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Magic Cat

Step 1: Mix five crows' feathers, three fish heads, and sap from a maple tree into boiling cauldron.

Step 2: Add a drop of your blood to the mixture

Step 3: Use the mixture to draw a circle containing the required symbols on the following page.

Step 4: Place the feline in the center of the circle.

Step 5: Read the following incantation out loud

Step 6: Let the full moon do the rest

Inuyasha reread the ritual he had been developing for two years now. The ritual was similar to one he found in an old book where a sorcerer would transform someone into an animal. However his version would do the opposite and give an animal a humanoid body. It took two years to develop this new type of ritual and now he finally had. Since his own blood will be mixed into the concoction the creature he makes will also be part demon like him, it will almost be like creating a demon familiar.

Inuyasha was known in the village as the resident half demon sorcerer. Most people feared him and claimed he used dark magic to hex them all; these people always blamed him when anything went wrong in the village. There were also a few who saw him as good and went to him for help in removing demons in the forest and help in curing their sicknesses that the village priestess couldn't fix. These people though hardly ever stood up for him when the other villagers tried to persecute him. It was one of the reasons why he lived in a hut that resided in the forest close to the village.

No matter where he went, no matter how many people he helped he was always alone. Well except for the black cat that lived with him and followed him everywhere named Kuro. Inuyasha found Kuro about four years ago when he was a small kitten. It was during a rain storm at a different village he used to reside in before he was run out. A small soaked black kitten wandered into his hut crying out.

Originally Inuyasha was going to through it out, but seeing it's sad pathetic face reminded him of himself when he was a child so he decided to feed it and then send it on its way after the storm stopped. In the morning after Inuyasha fed the cat and the rain stopped he placed the cat outside his door and told him to go home. The kitten merely stared at his face a few moments before walking right past his feet and into his hut before turning around to look back him like he owned the place. Inuyasha was at first pissed at the kitten's arrogance calling him a cocky little bastard, but the cat just looked at him while he yelled. Inuyasha calmed down and looked at the cat finally giving in and telling the cat he could stay if he could put up with him.

Ever since then the cat that he eventually decided to call Kuro, because he was black, followed him everywhere. He took the cat with him to every village he tried to live in. Some people spread rumors that the half demon's cat was actually a terrible demon in disguise that he kept as a servant.

After a while Inuyasha felt less lonely than he normal did and actually smiled a little from time to time. But soon he realized what he really wanted was someone he could talk with and relate to, as much as Inuyasha cared for his cat Kuro he wasn't much for conversation. So he decided he would use his skills in the magic arts to create a ritual that would transform Kuro into a living person like himself. This way he wouldn't be so alone anymore.

Now he was all set to begin the ritual. He found a clearing in the middle of the forest and now during the full moon he had the circle drawn out and Kuro placed in the center. Inuyasha took one more look at his cat and then at the moon.

"Convertere ad humanam corpus" He said the incantation aloud initiating the ritual. After a few seconds the circle lit up with a green light and a pillar of smoke erupted from where Kuro sat obstructing Inuyasha's view. "Hope this works", he didn't want to see his cat got hurt because he screwed up a magic ritual. The light from the circle finally subsided signaling that it was done. Inuyasha approached the cloud of smoke looking desperately for the shape of a human figure somewhere inside it. What he got was quit the surprise.

A figure dashed out of the smoke tackling him to the ground. Inuyasha looked down and saw a beautiful a girl who looked about a year younger than him. She had long black hair and flawless porcelain skin. She wrapped her arms around him and began trying to rub her face into his chest in a very loving way.

"Um who are you?" Inuyasha asked blushing when he saw this girl was completely naked on top of him. The girl merely giggled and looked up at him with her lovely blue cat eyes.

"Its me silly"

"Me who?" She just giggled again and pointed at the black cat ears on her head. Realization finally hit him that his ritual worked.

"Kuro is this you?" Inuyasha asked.

"I never really liked that name but yes" She then hugged him tighter. Inuyasha turned even redder when he realized her bare perky breasts were pressing against him. He nearly lost it when she started kissing and licking his face. He quickly stopped her

"Wait a minute wait; I thought you were a male cat!"

"Nope I've always been a girl cat, you just kept referring to me as a boy and I couldn't talk like you to tell you so I just went along" She explained as she played with a lock of Inuyasha's hair. He just stared shocked at the whole situation. He then lifted her off him and handed her his black cloak.

"Here put this on to cover yourself" Not wanting to look at her naked body.

"Why do I need this, cats don't wear anything" She said holding it.

"Well your not a cat now you're a person"

"Okay" She smiled and put the cloak. It was too big for her so she had to tie it tighter.

"Well uh lets go back to our hut" Inuyasha started walking towards their home. He stopped and turned around to see her still standing there.

"What's the matter Kuro" He asked concerned walking up to her. She merely looked up at him and then hugged him again. This time though Inuyasha decided to hug her back.

"I'm really grateful to you for taking care of me and I love you a lot for it, but…"

"Yes" he asked nervous that she was going to leave him now. He really couldn't handle that kind of rejection if she decided to abandon him.

"Could you perhaps give me a different name?" Relief suddenly washed over Inuyasha at what she asked for.

"Well alright let me think of a proper name" He began considering all possible girl names for her. "You definitely need a girly name now" She looked at him expectantly for her new name. Inuyasha couldn't think of a proper name, everyone he came up with didn't fit her. He then remembered speaking to the village priestess Kaede, one of the few people that was actually kind to him hear, and she happened to mention a distant ancestor for her and remembered thinking this ancestor had a nice name that he liked.

"Alright I got it" She then looked excited

"Your new name will be Kagome" He said dramatically.

"I love it, thank you!" Kagome jumped up and kissed him on the cheek. Inuyasha turned red again as he stood staring into space while she pranced off. He came back to reality when she grabbed his hand.

"Well lets go home" She said happily.

"Yes lets" Inuyasha too was happy now that his magic ritual was a complete success and actually turned out much better than he hoped. Now he truly wasn't alone any more. He had someone to travel with, someone to talk to, and someone to stand by his side forever.

Well I thought I would right something sweet and happy since I have writers block for my other stories. This is based off an original story I did for a writing class I took a year ago. Reviews are appreciated.