Sorry, but I'm sick and tired of having to sort through this mess of OC fanfiction to find the pairings I want. What is with people adding unneeded women to the story?

Sebastian sighed under his breath. He was getting sick of these little "fangirls." What with them adding themselves and other OCs to their own story. Kuroshitsuji was simply a story about FOUR men. And yes, there might have been a little yaoi thrown in. He personally didn't care who he ended up with, but certainly not a prissy Mary-sue or even the authoress herself, since it was obvious that a male wouldn't write this sort of thing. It was ridiculous to think that a young woman would be that desperate to throw herself into a story as a lover/partner/helper. Hell, even the ones that he didn't end up with pissed him off, mainly because he didn't understand why the women didn't use what was already in the story. It was the few things that he did have time to think about; especially with his busy schedule; and Sebastian was beginning to lose his mind. Why bother asking? He certainly wasn't going to try and understand any of the fangirl's minds. It was much more dangerous than he was willing to go.

Claude frowned as he stared at the woman who had 'suddenly' appeared in his bed. He wasn't sure what to make of the OCs that were suddenly being thrown into his story as his lovers, but the demon knew that he had finally had enough. All the spider knew was that Sebastian was probably having just as much trouble as he was, and that thought didn't really comfort him. Claude resisted tearing the thing apart, for as far he knew, his life, soul, and body were for his master. Not some slut who decided to be put into his story. She and anyone else just needed to disappear.