It was just another day in the major shinobi village of Konohagakure, as villagers and shinobi alike wandered through the streets browsing various shops, spending time with friends and loved ones, or simply enjoying the nice weather. Amongst the crowd were three individuals whose unique clothing suggested that they were foreigners of the Land of Fire.

One was a man who had short light green hair, a scar running down his left eye; which was closed, wearing a long dark-green coat, which was closed at the waist by a red sash, with a green haramaki underneath but no shirt, and a black bandanna tied around his left arm. He also had tanned skin, with large muscles apparent on his broad chest; which also brandished a large scar that ran from his left shoulder to his right hip. Finally, he had three katana tucked into his red sash, one was white sheathed with a white guard, another was black sheathed with a gold guard, and the last was black sheathed with a flower shaped guard.

Next to him was a slightly taller woman, who had long black hair that reached her lower back, blue eyes, a defined nose, tanned skin, long and slender limbs, large breasts, and a slender waist. She wore a completely purple outfit consisting of high heeled boots, some skinny jeans, a low hanging tank-top that showed off the top of her chest, an open jacket worn over the tank top, and purple tinted sunglasses. She also had a small light purple backpack that was slung on to her back.

Lastly was a twelve year old girl, who had long dark green hair, the man's black eyes, the woman's defined nose, and tanned skin. The girl was wearing a purple t-shirt that was tucked into her tan pants, brown high heeled boots, and had a red sash tied around her waist with three normal katana tucked into her sash.

These three were Roronoa Zoro; known to the world as "World's Greatest Swordsman" and "Demon of the New World", Roronoa-Nico Robin; who is labeled as "Devil's Child", and Roronoa Olvia; who was named "Hell Spawn" due to who her parents are.

Of course, all of these nicknames meant nothing in this land. As two hundred years ago, a large war was waged between the natives of a mass of land that resided in the New World known as the Shinobi Nations, and the Marines that led to a treaty which stated that both sides would cease all contact between their lands. Despite this, a wayward trader or pirate crew would still visit the nations, but ultimately the two worlds slowly became unknown to each other.

It could be considered a good thing; however, as both Roronoa Zoro and Nico Robin are wanted by the world outside of the nations, for having been members of the infamous Mugiwara Pirates. The crew had disbanded after eight years of discovering the legendary treasure One Piece, with each member now living their own lives. After their separation, Robin requested that she and her husband travel to the Shinobi Nations as her discovery of the Rio Poneglyph had mentioned a man known as the Rikudo Sennin (Sage of the Six Paths), and she wanted to research about him before they found an island to settle down on with their, then eight year old, daughter Olvia. Once they had arrived, the family visited the shinobi villages of Kumogakure, Sunagakure, and many of the minor villages for four years. Until they finally decided to head towards Konohagakure, which was claimed to have the largest collection of knowledge. Now they stood at the village's main square, deciding on what they would do first.

"Wow, this village is beautiful" exclaimed Olvia, as she looked around in wonder.

"Why yes it is" agreed Robin, smiling at her daughter's awed expression. "Don't you agree Zoro?"

Zoro shrugged, "It's okay I guess."

"Aww, you're so boring papa" whined Olvia.

Zoro got a tick mark on his head. "I'm not boring, I just don't get all wide-eyed at nature like you two" yelled Zoro.

"But why?" asked Olvia. "You always liked lying under Sunny's tree whenever you took a nap."

"It's because it was shady, but didn't block out all of the sunlight. I wasn't interested in every single leaf on it" explained Zoro.

"You don't have to be interested in everything about the tree, just how it looks" argued Olvia.

"It looked like a tree" stated Zoro.

Robin couldn't help but stand back and giggle as she watched her husband and daughter go back and forth in their argument. 'They are both so stubborn' thought Robin smiling.

"How come you had to marry such a bland guy mom?" asked a pouting Olvia.

"Now Olvia, your father might not appreciate everything in explicit detail as we do. But, do you honestly believe that someone who is the World's Greatest Swordsman and feared across the world as a demon is bland?" Robin asked, with a slight smirk at how her daughter got flustered.

Olvia scratched her slightly red cheek. "Um, n-no, what I meant was that"

Zoro ruffled his hand through his daughter's hair. "That's enough Livy" said Zoro grinning. He then looked to his wife, "Why don't you go to the library and read about that sage guy; while Livy and I go find some place to train" suggested the swordsman.

"Are you sure that is the best idea Zoro? What if the two of you get lost?" asked Robin with an eyebrow raised and a smirk.

Zoro got a tick mark on his head, but before he could argue Olvia groaned. "Oh come on mom, you know that my sense of direction is way better than papa's" claimed the green haired girl. "Come on papa, let's go train" exclaimed Olvia, and the two left walking beside the forest.

"We'll meet you at the hotel later" shouted Zoro over his shoulder, being led away by his daughter.

"Alright I'll see you then, have fun" replied Robin. 'Fufufufu, well her sense of direction is better than Zoro's' thought Robin with a smirk. 'At least they aren't travelling away from the "forest" training grounds.'