Tell us the reason youth is wasted on the young
It's hunting season and the lambs are on the run
We're searching for meaning
But are we all lost stars trying to light up the dark

Maroon 5 - Lost Stars

The next morning, Maxi woke up to her alarm. She shut it off, laying back down. Back to school. Break was over and it was time to return. Not that this upset her. Stiles had been right, she did enjoy school. She enjoyed the activities she was involved in, she liked being around people, her friends. She liked helping people, which she got to do with tutoring. She was only helping one student right now, Isaac Lahey with Science, but she always had the option to do more. The teacher in charge of tutoring was always telling her to take it easy. She argued that she could handle it, but she said as long as there were other people helping, she wasn't needed for more.

She looked at her clock, 6:30am. Time to get up and start getting ready. She checked her phone, seeing a text from Danny and Lydia. Danny's just said see you at school, where as Lydia's gave a complete run down of her outfit, telling her to make sure they didn't match.

She climbed out of bed, going to her bathroom to shower. She got out, putting on her matching undergarments and a robe. She then blow dried her hair and placed curlers in. By this time, it was 7:15 and she could smell breakfast. She walked to her closet, grabbing the dress she planned to wear off the hanger. It was a soft pink, lace dress with long sleeves. She had got it while shopping yesterday, Danny insisting that she get it and wear today. After the dress was on and situated, she grabbed a pair of soft boot socks and pulled those on her feet. They were just a little longer than the boots she would be wearing, an off white color. Once they were on, she pulled her boots on. Coming in about mid-shin, they were a brown leather and gave her an extra bit of height. Coming in just under Lydia at 5'1", she needed all the help she could get. She hated being so short.

Once that was done, she made her way back to the bathroom. She pulled her long chocolate brown tresses out of the rollers, watching her hair fall in waves over her shoulder. She quickly did her makeup, going for a soft, but noticeable look. Smoky eyes, pink lips, and rosy cheeks. She pulled some bracelets out of her jewelry box, stacking them on her wrist before placing a watch on the opposite wrist. She put in some earrings and chose a necklace, then looked herself over. She liked the look, Danny being right about the dress. Not too short, but definitely not to long either. Her dad would let her out of the house in it, of this she was sure. She then proceeded to grab her book bag, double checking again that she had everything for school. She then checked her purse, making sure she would have cash for lunch and placed her phone inside, already on vibrate. She then grabbed everything, and made her way downstairs, beating Renny but not Gabi.

She could hear Gabi and her Dad talking as she placed her bags by the door. When she walked in, they were laughing as he threw a blueberry in the air, catching it in his mouth. She clapped, making her way to the cabinets. She grabbed a mug, pouring coffee in. Without adding anything to it, she took a sip, letting the hot liquid run down her throat.

"Good morning Max. You look very pretty this morning," her dad said, laying a kiss on her forehead.

"Thanks Daddy. Danny picked out the dress yesterday. Gabi, I love your new shirt. Very cute," she said, grabbing a plate and putting a piece of French toast on it.

"Thanks. I like the dress, it really does look good on you."

They ate in silence for a bit, listening to Renny rushing around upstairs. At 10 til 8, he came storming down the stairs.

"I hope you're almost done. I need to get in sometime at the library before school. I need to leave in 5."

"Well, pour my coffee into a thermos and I'll finish eating."

He did as she asked, placing her black thermos in front of her and going to grab his keys. She finished eating, placing her plate in the sink after rinsing it off. She gave her dad a kiss on the cheek, hugged Gabi, and grabbed her stuff.

"Let's go Jeeves."

"I cannot wait till you start driving! How much longer now?"

They yelled bye to Gabi and their dad and walked out to the garage. They got to Renny's truck, Maxi waiting for him to unlock it. She opened the door, placing her bags in the back with his lacrosse gear and climbed up.

"What is so important that you need to be at the library before school, on the first day back," she asked, looking out the window.

"Just some research for a senior project I'm working on. No big deal."

The rest of the ride was quiet, both thinking about the new semester and what lay ahead for them.

As they reached the school, Renny parked closer to the back, not wanting to take the chance of his truck getting hit. Maxi rolled her eyes, but knew saying anything was pointless.

"You'll be at lacrosse practice right? Then I'll drive us home." He said, looking to her for confirmation.

"Yes, of course. Lydia and I will be there, cheering all you boys on. Except for Jackson, she can do that on her own."

Renny laughed, knowing how she felt about the boy.

"Ok, well I'll see you after school. Have a great day." He said, a big sarcastic smile on his face. She grabbed her bags, hopping down from the truck.

"You too dork." She watched him walk off, putting her book bag on her back and her purse over her elbow. She started to make her way up to the school, managing to avoid being hit by a silver Porsche. Jackson, she thought angrily.

She continued her way to the front, reaching it just in time to see Jackson swing into a parking spot and throw his door open. Said door then hitting Scott McCall, Stiles' friend.

"Dude, watch the paint job." Jackson said.

Scott looked at him, a look between confusion and terror on his face. Jackson was not someone Scott wanted to mess with. Someone yelled for Jackson, but before he could walk off, Maxi hollered at him.

"What the hell Jackson? You not only nearly ran me down, you then hit this poor kid with your door and then proceed to blame him? That's a new low, even for you," Maxi said, stepping past Scott to look up at Jackson.

"Awe, is this your new hobby? Protecting strays," he said, shooting a smirk at Scott over Maxi's shoulder.

"I'm sure Scott can take care of himself. I'm more upset about you ripping through the parking lot, not worrying about the people walking through it! Pedestrians do have the right away, Whitless! It would help if you remembered that, and don't park so close to the bike rack next time."

Before he could say anything, she turned to Scott.

"Are you ok?"

He looked at Maxi, mouth slightly open, lost for words.

"McCall," she snapped her fingers, "Are you ok? He didn't actually hurt you did he."

"No," he nearly shouted at her, "No, I'm fine. No harm done."

"See he is fine. You are fine. Everyone is fine. Are you done with your tantrum? I have better things to do," and with that, he walked off to join his friends.

Maxi gave Scott a small smile, placing her hand on his shoulder. "Don't let him get to you. He's all bite," and walked off to meet Lydia.

Finding Lydia at her car, she stood there waiting for her to get out. She was of course impeccably dressed and knew it. She smiled at Maxi, grabbing her bag out of the backseat.

"I can't believe you're still carrying a book bag, even if it is a Michael Kors. It should be illegal to look as cute as you do and carry a book bag."

"Good morning to you too Lydia. Ready for school?"

"I suppose. Still sucks that we don't have more classes together."

"Yeah, it does. Hopefully it will be different next year."

The two continued to talk, making their way to the front of the school. As they were walking, Maxi could see Stiles and Scott up ahead. Stiles seemed to be pretty excited, jumping around with a huge smile on his face. As she got closer, she could start to make out what he was saying.

"Oh god, that is freaking awesome. I mean, this is seriously going to be the best thing that's happened since…" he cut off, making eye contact with Maxi and then glancing to Lydia. His eyes slowly traveled over both of them, head to toe. "Since girls started wearing those short skirts. Hey Maxi, Hey Lydia, you look…"

They kept walking, but before they went in the door, Maxi looked back over her shoulder. Stiles and Scott were still watching them. She gave them a small smile, then waved, before walking in the school.

Lydia and Maxi went to their lockers, dropping off their coats and purses. They hung around Maxi's for a bit, until the warning bell rang. They hugged and headed in opposite directions. Maxi towards English and Lydia towards history. When Maxi walked in, she made her way to her desk. This was the class she had mentioned to Stiles yesterday, the one where she sat behind him. It was the row closest to the windows, very last desk. Scott sat next to him, an empty desk behind him from a kid that had moved last semester. She made her way down the row, saying hi to friends as she got to her seat.

"Morning boys. Ready for the new semester?" she asked, passing Scott and Stiles.

She placed her books on her desk and sat down. Looking up, she saw Isaac walk in, and waved him over, "Isaac." He saw her, heard her but ignored her. He gave her a subtle shake of his head, and continued to his usual seat on the other side of the room. Stiles and Scott watched the exchange, giving each other questioning glances. Why was Maxi talking to Gravedigger Isaac, and why was he ignoring her. Stiles turned to look at Maxi, a questioning look on his face. She smiled, waving him back forward. She blew out a breath, aggravated with him always ignoring her. She opened her notebook, and grabbed out a purple pen. The teacher walked in and started writing on the board.

"As you all know, there indeed was a body found in the woods last night."

At this, she saw Scott look over to Stiles, and remembered what he had told her last night. Had they found the other half of the body? She saw Stiles laugh and grew even more curious. She ripped out a piece of her notebook paper and wrote on it.

M - Did you find the body last night?

She folded it up, "Psst, Stiles," she said, tapping him on the shoulder with the note. He jumped a little, looking over his shoulder at her.

"For me?"

She rolled her eyes, dropping the folded up paper over his shoulder onto his desk. She watched him try to stealthily open it, which wasn't stealthy at all, and waited while he read it. He looked back over at her, before writing on the paper. He folded it back up and dropped it back onto her desk. She leaned down, making sure the teacher couldn't see her.

S - Scott did. I got caught.

She giggled, slapping a hand over her mouth quickly.

M – Pretty sure I warned you about that.

S – Yeah yeah, first time for everything.

She laughed, thinking he had probably been caught more than once.

M – I suggest being more stealthy on your next adventure

He turned and smiled back at her, but they both turned to the front when they heard the teacher mention that a suspect was in custody. Scott and Stiles shared another look, then looked back to the front.

Maxi grabbed the syllabus, looking it over. They were starting with Kafka's Metamorphosis, fun.

The class sat reading over the syllabus, waiting for the teacher to continue. She doodled in her notebook, looking over to Isaac. He was in the first row, back desk. He had his hoodie pulled up close to his ears, and his head down. She would need to catch him after class, confirm their tutoring schedule for the semester.

The door to the classroom opened, and in walked the Assistant Principal and a very pretty girl. She was introduced, Allison Argent. The teacher directed her to the chair behind Scott, beside Maxi. Maxi watched as Scott immediately turned, handing her a pen. Allison gave a confused look at the pen, then back at Scott. She then looked around the room, finally looking over at Maxi.

Maxi held her hand out, "Hi," she whispered, "I'm Maxine Taylor, everyone calls me Maxi though. Welcome to Beacon Hills."

Allison smiled, already liking the girl. "Thanks, I'm Allison, which you obviously already know."

Maxi waved her off, laughing. "No problem. Do you need any help getting around? I can show you to your locker after class if you don't mind waiting."

"That would be great, thanks."

Maxi pointed to her schedule, letting her know that she wanted to look at it. Allison handed it over, placing the syllabus in her bag.

"We've got most of our classes together. Next is math. And your locker is right by mine. I just need to talk to someone when class ends, then we can make our way there. It's on the way to math."

Allison smiled, "I have to speak with the teacher, so that's fine."

Class continued, the teacher drowning on and on. Finally, the bell rang. Maxi jumped up, pushing her way through the students. "Excuse me, excuse me. Excuse you," she said, pushing a boy that tried to cop a feel. She finally reached the hallway, looking to find her target.

"Isaac! Isaac wait!"

She knew he could hear her.

"Isaac, stop! Isaac, damn it. Isaac Lahey, stop right now!"

He stopped, realizing that a crowd was growing from her yelling. He slowly turned towards her, seeing she still had a ways to catch up to him. Her voice sure did travel he thought.

"What the hell Isaac? Did you not hear me?"

He stared at the ground, not looking up at her.

"Are we still on for tutoring this semester? Do you want to keep the same schedule, or do we need to move it around for lacrosse?"

"The schedule is fine. I'll make it work," he said, turning to go.

"Wait," she said, grabbing his sleeve and stopping him from walking away, "How was your break? I tried calling you a couple of times, sent a few text. Thought we could hang out. Did you not get them?"

"I got them, I just didn't feel like answering," he said, still not making eye contact.

She was starting to get mad, and she showed it. She stomped her foot, letting out an aggravated groan. People were starting to stare, but she was used to all eyes on her.

"Isaac, would you please look at me?"

He looked up, annoyance clear on his face, "That better princess?" he snapped.

"Yes, thank you. Now, are you sure that the old schedule still works for you?"

"Just keep things the way they were. Can I go now," he asks, looking off down the hall, like he actually had somewhere important to be.

"Is it that hard to be seen with me," she asks, the pain evident in her tone.

She looks at him, then around the hallway. She can see Stiles and Scott, Allison, even Jackson watching them.

"You know that's not it," and with that, he storms off down the hall. She looks down to her feet, taking a deep breath, then looks up.

"Nothing to see her, move along," she says, throwing glares at stragglers. She turns to Allison, "I think we'll have to do the locker after math, or we'll be late."


A couple of classes later, Maxi had shown Allison her locker and gotten her acclimated to the school. They had spent lunch break finding the rest of Allison's classes and getting her books for her. The final bell had just rang and they were at their lockers, putting away what they didn't need and making sure they had what they did. Maxi had just closed her locker, winding her scarf around her neck, when she noticed Allison, leaned against the locker, looking down the hall. She turned, seeing Scott starring right back. Before Maxi could make comment, Lydia came up, going straight for Allison.

"That jacket is absolutely killer. Where'd you get it?"

"My mom was a buyer for a boutique back in San Francisco."

"And you are my new best friend."

"Hey! Standing right here," Maxi protested, a fake pout on her face. Lydia and Allison both laughed, looking at her.

"Well, you've got Danny, it's only fair."

Speaking of her best friend, she'd barely had five minutes with him today. She would see him at practice though.

Before anyone could say anything else, Jackson came up, grabbing Lydia around the waist and kissing her. Lydia pulled away, introducing Jackson and Allison. It was quickly decided that Allison would be joining them for lacrosse practice. They made their way to Lydia's locker, saying bye to Jackson. She grabbed her coat and they headed for the field.

They reached the bleachers, climbing up to what Lydia said was the prime seating. Maxi noticed Allison slow down, and looked up. She was staring at the field, and apparently she was staring at Scott, if his staring back was any indication. They exchanged smiles, as Maxi watched on. Maxi watched as Stiles took a seat on the bench and Scott got cornered by Coach. Nothing good ever came of that. She could see Danny and Renny on the field, waving when they looked her way.

"Who is that," Allison asked, looking at Scott in the goal.

"Him? I'm not sure who he is. Why," was Lydia's response?

Maxi rolled her eyes, knowing that Lydia had been friends with Scott in elementary school just like the rest of them.

"He's in our English class," she said, trying to play it off.

"That's Scott. He's a nice guy."

Practice started, and things weren't looking too good for Scott. He took the first shot to the face, falling down. After that though, he started catching them. Stiles seemed just as surprised as everyone else. As he kept catching them, Stiles started getting more excited, as did the crowd. Then Jackson stepped up, of course needing to show off. He was going to embarrass the poor guy.

Maxi jumped up, screaming, when Scott caught it. She clapped and yelled, "Way to go Scott!" Lydia jumped up too, Jackson throwing her a dirty glare.

They watched the rest of practice, Allison and Maxi deciding that Maxi would ride home with her and help her start unpacking. Lydia declined, saying she would come over once the work was done. Practice ended and the boys went to the locker room. She told Allison she would meet her in the parking lot, needing to let her brother know not to wait for her.

She made her way to the locker room, leaning up against the wall opposite the door. A couple of guys came out, seniors and juniors, friends of Renny's. They said hi, but kept walking. She was looking down at her phone when the door opened again. She looked up, and instead of seeing Renny, it was Stiles.

"Hey. You're not, waiting for me, are you?"

She smiled, "No, sorry. I just need to speak to my brother real quick."

"Oh," he said, disappointment crossing his face. "He should be out in a minute. He seemed like he was about done."

He started to walk off, but Maxi called out his name.

"Why didn't you practice with the team? You are on it, aren't you?"

He scuffed his shoes, looking down at them. Of course she noticed he never left the bench.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm on the team. Today was just a warm up, I'm sure I'll get to do more next time."

"I'm sure your time will come. You made the team, you've got to have some talent, right?"

The two grew quiet, until Maxi spoke again. "So, what are you off to do? No bodies to find today, I'm assuming."

"Actually, Scott and I are going back out to the woods. When he found the body last night, he dropped his inhaler. Says they're expensive so were going back to find it. Maybe I'll get to see the body."

"Returning to the scene of the crime, what exciting lives you lead."

"You could come, if you wanted," he said, before he even really thought about it.

"I'm not really dressed for it, am I," she said, gesturing to her dress.

He laughed, fidgeting a little bit. "No, I suppose not. Maybe next time?"

"You planning another trip to the woods to look for a body Stilinski? If so, I might have to ponder your involvement in all of this."

Before he could say anything else, the locker room door opened, and out stepped Renny. "Max, what's up? I thought we were meeting at my truck."

"Yeah, about that. I'm actually going to head home with my new friend, Allison, she needs some help unpacking. Let Dad know I'll be home after dinner, yeah?"

"Sure, will do." Renny left, leaving Maxi and Stiles.

"I should probably go. Allison and her dad are waiting for me."

She turned to walk off, noticing that he was walking with her.

"My jeeps this way, I'm not following you or anything weird like that. I promise."

She stopped, waiting for him to catch up. "So, are you coming to the party on Friday? Everyone is going to be there."

"I wasn't invited."

"Well, consider this a formal invitation. I, Maxine Taylor, invite you…What's your real first name?"

He gulped, "We don't speak of such things. Stick to Stiles…Please?"

"Ok then. I, Maxine Taylor, invite you, Stiles Stilinski to the party on Friday night. I will be very upset if you don't show. Promise you'll be there? You can bring Scott, or a date if you want."

"Will Isaac be there?"

She gave him a confused look, not sure why he would ask that. He did see the scene she had made early that morning, "No, it's not really his scene. Besides, he'll probably be working."

It didn't really give him any information into what was going on with the two, but he'd take what he could get. Maxi Taylor, the prettiest, most popular girl in school, had just formally invited him to the first party of the year. Things were definitely looking up. Maybe he was getting away from that scarlet nerd thing he had told Scott about.

"Ok, yeah, I'll be there. No date though, and I'll see what Scott says."

By this time, they reached the parking lot. There was a SUV parked by the curb, Allison standing beside it. She waved when she saw them, getting in the front seat.

'Well, there's my ride. Thanks for walking with me. I'll see you tomorrow Stiles."

She made her way to the car, climbing in. Allison introduced her dad, and they made their way to the Argent house.


The drive to the Argent house was quick, and full of laughter. Mr. Argent was a nice guy, Allison obviously took after him. When they got to the house, Allison and Maxi took the stairs to Allison's room. When they walked in, it was to paint samples, disarrayed furniture, and boxes. Allison laughed, waving Maxi into the room.

"Let's do the clothes. That way, if you decide to paint, that will be out of the way," Maxi said, taking charge of the situation.

They each grabbed a box marked clothes and carried them into the closet. They set them down, both opening their box and starting to hang items up. Once they got into a rhythm, it was easy to see what should go where. As they continued, they talked about places Allison had lived before, friends she had left behind. She explained that with the short times she had lived in most places, she had never really left anything substantial behind. Never really dated, and didn't plan to anytime soon.

"What about Scott? Sure seems to be something there between you two."

"He's like, ridiculously cute. It's hard for me to believe he's not taken," she said, hanging up a ridiculously cute cropped blazer.

"I don't really know him much anymore, we haven't really hung out in a few years, but he's always been a really nice guy. I don't know why no one's snatched him up."

"Life's mysteries," she said, as there was a knock at her door.

"Can I come in?" we heard her mom say.

The door opened, revealing Mrs. Argent. She was a tall, fierce looking woman, who looked like she didn't take bull from anyone. Maxi smiled at her, taking a seat on the bed.

"Mom, this is Maxi, Maxi, this is my mom."

"Nice to meet you Mrs. Argent," Maxi said, stepping up and holding her hand out.

"Oh my, someone's parents taught you right," Mrs. Argent said, taking Maxi's hand and shaking it, "And please, call me Victoria."

"Victoria, got it."

"Well, I don't want to interfere. I just brought up some snacks and drinks, thought you might be working up an appetite. Seems like the most important part of the bedroom is almost done."

"Yeah, just about done with my clothes. I think I'm going to keep this color, so later Dad can move the rest of the furniture and I'll get all the small stuff done."

"Well, I'll leave you guys too it. Allison, will you be driving Maxi home?"

"Yeah, if that's ok."

Mrs. Argent shook her head, sending a smile back at both girls before leaving the room.

"So, family night Friday?"

Allison blushes, looking down at the ground.

"Yeah, so it was a total lie. I just felt, kind of overwhelmed by Lydia and Jackson."

"I totally understand. Lydia can be a bit much sometimes, but 7/10 times, she means well. The fact that she approached you is kind of a big deal. She's very protective of her little circle, and doesn't usually invite people in. It's been the same group since like, 5th grade? Up till then, it was always play dates and group field trips with all of us. Something changed in 5th grade though. It was like, our parents gave us the right to pick our friends all the sudden or something. We split, went our own ways, and most of us never looked back. Especially Jackson and Lydia."

"Well, I'm glad that she approves of me at least," she said, a smile on her face.

"You'll get used to her. Once she accepts you, she's like a mama lion. She'll always have your back, and what's better than that in high school?"

Maxi smiled, fondly thinking of the fiercely loyal strawberry blonde, before grabbing a snack and nibbling on it.

After they ate, they finished hanging up the clothes while her dad came in and placed all the furniture where Allison wanted it. Once the furniture was placed, they started unloading the rest of the boxes, putting decorations where they thought they would look best. Once they broke down the last box and threw it into the hall, they flung themselves back onto the bed, tired from all their work.

"Thank you so much for all the help Maxi. This would have taken me days to finish by myself, and I never would have thought to do some of the decorating ideas you came up with. My room looks better than it ever has. I really appreciate it. It's nice, knowing I have a real friend. No one's ever offered to help with this stuff before."

Maxi turned her head, looking to Allison.

"I was really glad to help, and honestly, it's nice to have another girl friend. Someone who's not just trying to get a good seat at the popular table or get an in with the lacrosse team. Someone who just wants a friend," Maxi said, giving her a small smile. Allison returned the gesture, turning to look back at the ceiling.

"Do you need to get home soon?"

Looking at the clock, Maxi saw it was almost 8:00. She still had to do her physics homework, take a shower, and talk to Danny about their days.

"Yeah, I probably should. Are you sure you want to drive me home? I can have my dad or brother come get me, no problem."

"No, I'm happy too. It will give me a chance to learn the town, and I might as well get the drive to your house down right away."

They laughed, both getting up and putting their shoes back on. They walked down the stairs and into the living room, to find both adults sitting on the couch, watching TV.

"Mom, Dad, I'm taking Maxi home. I'll be back shortly."

"It was very nice to meet both of you. Have a good night."

Mr. Argent spoke up first, "It was nice meeting you as well, and we look forward to seeing you around."

With the goodbyes out of the way, they made their way outside, and into Allison's car.

They'd been driving for about five minutes, when Allison went to turn up the music on a song both girls were excited to sing along too. It was that split second look away, when Maxi saw it. A dog had ran into the road. She started to warn Allison, barely getting her name out, when they heard the thunk of something hitting the front of the car.

Allison quickly stopped the car, putting it into park, and jumping out. Maxi just sat there, heart racing. She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to take deep breaths. Suddenly, Allison was opening the back door, placing a small sized dog on the seat.

"Oh my god, I hit him. I hit him, Maxi!"

She shut the door, climbing back into the driving seat.

"Where do I take him? Do you know where the vet is?"

Maxi heard her, but didn't immediately respond. She was still trying to calm her heart down. She kept telling herself she was fine, that they had just hit a small dog.

"Maxi, Maxi, are you ok?" She felt a hand on her shoulder, and that snapped her out of it. She turned to Allison, giving her a small smile.

"Sorry, freaked out a little bit. Yeah, the vet is up ahead. If you keep going straight for two more blocks, then turn left, you'll see it. I'm not sure if they are still open or not though."

Allison threw the car into drive and floored it. She followed the directions Maxi gave her, pulling into the parking lot of the vet within 5 minutes. They both got out of the car, immediately getting soaked by the sudden rain storm. Maxi made her way over to the driver's side, while Allison went to knock on the vet's door. It looked like they might already be closed. Maxi kneeled, petting the dog, listening to Allison pound on the door. Suddenly she stopped, and Maxi could hear talking. She looked over her shoulder, to see Allison and Scott making their way to the car. She moved out of the way, letting Scott gently grab the dog, taking him inside.

She followed behind, pulling Allison to a stop just outside of the exam room.

"I'm going to call my brother, have him come get me. He's just getting off work, so he'll be right by here. You go take care of the dog, ok?"

"Are you sure? I can still take you."

"No, really it's ok. Go help Scott fix up the pup, and I'll see you tomorrow."

Allison and her hugged, then Maxi watched Allison walk back into the exam room. Maxi pulled her phone out of her purse, holding down the 2 button, and putting the phone to her hear.


"Renny, hey, can you pick me up at the vets?"

"Right now? Why are you at the vet?"

"Yes, now, or as soon as you can. And I'll explain it when you get here. Honk the horn," and before she could finish her sentence, there was a horn honking.

"I just got off work, I was not even a block away when you called. Good timing, now hurry up so you can explain what is going on."

She hung up her phone, placing it back in her purse before making her way outside and running to the truck. Renny already had the door open for her, so she just had to climb up. He threw a lacrosse hoodie at her, and she wiped off her face.

"So, explain."

"Allison was bringing me home when it started to rain. She looked away for one second, and next thing we knew, we were hitting a dog. I kind of freaked out, and didn't want to have to answer any questions."

"Aw, Maxi. That's understandable. At least you are getting into vehicles again. You have to look at all the progress you have made over the last year, not look at where you are lacking. You hit an animal and freaked a little bit, it's ok. I'm sure it wasn't even as bad as you think it was."

She thought about it, he was right. He always was. She had just spaced out a little bit, it's not like she had started screaming (which had happened for a while after the accident any time she got into a car). Allison probably hadn't even thought much about it.

"You're right, as always. Thanks Ren. How was work?"

They talked the rest of the way home, about their first day back and lacrosse practice. When they parked in the garage, Renny and Maxi both jumped out, making their way into the house. When they entered the backdoor, into the kitchen, their dad was sitting at the counter, reading the newspaper and drinking a cup of coffee.

"Hey Dad! What was for dinner," Renny asked, going directly to the fridge.

Before answering Renny, their dad noticed that Maxi was soaking wet.

"What in the world happened to you," he asked, putting the paper down and coming to Maxi.

"I'm fine, Dad, I'm fine. Allison accidently hit a dog on the way to bring me home. I got wet when we got to the vets office. But seriously, I'm fine. Is there any dinner?"

"Yes, there's a plate of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and grilled green beans in the oven for both of you. Go upstairs, shower, and change before you eat though."

He placed a kiss on her head, giving her a gently nudge towards the door. She smiled at him, took the hint, and made her way to her room. She threw her purse and book bag on the floor by her desk, stripped her coat off her soaking body.

She made her way to the closet, grabbing her robe out. She stripped off the skin soaked dress, snuggling deep into the dry robe. Once the robe was on, she sat down, unzipping her boots, and pulling them and the socks off. She then made her way back into the closet, removing all her jewelry from the day. Once the robe was the only thing remaining, she entered the bathroom. She turned the water as hot as it went, and stepped into the shower.

When she got out, she wrapped up in a towel, and walked back into the closet. She pulled an Alabama Crimson Tide shirt out, a matching pair of sleeper shorts, and a knee high pair of socks. She pulled them on, and made her way back downstairs. Her dad was the only one left in the kitchen, still reading the paper. She opened the oven, seeing Renny's plate was gone already. She pulled hers out, grabbed a fork, and took a seat across from her father. As she began to eat, he got up, making his way to the fridge. He pulled out a gallon of milk, grabbed a glass, and filled it. He then set it in front of Maxi, a pat on her head, before taking his seat across from her again. She continued to eat, asking him about his day, and how soccer practice was for Gabi. He folded the paper up, and while she was looking at the front page, he saw her gaze.

"Have you heard about this? I was a little unnerved when I learned this all happened around the time you were out running last night."

"I'll have you know, that I ended up getting a ride home from the Sheriff's son himself, so I was perfectly safe. He was worried about me running home after hearing about the body himself," she said, continuing to eat her dinner.

"The Stilinski Boy?"

"Stiles. He was leaving his house as I ran by. We talked for a bit, and he mentioned that he had overheard the call come through to his dad. When I said I should get home, he offered, insisted really, that he give me a ride home."

'Well that was very heroic of him. I hate to imagine what could have happened if you hadn't crossed paths. I'd like to thank him."

"Daddy, I'm sure that isn't necessary."

"No, I'm serious. Why don't you invite him over for dinner, this weekend? Find out his favorite meal, his favorite dessert. I'll make the meal, you'll of course make the dessert. Tell him that I insist."

Maxi groaned, but really, she wasn't too unhappy by the idea. This would give her a chance to see Stiles outside of school, away from the cliques and drama of high school. Away from prying eyes. She smiled, warming to the idea.

"Ok, I'll find out what he would like prepared, if he doesn't already have plans. It will have to be Saturday though Daddy. You know Friday night after the scrimmage is Lydia's party."

He shook his head, knowing about the party. "I know, I know. Saturday night it is then. Give me the details and I'll take care of the rest. 7:00 sound good?"

"Yeah, that should be fine. Promise me you'll be nice to him though. This isn't some boyfriend that I am bringing home, he's just a friend, barely a friend really."

He got up then, putting his coffee mug in the dishwasher and his paper in the recycling. He placed a hand on Maxi's shoulder, "Don't stay up too late. Good night sweetheart."

"Night Daddy."

She finished her food, cleaning up the kitchen. She still needed to finish her homework. She made her way to her room, stopping in to say good night to Renny and check on Gabi. She had fallen asleep watching How I Met Your Mother. Maxi turned her TV off and made sure she was covered up.

When Maxi entered her room, she grabbed her book bag and laid it on the bed. She turned her iHome on low and selected a study playlist, mostly classical music. She pulled her book and paper out of the bag and got to work. About an hour later she finally finished, and put everything away. She placed her bags by the door, grabbing her MacBook on her way back to her bed. She pulled the blankets back, climbing in and snuggling down.

She opened the laptop, checking her email and then opening Facebook. She ignored all the game requests, said happy birthday on a couple of people's walls, and then started scrolling through her feed.

There was the usual stuff about first day back, lacrosse practice, and then suddenly she came across something about the party on Friday.

Stiles Stilinski Who's got two thumbs and is going to the party on Friday night? That's right, this guy!

Maxi laughed, shaking her head, and clicking on the box to comment.

Maxi Taylor Who's got two thumbs and is wondering who still says "Who's got two thumbs" jokes?
You guessed right, this gal! Nerd! :P

Stiles Stilinski Hey, you just used one yourself! Does that make you a nerd as well?

Maxi Taylor Against my better judgment, and I suppose it does. Shit!

Stiles Stilinski Well, if it makes you feel any better, you are a very hot nerd.

Maxi Taylor Do hot nerds wear short skirts?

Stiles Stilinski God, I hope so!

Maxi Taylor Guess you'll just have to wait and see. Goodnight Stilinski

Stiles Stilinski Night Maxi

Maxi closed out of Facebook, placing her laptop on the floor beside her bed. She went and brushed her teeth, washing her face afterwards. She turned off all her lights, closing her door. She turned her sleeping playlist on, white noise types of sounds, and crawled back into bed. Once she was comfortable, she kicked her socks off, and snuggled into her pillow. Not a single nightmare haunted her dreams that night.

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