Here are some notes for the readers:
1: Let's pretend that all of Teen Top are in high school.
2: This is an American high school. So there are four years not three.
3: I am using the movie "Breakfast Club" as a base. So there are some similarities.

4: Enjoy the

"Hello. I am glad to see all of you are on time." The principal looks at the six unhappy faces. "Welcome to detention. Today you will write at least two-page reflection letter. And I don't mean that you write a sentence on one page and then another sentence on the other page. I want well-written two-page letter. Right now it is 8:09 o'clock and you get out at 2:30, so you have six and half hours to write." The principal hands out papers and pencils to the six boys. "Some rules to keep in mind. One no talking. Two no one gets out of their seat. I'll be in the office right of there so I will hear and see everything." The principal points the office with a window behind the library's check out desk. "Are there any questions?"

"I have a question." Changjo's voice comes from the back. The other five boys turn to face him. "What if we finish early?"

The principal walks to a bookcase and pulls a book out. He takes to book to Changjo and drops it on the table with a loud thud. "You can read the encyclopedia. Remember," the principal walks to the front and faces the boys, "I'll hear and see everything you do." And with that the principal went to the office, leaving the six boys in the library.

The six boys sit in silence. A steady ticking noise breaks the complete silence. Chunji picks up his pencil and starts to tap it against the table. Changjo stares at the blank piece of paper in front of him. Ricky puff out his cheeks and then pokes them. Ricky notices that C.A.P. is watching him, Ricky stops and puts his hands on the table. Niel sighs. Byunghun looks at the clock.

"Three minutes have passed." He thumps his head on the table. "I'm going go insane." He complains to the table.

Time ticks by slowly. Byunghun is just about to fall asleep, Chunji is still playing with his pencil, Changjo flips through the pages of the encyclopedia, Ricky went back to poking his cheek, C.A.P. watches the back of Niel's head, and Niel stares off into space.

The door of the library opens. The janitor comes in with a big trash bin on wheels. He looks at the six boys as he picks up a trashcan to empty it. "Looks like you boys are having a thrill of a life time."

"Oh yeah." C.A.P. shifts in his chair.

"You boys want to know something? Being a janitor is no picnic either. Cleaning up after all you mischief-makers." He looks at Byunghun. "But being a janitor isn't all bad. I know things. I hear your conversions when you think no one is listening. I know what is in your lockers. I know everything that goes on in this school."

All the boys look at janitor like he's crazy.

"You're a senior." He points to C.A.P. "You two are freshmen." He points to Ricky and Changjo in the back who are sitting next to each other. "You two are juniors." Pointing to Chunji and Byunghun who are also sitting next to each other. "And you are a sophomore." Pointing to Niel in the front.

The janitor continues, "It's not that you have watch out for teachers, or the principal, but me. I know why all of you are here today."

None of the boys say anything.

"What's with all the talking?" The principal comes out the office to see what is going on. "Go on and do your work. Leave the boys alone they aren't here to chitchat."

The principal watches the janitor as he finishes emptying the trashcans. The janitor leaves the library. The principal goes back to the office.

"Well, he's nuts." Niel turns to see who else agrees with him.

"Who? The janitor or the principal?" Ricky asks.

"The janitor."

"That was scary how he knew that about us." Chunji pipes up.

"Hey! Be quiet in there." The principal's voice comes from the office.

Niel turns around again. Once again the boys wish there were somewhere else.