right, we didn't," she agreed. Having two kids so young was a much harder task than they'd thought it would be, especially once Arizona returned to school shortly after Alexia's first birthday.

Arizona had been back in school for just over a month now. It was proving to be harder than she thought to get back into the swing of classes after having taken a year off. She terribly missed sharing classes with her wife as well. At least then they could do all their work together and get it done fairly quickly. Now they were stuck doing all of their work separately.

Trying to take care of two kids and do school work was also proving to be difficult. At least they had Arizona's parents to help out some, but they were both still wanted to be their children's primary care givers.

Knowing Callie only had one class this morning and had now been home with the girls all afternoon, Arizona was really hoping to hole herself up in their bedroom when she got home and write her biology.

However, the sight that greeted Arizona as she stepped into the basement stopped her in her tracks. There were tears in Callie's eyes as she paced around the living room floor. Alexia was tucked in her arms, with only a diaper on and crying as well. Sounds from the other room suggested they weren't the only ones upset about something. Amelia was clearly throwing a temper tantrum in her room.

Apparently her paper would have to be put on hold for the time being. "Callie, what's going on?" she asked softly.

"Arizona, your home. Thank god," Callie exclaimed. "I don't know if she's got more teeth coming in or if she's coming down with something, but Lex is burning up and she's been crying for close to an hour now I think. I can't seem to get her to calm down. Amelia started to get frustrated with all the crying and started lashing out so I yelled at her and sent her to her room, but I know I shouldn't have, I know it's not her fault."

Now she knew why Callie was so upset. They'd never yelled at Amelia before. If she was acting out or causing trouble, they'd sit her down and try to get to the root of the problem. So far it had worked really well.

"Alright, hand me Lex. You go talk to Amelia," Arizona offered. It was the best solution since Callie was the one that needed to make peace with Amelia.

Taking Lex from Callie proved to be harder than they thought. The little girl balled her fists into Callie's shirt determined not to let go. "Come on, sweetie. Come to Mama," Arizona encouraged, gently prying Alexia's fingers opened, and taking her in to her arms. Alexia was definitely more of a mommy's girl, just like Amelia was more of a mama's girl.

"Shh, it's okay, sweetheart," she soothed, bouncing the girl softly in her arms. Callie was right, she was really hot. "Did you give her any Tylenol?"

Callie was about to angrily retort that of course she had, but before she could, reason calmed her. Arizona wasn't accusing her. She was simply asking if she needed to do it. The whole day had messed with her emotions something fierce. She needed to calm down before she went in to talk to Amelia. "Yeah, I gave her some about half hour ago. It should be kicking in soon I hope," Callie finally answered.

"Alright. I'll take her upstairs, give you some peace and quiet with Amelia."

"Thank you."

"No need to thank me," Arizona dismissed. "We're partners. We take care of these things together."Callie nodded her head in agreement.

Running her hand soothingly across Alexia's back, Arizona turned back towards the stairs, making her way up. The little girls sobs were starting to slow down, but she was still a very upset little girl. "Come on, sweetie. Let's go see what grandma is up to. She must be up in her craft room since she apparently didn't hear all the fuss you guys were making," Arizona told her little girl, using her voice to try and calm Lex down.

Her mother was right where she suspected she was. After the basement was finished and they all moved into their little apartment, Barbara had turned Callie and Arizona's old room into a craft room. "Here see, there's grandma," Arizona told her daughter.

"What's going on?" Barbara asked, seeing her granddaughters red face.

"Someone's not feeling so good so she was giving Mommy a hard time when I got home," Arizona answered.

"Poor baby," Barbara said softly, pushing her chair back so she could take the baby from Arizona.

By the time she was tucked in Barbara's arms, Lex was sound asleep. Arizona sighed in relief, crashing down in the other chair in the room. She knew as soon as Lex woke from her nap, it might just start all over again.

"We jumped right into trying last time and you got pregnant on the first try, there was really no in between," Callie said, pulling Arizona from her memories. "This time around I think we need a little more discussion before we get to that point."

"I agree. There are more factors to consider this time too. How it will affect the girls, our jobs. It's probably not going to be as easy either. We're older now," Arizona pointed out.

"Very true," Callie agreed. Reaching across the table, Callie took Arizona's hand into her own. "But I really want to carry another baby. One we created together."

"I'm definitely into that idea. I've always wanted to see you pregnant," Arizona smirked. All she had right now was the pictures in her head of what Callie might have looked like while pregnant with Amelia. She couldn't wait to see the real thing.

They spent the remainder of their meal discussing the pros and cons of another baby, when they should tell the girls during the process and how much to tell them. Amelia was in junior high now so it was likely she knew a bit about human reproduction. They'd never tried to hide anything from their girls, but they knew there was a time and place for certain discussions.

As they headed home that night, they both had smiles on their faces thinking about the possibilities of the future.

Pulling into the driveway, Arizona was the first one out of the car, wanting to make sure their daughters were just fine, the earlier conversation now far from her mind. Walking into the living room, she couldn't help the smile on her face to see her two girls both sound asleep on the couch, the TV still playing whatever movie they were watching.

"Why don't you clean up down here, and I'll get them both up to bed," Callie suggested when she finally caught up with Arizona. There were remnants of their girls pigging out all over the living room.

"Are you sure?" While Lex was getting pretty big, she was still light enough that they could carry her up to bed. Amelia was a whole other story.

"Yeah, I'll be fine," Callie assured. She broke bones for a living after all. She was a little bit stronger than her wife, although she'd never outright tell her that. She knew it would only give Arizona reason to bring out the pout.

Arizona first straightened up the living room, then went to work on the kitchen. Once the last dish was in the dishwasher, she turned it on, letting it run overnight. She'd make sure to have the girls empty it in the morning. Flipping off the light, she headed up the stairs, all the while wondering what changes were going to come their way.