"I don't see the point of all of us writing a paper. We'll just say pretty much the same thing." Turns to face the group.

"So you're going to write it for us. Thank you hyung."

Chunji turns around to the front to look at Niel. Niel just smiles at Chunji.

After some discussion of who is going to write the letter, Changjo is the one who got chosen. The four upperclassmen take it easy. Ricky watches over Changjo's shoulder as he writes.

Finally the clock reads 2:30. The six boys leave, happy to be free from detention. They leave the letter on the table for the principal.

Dear Mr. Principal,

Here is the two-page letter that you wanted. We all had accept the fact that we had to sit in the library for a whole Saturday, reflecting on what we did that got our selves here.

We all did something stupid that got us in detention. Weather it is something simple like not doing homework or something incredibly stupid like graffiti the gym. We admit it we did something that we are not proud of. And we will also admit that we regret our decision. But do you know why we did what we did?

I was caught drinking. Well, not in the act. I am part of the school's dance team. Being a freshman I want to fit in with the upper classmen. The dance team had a party and there was alcohol. I knew better, but wanting to fit in and the pressure of the upperclassmen, I made a bad mistake. Thinking back on it makes me mad at myself. I knew better and yet I still did it.

The bad decision that I made was stuff an innocent freshman into to a gym locker. Why I did was because my so-called friends dared me too. If I didn't do the dare then my so-called friends would call me coward. I didn't want to be casted out of the group, so I did. At the time I didn't think much of the freshman. Now that I have time to think, I realize how embarrassing it must have been for him to go home and tell his parents what happen. I regret my actions.

What I did was that I graffitied the gym floor. This was not just my stupid action by others too. The reason is stupid. My friends dared me to. Of course I if I didn't do the dare I wouldn't here the end of it. My friends would most likely kick me out of the group. After the nutty janitor came in and talked to us, I do feel kind of bad that I gave him more work. And graffiti is not something easy to clean.

I was set up with drugs. This senior set me up to get caught. I don't know why it was me, I didn't do anything to him. The bad choice that I made was not reporting it. And because I didn't say anything, I was framed. If I had reported it then I wouldn't be here and that senior would be.

I skipped school for two weeks. Why? I don't know. I guess was because I didn't want to go to school. I do regret my action because now I have ton of homework to catch.

I didn't write a paper for one of my classes. The reason why is simple, I didn't want to write the paper.

We are humans. Humans make stupid mistakes, make bad decisions, and have faults. Even you Mr. Principal have faults and we are sure that you have made bad choices before.

Because of you we had to reflect, and we all have agreed one something. Most of us, our reason was because we wanted to fit in. So we agree that our "friends" are not really our friends. True friends wouldn't suggest stupid things to make us feel like we belong in that group of friends. We realize that, the six of us, we are friends. We are real friends.

Come Monday you will see a change. We will change the school. We will not be afraid to walk up to each other in the halls and say hi. We'll not be afraid of what other people think. We will not care if we get kicked out of the group that we were in.

There is not need to do something stupid to get people's attention. You just need to be your self and do what's right.

Yours Students,







P.S. They cheated. The letter is a page and the start of the second page.

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