A/N - Just a short epilogue that gives Hermione and Draco the happy ending they deserve.

Nine Months Later.

Hermione sat in front of the mirror, adjusting her tiara and enjoying the final few minutes of peace before she walked down the aisle. A few minutes ago Hermione had sent her bridal party to get organised as she waited for her father to show up and tell her it was time to go. Hermione could hardly believe her big day had arrived, after six months of planning with her mother and Narcissa she was finally going to become Mrs Malfoy.

After the incident with her memory she and Draco had taken some time to take stock of things. They especially didn't want to rush into a wedding when some of their closest friends were going through such a tumultuous time. Hermione and Draco were both grateful that despite the horrible events they didn't lose their friends in the Weasley family and most would be present at their big day.

The Weasley's had been permanently damaged by Molly and Ron's actions and the clan was still extremely fractured. Everyone reacted badly to the news that Molly and Ron were responsible for Hermione's memory loss and for a while it looked as though it would tear the family apart. Arthur however refused to let that happen and despite the tensions in the family he did manage to salvage some relationships. Despite it being Molly's initial plan a lot of anger towards her subsided when she began psychiatric treatment for a potential breakdown. Hermione was pleased that Molly was getting help and getting back to normal but she stuck to her guns and still refused to speak to her, maybe one day she would be able to but not yet. As for Ron it soon became clear that his only problem was an unwillingness to let the past go, he just couldn't accept Hermione had moved on and was happy. Without a job Ron had turned to drinking and Hermione knew from the rest of the family that he was rarely seen, Molly was the only person who really bothered much with him.

Hermione herself hadn't seen either of them in six months, and even then she had only been in their vicinity as it had been little Fred's christening. Apparently both Molly and Ron had complained when George and Angelina insisted Hermione and Draco were still godparents, but George had put his foot down and told his mother and brother that they both accepted things and behaved or they didn't attend the christening. Molly and Ron had attended and remained quiet throughout the whole thing but Ron wasn't above shooting her and Draco dirty looks. The couple had resolutely ignored them and carried on with the festivities for their friends and new godson.

Once events had settled down Draco had spoken with St Mungo's about prescribing the potion to unsupervised patients. Healer Addams had backed Draco up and without revealing the perpetrator he explained what had happened to Hermione. Between Draco and Healer Addams they convinced the hospital board that it wasn't safe for people to self-administer the potion so they agreed it was only to be used by qualified Healers.

Hermione was drawn out of her thoughts by a knocking on the door. Expecting it to be her father, Hermione shouted for the person to come in as she continued to fix her tiara. When she saw the door open in the reflection of the mirror Hermione was surprised to find Lucius entering the room. Since her memory loss, things had improved dramatically with Lucius but he still didn't appear too keen on her actually marrying Draco.

"Lucius." Hermione turned round to face her future father-in-law. "What can I do for you?"

"You can wear this, please." Lucius said, handing Hermione an emerald green box.

Hermione lifted the lid to find a silver and emerald bracelet nestled in the box, a quick glace was enough to tell her it was very old and probably priceless.

"It's a Malfoy family heirloom and it seemed right that you should wear it today." Lucius continued.

"Thank you, it's gorgeous." Hermione said, slipping it on and watching as it magically resized itself to fit her wrist perfectly.

"So are you, by the way." Lucius said, looking at his son's bride. In her flowing white gown he had never seen Hermione look more spectacular.

"Thanks." Hermione blushed, unused to receiving compliments off Lucius.

"I also want to apologise for my past behaviour." Lucius said quietly. He rarely apologised so he found the words hard to find when he did. "I'm sorry it took you losing your memories for me to admit I quite liked you. Although it probably had something to do with the fact that despite not remembering him you still stayed with Draco. That was incredibly loyal of you. Not many people in your position would have given him the chance to prove how much he loved you, which makes you pretty special in my book. Thank you for not leaving my son and giving him the chance to show he was a changed man."

"I have no idea what to say." Hermione admitted. She hadn't expected Lucius to say anything like what he had and she didn't know how to react.

"Don't say anything. I just want to put the past behind us."

"I can do that." Hermione smiled as she stood up. "Thank you, Lucius. Both for the bracelet and the apology."

"You're welcome." Lucius said. "Now I better get back before Narcissa kills me. My life won't be worth living if I'm not back in my seat before you make your appearance."

"I'll try and give you time to get back." Hermione laughed as Lucius headed for the door.

As Lucius left the room Hermione's father entered it. The two men greeted each other politely before Lucius rushed off to the ballroom while Jack carried on into the room.

"Are you ready, Hermione?"

"Yes." Hermione nodded and grabbed her bouquet.

"You look so beautiful." Jack said as he held onto his daughter's arm.

Jack and Hermione left the bridal room and made their way towards the ballroom where the ceremony was taking place. The entire wedding was being held in a historic castle, and had cost a fortune, but Hermione had agreed to almost anything to keep Narcissa and her mother happy.

Just outside the ballroom Hermione and Jack stopped as the last of the wedding party made their entrance before them. Considering it was a large wedding Hermione had been able to ask all her best female friends to be bridesmaids, Ginny of course was the head bridesmaid. Draco's closest male friends were groomsmen with Harry taking on the role of best man. Draco had plenty of choices for best man but he settled for Harry as he was his closest friend these days, especially after the brilliant way him and Ginny had supported them through the whole memory incident.

"It's time." Jack said, turning to Hermione. "Are you ready?"

"Yes, I've been ready for a long time." Hermione replied.

Jack smiled at his daughter as the doors opened and he began walking her up the aisle. As she began her walk up the long aisle Hermione looked at her friends and family, smiling at both her mother and Narcissa, before she turned her attention to the head of the aisle. Hermione scanned over the wedding party, her eyes briefly lingering on little Fred in Angelina's arms. The eight month old was wearing his own tuxedo and had already brought out the broody side in both her and Draco, despite their initial decision to wait until after they were married to try for a baby they had started trying a few months ago. So far they hadn't had any joy but with their active sex life Hermione hoped it would only be a matter of time before they heard the patter of tiny feet.

Continuing along the line of the wedding party Hermione's eyes finally found the one person who she truly wanted to see. Draco was standing next to Harry, watching her walk towards him. When they reached the top of the aisle and her father handed her over to Draco, Hermione had to stop herself from greeting her future husband with a big kiss. Judging from the heated look he gave her Hermione thought that Draco was having the same problem.

The entire ceremony passed in a blur to Hermione, her entire focus was on Draco and they never once stopped looking at each other from the moment they joined hands. Hermione's focus came back at the end of the ceremony when they were announced as husband and wife. Both Draco and Hermione couldn't help but smile widely at each other at those words, although Draco's grin turned more mischievous when it was time for their first kiss as a married couple.

The kiss was a monumental affair, with both Hermione and Draco forgetting all about their assembled friends and family as they lost themselves in the moment. It was only Harry clearing his throat loudly that caused the couple to break apart reluctantly.

"Later, Mrs Malfoy." Draco whispered to his new wife as he pulled away.

Hermione smiled in anticipation as to what was waiting for her later that night as they turned to face the guests. Hand in hand Draco and Hermione made their way out of the ballroom, heading towards their life as a happily married couple.

The End.