You count the hours you could have spent with your mother. It's a lifetime in itself.


Maxi and her mom sat on the couch, watching a marathon of some cooking competition, one of her guilty pleasures. For some reason, even though she couldn't cook, she loved to watch these shows. Whenever she did attempt it, they made sure to have to fire department on speed dial. She spend hours searching for the recipes after wards. She'd print them out onto recipe cards and file them along with the rest of them. She never ended up cooking any of them, it was always her dad. He was the chef of the family, and man was he good at it. Maxi was pretty sure if he hadn't fallen in love with building things at a young age, he'd be a world famous chef today.

"So, do you want to talk about it?" she asked, taking Maxi by surprise.

"Talk about what," Maxi asked, trying to sound confused.

"The reason that you are at home, on a Friday night, when I know for a fact both your best friends are currently at the lacrosse game or on their way to the celebratory after party. Does it have to do with Matt?" She cocked an eyebrow, a grin crossing her face as she leaned forward in her seat.

Matt. Her mom constantly tried to find some kind of deeper meaning in Maxi's desires to be lazy. Maybe it was a little about Matt, maybe not. She just wasn't feeling particularly social and didn't see that as a problem.

"Matt? We broke up a week ago, and only dated for like, four months. Of course not Mom. Maybe I just wanted to spend some alone time with my favorite mother." She grinned, giving her the most innocent look she could manage.

She returned the look with her signature one, the one that says she knew better.

"Fine. I saw Matt with some chic today at lunch, they were all over each other. I'm not upset that we broke up, it was mutual. But couldn't he have at least acted a little bit upset. Like he'd miss me a little? Am I that replaceable?"

"Oh baby. You are not replaceable, but why should Matt be sad if you're not? Isn't that a little selfish," she asked, using her counselor voice. That voice was the bane of her existence. Sometimes, it was like she knew Maxi better than Maxi knew herself.

"Mom," she groaned, throwing her arms in the air. "Can't you just be a normal mother for five minutes? Tell me I'm right, hate on him a little bit with me, and tell me it's his loss and he'll regret it for the rest of his life?"

"Oh Maxine, come on. That's not what you want me to say. You just don't like having your own thoughts proved right. I'll allow you to be saddened that the relationship ended, but I won't allow you to wallow in self-pity. Why don't you find out where your friends are, and I'll take you over there. I'll even take you up to my room, do your hair and makeup and let you borrow some of my jewelry, maybe even a dress!"

"I don't know. I'm really not in the mood. Can't I just stay here, watch a movie with you, and enjoy some snack food?"

"Is that really how you want to spend your Friday night? At home with your mom?"

"You make it sound like that's a bad thing. I happen to have the coolest mom in town." Maxi hops up, walking into the kitchen. "You pick the movie, I'll pop some popcorn. Extra butter?"

"Extra butter" she said, getting up and walking to the movie cabinet. Maxi popped the popcorn, melting butter and pouring it over the top and sprinkling it with salt. She walked into the living room, to see the opening of "The Breakfast Club" cued up. A huge grin crossed her face, "Great choice."

"Only choice," mom replied.

They both sat, curling up next to each other, sharing the bowl of popcorn.

Halfway through, her dad walked in, groaning when he saw the movie playing. He threw his head back in defeat, walking in on them watching the movie for the thousandth time. "Are you girls ever going to get sick of this movie?" He laughed and smiled at the two.

"Oh Daddy, you know you're a closet Molly Ringwald fan. I bet you had such a huge crush on her growing up."

The adults laughed, looking at each other.

"I was too busy chasing this one to be caught up in silly celebrity crushes."

She looked at her mom for confirmation, seeing a soft blush on her cheeks.

"Hank tells the truth. He was constantly chasing me in high school. He tried all the movie moves. I finally gave in after he pulled a Say Anything on me and played music outside my window. Your grandfather woke up first, coming up to tell me to go put the pour guy out of his misery. I agreed to a date that night and the rest is history." She looked up at Hank, a look of complete adoration on her face. Looking to Hank, she saw the same look reflected on his face.

"I hope I'm lucky enough to find a guy that looks at me the way you look at mom Daddy."

"You will be baby, someday, far in the future. Far, far, far into the future. You're only 14, you have much better things to worry about."

They all shared a laugh, before the girls remembered that they were in the middle of a movie.

"Shew, were trying to watch this movie," mom said, slightly slapping Hank's arm.

"Alright, alright, I know when I'm not wanted. I'm going to head out to the shop, maybe stop in the office and go over some papers. Come get me when you're done and want ice cream. Renny should be home in a few more hours. Maybe we can watch something together then."

"OK dear, I'll come get you when this is over." He leaned in for a kiss, it quickly turning into more than a peck. They rest their foreheads together, both saying I love you at the same time. Maxi had been witness to many passionate kisses between her parents, and was just grateful they were one of the parents still together, yet alone in love. Maxi's mom had always raised her to appreciate love for what it is: Beautiful and courageous. Age isn't an aspect to consider when you see someone in love.

They turned back to the movie, as intrigued as the first time they'd seen it. Engrossed once again, Maxi perked up as Brian came on the screen. The school nerd was her favorite part of the entire movie. He was just so awkward and adorable. When it ended, she took the popcorn bowl to the kitchen, her mom following behind. Maxi jumped as she felt fingers run through her hair as she was rinsing out the bowl.

"I still can't believe you dyed your hair this color. No, I really can't believe that I love it so much! I shouldn't, should I? That's not a very motherly thing to say, is it?"

Maxi laughed, running her fingers through her hair.

"It's been cherry cola red for like, almost a month now mom. You should be used to it. Though I must admit, I miss my regular hair color. I'm glad this is just that demi-permanent coloring. A few more washes and I'll be back to normal!"

"Hmm, I'll admit it, I'll miss it. Maybe I should dye my hair a different color," she said, holding her hair up to look at her ends.

"Your hair is gorgeous, and besides, I think dad would have a fit if you changed it. He loves your hair. So does Gabi, she's always talking about how she hopes when she gets older it looks just like yours."

Mom smiled at the mention of two of her favorite people loving her hair.

"You're right. I wouldn't change it. I'll just live vicariously through you. Ready for ice cream," she asked, walking to the fridge.

"Always!" Maxi walked to the pantry, pulling out the non-refrigerated stuff.

"Who ate it all?"

Maxi turned to look, seeing her holding up a mostly empty container of vanilla.

"Check the other containers, Gabi and Renny couldn't have ate all of them."

She continued grabbing toppings, listening to her mom open and close containers in frustration.

"They all barely have a scoop or less in them. Those two sneaky devils. Guess we'll have to run to the store before we can do ice cream. I'll run and tell your dad. You go put on some shoes. I'll meet you at the car." She went to the sink, rinsing out the containers and then putting them in the recycling. Maxi watched her walk out the back door, following the walk way to the separate building that housed dad's shop and both their home offices.

Maxi made her way up the stairs and into the bedroom. She switched the light on and walked to the closet. She scanned her clothes, looking for her favorite American eagle hoodie. It was worn in all the right places, a little bit big, and the comfiest piece of clothing she had. Her brother had given it to her a few years ago, when he had outgrown it. She threw it on the ottoman in the middle and searched for a pair of jeans. She took off the dress she had worn to school that day, a simple beige capped sleeve dress, and pulled on the dark blue skinny jeans. She grabbed a black tank with a necklace and feather design on it and threw that on as well. A pair of short socks, her Toms, a hair check in the vanity, and she was ready to go. She pulled her phone off the charger, placing it in a batgirl case. Batman was a guilty pleasure of hers. She threw the phone in her purse and made her way downstairs. Walking out the side door to climb into her mom's Mercedes SUV, waiting for her. She saw them walk out of the shop, hand in hand, to the car. He opened her door for her and she got in. She placed her purse on the floor behind her and started the car. He gave her another kiss, told them he loved them, and they drove off.

She turned the stereo on, changing it from mom's usual talk radio, to something more recent. A Lady Gaga song, something mom knew, and turned it up. Maxi started singing and dancing, trying to get her mom to join in. After a moment or two they were laughing and car dancing, just enjoying some quality mother/daughter time. We made it to the grocery store, noting that it closed in 15 minutes. That meant Renny would be off soon too. Wonder who would get home first.

They made their way through the store, quickly grabbing stuff that would satisfy everyone's sweet tooth. They paid and made their way out, Maxi teasing her mom about the cashier flirting with her all the way.

"Would you shut up? He is probably a student at Beacon! He most definitely was not flirting with me."

"Okay, whatever you say." They got in the car, another good song playing. This time mom turned it up, being a huge Kelly Clarkson fan, and sent a smile as she started singing.

They were about half way through the song, both belting it out. Neither of them noticed the headlights of the truck that ran the red light, neither of them realized what was happening until it was too late.

"My life would suck without you," was the last thing Maxi would ever hear her mother say.


When Denise came too, her vision was blurry. She didn't realize that it was from the blood running into her eyes or the concussion she'd received. She looked around, seeing Maxi still strapped into the seat beside her, unconscious.

"Maxi, sweetie, can you hear me? Maxine?" No response. She looked her over, realizing as she did this, that it was getting harder to breathe. "Oh baby, come on. I need you to wake up for me. Come on," she said, trying to gently nudging her daughters shoulder. Nothing.

"Help! Someone, please help!" she tried to shout, looking around to see if she could find one of the6 cell phones. She heard footsteps, the crunching of glass under those steps, and finally, "Miss? Are you OK? The cops are on their way." She wept in relief, "Thank you."

Her breathing was becoming more labored and her vision was coming and going. She could hear the sirens in the background, a pleasant sound to hear right now. They grew closer, finally growing loud. She could hear the doors opening, the rushing of steps, and the yelling of voices. Suddenly, a light was in her eyes.

"This one's awake! Ma'am, can you hear me? Are you injured? What's your name?" She could hear him, along with others on the other side of the car. "This one's unconscious, blood coming from her head. Arms at an odd angel, leg possibly injured as well. She's got glass in her upper thigh, no other signs of injury."

Another voice rang out, "Has anyone checked the other driver?"

"Please, save my daughter. Get her out," Denise rasped.

"Ma'am, what's your name?"

"Denise, Denise Taylor"

"Mrs. Taylor? The high school principal? What's your daughter's name?"

"Maxine, her name is Max," she gasped out, realizing it was nearly impossible to catch my breath.

She watched them start to remove her door, careful not to jar her. Once the door was removed, they cut the seat belt off of her, and carefully pulled her out, laying her on the gurney. She watched them wheel her off, her quickly leaving her site.

Mystery Party POV

Arriving at the scene, he was told to stay put. He looked around, trying to see what was going on. He couldn't see much around the ambulances and a fire truck. Ignoring the warning, he climbed out of the car, walking around to see what information he could get. He saw one of the cars, a newer model Mercedes. He knew that car.

That was Mrs. Taylor's car. He rushed forward, stopping when he came to a pair of medics pushing a teen girl on a gurney.

"Maxi!?" he shouted. He rushed over to her, seeing she was in and out of consciousness. He squeezed her wrist, her eyes gently fluttering open. "Maxi?" She managed a small look his way before slipping out of consciousness. The medics gently pushed him out of the way, lifting her into the ambulance. Remembering why he had gotten out of the car, he rushed over to the scene. He stopped, gaping at what lay before him. The car was in shambles. It looked like whoever had been in there was lucky to be alive. Maxi was, so maybe Mrs. Taylor was too.

"Its Mrs. Taylor, is she..."

The nearest cop turned to look at him, the rant about staying back dying on his lips when he saw the boy's face. He wrapped his arm around the boys shoulder, pulling him into his side.

"It doesn't look good son. She's in and out of consciousness. When the crash happened, they think it broke one of her ribs, puncturing a lung. She's having a real hard time breathing. And when they tried lifting her the first time, they found something stabbing her lower back. They are removing that now. She's lost a lot of blood, they'll,"

"I'll donate!" he quickly shouted out, not even thinking about it, not caring if he was a match, "If there's something I can do, if I can help in any way, please let me." This time, rang unspoken in the air.

"That's very kind of you. We've got to get her to the hospital first."

Finally, they pulled her out. You could see her back as they lowered her to the gurney. Her entire shirt was red. She really had lost a lot of blood. They immediately placed a mask on her face and lifted the gurney. They were rolling her to the ambulance, passing by the pair. Without thinking, the young man reached out and grabbed her hand.

"Mrs. Taylor? Are you going to be OK?" he asked, just wanting her to assure him that she would be. She squeezed back, bringing her free hand up to the mask, never breaking our hold.

"My baby, is she OK? Please, make sure she's OK," she pleads as she slips back into unconsciousness.


Little did they know, those would be the last words she'd ever speak. The doctors started yelling about getting her to the hospital and how she'd need lots of blood. When the young man arrives at the hospital, he immediately goes to give blood. While he's giving blood, trying to save someone's life, the sheriff is contacting their family. He sits in the waiting room, hoping to find a way to get an update. He sees Mr. Taylor and their son show up, Renny he thinks.

He sees the doctor walk to meet them. He knows that look. He knows what comes next. He doesn't want to be there for this. He quietly slips out the door, only a few people knowing he was ever there. They later find out, Maxi did take some of the mystery boys' blood, but they never got the chance to with Mrs. Taylor. She was dead on arrival.

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