"So you eat here every day?" asked Olvia, gazing down at the decorative bowl of steaming noodles in front of her. After the pair finished their tour of Konoha, which was only half pleasant due to the venomous stares that were shot the whiskered kid's way during their walk, the duo stopped finished with a stop at Naruto's favorite place in the village, Ichiraku Ramen. "That honestly can't be at all healthy for you Whisker-kun."

"But it's SO GOOD!" shouted the blonde, after he finished off his first bowl in seconds.

Olvia sighed. 'This kid is just like Uncle Luffy' she thought before she glanced over at her new friend out of the corner of her eye. 'But he doesn't have a Devil Fruit like Luffy does. So how is this kid managing to stay so skinny, let alone alive, eating this stuff for every meal? There must be some secret behind it.' She paused her thoughts to finally take a bite out of her food once her groaning stomach reminded her that she hasn't eaten anything since breakfast. "Wow! This actually isn't too bad" stated Olvia.

A chuckle then came from the cook, Teuchi Ichiraku, as he glanced up from his cooking behind the counter. "Well that's not usually the kind of feedback that I get from new costumers. You must be a hard lady to please Olvia-san."

Olvia smiled a genuine smile which; same as her parents, was rare considering that she was raised to constantly be aware of others, but even after just meeting the Ichirakus she could tell that they were good people to the core. "There's no reason to take offense Teuchi-san. In fact, that was something chefs rarely get out of me, but that's only because I was raised with one of the World's Greatest Cooks making my meals for me." Despite her father and Uncle Sanji constantly fighting each other, Olvia could never bring herself to lie about the cook's culinary skills like her papa could.

"Well my dad will get you to love our ramen in no time" stated Ayame, the fourteen year old girl crossing her arms proudly. "After all, my dad's another one of the World's Greatest Cooks."

Teuchi chuckled again at his daughter's praise before he grinned confidently and gave the three kids a thumbs up. "You bet! There's no way I'm going to let a customer walk away with an "Isn't too bad."

"Yeah! Ichiraku Ramen is the best food in the universe!" proclaimed Naruto, finishing off his seventh bowl.

'I can't believe I offered to buy him dinner' thought Olvia with a sweat drop. She then turned back to the ramen stand owner and smiled the cool smile that her mom was known for. "I'll hold you to that Teuchi-san."

"So how did you get one of the world's greatest chefs to cook for you Olvia-san?" asked Ayame with wonder in her eyes. "Are you royalty from another nation? You have swords so are you from the Land of Iron? Are you a samurai princess?"

Before Olvia could answer a new voice made itself known from behind her. "Oi, there you are Naruto."

"Iruka-sensei!" shouted Naruto in joy as he lunged out of his seat towards the man who'd just entered the stand. This man had brown hair that was up in a ponytail with a scar across his face, wearing leaf shinobi vest and a Konoha forehead protector on his head.

Iruka hugged the excitable blonde back and smiled. "I knew I'd find you here. I heard about what happened at the playground today and wanted to see how you were feeling."

"I'm great Iruka-sensei! There's someone I want you to meet!" The whiskered boy turned around and pointed towards Olvia, who was smiling at seeing that Naruto did have some people in this village who genuinely cared about him. "This is Olvia-chan. Her mom found me after everyone left and made me feel better."

"Oh really!?" asked the leaf chunnin in surprise. "Well that was awfully nice of them. It's a pleasure to meet you Olvia-chan" said Iruka with a bow.

"The pleasure's mine Iruka-san" said Olvia, hopping off of her stool to bow back. "And it's not polite to point Whisker-san."

Naruto pouted and crossed his arms. "Well you need to stop calling me Whisker-san. My name is Naruto Uzumaki, dattebayo!"

Everyone laughed at the boy's behavior, causing him to pout more and return to his seat to eat his tenth bowl of ramen. After the laughter died down Olvia returned to her seat and Iruka took the one on the other side of his blonde student. "So Olvia-chan, what is your family doing in Konoha anyways?"

"My mom's doing research on the Rikudo Sennin" answered Olvia, as she continued her meal.

The chunnin tutor raised an eyebrow at that. "And why does your mother want to know about the Rikudo Sennin?"

"She's an archaeologist so she wants to learn everything about history that she can. Every era, every figure, every battle, and from every sides point of view. If it impacted the world then you can guarantee that my mom wants to learn about it" explained Olvia proudly at her mother's dedication and love for her profession.

"Wow! Your mom sounds really smart!" exclaimed Ayame in wonder. "What about your dad? Is he an archaeologist too?"

Olvia nearly choked on her ramen from laughing. Imagining her papa trying to do what her mom does had to be one of the funniest things she's ever heard of.

"Are you alright Olvia-chan?" asked Teuchi, serving up a bowl of ramen to Iruka.

After clearing her throat and catching her breath, thanks to Ayame patting her back, Olvia answered while still laughing slightly. "N-no, he's not. He's a swordsman, the best in the world actually."

"Sounds like you really respect your father" stated Iruka, not at all hiding the fact that he considered the title to be just based on a child's admiration.

Olvia noticed this though and wanted to prove the scarred chunnin wrong but before she could a familiar voice spoke up. "It's true actually, shinobi-san" said Robin as she entered the ramen stand with Zoro, who she was leading along by hand.

"Damn it onna! I don't need you leading me around like a child!" roared Zoro.

Robin giggled. "Fufufu, but don't you like holding my hand Zoro-koi? After all, you always tell me how soft they are whenever I'm caressing your big, hard"

"Oi Robin/Mom!" yelled Zoro and Olvia in embarrassment with Iruka choking on his ramen, Teuchi almost spilling some broth, Ayame blushing up a storm, and Naruto looking clueless.

"Muscles" finished the raven haired woman with her pleased smirk at making her husband blush and tricking everyone else.

"Not funny onna!" yelled Zoro, whose face was still bright red.

"What's wrong with caressing muscles? I see woman in the village do it all the time to the men they're walking with" asked Naruto.

"S-so anyways Olvia. These are you parents then?" asked Iruka, trying to steer the conversation away from what everyone had assumed.

"Oh, have you been talking about us Olvia-chan? I hope you've only been saying good things about us" said Robin, giving her daughter a fake chilled stare.

Being able to see past her mother's deceptive nature after all these years Olvia regained her own calm demeanor and answered. "Well I haven't mentioned papa's direction problems if that's what you're asking?"

"Oi, what direction problems!?" asked Zoro angrily at how EVERYONE mentions this to him.

"Fufufu, it is. I sincerely hope that you weren't attempting to sabotage your father's reputation in our new home before we even manage to get settled in" stated Robin. "After all, the village shinobi already seem to be on guard around us after we let our past "occupation" slip."

"Past occupation? Are you guys criminals?" asked the chunnin sensei, suddenly on guard.

"To the rest of the world outside of your continent we are" answered Olvia. "But don't worry Iruka-san, we were far different than your typical pirates."

"Wait!" shouted Naruto, causing everyone to stare at the unusually quiet blond. "You guys said 'new home'. Does that mean that you're gonna be staying in Konoha with me?"

'That's not the issue here Naruto' thought Iruka, Teuchi, and Ayame.

Robin giggled to herself at the blond haired child's innocence. "Of course Naruto-san we will be living with you. It wouldn't make sense for us to not be living in the same house as our new son. Now would it?"

"New son!" shouted everyone but the demon couple in surprised, except for Olvia who'd said it in joy.

"You're adopting Naruto-kun?" asked Ayame.

"You're going to be staying in Konoha?" asked Teuchi.

"The council actually allowed you to adopt Naruto?" asked Iruka.

"You guys are going to be my new parents!?" shouted Naruto.

"And sister whisker-kun" stated Olvia with a grin.

"Yes to all of you now shut up!" yelled Zoro, getting a headache from the sudden up roar.

"Relax Zoro" calmed Robin, placing her hand on his shoulder. "It wouldn't make Naruto-san very happy if you scared off all of his friends already."

"Tch, whatever" grumbled the swordsman before he turned around and stared walking away. "We already bought a house so let's head home. I'm tired and want to sleep."

"It's the other way Zoro!" called Robin, causing herself to giggle when her husband came back with an embarrassed look on his face and grabbed her arm to drag her away in the correct direction. "Fufufu, I knew you enjoyed holding my hand Zoro-koi."

"Shut up onna! It's just so you don't get yourself lost" argued Zoro.

Giggling once more to herself, Robin called back to her kids before her green haired Kenshi pulled her too far away from the stand. "Come along you two before you have to sleep outside in the cold and die from frostbite because you couldn't find your way home."

"You're staring Naruto mom!" shouted Olvia, dragging along her new, visibly scared, brother away from the stand after their parents.

"Well that was interesting" stated Iruka.

"At least they seemed like nice people. I'm happy that Naruto finally has a family to take care of him" stated Teuchi.

"Me too" agreed Ayame. "So Iruka-san?"

"Yes?" asked Iruka.

"Are you going to be paying for their meal?" asked the fifteen year old, looking at the stack of twenty-five empty ramen bowls and one half empty one that was left on the counter by the departing kids.

"Uh" blanked Iruka, before he sighed defeated. "I guess Naruto can just consider this my congratulations present for his new family."

Here ya go everyone, the first four re-made chaps of Demons of Fire! I hope you all enjoy them and from here on out I'm going to be releasing the other new chapters as I write them so expect the next one to come out within a week. Thx for reading and cya next time!