Twenty seven year old Hermione Granger looked around the large ballroom at her friends and family as she grabbed a glass of champagne off a passing waiter. She was currently attending her engagement party. Although the opulent surroundings and lavish party hadn't been her idea, the whole night had been organised by her future mother-in-law. Knowing how much the older witch meant to her fiancé, Hermione had agreed to the party without too much fuss.

In all honesty Hermione was actually enjoying the party. She was wearing a floor length dark purple dress and had actually enjoyed getting dressed up earlier in the day. All her friends were in attendance and it was nice to see her parents actually looking relaxed in wizarding surroundings. Then there was the fact she was hopelessly in love with her gorgeous fiancé, who was heading in her direction.

"Are you having fun?" Hermione's fiancé, Draco Malfoy, asked as he arrived at her side.

"I am now." Hermione smiled and gave Draco a quick kiss before leaning against his side. Draco wrapped his arm securely around Hermione's waist as the couple wandered into the crowds in search of their friends.

Hermione and Draco had been together for nearly five years, after meeting again when Draco had entered Hermione's bookshop looking for help finding a rare set of Potions books. After the war Draco had set up his own Potions Company while Hermione had repeated her final year of school. When Hermione left school she could have had any job she wanted in the Ministry or in several other wizarding businesses, instead she decided to set up her own business dealing in something she was passionate about, books.

Within a year Hermione had a thriving bookshop in Diagon Alley and was gaining a reputation as someone who could track down rare and precious books. It was this reputation that sent Draco to her when he needed a certain set of books for his company. That was just over three years after the war had ended, which had been the last time they had seen each other. Hermione had been surprised to see Draco in her shop, but he was nothing but polite to her so she treated him the same as her other customers.

The books Draco wanted turned out to be very hard to find, it took Hermione almost three months before she located them in Kolkata, India. During that time Draco would pop by the shop every week, often more than once in the week, for a progress report. Often when he visited he purchased a handful of books and Hermione had been amazed when he even bought a couple of muggle novels. With every visit the frostiness between them thawed as they started talking more and more, even though initially it was only about books. After about six weeks Hermione realised she looked forward to Draco's visit each week, debating literature with the former Slytherin was quickly becoming her favourite part of the week.

By the time Hermione located the books and acquired them for Draco, twelve weeks after he had first inquired about them, they had become quite friendly. When Draco had then asked Hermione out on a date she had no hesitation in accepting his offer. The first date had been a success and quickly led to a second, followed by a third and fourth in rapid succession. Within a month of Draco first asking Hermione out, they were officially a couple.

Because of their tricky past and sometimes troublesome friends and family Hermione and Draco took their relationship slow. They had been together for almost three years before Hermione had moved into Draco's penthouse and it was nearly two years after that when Draco proposed. However six months before Draco's proposal the couple had bought a house together on the outskirts of London.

On a whole their friends and family hadn't caused too much trouble. Initially there had been some resistance to their relationship but Hermione and Draco had stood firm, insisting they were together and there was nothing anyone could do about it. Hermione and Draco were now under the impression everyone had accepted their relationship, little realising there were four people currently in the room who still hoped to see their relationship fail before a wedding took place.


Ron Weasley sat at the bar, firewhisky in hand, as he watched Hermione cling onto the blond Slytherin at her side. Watching Hermione get cosier with Malfoy over the last five years had almost destroyed Ron but seeing her engaged to the git made him realise what he had thrown away six years ago.

After the war Ron and Hermione had finally gotten together properly and despite the lingering air of grief hanging over The Burrow that summer they had on a whole had an enjoyable time together. When Hermione returned to school Ron feared they would drift apart, however with Ron making frequent visits to Hogsmeade the couple managed to remain together. It wasn't until Hermione had finished school and the couple were seeing each other on a more regular basis that the problems started.

When Hermione had been at school and he was only seeing her every three to four weeks Ron was quite happy to live the life of a single guy in between visits. However with Hermione now finished school and settling down in London he found himself being a proper boyfriend for the first time in his life, that was when Ron realised how serious their relationship actually was and started to panic. The more Ron thought about how serious his relationship with Hermione seemed to be the more he pulled away from. After a year of running away from commitment Ron admitted to Hermione he wasn't ready to settle down and he thought they should go their separate ways.

For a while after their break up Ron had played the field, sleeping with any willing witch he could find. Despite this he still thought that when he was ready to settle down Hermione would be waiting for him. That illusion was only shattered a year after their breakup when Hermione announced she was dating Malfoy. Ron immediately scoffed at the relationship, claiming it wouldn't last. Unfortunately five years later he was attending Hermione's engagement party, wondering if it was too late to try and win her back.


Knocking back a glass of champagne Pansy Parkinson glared at Granger, draping herself all over Draco. Pansy has thought it was a joke when Draco first announced he was dating Granger, then when she realised he was serious she thought it would just be a fling. She never imagined that five years later she would be attending his engagement party.

If she was honest Pansy was annoyed that for years she had been there for Draco, always willing to do anything for him, yet he never once considered making their relationship more permanent. All through school Pansy had stood by him, she was always ready to fall into his bed when he wanted her and she never mentioned the other girls he constantly slept with.

Even after the war, when they had left school, Pansy still continued to be there for Draco. Despite his numerous flings he continued to sleep with her on the side, until Granger reappeared in his life. A month after first visiting Granger's bookshop Draco had ended things with Pansy and hadn't so much as looked at her as anything other than a friend since.

Pansy was convinced that if Granger wasn't around Draco would have finally realised how much she meant to him and committed himself to her. Despite the fact Draco was now engaged Pansy wasn't giving up hope, until he actually married Granger she wasn't going to stop trying to get the man she loved. Whether Granger liked it or not Draco was hers and she wasn't stopping until she had him back.


Muttering in disgust Lucius Malfoy turned his back on the sight of his son kissing his fiancée. Lucius was appalled that Draco was sullying the family line by marrying a mudblood but no amount of arguing could persuade his son that he was doing something wrong. For five years Lucius had been fighting against Draco's involvement with Hermione, but their engagement was really too much to bear.

Lucius was beginning to think he was fighting a losing battle, even Narcissa wouldn't back him up. Narcissa had been equally disturbed to hear Draco was dating a muggleborn but after speaking with their son her opinion had changed. Narcissa argued that Draco was happy, and if Hermione was the one making him happy then she wasn't going to stand in his way due to a bit of blood. With Narcissa firmly on Draco's side Lucius had found it even more difficult to fight against the union.

Lucius had actually threatened Draco with numerous things, including disinheriting him, but his son was unmoved. In other circumstances Lucius would have been impressed with Draco for standing up to him, but not when it involved ruining the family line. Despite Draco's refusal to see sense Lucius wasn't planning on giving up just yet, until it actually happened he was going to do everything in his power to try and stop a mudblood becoming a Malfoy.


Molly Weasley looked over to where Narcissa Malfoy was standing talking to Hermione and her parents. As she watched Narcissa she only had one thought in her head; that should be me. For years Molly was convinced that she would one day become Hermione's mother-in-law and it rankled her slightly that Narcissa Malfoy was instead stepping into her role.

What bothered her more than Narcissa taking her role in Hermione's life however was watching Draco Malfoy fill the role that should have been Ron's. Even when Ron and Hermione had split up Molly was convinced it was only temporary and they would eventually end up back together, in her eyes they belonged together.

When Hermione had first started dating Draco, Molly had never thought it would last, she was convinced that Hermione was just on the rebound. Even now at their engagement party she was still unconvinced that the couple would actually make it down the aisle. While most people seemed convinced Draco had changed Molly wasn't as sure, while he was perfectly nice and polite to her and her family she still felt there was something dark within him.

Molly had thought that eventually Hermione would see that Draco was bad news and go back to Ron, but she was now having her doubts. It seemed that for such a smart girl when it came to her fiancé, Hermione was incredibly dumb, she just couldn't see she wasn't meant to be with him. Molly knew that Hermione was meant to be with Ron, all she needed was for someone to show her she was with the wrong man. Hopefully someone would do that before she made the biggest mistake of her life and married Draco.


Draco lay on the bed watching Hermione as she sat at her dressing table removing her make-up and jewellery. When she finished she unpinned her hair, letting her brunette curls cascade down her back. She then kicked off her heels and stood up to remove her dress.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" Hermione asked with a grin. When she had turned round to remove her dress she had found Draco watching her.

"I'll enjoy myself more when you take your dress off." Draco grinned back at his fiancée.

Hermione laughed before she slowly proceeded to unzip her dress and wriggle out of the tight material. Throwing it over a nearby chair she turned back to Draco, standing in just her matching black lingerie.

"Do you want me to remove anything else?" She asked, tilting her head to the side.

"Everything." Draco replied, adjusting his position so he was lying in the middle of the bed.

Hermione smiled at Draco again before she reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Teasingly she slowly slipped the straps down her arms before discarding her bra onto the same chair as her dress. Draco licked his lips at the sight of Hermione's perky breasts and he watched with darkening eyes as she began to slide her knickers down her toned legs. Hermione stepped out of the flimsy piece of lace that was her underwear and advanced towards the bed.

"Now it's your turn." Hermione purred, climbing on the bed and crawling up Draco's body.

Hovering over Draco on all fours Hermione leant down and kissed her fiancé. Draco reached up and tangled one of his hands in her hair as his tongue sought entrance to Hermione's mouth. Hermione let Draco deepen the kiss briefly before she pulled away and began trailing kisses down his body. Hermione teasingly made her way slowly down Draco's torso, until she reached the waistband of his boxers.

Turning her eyes back towards Draco's face she watched his reaction as her hand gently rubbed at the bulge in his boxers. Draco eyes fell shut as he moaned softly at the feeling of Hermione's hand on him. Deciding she had teased him enough Hermione pulled Draco's boxers down his legs, her eyes darkening as her fiancé was fully exposed to her.

Draco had re-opened his eyes and was now watching Hermione as she looked at him. Sensing Draco watching her Hermione looked up and grinned wickedly before she leant forward and licked Draco's hard member. Draco moaned and let his head fall back onto the pillow as Hermione's warm mouth suddenly surrounded him. As she continued to work between his legs Hermione kept her eyes on Draco, getting more turned on by his obvious enjoyment.

After a few minutes Draco reached down and pulled Hermione up. "I'm going to cum if you keep that up."

"That's the general idea." Hermione retorted with a laugh.

Draco rolled his eyes at Hermione as he pulled her up towards him and briefly connected their lips. "You can do that later if you want, but right now I need you."

Hermione leant back over and kissed Draco again before she sat up and positioned herself over him. Slowly she sank down onto him, causing them both to moan in satisfaction as he was buried deep inside her. Draco leant up and engaged Hermione in a long, sensual kiss as they revelled in the feeling of being joined so intimately. Once the kiss was over Hermione began to slowly rock her hips against Draco's in a slow, steady rhythm. Draco let Hermione set the pace for a short time, while his hands explored her body, but then he grabbed her hips and helped move her as he began thrusting up against her.

Hermione threw her head back and moaned loudly as the pace of their lovemaking picked up. When Draco sat up and roughly kissed her, Hermione wrapped her arms around Draco's neck and plunged her hands into his hair, pulling him even closer. Mid kiss Draco suddenly flipped them over and Hermione found herself lying under Draco. Hermione wasn't the least bit surprised that Draco had exercised his dominance over her, during sex there was only so long he would let her dictate things before he took charge.

With Draco now firmly in control he smirked down at Hermione before pulling out of her and thrusting back in hard and fast, causing her to scream his name. Draco smirked at Hermione's response and bent his head to kiss and nip at her neck as he kept up the fast pace, he was determined to make his fiancée scream his name a bit more.

Draco's name fell from Hermione's lips numerous times as her fiancé brought her to the brink of climax. Realising Hermione was close Draco trailed his hand in-between them, finding her clitoris, as his lips found her ear and he began talking dirty to her. The combination of Draco's talented fingers and his wicked tongue pushed Hermione over the edge, arching her back she dug her nails into Draco's shoulder as she climaxed. Hermione's orgasm brought about Draco's own release, calling Hermione's name he collapsed onto his fiancée.

"That was amazing." Hermione sighed happily as Draco rolled off her and collapsed next to her. Rolling over she propped herself up on her elbow and began drawing patterns on Draco's chest. "I hope you're not too tired, I wasn't planning on going to sleep just yet."

Draco chuckled and gave Hermione a wide grin. "Give me a few minutes and I'll tire you out properly."

Hermione grinned back at her fiancé as she dipped her head and gave him a soft kiss, her hand already beginning its exploration of his toned body.