Inuyasha woke up to see the sun high in the sky indicating it was midafternoon. He stretched and sat up noticing he was on a blanket. The last thing he remembered was making it back to the group and then passing out from exhaustion.

"Look he's awake", Miroku said.

"Finally!" Kagome ran over and hugged him and nuzzled his chest affectionately while whispering how glad she was that he was okay.

"Its fine I just used up a little more magic that I'm used to", he whispered back into one of her cat ears.

"Inuyasha" Sango said coming over to sit down in front of him, she politely bowed her head and began an apology, "I'm sorry for attacking you, it was because of me that Kagome was taken prisoner and for that I ask your forgiveness of you and your mate"

"It's not your fault that bastard Naraku is the one that did this and if anyone should apologize on their knees it will be him, so stand up", he commanded. Sango looked surprised but accepted nonetheless. Kagome smiled when she realized that Inuyasha for once didn't deny that they we're a couple or get embarrassed, it meant that he was starting to really see her as that now.

"Speaking of which I may have figured out the asshole's weakness", he remarked with a cocky smirk on his face.

"What!", Miroku, Sango, and Kagome all said in unison.

"If you did then why didn't you use it to destroy him?", the monk questioned.

"Well I don't exactly know what it looks like or what it even is", everyone looked at him with a confused expression. "Let me explain, when I was at Naraku's castle I sensed something very dark and powerful. It wasn't the demon himself, there was something else within the castle that Naraku was drawing power from and whatever it is, it disappeared at the same time he fled his castle".

"So what do you think it is?", the demon slayer Sango asked.

"I'm not sure, but whatever it is he has attached his soul to it and woven into the object very intricately, that's a very risky thing to do for sorcerers and I doubt Naraku has even realized what he's done, being such an amateur", Inuyasha said in a serious tone.

"How so?", Kagome asked.

"Well if the object is destroyed he would cease to exist, in other words die", everyone grew silent, now they knew how to kill Naraku the problem was figuring out what the source of his power was and then getting a hold of it.

"Well that's better news than what I planned on giving Kikyo", Miroku said.

"Let me guess, you planned on telling her that Naraku is a half demon right", Inuyasha said as if discussing the weather.

"You knew"

"I knew the moment I met him, he may have a large demonic aura, but his presence still feels partially human".

"Why do you seek Kikyo?", Sango asked Miroku.

"Well my lovely young lady, she is the strongest priestess I know of, so was going to ask for her help in destroying him, but now it appears my friend Inuyasha here knows another way to kill him".

"And why should I help you", Inuyasha said condescendingly. "I only agreed to protect you until we found Kikyo, nothing more".

"But surely you now have a reason to fight against him", Miroku said hopefully, he didn't want to seem desperate for help, but the more allies against a monster like Naraku the better.

"Yes, but his attention was brought on me, because I agreed to protect you!", the half demon argued.

"Inuyasha?", the cat girl questioned his sudden anger.

"No Kagome I'm right, if we had just stayed out of this like I wanted you wouldn't have been put in danger and we wouldn't have a new enemy right now", Inuyasha was right in that regard they should not of gotten involved, "I'll still protect you Miroku, but like before once we get to Kikyo then we go our separate ways".

"What about Naraku?"

"You worry about trying to destroy him with Kikyo and while you're wasting time with that I'll figure out the source of his power and destroy him for good", Inuyasha wanted to completely crush Naraku not just kill him, for daring to try and take Kagome from him. He unconsciously held the girl tighter to him in that moment.

"Very well then and what will you do Sango?", the monk turned to face the demon slayer.

"I'm grateful to Inuyasha for shedding light on Naraku's evil scheme, and I owe him my life for the trouble I caused when he could have just killed me, so I will follow him".

"You can follow us as long as you don't slow me down, and you have to protect yourself", Inuyasha said sternly.

"Thank you, I want to avenge my people and family and I think your plan would be best", Sango said giving a short respectful bow.

"I might have something better to offer", Miroku said joyfully.

"And what's that?", Miroku grasped her hands and looked her in the eyes.

"Would you like to bare my child?", Sango gasped embarrassed, Inuyasha and Shippo just rolled their eyes while Kagome giggled.

"I was wondering when he would do that", the half demon turned around with Kagome to walk away hearing the harsh echo of a slap.

"You think he'll try that again?", the cat girl asked.


They decided to travel a bit before making camp, since Naraku was still alive they thought it best not to stay in the same location for too long. Though Inuyasha assured them all that the demon wouldn't be making any moves for a while after what he did to him. They stopped near a small abandoned hut, Inuyasha noticed that Kikyo's presence hadn't moved that much indicating that she either slowed down or was held up somewhere for bit. Either way they would only have to travel a few days as long as they didn't encounter any more obstacles. The group sat around a small fire when the fox boy Shippo approached Inuyasha with the book of basic magic the half demon gave him to study.

"Um Inuyasha?", the boy began.

"Yes?", Inuyasha sat with Kagome leaning on his shoulder.

"I think I can do the stuff in this book now", he said shyly.

"Do you think or do you know?", the half demon said annoyed.

"Uh, I know sir!"

"Alright let's go outside I'll test you", the two of them headed outside where Inuyasha could see first-hand if Shippo really learned anything. When they left Kagome opened her eyes and looked over to Sango who was watching the two leave the hut.

"Miss Sango, can I ask you for a favor?"

"What is it you need Kagome", Sango asked.

"Well you're a demon slayer, you have a lot of experience in fighting right?", Kagome looked down at her hands a little nervous.

"Yes I do"

"Could you teach me how to fight?"

"Why would you want that, when you have a someone as powerful as Inuyasha to protect you"

"That's just it, I don't want to worry him anymore, I want to be able to defend myself so he won't have to risk his own life or get hurt!", Kagome explained, she loved Inuyasha and as much as she liked how protective he is, she didn't want to see him get hurt over her.

"I understand, we can start early tomorrow morning be ready to go then", Sango lay down to go to sleep.

"Thank you", Kagome went to bed too.


Inuyasha stood across from Shippo watching him closely. After giving him a quick quiz on the information in the book it was time for the practical part of the test of the basic elements of nature.

"Alright kid show me water manipulation", Inuyasha placed a bowl of water in front of Shippo. The fox boy held both hands toward the water and after concentrating for a moment he started make the water slowly churn and twirl.

"Good, now change the temperature to boiling hot", it took a minute but the water began to bubble and steam.

"Now freeze it", taking a little longer Shippo managed to lower the temperature, not to freezing solid, but to making it icy enough.

"That's as cold as I can make it", Shippo said disappointed in himself.

"It's alright your just a novice at this, now do a fire manipulation", Inuyasha commanded conjuring a small flame and tossing it in front of Shippo. The boy was able to make it grow a few inches bigger and smaller back and forth.

"Very good", Inuyasha walked over to a tree and plucked one of the leaves from it and commanded Shippo to hold out his hand, "I'm going to toss this leaf in the air and I want you to use the wind to bring this leaf to your hand", The boy nodded and the half demon threw the leaf upwards. It took a little longer than he thought and Shippo lost control of the leaf a few times, but eventually got it to glide right to his open hand.

"Excellent work Shippo, now the last test is based on earth which is the most difficult to control, do you know why that is?"

"It's because it's such a heavy and dense element of nature", the boy said referring to the information in the book Inuyasha loaned him.

"Well that's part of the reason, but what that book doesn't tell you is the diversity of earth. What I mean is unlike water, wind and fire that are all one single thing, earth can vary depending on where you are; for example there's, dirt, rock, stone, sand, and many others. Each type of earth can be used differently; the difficulty is understanding what you're manipulating and how to use it", the boy nodded his head seeming to understand what Inuyasha was saying.

"Now while I was asking you questions when we started I secretly used my magic to place a specific type of earth beneath your feet, so for your last test I want you to sense and tell me what you think it is", Inuyasha waited patiently, but it appeared that Shippo was having trouble with it, "Take you time with this one, really try to feel the earth below". The boy closed his eyes and concentrated very hard trying to feel what kind of earth it was, at first he thought it was dirt, but then he felt something more solid and not just one thing but a bunch of them.

"It's a bunch of stones!", he shouted snapping his eyes open.

"Correct, I moved some stones from the river close by to here", Inuyasha smirked at the kid for figuring it out even though it may have taken too long.

"So how did I do?" Shippo asked hopefully.

"Well I don't know, when I was your age I could already do all that and more", he said with a fake frown of disappointment. Shippo yelled at him saying that was unfair to compare him to Inuyasha as a kid.

"But, you still did well, so you pass. Tomorrow we start learning the real magic so get a good night sleep", the fox boy thanked him for this opportunity and went back into the hut.

Inuyasha stayed standing their looking at the crescent moon in the night sky. After watching it he considered what would soon occur in a few days and then headed inside to lie next to Kagome.

I'm thinking I might bring Koga into this in the next chapter, and yes he will try to steal Kagome from Inuyasha. It won't go well.

Also I haven't addressed this yet, but Inuyasha is mainly an elemental sorcerer, he can do other things, though he specializes in the elements. For example those magical chains that he frequently uses are an earth spell.

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