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"For the last time councilor Torane, unless Naruto has committed an unforgivable crime such as betrayal to the village or murder then we can't execute him" sighed the sandaime hokage; Hiruzen Sarutobi, as the civilian council was giving him yet another head ache.

"That de-boy, is harboring a threat to the entire village! A threat mind you that caused the deaths of a majority of our village's shinobi including our own Yondaime hokage and your wife!" argued civilian councilor Miraku Torane, the wealthiest civilian on the council and the proclaimed "Voice of the Innocent", who was said to speak for Konoha's non-shinobi population. Unlike his fellow civilian council members Torane knew that there was power in appearance so he kept himself in shape and wore a traditional black robe, rather than become fat or wear flashy outfits like the others civilian council members. This simple appearance has made Miraku more "relatable" to the civilians, thus gaining their favor completely.

"Naruto is not harboring the Kyuubi by choice, it was sealed within him at birth. Therefore your accusation carries no weight against young Uzumaki" countered Sarutobi, who was glaring at Torane.

Just then an Anbu, who was wearing a porcelain bear mask, appeared next to the sandaime and whispered into his ear. "I apologize for the interruption Hokage-sama, but there are three people outside with authorization cards and they have Uzumaki Naruto with them. They are requesting to speak with you immediately" explained the bear anbu.

"Ask them if they'd be willing to come back later" ordered Hiruzen.

"Yes Hokage-sama" answered the anbu, who then disappeared but then reappeared a minute later. "They are refusing to return later Hokage-sama" informed the bear anbu.

The sandaime hokage sighed; "Alright, let them in."

- Outside the council room

"Come back later my ass" growled Zoro, as he stood with his arms crossed in front of the council door.

Robin placed her hand onto her husband's back to calm him down, she'd been able to calm herself down again so as not to mess up this meeting due to anger. "Relax Zoro, he was only the messenger there was no need for you to threaten him." Before Zoro could say anything back to his wife the doors opened.

When the four entered the room they noticed the cold glares that half of the council shot at Naruto. When the young blonde started to look down in fear and shame (at what he didn't know that he did wrong), Zoro released some of his killer intent to wash over the room. (Killer intent is Zoro's dangerous presence that he uses to scare the hell out of any marines, pirates, or bandits that try to fight against him. It's why enemies usually freak out and run away whenever Zoro approaches them. It's not Emperor's haki.) Even though the swordsman only released a small amount of his KI onto the council, the civilians found themselves hardly breathing; while the clan heads and hokage were sweating.

'Just what kind of power does this man have' thought the room's shinobi.

"Zoro please" calmed Robin, placing a hand on his shoulder as she walked passed him towards the council. "I apologize for my husband's aggressive stance towards you, but he is simply protecting young Uzumaki-san here" explained the raven, placing her hand on the young blonde's shoulder to comfort him. "My name is Nico Robin, this is my husband Roronoa Zoro, and our daughter Roronoa Olvia. The three of us are from across the ocean that surrounds your nation and have come in search of knowledge on the famed Rikudo Sennin."

"Why would you be seeking knowledge on the fabled Sage?" asked Hiruzen.

"Well you see, I am an archaeologist and my life goal was to discover the mystery behind the Void Century; which was an entire period in time where no knowledge was recorded. The only source of information about what had occurred during that time was inscribed in an ancient text, that only I have the ability to read, on a stone known as the Rio Poneglyph. While I will not reveal the knowledge that the Poneglyph contained, I will tell you that it involved the Rikudo Sennin. My world doesn't contain any knowledge of the Sage, so in order for me to discover more about him we needed to travel here" explained Robin.

"So what's this got to do with Naruto?" asked the Inuzuka clan head, Tsume Inuzuka.

Robin noticed the first name reference that the clan head used towards Naruto and took it as a sign that the feral looking woman held no ill will towards the young blonde. "Well when my family and I arrived to Konohagakure earlier today, my husband and daughter found Uzumaki-san under attack by a mob of villager's and your shinobi" stated Robin, narrowing her eyes at how some of the "flashier" council members grinned at being told this.

"And did your husband kill these so called mob members?" asked Miraku.

Robin shook her head. "No he didn't, he only stunned the civilians and scared away the shinobi, and that brings me to why we are here. We wish to adopt Uzumaki-san."

As soon as she had said that the entire civilian side of the council and the elders erupted in protest, only to be quieted back down by another burst of KI from Zoro. "I can see by the look in both of your eyes that any attempt to deny you will be met with deaf ears" grumbled Miraku. Robin only nodded; which caused the councilor to groan.

"Very well then, but on the request of his parents Naruto will need to remain in the village which means that the three of you will need to join Konoha as well" explained Hiruzen.

"Well buy a house and live here but that's it" stated Zoro. "There's no way in hell that I'm going to be a ninja that you can try to control."

"Then how will you pay for your house then?" asked the Nara clan head, Shikaku Nara.

"I already went back to my old job of bounty hunting so we have plenty of money" answered Zoro.

Shikaku smirked at this. "So you're the one who's been making to bingo book shrink so quickly."

This time Zoro smirked. "Yeah, for high ranked shinobi fugitives your enemies are real push-overs compared to what we've faced over-seas."

This statement caused everyone in the room, including the old war hawk Danzo, to break out in a cold sweat. 'Many of the wanted shinobi that have been eliminated in the past year are some that even my ROOT anbu wouldn't be able to handle.'

Hiruzen smiled at the swordsman and archaeologist. 'Finally Naruto will have a family that can protect him' thought the Sandaime Hokage. "Very well then, if you will simply speak to my secretary then she will give you the required paper work and will deliver them to me later for approval."

The mention of having to do paperwork caused Zoro to groan and Robin to giggle at her husband's distain. She then bowed to the hokage and with a "Thank you hokage-sama" the four visitors left the room.

After the door shut Miraku gritted his teeth in anger. 'Damn it! Damn those bastards adopting that damn demon. Alright calm down Torane, you'll just have to make their entire family's life a living hell if that's what it takes to make that boy suffer' thought the councilor with a malicious grin.

Well Naruto's finally got a family, but what's Torane got planned for them to make their lives hell. Thank you to everyone who's been reviewing my fic so far. I really appreciate it guys! I've decided to keep the NaruHina pairing, but it will be light. I've got some big plans for how Torane is going to affect the "Demon Family" later, so I want to know what you guys think of him so far. Thx for reading!